Wednesday, March 31, 2010

After Midnight

Here it is after midnight and my day has come and flown away from me. No wonder I just keep getting older each day!

We were having breakfast this morning and some of the boys (grandchildren_) came up to help DH do a few things - like cut wood or bust wood. We had to leave at 3 for DH to take me to counseling for that dumb ole post traumatic stress that resulted from that dumb wreck. I said it was bad enough to live through tough times when I was younger and thought I had buried all that mess - but to have it come back and haunt  me in my dreams -really STINKS.

I really love my counselor - she is such an angel. I find myself opening up to her when I cannot to any body else.

We made it home and I fed DH and he put new spark plugs in my little Tracker , while I straightened up my mess.
I know it is time for bed because my body is telling me how tired I am and my head is fussing at me because I did not get to sew any - BUT- that little angel popped up and grinned at me and said - Yes, but you did do some thing to do with sewing today - didn't you? Why yes I did - my second box of knit fabric arrived from Fabric. com -all 17 pounds of it and I love the looks of it.

One thing I was having problems with was understanding the properties of different types of knits.And some of the stores were No help at all because if I looked on the end of the bolt of fabrics - it would say - unknown contents.

But I have found a method to my madness! With each order of fabric - they send a bill of sale on the prettiest pink paper ! So, now I take that bill of sale and cut a very small piece of the knit and tape it onto the sentence that describes each piece . That way I am slowly starting to get the feel of all the different properties and how to use them. I am so thrilled.

After I had fixed the paperwork on them - I carried them all back and put them in the wash machine and dryer - where they are still at because I    asked DH If he would help me fold these pieces because TWo of them are 6 yards long and they are in the dryer looking like snakes all coiled every which way with each other. They give me a terrible fit when they do that.

When I was able to go aggravate Lynne I would carry the whole big pile and with her magic fingers - she would tame the wild beast! I wish I could bottle her and take her out and sniff her magic - so that I could then tame the beast. I guess until that day - I will just do the best that I can do and if you hear me hollaring all the way to New Zealand or Australia - you will know that  I am taking a beating from the fabric that I love so much!

So , Happy thoughts to one and all  and enjoy your "day or night"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Had to have a "fix" of sewing!

Funny how just a small thing can encourage you to take bigger steps? I was moving some things in my bedroom and I ran across this very old pair of knit pants.They are no longer black and they are all tattered and very uncomfortable to wear. I had been using them to work outdoors in - but they were one of those things that it just makes you sick to see. Don't want to throw them away(too wasteful) and definitely do not want to wear them , what to do?????

I tossed them into the sewing room -on my cutting table and made myself a promise that they were not going to be moved any more ! I would find something to do with them! They must be re-purposed  into something useful!

So, I pulled out my seam ripper and started to rip the two legs apart. While I was working on this -my eyes wandered to the seam ripper and I got tickled because the little frogs are singing out my window and I wondered how many people are lucky enough to sing with the frogs ? It is one of their favorite : Rip it, rip it, rip it!

OK, I am making some progress . This knit is really heavy weight - the heaviest I have ever worked with so far. That was another reason I did not want to just throw them away -I knew there had to be a purpose for them.

Up until I got so lucky to meet Lynne - I had never seen a seam ripper like this and when I had the privilege of watching Lynne work with hers , I was mesmerized . The one of the right is a pretty silver one and you can purchase new blades to use for it. I purposed new blades and I usually have to replace one about once a year. I know that makes it so dull you can hardly cut butter - but I Hate to throw things away.

The one on the left is a cute little plastic disposable ripper . Lynne had told me about a fabric store in N.C. called Mary Jo's Cloth World  and my curiosity was killing me to go for a visit. It took almost a year and when my son and daughter-in-law wanted a little day's get-away we all loaded up and headed to N.C. It was about a 3 hours drive . One of the first things I noticed was that there was NO carts or buggies with wheels for you to put your Fabric in. Seemed that the trouble was the threads liked to wrap around the wheels and make them useless.

While I was cruising around the store - I was like a kid in a toy store.My eyes could hardly take in all the beautiful fabrics of every color and texture imaginable.It turned out that DH had found the little ripper and bought it as a surprise for me and I was very surprised. The funny part of this little ripper is that I have had it for About 4 years now, and it still cuts like a champ! That amazes me-I would love to know what is the difference in what those two little blades are made of.????

