Monday, January 4, 2016

Snowflurry Monday -Brr

The morning started off mild but it wasn't long before wild snow flurries and wind whipping them every which way trotted in sight.  Brrrrr! That darn wind -it just blows right through you. I think every cardinal in the country side came to empty out my feeder, but I was glad to see them filling their little tummies.


I started off Blondie's morning by tricking her into eating an egg after her meds. Then I called the propane people and in a little while they came and filled up the tank to 450.00 dollar worth. That makes it tough this month. While I was waiting for them I finally got the ladder and climbed up and took a piece of insulation and screwed it over the hole in the ceiling for the attic fan my daughter had put up there this summer. I had planned to put the louver back up there but when I went to get it I discovered they had broken it in the process and I just ran out of money to buy a new one right now. So, some pretty pink insulation will be my ceiling for the winter in the hall.

Casper kept an eye on things while I went outdoors and fed the donkey. He was shivering in the blasting cold so I came back to the house  and grabbed a piece of sweatshirt fleece and doubled it up and took it back up to Yukon and sewed it onto him to make him a jacket  to help deflect the wind some. I just hope he doesn't take one of his notions to roll or no telling what he will look like in the morning.???????  The water was starting to freeze outdoors but I changed out everybody's water to fresh and gave all the chicks a treat of a homemade suet cake. This was something new and they would not have anything to do with it UNTIL I placed it in their white bowel that I usually give them a treat in - and then they decided it was pretty nice.

I had fussed to a friend yesterday about the weeds still growing in the garden and I was throwing them on the compost pile and he suggested I take them to the chickens so I went down to the garden and hoed a small 3 foot section and grabbed those aggravating weeds and took them back up the hill and shared them with the chickens. They were so funny as they stretched their necks out checking out to see what this was ???  Then they dived in. So now from aggravation to a treat to Fertilizer. Yea.

Next I refilled the bird feeders and finally my outdoor work was done, so I came in and had a sweet potato and my last head of Chinese cabbage which I turned into sweet and sour and that was my supper. Just as I was thinking about some fun - the knock on the door changed my direction. It was the delivery man with my new radiator - yea - maybe my son will be able to install it soon. I have to use the car tomorrow to go to the acupuncturist and it is almost an hour's drive so I am trying to keep a close eye on the antifreeze.


             I went to check on "My Parlor Princess" to see if she wanted an afternoon snack and she was still under the covers . I love my little Mocha - matter of fact I adore them all. I did not cover her up like that either - she did that all by her little self.

I did finally get to play . I was curious to see IF I could get two different pair of booties from the one big roll of chenille yarn. I had already made the size large yesterday so I tackled a size medium today. Nope - not enough - I had to use a wee bit I had left over from another project to complete them. You can hardly tell it but I got wild and found some baby bunnies in my stash and sewed them onto this pair of cloud booties. Still  trying different ideas.                                                                       

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  1. That is great that the chickens like the weeds! LOL God provided more food for them with something you could have thrown away! Cool~
    Love the pictures! Esp of the bird and Princess~ Does the bird talk?