Sunday, January 17, 2016

Starting the week still sick

As I staggered out of bed this morning to greet my day - this was what I was met with. White stuff falling from the sky and the birds hitting the feeder first thing. I decided right off I should get outdoors and get the chores completed while I did not have to wear boots since I am not positive where they are at and do not feel like looking for them. This being sick leaves a lot to be desired.

An hour later everybody was fed and fresh water and I was back in the house cold and still miserable. I manged to down a cup of chicken noodle soup and catch up on emails and run down a Youtube video trying to help me figure out how to adjust my serger. I have some projects I want to work on but since the serger acted so ugly at the meeting the other night I know it will have to have something done to it and with this stuff and my body all messed up -wellllllllll???????

Doesn't take much and you are Whipped. Totally whipped , maybe age has something to do with it too - plus, the old eyes just fade out so I gave up and watched another program.

Now I have decided I want a smoothie - maybe some good fresh enzymes will help kick the good endorphin's into doing some good -so let me show you my Winter Garden patch of spinach.
  This is the snow on top of two window panes I have laid down on top of one of my raised beds that I built this Spring. This was the first thing I had ever done like this????


                                                     But look what is hiding underneath -  a sweet little patch of  Winter spinach - it totally Amazes me as this is something else I have never tried to do in all of my 65 years and it is such a neat experience.  Now, if only I can make this creeping crud Go AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Sure hope you feel well soon! That is miserable to have the crud~
    Cool spinach garden...and in the winter! Really nice! Hugs`