Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year 2016

MY very shy Bandit says Happy New Year 2016 and hopes it was a good day for you guys. It was kinda dark and cloudy and cold with a cold wind blowing. I was just not feeling up to snuff.  I was tired and sleepy and cold and HURTING from the fibromyalgia. But, after you get moving it helps to "Oil" you up .

A friend of mine was taking me out for New Years Dinner at our local Hunan House, which is my favorite restaurant. I always get the same thing and enjoy it tremendously . He always loads his plate with lots of meats but I noticed he did not finish his plate today and he was hurting too. But we both polished off our desserts, I always get the flan and he always gets the banana pudding.

We did have a funny event. When we arrived at the restaurant my seatbelt would not unlock? I told him he might have to help "set me free". So he pushed down on the button and I tried to wiggle the latch open-to no avail? Then we tried prying -nope that did not work either? He pulled out his knife -but I told him not to do that because he might be able to save it with some WD40. Since I have lost so much weight I was able to slip the top belt behind my back and then wiggle my hips free and "giggle" Up out of my captive bonds. lol - It was quiet a funny experience.

Just about everything else in town was closed and I was Glad to see that. I felt it meant that more working people were able to spend the day with their families. I did not even go in at his house as it was so cloudy I knew I needed to head to the house to get my evening chores done before dark fell.

I was glad I did too. I fed Yukon the donkey and locked him up so he could eat and the sheep would not beat him up for his food. But when I went in the house I found Cocoa (my little brown Chihuahua) in the midst of an asthma attack and struggling to breath. I grabbed a bit of hot dog and popped her breathing pill in it and snatched her up. But I realized then that she was in no condition to be able to take a bite of anything. So, I positioned us both in my chair and backed her in with a blanket so she could not back out from me -forced her mouth open and when she started to struggle I popped the pill in and held her breath for a minute. I got really Lucky that the pill went far enough back -and it caught her off guard so she gasped for breath and the pill went down. I was almost in tears as I held her close to me and stroked her neck and told her how much I loved her. It did not take but about 15 minutes before she was starting to breath normally again -and ME TOO.

She had had enough of me by then and down she went and I put on Multi-layers and headed out the door. It was getting dark so I headed to the garden to cover up my 3 raised beds of greens and onions that I had had the lids off of to get a lot of nice rain this past week. Tonight will be down freezing though so they will need the protection. This is the first time in my life I had ever tried a winter garden and I am so very proud of this experiment .My green Kale has been exceptional - making that junk in the stores look pathetic. Plus, I know mine is all organic.

I got the chicks locked up -the donkey turned loose-the eggs gathered and me safely in the house. By now I was cold and that always makes me feel so bad. It is late and I have decided to not tackle any big projects as I might just screw it up.

I need to go add water to the aquariums as they need to be topped off . Always things to do - hope you guys have had a wonderful day and we will see you tomorrow. Hugs to all.


  1. You are always sew busy.. Pleased you had a nice night out and that your little dog cos ok.

  2. I hate nights that sleep is hard to find!
    Your doggy babies are so precious! How old are they? So glad you were able to help Cocoa with the pill. That had to be so scary. My Tillie gave me a real scare a couple of times...and I cried so hard because I am not ready to lose her. She is 15 years old.

    That was one funny experience with the seat belt. Yay for the ability to get out of it. Hope he can get it fixed!

    Happy New Year to you too! Hugs~