Monday, February 28, 2011

Not the Monday I Intended

I  thought a brand new start to a brand new week-But- I started off fighting with the phone company this morning . I was on the phone for 4 hours trying to get this mess resolved. You know how it is - they pass you to one person and you sit and wait 20 minutes and then you move on down the line repeating all the information over and over and over until your ears are numb! Remember they terminated my service about a week ago .then I got 3 notices of 3 different amounts of money and on top of that another termination service. But after 4 hours I got lucky and got a Man- who was an angel and he saved the day!

By then the pet store called and we had to make a trip to town -plus then to the feed store. I thought I had more money than I did - so it took every single penny that I had. But I got a fresh bag of cornmeal- I love getting it fresh from the mill-they are wonderful folks who work hard for a living - yet they always treat you like family.

It was a very sad trip because you have to go around a VERY SHARP curve and it goes under a train trestle. There was a bouquet of flowers. on the bank of the creek and in the water was another one. It turned out that two young teen age boys were walking on the trestle and the train came along and ran over them.  It was such a terrible tragedy.

By then we were on our way home and it was Pouring Rain and Thunder loud enough to sound like a bomb going off! When we got in the house I fixed us something to eat ( have you ever had cream of celery soup with a can of tuna mixed in -then over chow mein noodles  - or DH eats his over toast and I do the noodles)

By then I had ran out of energy and I knew not to get back on my sunflower table mats. I watched a couple of programs and I am calling it quits for the night. Time has got away from me once again. I have really been trying hard to get to bed at a decent time because I love waking up early but with fibromyalgia - it is a battle  .

SO, I love you all and hope we all have a wonderful new day tomorrow! : )

Sunday, February 27, 2011

If it was not for my little inspector I don't know what I would do-she saves my sanity with her perfect love. : )

I "think" I am getting a little smarter at this - I started sewing the stabilizer down to the back side of  one of the  parts of the flower.

Then I took all the petals that were left and cut them down to the right side and SHAPE! : )

I sewed all the petal pieces and then turned them right side out.

And then when it came down to the last two flowers and I got tired and OF COURSE you know it was time for me to start making mistakes! I guess I had to live up to my reputation ! LOl

But it has been a busy day - aside from an early start doing all my chores and feeding DH and then I fixed a meal for the kids who came so sweetly today to cut wood for us.

Then Surprise - our youngest son and his lovely young bride came and brought the baby out to see us. The little angel is growing . He weighs 11 pounds now and he has started to lift that head and turn around and look at everything he can see. He is just as cute as can be and they are both Excellent parents - I am so proud of them I could just "POP"!I told Meagan today that I was so glad they waited to have a baby because they came to learn more about themselves and by waiting they now appreciate him so much. I wish ALL babies could have it so lucky.

I had made him a little pair of blue booties and after checking his little feet out - I think they ended up being the perfect size. : )

Well, it is almost midnight and my little pekingese is beside me snoring -so I think I will call it quits for now -so I WON"T MAKE ANY MORE BIG MISTAKES! I will start again tomorrow.

Love to your all!

Friday, February 25, 2011

My Kitchen Placemat Journey

OK! Would you believe that I have "figured out" the "magic keys to the sunflower heaven"! And the battle has made it all that more Sweet! I even went to the trouble of sewing it back together the way I had done it yesterday -just to make sure nothing had changed on me. LOL

When I saw that it was still raised up on the stilts created when the petals buckled up - I knew that was not going to work. So, I sat and stared and stared and stared and moved the pieces of the puzzle all around! I kept thinking that the properties of knit are so much more forgiving than that of cotton. I kept remembering when Lynne helped me make my DH 3 shirts for Christmas about 4 years ago. He dearly loved them - but they were a Major pain! You can imagine with my "damaged brain" -but I keep telling myself to look at things "INSIDE OUT- and wrong side up!

Even when I make the tee shirts -it amazes me how the pieces always look backward to me when I start! I knew it was a step that had to be considered "hard" in my limited abilities. All this was running through my head -when that little light went off ! I was doing the petals BACKWARDS-I was attempting the way the puzzle piece was suppose to be -but it would have to be the opposite for it to work!

So, I yanked out a piece of spare cotton and cut out a petal , but instead of the base part being circular I turned the circle like an "upside down - like a frown?  Then I cut it out and fought with it to force the frown backwards of the circle and sewed it in and -YEP! It worked like a glove! I had found the "magic combination!"

This was the way I recut the petals?

Now it lays nice and flat - it just looks rumpled because I had man-handled it to get it to turn inside out! LOL

Talk about WORK! That supposedly simple project turned out to be a Challenge for me! LOL
That was on top of putting bread in the bread machine to make while I worked on this and when I checked it - it had filled the pot and over run all over the place - but the bread was almost as flat as a fritter!!!!!!! So , I was beginning to think there was nothing I could lay my hand to - that I would not turn to a disaster. I like to never got all that mess cleaned up !