I laid the two pants legs together and decided I did not want to work with the pocket sections and my scissors are getting tired , so I pulled out this little gizmoe that DH had bought for me for Christmas. It is a tool that is designed to cut  and you can use it for a number of things you need to cut -even down to flooring or vinyl flooring.

It is a little tricky for me to handle because you have to hold in the little safety button as you pull the trigger to make it cut. But, with my arthritis - it helps me so much with any straight lines and saves my scissors or rotary cutter blades. He got the idea from a lady who works in a fabric store at Fancy Gap and I am not positive if it is in Va. or N.C. because it is so close to the state lines and I am always so excited to go for a visit.

Ok , two legs sewed together and the shape them end up being. I have a feeling some little animal (or not so little) is going to have a very nice surprise.

This is my next step - it is all the scraps of knit that I had left over from all the shirts. I put a bag of them beside my chair at night and when I watched a tv program I would clip them into very small pieces so they would move around more easily. But, I warn you - it is very hard on your wrists.
Here is the little clippings peeking out of their black pillow to be.I had to clip some more as I did not have quiet enough.

AAAAHHH - when you stand it on its head - it looks like a miniature bean bag seat! Very comfy!

But, when I lay it flat and smooth it out I decide it needs a pillow case so that I will be able to wash the crude off as need be. So, I am just going to leave it laying on the table until I can do that little project. I will be curious to see what Miss Rosie will think of the new project!  If she falls madly in love with it as she has been know to do - I might have to give it to her, but if she doesn't pay any attention to it - it will go to one of the canines in the family . Time will tell.

Good night to some and good morning to others!

Pee Wee still alive

This is the little "hinkle" that went for a swim in the pond at midnight! I have swooped her up and brought her in the house and gave her a "warm" bath to help warm her up. Then the hair dryer and some good ole fashion rocking in the rocking chair -until she had that seizure-after that she really did warm up and start panting. I think my heart just started to beat by then.

But - it gets funnier-Pee Wee has always been a character from the day we got her from the dog pound . She was a happy little dog to find herself a home -and she really wanted to thank us profusely! It was getting to be bedtime - and when I went to lay my head down on my pillow there was a "lump" under my pillow - I squealed and jumped up and discovered a very dead guinea pig  that was suppose to be my gift from her - and she did not leave DH out either. I have had guinea pigs in my life ever since I was about 10 . So , I gave Pee Wee a very good talking to -in a gruff tone - and she has never killed another one to this very day. She was just so very grateful .

She has almost raised 3 generations of children -my baby son who is 26 - my first granddaughter who is 18 - and now some of the later grandchildren . Ashley who is a little blond headed angel - when she was small she used to pick Pee Wee up like you would a baby and carry her all over the house.When Emmett was small they would play chase and tag - all around the coffee table and through the house until neither one of them could get any more air , without a break. Chantal was about 5 and she was always one of those children who was a little rough - and when she and Pee Wee would play chase - Chantal would "whop" her a Little too rough so Pee Wee would turn a round and bit her to let her know she was too rough.

Pee Wee has always treated others like she likes to be treated

O, let me finish the story from last night. It was after midnight when we went to bed and since Pee Wee is so arthritic she has a pillow bed in the floor so she won't fall off and break something. I put her to bed and pulled her cover up to her neck and we all settled down for a good Spring nap. WRONG! I was almost dead to the world when I heard her little feet hit the floor? I heard her totter around the bed and stop at the opposite end. (Now - I do not know what goes on in her wee little head) but I keep it blocked so she will not get hung behind the water bed where I would not be able to reach her. So, she came to the end of her road and here starts the arf - ARF for a few rounds and receiving no attention from me it then goes into a full rolling howl!

O Dear ! I am one of those  people who cannot lose sleep -without - losing my mind ! So, I stagger around the bed and pluck her up and take her next door to the sewing room -where she has her own bed , ect. in there too. Back to bed I go and almost asleep - HOWLING at the top of her little lungs  . I knew she was alright so I pulled the pillow over my head for the next half hour and then peace and quiet rule in my corner of the world and I died .

