Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day


It was a lovely day. This was the second day it has not rained in a couple of weeks and it was such a nice break.

I got all my outdoor chores finished and helped Crystal carry her grill out of her yard on the other side of the fence.  We carried two heavy postal cabinets from the yard and put them on a trailer to get them up off the ground. 

Then we went to the front at the road and Crystal mounted her flag . While she was working on it a beautiful young lady  stopped to check to see if  there were any eggs and I had a dozen in the crate.  She introduced herself as Julie and said how much she and her Mother enjoyed the fresh eggs - it was a pleasure to meet her and I thanked her so much . The hens all want to sit right now and the egg production has really gone downhill. But most of them are banties and that is the way they all. lol I do have 3 that I have let go ahead and sit so maybe in 3 weeks I will have a few babies?

I did have a bad run of luck this afternoon as my Mama Turkey passed away while on her nest. I could find nothing wrong with her and I am just hoping it was old age as I have had her 7 years and she was not young when I got her.  She was a dear. 

I finally took a break and went in the sewing room and cleaned a little. But for some reason I just could not pull it off??? Maybe because my eyes are giving me problems today, so I grabbed my crochet and went out on the front porch where there is good natural light and completed the booties with this color blanket yarn.  When it comes to homemade items Christmas is just around the corner and with faulty eyeballs it has me worried?????

Casper got terribly sick about 10 days ago. He had an awful seizure and then was very weak and did not want to eat. So, I decided maybe the house was too dark and he needed some vitamin D from the sun. I fixed a cage and brought him out on the porch where he is getting the natural light and he gets to see the birds at the feeder . I think he is getting much better . He is eating good and has even started to munch on carrots yesterday and an apple today and watermelon 3 days ago?  So hopefully he will have a good Summer after all. We both love our Summer and Hate the cold , dark winter.  

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Big Day to Celebrate

Today my grandson graduated  !

It was quiet an emotional event for all of us!

His beautiful sister showed up!

And his Mama kept breaking down in tears. LOL

Then it rained - LOL Maybe tears from heaven ? ~smile~

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Talk about Spring showers bringing May flowers??? We certainly should have Lots of flowers!

After two or three weeks of it the pups and I decided to visit our local park that runs along the river. I totally love this park because of the river. With all of the rain it was certainly NOT crowded and I appreciated this fact because I was hoping to work on socializing the pups a little.

We made it for a mile and then headed to the car. We did see one other lovely young lady with a beautiful white dog and both of us got to our vehicles as the rain came down! Timing is everything.  lol But it was very nice to get out for a change of scenery and still have the eyesight to enjoy it and my pups.

I did take the pups to Rural King to get the critter feeds but the order got messes up and I only ended up with half of what was needed for the month. I was just too tired to go back in and do the entire process again since I had the pups with me . People were so very sweet as they wanted to pet the pups but  I was so terrified that Daisy might offer to snap since she is still so nervous. But I was amazed at the kindness of those that offered - it was like God sent these special ladies and they had wonderful results.

I am beginning to wonder if Indy was used as a bait dog at one time due to all the scars he carries and poor little Daisy - I believe someone broke her tail as there was a big swelling under the skin of her tail at one spot and I kept wondering what it was -now it is going down and I can feel how it does not really line up right ???? But she carries it very proud and high now and gives me such "deep looks" at times. I REALLY wish they could tell me their stories.

I am still researching the macular degeneration and have run across a fantastic book called Blind Faith -about an artist who cured his blindness with his own system ?? You know the doctors tell you there is nothing you can do to save your eyesight , but I firmly believe that the body wants to heal itself - it just needs the right tools to work with. I truly wish I had more intelligence to understand. But I have started some new vitamins to start the process because he speaks of our cells needing more oxygen and how Evening Primrose and Flaxseed oils help to do this? He also mentions the ph of our bodies and how ordinary baking soda helps with this.  As usual, so much to learn - so little time to learn it in.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Rainy evening

Sometimes when you are trying to understand circumstances in life you really do need to just stop and smell the roses.  It makes me angry that I cannot accomplish as much in a day as I use to -so while wrestling with it - I passed this rose and this is the first rose of the year on this lovely bush. It always amazes me how these beautiful creations just bust onto the stage of life. Here for our enjoyment - if we just take the time to settle for a moment and appreciate their beauty. They will not be here forever -but for a moment in time - they change our world.

And I wonder who names this one - was his heart really bleeding from the challenges of his life?

I managed to get all my outdoor chores accomplished and a laundry and then fixed some mail and wrote out a grocery list and reluctantly headed to the grocery store. I really hated to go but I was getting very low on everything . I knew I hated to go when I checked out and the bill was 150.00. Gosh , how do people do it???

I had called Walmart about my prescriptions but they could not have them ready today so poo on them. I cannot waste gas to make several trips to town- plus, my eyes are not always happy so I have to wait for them to do a good job. I do not take chances.

I am so very sore today from my "hand to hand combat" with my tiller the last two days. lol  Everything I have hurts and then some. `smile~ The rain has arrived , a nice soft , easy rain for the night. I have a fire but mainly just to keep the damp chill out of the house. I am so very grateful that Spring is here.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Spring Has Sprung

and there is never ending work. And work can be so very painful for some of us older gals, but we really do have to keep on plugging because the pain is there regardless of if you do or do not do.

This little flower is so funny and it is the only flower on the place that was from my Grandmother's flowers 67 years ago. I "think" it is called Star of Bethlehem. It opens up in the daytime and closes at night  and has tiny bulbs. But somehow those little boogers spread all over the place. I never know where they will pop up. Then poof- their foliage will disappear and they will be gone till next year.

These guys are in full bloom. I planted them last year when one of Crystal's friends shared them with her.    

This is one that came from my Mama. 

And one I bought a few years back. 

It is calling for bad storms here today and the wind gets up and it springs rain and then gets very dark. Crystal is weed eating . I am just bone tired from all the work yesterday -mowed and mulched the raised beds and mowed the garden where the weeds had taken over  . Then took my jig saw and cut out a barrel for Crystal's hound to have some shelter.

This morning I dug up a fence line and planted some old pumpkin seeds to see if they might come up? Then planted 3 rows of corn and planted some old carrot seeds to see if they will come up? 

We are having some beans and cornbread. They must have been very old beans because I have had to cook them for 12 hours to get them done?

I have a grapevine I want to plant but I looked it up and Walnut trees kill grave vines after a couple of years and my entire yard is full of them so it is hard to grow things. Even if you cut them down it takes years for the poison to leave the ground.  I did get my water line fixed to my building so now I have water  in the building again. That is a blessing as I just cannot carry that much water these days.

Always a challenge . ~smile~