Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday-Cold and About To Blow Me Away

My poor little Blondie is still not up to stuff and I spent about an hour just trying to get the medicines down all 3 of them -thank Goodness the little boy is so healthy and I pray he stays that way.  Then Blondie had a terrible breathing spell -or I should say -Not breathing spell , where she was gasping for breath. I knew I could not get a pill down her and my vet does not have emergency times. I happened to remember that I had One of my hubby's Old asthma breathing thingies -so I grabbed it and out came one little poof -which I had at her nose. She was too busy just trying to get air to even be startled. In a few minutes she seemed to ease up and I could quit crying.

Then I got a phone call from a friend who wanted to come over and pick up a load of wood that they had cut a year ago that I now cannot use with no wood stove that works. I was glad to see it go to good use.

While they were here I ran up and fed Yukon and low and behold the rooster stepped out from last night's fiasco, looking good.  Of course the hen was really gone.
Yukon is still wearing his blanket and he will need it tonight as it is going down below freezing and the wind is just terrible-it feels like it goes right through you and that is bad on him and me, but he has to stay out doors.  He has a barn he can go into if he wants to but I still wish it did not have to be like this.

I did manage to complete a new pair of cloud booties. They are a size Medium and I used the circularly pom-poms on them. So, I have pulled off something creative.

I went to digging in my closet and discovered what I thought was a tote with my wool cards was not the cards - it was the second part to my spinning wheel that has been put up for years now. Last summer I had gone with the Sewing Guild to an alpaca farm and got lucky enough to purchase a small fleece.

It took me till Fall to finally get it washed -ready to card. Then I kept telling everyone AFTER CHRISTMAS??? Well, it is after Christmas and I want to work on it. At least I now know where all the parts to the spinning wheel is at - now to just locate the cards??? Now where did I Put them????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? LOL 

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  1. I am so glad you were able to help Blondie! Poor girl! I understand that crying and panic~ My Tillie was doing a weird sound trying get her breath a few months back, and I ran crying into my husband's room and woke him out of a sleep even though he had to go to work that evening because I needed help with Tillie and didn't know what to do. I was hysterical....and you were by yourself going through this. I'm so sorry! I am just glad both our babies are still with us and okay!

    Your donkey looks sweet. I pray he stays warm in this weather. So glad the weather has not been too bad until now.

    Nice booties. Nice color!