This morning I got up looking for any mess the little squirt had made since she cannot get out doors and in my drunk stupor - I run into hubby -who looks like death himself. LOL - I asked him what had happened to him? Pee WEE!!!!!!!! She had moved from the sewing room at about 3am and toddled through the living room and to the door of his bedroom. She had started the arfing and the howling at his bed. So , he got up and carried her to her bed in the living room , where she had politely stayed about 10 minutes and then went back to him to give him more grief till about 6 am this morning. LOL So, we both looked like walking zombies!

So, that is why I have not sewn anything today - TOO BONE TIRED!  LOL

DH did say maybe if we tried to keep her awake more this afternoon -that she might sleep through the night- thus, allowing us to get the shut-eye that we both need so badly. (Matter of fact - DH is in the living room sawing logs as we speak. ) I am afraid to give into the urge -because I might not sleep tonight , if I should.

So, today we had this very old piece of some king of cage tucked away and we brought it down so we would not lose her . I had thought about a collar and a piece of crochet thread, but I was too afraid she would hang her self - that is why we went with the cage  frame. Not much room , but I only let her stay out for about 15 minutes at a time

These small angels who come to share our lives are such a gift and she is the longest living pooch that we have ever had before. Life is an adventure. So, hug all of your little (or not so little ) furbabies and count your blessings.

Love to all and have a wonderful day - or night! :-)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Critter Day

So sorry - the day just gets away from me. I have spent my day doing critter chores - I guess Monday is a good day to get everybody clean and happy. My chickens really want to be let out , but we have a tribe of coons (really - we are talking almost 20 of them ) that raided my chickens last year and they killed around 20 - then some two legged chicken snatcher ran off with all 27 in my little hen house! Now for that I was really MIffed!

I would not have been so upset -but the little rooster they stole from me was my "VERY FAVORITE" - he was white covered in gray spots all over and I just adored him.I have the chickens that have a nickname of "the Easter egg chicken" because they lay green and blue eggs ! Makes it so much fun to go get the eggs.

I did wear my "embroidered pants" today and I really do like them, they are a little big, but maybe when I wash them they will shrink a little? Nawwwwwwwww - probably not BECAUSE I want them too. :)

Then when I was attempting to get ready for bed I noticed one of my "furbabies" was missing -it was my little 20 year old antique. I looked the house over -could not find hide or hair? I took some rugs out on the front porch to shake and I heard a funny noise? Down the steps I flew like St. Nick! She had fallen in the pond and was swimming in circles and could not get out. She would not come to me -she is deaf- and I almost fell in as I tried one direction so I hootchey kootchey - around the other side and was able to finally grab on to her. She was ice cold and trembling like a leaf - so "away I flew" (St. Nick again) and put her in the sink and gave her a bath and slowly warmed her up - then used the hair dyer on her and she is still shaking like a leaf. I hold her close and then she has a seizure and I hold her tighter. Finally she breaks out panting and now she looks good. Bless her little heart ! Maybe now she and I both can get some "shut - eye " and try again tomorrow!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

First of the week AGAIN?????????????????????

We are having a COLD rainy day and it has been so dark all day long that it kinda eats at you -challenging you to do anything .

But I have managed to cut out a pair of slacks - I am definitely running out of fabric - that is why I ordered some more yesterday and am anxious for it to arrive. :) I am pondering if I should deliberately put some embroidery on the leg instead of it becoming a boo-boo and just doing embroidery on it to cover that up???  Decisions, decisions, decisions???

O , one thing I have learned is that new scissors are SHARP!!! and they have no conscience!My ring finger is here to testify to that fact. OUCH! But I did get a bandage on it so it would not bleed all over the fabric.

I am trying to stick the progress of pants in my head . First put a front and back together and work on them first.If I want embroidery on the leg I will have to sew the pockets on the side of the front and back and then sew the side seam so it will have room for the embroidery??? If I don't want embroidery on them, then I can sew the inner leg seams first on both front and back?Hummm???

I think I will sew the pockets on first , making sure I have right sides facing each other!
Next I will sew the front and back set together along their side seam and encase the pockets too, with right sides facing .

OOPs! As I had started and got around the pocket good, which is not normal for me! But I have the sides uneven and I will "ripe" it out and try again.  I do have real life frogs out the window and I can hear them singing. I wonder if they can hear me in here -singing - rip-it , rip-it , rip-it????????????????? :)

Well, I just could not help myself -so I had to go with the embroidery and now I am paying for it.What ever is wrong with this Brother PE-700II  that the dealer could not fix. It is breaking threads and when you look in the little window you can see them wrapped around a little wire. Phooy!

