Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Comes to a Close

Rosie says , Ho-hum - as long as the food is out and the pets are available all is good in her Domain. We could learn a lot from our animals, like to live more in the minute and appreciate what we have, to be grateful for our good health because there are others not as fortunate as each of us are and to know that it can always be worse. How can we deeply appreciate our life if we have not seen hard knocks in our life and in those around us. We are blessed.

I had a Lovely Last day of 2015. My best sewing buddy/mentor Lynne picked me up and took me to her house for a day of sewing. We had one project from 4 years ago (before my hubby passed away)that we had cut all the pieces out and then bagged them all up and they were still together because I knew they were above my level of sewing knowledge. Why in the world I "cursed " us with that project I will never know -looking back now?

We started on it at 11AM and when we quit at 6pm - it was still not completed. I had a feeling it would go that way. It seemed to have a Million pieces to it and all of that bonding the stabilizer to each little piece took time and you know how it is when it comes to fitting things together.

Then I had got the wrong zippers -but Lynne so graciously gave me the zippers and really the zippers are going to be the prettiest part of the purse. Then when my eyes gave out she took over and sewed and sewed and sewed and then we both were whipped. That is what you call a true friend -when you have got yourself in "over your head" and they come along and Save your project! All that time she spent on this just for me.  She ended up with a terrible headache for all of her effort. So, I hope God really had some "brownie-points" lined up for her along the way.  But, it is amazing as you watch something like that , " come to life". A simple piece of flat fabric and it takes on a life of its own with the help of a little magic-err- a lot of magic.

I am Pooped too and she was the one who did 98% of all the work . OOO, she also made me a Christmas gift that I absolutely Adore. She is sooooo Gifted; Let me show you.


Now isn't this the absolute cutest -one little pouch fits neatly into the second one. I am totally NUTS about the fabric with the little koi fish and the two little zippers match the fabric so sweetly. There are tiny little clips to latch together those stubborn things - a precious little lady bug Needle threader with a light and the little owl is a flash drive! I thought it was a key chain. Boy was I shocked and tickled plum to death! Isn't friendship just the sweetest thing ever.

So, for now my lovely little critters and I want to wish you the best ending to our 2015 and hopes for the Best 2016 that you could ever imagine. Now If I can only remember to write 2016 instead of 2015 when paying those bills. LOL   Love and Hugs to each and all from my corner of the world.


  1. Yes, Cute little bags! Fabric is very pretty!
    Happy 2016 New Year to you too!!! May it be a blessed year for you in ways you would never have expected! God loves you!!! Hugs~

    1. I had forgot to tell you what a wonderful friend Lynne is to you! And I know she must feel the same way about you to help you with your purse! God is good to give us special people to share this life with!!