Then I decided to attempt to make DH some fresh rolls for supper! After a few minutes I peeked in the machine and instead of a dough looking back at me was a running river! So, I carefully added flour to make it look more like dough instead. I had it on dough cycle and when that finished I shaped it into rolls. I had put the timer on for 30 minutes -but DH could smell them and came to take a peek . They looked done to him so he pulled them out. I said there was no way those things could be done in ten minutes so I pulled one out with a spoon and he popped it open to see if it was doughy? It was done , but when you would pick it up the inside was bone dry and it just crumbled into crumbs right in your hand?

I decided that there was nothing I could lay my hand to that was safe-so we ate a fast supper and I called it quits! Before I could do any more disasters and make Even more mess-that I would have to clean up.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sometimes it may not be just the project?

But sometimes it may end up being more about the process? You know like when we used to do those geometry problems? I poured over those mysterious numbers and letters and on the surface it looked like I knew what I was doing-but I did not understand at all.

Now here is this project -that started out an enjoyable experience-but this is life and it has so many twists and turns, and that is the way this project is going? Now it is becoming about the process.

So, I sit and study and wonder and see all kind of twists and turns-but I don't think I have the knowledge to accomplish my goals. So, what do you do in that circumstance?

Well, I will treat this as a set of steps.I do not know how many steps it might take - but I firmly do believe that your , "Just Start Somewhere".

I decide that instead of a square end inserted into the mat that I will take them all apart and now draw the circular shape of the base -ONTO- the opposite end of the petal?

This shows how much I have already cut the petal down to get to the square base -SO -

I decide to draw the shape onto both ends of a new petal pattern.

This shows the new shape.

Here are my new petals -now circular on both ends?

Time to start my sandwich all over again. At least I am learning how to make that sandwich -and now I add

The second part will have all the petals like this and then add the stabilizer part on top with right sides facing each other. ?????

So that plus this adds up to become?
To become my sandwich once again! : ) Should I get excited -OR- maybe some dread?

Well? Definitely not dread! Sure, its not right this time either-but there has to be another path. I am just beginning to learn that getting to the end right off the bat is really wonderful. I would be so proud to pull off what is in my head-But- I have also spent some quality time with some lovely fabric and I still see the golden ring out there to capture - so , my Adventure is not over yet.

Plus, DH and I have been sick again today. He started out earl this morning with the trots and I thought a chainsaw was cutting a path across our hardwood floor. Then tonight after supper it was my turn-so this has been a "pleasant distraction"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hard to capture Mother Nature

This is the general idea that I was shooting for -to turn a sunflower into a place mat for the table.But as you can see - I did not plan for the petals to be so far apart? I am pleased with my idea - but not with how it looks. That's pretty bad when you can't even get your mind to pull off an idea that is your own! 

OK, my first alteration is cutting down those petals so they won't be so long and take up all the space on your table!Don't worry - I am still making mistakes and still learning - errrrr- attempting to! LOL 

OK, I lay them all in place and scoot the petals down further to get to where they are fatter and thus, cover all the space around the flower? 

YEA RIGHT- me and my , " placing them in the "right position"! I was so careful and measured everything so perfectly and when I turned the project inside out - you can see that I sewed my petals INSIDE of the flower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRR!

Well , at least you know that I now get to use my most perfect gift! RIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL  I ripped the entire project apart and rearrange the positions.  

Well, at least I now have everything in the proper position -BUT - now the petals kinda want to raise up where they join the base of the flower???  Hummmmmmm? Do I REALLY want to rip everything out again?Maybe I could just topstitch  every thing ???? But , If I do that -it might make everything look ucky?????? Now I tell myself that I am a good ripper --my other shadow tells me I am going to "wear out the fabric" - just ripping apart my mistakes?Hummm??? I have got to get ready for my counseling - so I will take some time to weigh my options?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm Not The Only One Who Gets Into Trouble!

As you can see, I am Not the only one who gets into trouble. Sometimes It just comes hunting you! This was when my DH got his little tractor mired up in our creek.

I guess maybe this past week has been a lot like that for me too.You knew I was having computer troubles and I was struggling with that obstacle! But- the Biggie came when I had written Verizon - our internet provider and told them that I could not get on their site to pay my bill and could they give me any tips on what I could do????

Well- the tip was the next day when I went to get online to check my email for an answer! The answer was we had NO internet and we had NO house phone and we had NO cell phone! I could not even call them now to try to fix it?????