OK -got that fixed AGAIN and on we go. I have learned that this design is too much of a challenge to me. Plus, the new stabilizer is only Half as thick as my older pack that I just finished up with. Bad, bad, bad!The older one was Zieglers and the new one is Thread Art - a new lesson tackled.Another thing I learned as I tried to open the new box of stabilizer with a kitchen knife- Knives are sharp on their pointy end and when you poke into your finger - it will bleed - so run for a bandage so you will not get blood on your project. :)

Now, my batteries in my camera just went K-poot! I had not had them in the camera long at all. GRR!Then the next set of batteries we put in -were dead -in a brand new pack . So, we tried the next two and finally had some success.:)

I am kind of amazed at myself because all of a sudden I have fallen in love with the blind hem stitch and it is definitely not one of my strong points.  So, I go ahead and get the legs hemmed and as I am studying the waist I am pondering? I have been making a casing and then inserting the elastic -stitch the elastic together and stitch up the little hold where I inserted the elastic and I am good to go.Only all of a sudden I am remembering a different technique that Lynne had shown me where you sew the elastic in a circle and then sew that to the top of the waist band. I know it is a lot harder but that would help with a problem I am having with the elastic in the casing wanting to walk all around in the casing???? Wonder what I should do?

 Well, I guess we all know that I decided to attempt the waist elastic set in kinda like I do the neckbands on the tee shirts. I will be very anxious to see what I think of it when I wear it
Well, I did get the one pair of slacks finished and with all this rain and dark skies it was a work in progress. Then I managed to feed the DH and fix him his chocolate shake that he enjoys so very much. I hope each of you have had a "blessed day" that was our gift.
hugs to all

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hello , my dear "cyber family".

Have you ever had one of those days that you just feel like you wasted it? Well, that is the way I feel about today. I got up and did all the necessary things you do to start your day. DH had borrowed oldest son's trailer to haul some junk away for sale and then DS needed it this morning because one of the "kids" car had broken down and he needed it to haul the car home - so DH took it to him.

While he was gone I managed to put in another order from since I just have two little piles of fabric left from my first box of joy , I think that was last month ????But, I am just having such good luck with projects that I wanted to keep the fires burning.

Then DH came home and wanted me to go with him and help him decide on some tires for his boat trailer? So, he picked out the tires and got a jack for his shop -because he gave his jack to our son. He seems to be tickled with his new treasures.

I was just so tired and wore out. My eyes are not acting right and I will try to remember to make me an appointment this coming week and see if he can tell me what is going on?

Would you believe that I wore those disaster pants today and  I really like them . The only bo-bo is the waiste is too high -as I am short waisted. That second pair I made I corrected that problem, but I did not embroider on the second pair because I was not attempting to hide a mistake -but - now I enjoyed the embroidery work! O Jeepers . I am  just too crazy !

Well, my beloveds - since I am falling over from exhaustion I am going to take myself to bed before I can get into any more trouble . So , good night to some and good morning to others.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Pants Venture

AAAAH - HAWWWWWWWWWWW ! DAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See what happens when you have a brain that actually functions??????????? You actually get to lay out the pieces of your project and have enough fabric for all the pieces with out losing your mind and your heart. I was so tickled to accomplish this !

See, I actually have all the pieces of the pants cut out and Now I have a little piece of leftover fabric, and I still cannot make sense of the patterns directions , but I do remember what my beloved Lynne showed me! I am spouse to sew the inner leg seams first -but then where I got confused was where they showed a double stitch around the "horse shoe shape) . In my mind that was from both legs laying on top of each other - NO~
There is a reinforcing stitch around the curve of the two pieces of legs I had just sewn. What I have to remember is to one on one leg at a time and when I have two separate legs - THEN I am suppose to turn one right side out and insert them into each other - with the right sides facing each other! !!!!!!!!!! Now, why can I NOT remember that???????????

Then you add a casing at the top for the elastic and you hem the legs and you have a pair of pants! YEH!
I have something neat to show you - What does this look like - ???????  Wait, let me give you another tip?

