Tuesday, January 12, 2016

50 MPH Wind Gusts Have the House Rocking Tuesday

I got up this morning and started doing morning chores and discovered that Miss Cocoa was feeling under the weather again. I could not get her to take one bite of Anything. I tried hot dogs, beef hamburger, fish cat food -even eggs and cheese. NOTHING - there for no medicine in her. That scared me because then she cannot breath.

I texted my acupuncturist to see about canceling but it was time to leave anyway and when she did not respond I knew something was up. Turned out it was Facebook that was up. It had turned off on me and it shut down on her phone . But , I loaded Cocoa and took her with me. I knew Marcie would not mind as she has a good heart.

As soon as I left there I headed straight to the vet - an hour drive back home from the mountains - only to discover that the vet was out sick. I almost cried.  I panicked in the next town when I saw her tongue turning bright red??? I ran in the grocery store and snatched a pack of ground turkey that I knew they had on sale and headed straight home. I could not help but think after All that riding around today -Maybe I could coax her to take just one bite to get that breathing pill in her and sure enough it worked.  She started to refuse it but since it was something new and different she did take a bite and I breathed a sign of relief.

This clipper weather system that is moving through is TERRIBLE. The house is cold and my hands feel like ice even though I have on double layers. I managed to complete another size Large cloud bootie . This made a size large and a size medium that I got out of the bundle of green. That way none is wasted and I like that.

Tomorrow is suppose to be cold and miserable too and I will have to get an early start on all those frozen water bowels as it was so late when I got back I could not change them out.  I HATE winter.
Well, time for night time meds - sure do hope I can get everybody to just take their meds .

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  1. What a miserable day for you Linda, and for Cocoa~ Poor gal~ I'm sorry about that the vet being sick himself.
    You take care out side in that wind. Do you carry a cell phone with you? You must be so glad to have so many of your Christmas gifts out of the way so far! Hugs~