Of course If we picked up the phones it would leave us a message saying Pay NOW. Well, If I knew how to do that -I would not have been in this mess. Even the computer would go straight to a pay wanting immediate payment then.They even had it fixed for a one time payment. I was afraid to do that Because I had posted a payment on the 3rd to go to them on the 18th and I did not know IF it had connected with them or not? I could not post a second payment because that would take out two payments from my checking account and that would make all the other bills go bouncing???? Finally the 18th came and went and NO service! So, we loaded up and took the hour trip to a Verizon store and asked for their help sorting the mess out????

They treated them the very same way and they could not take our money and give our service back???? Now we headed home with the money still having their name on it and no service???? I was totally stumped, but when we got home I agreed to make the one time payment and just see where the problems were going to fall.Well, that one did go through and we got our service back and when I was sorting through ALL those emails that were jammed into my email - there where two from Verizon-one saying that they were sorry they had not helped me with my problem, ect, ect. Needless to say I was fuming by then. I told them I was very upset with them because I had never been treated like that by any business! That the day I would have received their email - they had already cut my service out -how was I suppose to reply to them and that I had no phone to call them -and that they had even sent a letter in the mail saying how they knew that I still had internet service and that I was in danger of losing that if I did not make that one time payment! My service had been off a week by then? I was beginning to think that all of the company must be on drugs OR had lost their minds!

And it has been a nightmare getting everything back up and running -something about losing your service and you had to do all this "Stuff" before you could make your things Work again!  We can then add to this excitement that I was still fighting some kind of "bug" and it then decided to jump on me too because the right hand side of my face started to swell and it swelled up and up and up and up until I could no longer look over my cheek to see anything????????????? Then it all started to turn black and blue - like a monster bruise. I couldn't even call the doctor ????? I now look something like a bulldog who kissed a Mac Truck! So, you can see how much fun I have had this past week! I would have gladly shared it with anybody who needed some excitement in their lives! I stay home and try to behave myself and still get into trouble. OOOO for the nice quiet life I dream of ???????????????????????? :)

But, I did decide to get myself into some more trouble so I had bought two pieces of cotton fabric two years ago and it was my goal to turn them into table mats.Then with all this excitement my brain took a wild break and decided NOT to just do the sensible square mats -BUT- it just had to dream of something more inspirational like turning them into a flower -since SPRING is on its way.This pale yellow is the color that I am cutting out the petals .

And this pretty floral piece is destined to become the main  part of the flower and then I also  used some stabilizer  to sandwich in there to hopefully make them more durable.

So here are the Major players in this new project. They look so innocent laying there -but I am wondering if they are more like the  phone company and have a few sneaky treats up their sleeves!

I am SOOOOOO hoping that all of you have been alright in my absence and that life has been good to you . Maybe you have accomplished some of your goals! So, love to all of you and let's see where this new week takes us too. !

Monday, February 14, 2011

Neat Treat!

I ran across a very interesting piece that I am so anxious to share with all of you -whether it be your love of music -OR- your love of quilting -OR- just love of fabric -OR - love of design?????/  This was the first time I have ever seen anything like this put together. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did . It is amazing to see all the different quilt patterns come to life!

My post is short tonight-as another day has come and gone and I am still playing catch-up. We had horrible high winds here today . I was watching out for those breaking tree limbs today as I did outside chores.

Then I came in and it took me an hour to bath 5 of my precious furbabies. They were not so happy with me-but I was happy to get that job done. Then one of my aquarium pumps quit working and that took another hour to sweet talk it into coming back to life.

Then time to fix supper and feed DH. I made that easy by having vegetable soup and he had a peanut butter sandwich and I had a cheese sandwich with it.  I was already entertaining thoughts of my next project in the sewing room when DH side -tracked me . He wanted me to work on his new (new to us) computer to see what we need to get him back online . When you don't have the knowledge that you need it is very challenging to accomplish what you need to do. So, I spent the next 3 hours hunt and pecking to figure it out .

Then I ordered what I thought was the part we need for four bucks. Hope, hope, hope -I got it right!
Now it is almost 3AM in the morning . IF only I did not have to sleep - it is so nice and quiet at this time of the day -but I know if I try to make it an all-nighter that I would pay Dearly with my health - so I just had to pop on here and say Hi -plus, share that interesting site!

Love to all and hope that you have not been blown away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Well Poo! Mr. Computer is mad at me again

And I know this because I had saved a link to something beautiful I wanted to share with you.SOOOOO , I guess I had better get with it before it shuts me down.

After a game of catch me if you can all morning I was so pleased to enter my sanctuary of sewing. I knew I had one piece of  a kinda charcoal knit that seemed a heavy weight

LOL-Then I got stuck!I could not figure out with side was the "right " side???????????????????? I tried to pick my brain to figure it out and then I gave up and goggled it . I knew there would be an answer out there somewhere for me and finally I discovered it. Knit fabic usually rolls to the back side-so that settled my little delimma .