I thought this was sooo funny . While I was working on the pants and I Had the Music on ! I happened to see the rugs moving in rhythm to the Music! Rosie was kneading to the sound of the music! I had to stop and admire the scene. I knew this had to be a good day because everything was going right and even the critters were happy too!

What was that ole saying about music soothed the savage beasts???Wonder if they were referring to humans OR 4 legged furbabies?????????????? :) 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Original Pants????

On today's saga I have made it as far as putting the elastic and I am so hopeful.

\This is how much length I had to add a pretend cuff  to make them longer.

This is my design feature and this was where I added the fabric I had cut off to be big enough to cut out the leg. Talk about a "challenged " gal?????????????:)

This is my second bag of scraps that I am going to cut   very thin strips and make pillows for my pups.

And - Ta Da - may I present a new pair of pants . From the picture they look a lot like velvet.

And this is where I am going back and reconfigure a master patterns with my own measurements so HOPEFULLY the new one will fit me  and while it is hot on my brain I will attempt another pair??????? I am hoping Mr. Fibromyalgia will "hit the road" and leave me alone!  :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Fibromyalgia day

I have awaken to a beautiful Spring day. The sun is shining bright and it is suppose to be in the 60's today. After the rain everything smells so fresh and clean. Just the weather is enough to inspire you. I really , really would like to make me a pair of pants. I have that fabric from and I pulled out my first pattern to consider, it is a Mccall's pants pattern , but it is for rayon fabric? So, I checked and I do have a McCall's pants pattern for knits and I  have used this pattern before to make sweatshirts and liked it very much - I just had to raise the neck. I have not tried the pants so it might just be the right time.

I have decided that the pattern is too long for me - so I am attempting to shorten it up a few inches. I am having a challenge blending the one Length into the shorter one.Then I Always have trouble laying the pattern out on the fabric because I guess my drunk sewing transferred onto my drunk - laying out of fabric. I attempt to save as much fabric as possible and in the process I always get my folded fabric crooked-lay it out and test with the pattern piece and then unfold and refold and try not to get puckers in the fabric. You would think I would overcome this handicap, but so far It has stayed with me for 4 years, no matter how hard I try. Fold , test -refold - test - refold -test???Some things never change. I guess the one thing that keeps me going is the fact than now after 4 years  I am getting better with the neckline on those tee shirts.:)

O NO - I have laid it out wrong and , now find myself with not enough length for the next set of legs :(
Do I go do chores outside and take a ""chill"" pill or do I attempt to see IF I can sew a piece of fabric on to make it work - only have a blemish? If it was for anybody else I would chuck it and use the scrapes to make a doggie pillow, but since it is for me - I am considering the patch theory for me? HUM? I realize now that I was thinking of tee shirts having to be on a fold!GRRRR!

Well, I cannot bear to waste scraps so I will take these pieces that are big enough and cut our more gloves for DH for the coming Winter.

I sure am taking "risks" with this project. I decided to embroider some kind of design where the seam is? Maybe I can salvage it?
 I knew I was in trouble so I Pinned the seam first -because I knew in my heart that I would sew it wrong and I was right . At least all I had to do was take the pins out and rearrange it. Then I discovered I had cut them too short????

 To make matters worse I sewed the pockets to the leg and ripped that out and then sewed the one the Wrong side and ripped that out and finally got them sewed in right. I know what is wrong - it is my fibromyalgia fog! I despise it - when it descends on you - it is like your brain is in a metal cage and cannot find its way out. I finally got the pockets sewed in right and I put a band around the bottom of the leg to make them longer.

Let's just say this project has tested the wind in my sails. :)

I am calling it quit today and hoping tomorrow will be a more productive day. I hope you have had a wonderful day  and been touched by the magic of life.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Work, work, work

Today was one of the best work days I have accomplished in a long time - but - it was because DH was working outdoors all day long with a young man helping him.

Of course I started off doing outdoor chores and then came in and moved the furniture to where I could vacuum good and with all the mud we have had it was plenty dirty. Then I pulled out the steam cleaner and got all that mess up. The steam cleaner is one of my favorite cleaning tools because it does a wonderful job and only takes a little water. Thank to it - the floors are shining - for a little while at least.

