Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Doctor Visit Weds.

It was 10 degrees this morning when I ran out with hot water for all the chickens and turkeys and quail - . Brrrrr. Gave Yukon a breakfast and his yellow fleece jacket is still on him and even helping to throw off all of those old sticker bushes seeds that like to get down in his coat. They always make me itch so I hate to see them on him.  I was getting an early start because I had a doctor appointment about my fibromyalgia PAIN. He was running late and I was so cold waiting for him. We chatted and he said that fibromyalgia was not now treated with pain meds and he named off a few "fibro-meds" to which I asked what the side effects were. He is young and learning very well how to deal with this old woman so he said he would have them make up a list for me and I could research them and decide and I was out the door with the list.

 I met a friend in town and visited about an hour and about Froze to death. It hurts to be that cold. I picked up my pups heart medicines and stopped and grabbed them some meats and me a couple pineapples at a dollar each and some kiwis and a squirt bottle and headed to the house. Since I had got so cold it just Saps the life right out of me.

It was dusk so I ran around doing nighttime chores and gathering the eggs -locked up the 4 free range chickens , gave Yukon another treat and headed in the house. Thank goodness for heat-but I put on a double layer of clothes because I knew it would take me a while to painfully thaw out .

Now that I am in the house I let Zigzag out of her kennel to let her do some more exploring . Eventually she ran into Rosie who did the Hiss -Growl thing and I had to shew them apart , so Rosie went off to pout and the pups all got up under me at the computer where the heat vent is -warmth and nothing to do with those claws suited them fine.

Cocoa is in the chair beside of me - between the new cat and still dealing with that dog - flu she is not up to snuff at all. I Hate to see my baby feel like this. Tonight she would not take her meds in the hamburger , but I did get it down her with the Fish Cat Food??? Go figure?  I have spent the last 3 hours online studying  about those fibromyalgia medicines and I like Nothing of what I see???? All those horrible side effects and most of them even affect your eyes - so I want nothing to do with that-that was why I came off of the one I was on - last Summer.  It is beginning to look like I am just doomed to live with this pain- I do Everything that the alternatives mention . These enzymes do work - it's just the money , but they are actually good for you with no side effects???? Always a challenge. So, I did not get to do anything creative today and that is a disappointment.

This stupid cold - I hate cold - it makes me hurt like crazy and get so stiff. Grrr But , I know Springtime is getting closer because each day is now get a couple minutes longer ! Yea!

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  1. It's good to research medications like that. I hope you can find something to help with the pain eventually. I hope your spring arrives early, so ya ain't so cold. I'm hot and sticky here. Ikkk.