Then I snared all of my furbabies and gave them baths - got 9 of them bathed and that only leaves the collie and the sheltie  that will not fit in the sink to wash. They were all pretty disgusted with me. The pekingese was the dirtiest of the lot - but that is because she loves to run to the top of the hill at the back of the house and she gets down on her belly and drags herself all the way down the hill!.

Then I managed to fix a big pot of vegetable soup and have it ready for when DH and friend came in . I even headed to the sewing room and managed to look at the fabric that is left and tried to figure out which is the best way to go???? I pulled out a pants pattern for me to study it. I REALLY do need some new pants -you know how it is with something that you like - it just seems that they get wore out the most quickly.

But DH came in about that time and was telling me about some cheaper gas he had found today and he wanted to fill my car up and that was the town I wanted to go to for some groceries and some critter necessities . DH had wanted another smoothie and we looked at the big box of powdered milk and it was almost 17.00!!!!!! and they say prices have not gone up! We did not have that much money left over - so will hope for the best.

Now, it is time to do some evening chores and get ready to go to bed and get ready for another day tomorrow . I am hoping I get my head on a little straighter and get to sew?????

Hope everyone is well and happy! 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Run Day

Today was one of those "run days" when you just try to accomplish things .While we were out we went to the mill to get critter feed ( corn for the chickens , ect)  and I picked up two bags of flour, one all-purpose and one called biscuit mix ,which already has the lard and baking powder mixed in it - so you just add milk and you are ready to go. Of course it is white flour and I keep telling DH that white sugar and white flour is not good for us. Especially me since I am starting to show problems with my sugar. I did switch over from sugar in our teas and for mine I use stevia, a kind of herbal sweetener. So, at least I am trying to help myself.

I did break over yesterday and make DH some fried apple pies, which he dearly loves. I could  imagine the warn sun and smell the flowers from the day last Fall that I sat on the porch and peeled the little knotty apples and then cooked them in the crockpot - to freeze until time for a treat.Since DH has worked so hard this Winter cutting firewood for our outdoor wood stove, I thought it was time to treat him and he really enjoyed them.

I hope each of you have had a beautiful day - OR - night  (see I am getting smarter) . 
Love and happiness to one and all , until we meet once again.  

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Just Start Somewhere

This was a lovely day. DH went to our oldest son's house so he could use his garage and get free "Help" with the brakes on his truck  and to get son to weld a hitch on his truck for him. We are indeed - very lucky to have sons that are so talented.

Time to do what I want to do???????????????/  I think I got "overload" as lots of  projects flash through my head - so I love this  phrase - just start somewhere - and I have found that helps. This is a piece of the orange that I made youngest son's fishing shirt - so I decided to attempt to make a shirt for his lovely wife - soon to be mother of a new grandbaby for me. :) I'll just let her do all the work and me have all the fun????

Of course my little antique - Pee Wee came in to help oversee the work - with her 20 years of experience.

And , of course Rosie is watching over the lower level to make sure everything is ship-shape.

Not to leave out Little Bear -the sheltie - She is such a doll.

While I was attempting to work on this project - I put all the rest of the box of knits from Fabric. com into the washer and dryer. This is the way they always come out and they give me a FIT. This would definitely be the time to have a friend drop by. When Lynne had me under her wing - I would just beg her to help - it is so mach easier to tackle this job with TWO.

O Shoot - you cannot see this beautiful fairy that I worked in greens -because greens were her favorite -but she told me yesterday that she was now adding some pinks also . I told her that pink and green go good together.

This is a close up of the design. Her birthday will be in July as well as the other daughter-in-law also.

So to top off this wonderful day I fixed hubby one of his favorites - fried apple pies - that put a grin on his face. :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Life is never ending changes

I started out the day accomplishing a lot of things. Got the DH fed and mess cleaned up , then while he was checking on our outdoor stove I headed to the embroidery room. Last Christmas I had made 4 shirts - 3 different sizes - one for both daughter-in-laws and one for two of the granddaughters. Then like a buffoon I did not write down which sizes I used for each person - thinking that I Would REMEMBER .Wrong answer - just a lot of maybe's while I attempted to pull it up in my memory.

After making the one yesterday for daughter-in-law #1 and being shaky about IF I had made the right decision? Today It would have been for the youngest daughter-in-law #2 , but I kept thinking about it and then decided I would alter the pattern and hope for the best. So, while I am pondering and cutting - my youngest son who is the youngest daughter-in-law's hubby -called and said they wanted to come up and talk to us about something. ???? Of course - from that point on - all you do is Worry and you imagine everything under the sun??????

Well, we did the visiting "thing" and then some of the grandson's show up and we all do more of the "visiting" thing. I had frozen some little apples last fall . They were funny little knotty apples and I had worked on them all day and ended up with 3 tiny containers  of apples I had cooked in the crockpot with spices and I thought this would be the perfect time to share them with my family.It had been years since I had made fried apple pies and they were very much Enjoyed by all.

Finally the house started to clear out and DH came in the kitchen where we were all gathered and Emmett asked Meagan IF she had told us?????? I am trying to stay cool, calm and collected - just in case of anything  - when she said , " We are pregnant!  LOL  I almost fell out of my chair, and we were the first ones that they shared their news with ! I thought that was so special to be thought of so highly. As they left they were headed on the way to her parents house to share the news with them. LOL - shoot - I should have sent a camera with them to see if they were as shocked, especially since this will be their First grandchild!

These two have been together for 11 years and just got married last August. They said they had tried before , but it just did not happen until they tied the knot. ;)

I did read them the story that Chris from DietCokeRocks  told about a wedding they had attended and how many problems they encountered ! We were all so tickled that we did not have as many headaches as she had to face. Maybe that was just a way to make a memory that you would never forget??? But, Chris is  a very strong gal and she survived and now has great stories to share. The only way we had theirs to come off smoothly was because Meagan has one of the most talented Grandmaws - who made the brides dress and the groom's camouflage vest and tie - they were both so perfect. Now, we will just have to wait and see how becoming parents will change their lives. They are both pretty much of home-bodies anyway -so I think they will do good. I wish I could guarantee them a perfect life - but we all know I cannot. So, I will just have to keep them in my prayers.

I am worried how this news will affect my oldest son? His wife came with 4 children to start with -who he loved dearly and then they decided to have One of their own - who was a little girl-well she is not a little girl anymore-12 I believe-now. His wife had told me that he had considered using their tax money to have her reverse surgery , where she had her tubes tied - to see if they could have another baby? But, they went ahead and spent their tax money on two buildings that they both have wanted for a few years now.

I am just afraid to become excited and accidentally slight Cory . I would never hurt any of my kids intentally! (that includes my children and their partners and all of the grandkids and great-grandkids. But, it seems to me that all kids watch their siblings to make sure parents don't give one child one more piece of bubble gum than you would any other???   I would not know about this because I was an only child- and I do not know all the ins and outs of brothers and sisters?????? Seems to me that the longer I live - the less I understand?????

So, good luck to one and all and may each new season bring each of you - new adventures also. :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tracy Birthday shirt

I am very happy to report that I got started on my daughter-in-laws shirt - nice and early . I have noticed that when I get a late start - After I have done my chores and housework  that it saps a lot of my energy away and it affects my sewing. So, this morning we ate first thing and then DH had company and I tip-toed away. So, this is where I sew the shoulders together .

I have already sewn the neckband and am checking out the sleeves - making sure I do not sew the right side to the wrong side? This will be the one that I will be so curious about the size. From my experience - the suggestions of size they put on the pattern - do not always agree with the person.

While I was working on the sleeves - the main Inspector , Cocoa came in to keep me straight.

Moving right along - I have pinned the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt to hem.

O , Jeepers - I got lucky! It was funny too, because this was the only piece of jersey fabric that was on sale - the rest are heavier rib knits. I wasn't too sure what I thought of it , but now that is is made - I love it. And if you could just feel it - it is soo nice and Soft!
It says , Welcome to Crying Shame. Yea, I know - I'm being naughty! :)I did try it on to attempt to gauge size. It fits me perfectly and I am a XL ladies ??? HUMMMM?  I was going to attempt to make hers the Large , daughter-in-law #2 the medium and granddaughter the small? Darn it, I wish I could just steal their bodies while they sleep!

It is a drop dead beautiful day here today - SUNSHINE galore! The bad thing about Spring is ; Now you can see too much work to be done! Sometimes I wish I could "Clone" myself and then spread me out like a mini army to accomplish my work. LOL