So I laid every thing out and went to cutting. It was a heavy weight and I am hoping I can wear them now. I made one more boo-boo- I was using a pale gray thread and when it laid against the dark charcoal color it made it appear as a glaring white. Well, poo! But I decided not to rip it all out and sew it with the black like my wee little brain had told me in the beginning Might be a good idea???? I will either wear them here at home only -or- make sure I wear a long body tee shirt to cover the waist band.

It was a very good day because DH is improving from where he was so sick . Today it changed over to congestion that was so bad I almost could not understand him.

Our young friend came and helped DH get some wood in and that was such a blessing. I fixed him vegetable soup and peanut butter sandwiches.Then I gave him the tee shirt I had made him for his birthday this last week. He was very pleased and we are so appreciative for his kindness.

Well shoot - I cannot seem to make this camera behave itself with the colors-but I did finish them. : ) My day is gone and a new week is already under way. I love that we are suppose to have some more pretty weather and I hope that each of you will too!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Are We All Pumped Up For A New Week?

Sometimes I feel like my kitty, Cowboy - UPSIDE DOWN! LOL

DH is still sick - but I am hoping a little better -because he just asked about food. : )What ever this has been has been Horrible for him. Today is the first day since Weds. that he has not throwed up ! YEA! Of course he has had the runs and that is miserable . He has had his flu shot so we were puzzled what in the world could jump on him this bad. This morning he woke up "hoarse" and has had so much congestion. It has really been hard on him .

So this afternoon I have worked on another pair of slacks. These  are made from the sweatshirt knit and I am hoping they will  help keep me a little warmer. FINALLY - I am starting to  get the hang of pants- I sure hope I can hang onto this knowledge! I am so thrilled to have been able to pull this off!!!!!!!!!! Plus, I am thrilled to have something to wear that fits. But, I am learning that all human beings bodies are so different , as well as their personalities. : )

We have had such a pretty day with temperatures in the 40"s. The sunshine is lovely and the next few days is suppose to be like this. Tomorrow is our oldest son's birthday and he will be 37.  I have made him a shirt, but will have to wait to see how DH is tomorrow as we definitely do not want to take him some kind of illness -especially just after his surgery. So, I will just wait and see. : )

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Knowledge is power

That is what I read when I was little and I observed that in my everyday life.  That was what I was craving for when I was lucky enough to find Lynne. She had it and I wanted to drink from the same fountain as she did. :)
Back a hundred years ago when I was in grade school that was within my grasp. The teacher would teach and I would soak it all up. But you let a lifetime slip by you and thinks happen. Some of it comes with age they say.But some of it comes from enemies that we cannot see or fight-example the fibromyalgia that attempts to steal what I  need to know. Then you throw in a car accident -and - there you go - things do not work like they did before .

I think that one day when I was browsing through  every sewing article I could find and bumped into  the place that  had a list of  sewing teachers all over the United States. With my curiosity aroused I checked it out and when I discovered a teacher within a few miles of my home - I was delirious with joy. The friendship that developed was one of the greatest things that has happened in my life.

I am still learning and relearning and still trying and you learn something new with every project you tackle.For example on the most current two projects with these slacks :1. first I learned how you can cut into half of your project and thus ruin it - even if you have perfect expectations. 2. I learned that the fabric had a property all of its own. To just touch it - it had a nice soft feel to it and it had body so that it seemed like it would have some "light" warmth - But- after they turned into the real deal they are too lightweight to be warm and due to its softness and light fluff - it is a MAGNET for all of my puppies fur! So, I will have some options , either wear them only to go to town  -OR- buy one of the biggest roller thingies that have the sticky on them and you roll them and they catch lint or in my case -they capture LOTS of hair???????

I think maybe I will just try it and see what happens ?? So , batters up time to experience a new lesson !
Love to all - and to all a good night (or good morning) Cocoa says good night too! : )

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Do you think "hump-day" is here for a reason?

You know, kinda like a comma tells you to pause for a break , or maybe to just "regroup"????  I was so  grateful that it is the day I get to visit with my counselor and she has ways of opening up a "bigger picture"! I was explaining some "weird to me" experiences I was having concerning two young Mormon's who showed up on my door  yesterday -right in the middle of when I was  Filthy dirty from some of my cleaning projects.

I was shocked to learn that some of the things were related to my post tramatic stress I have been dealing with , ever since the wreck.  I still  think it is very unfair to live through an event - and then have it come back to torment you later on down the path.

My mind was trying to wrap itself around some of these new bits of information and as we arrived home - we stopped at the mailbox  and pulled out all those bills -but there was one package Different! I could not see to read the name so when we carried it in I was so Surprised to see the name Chris -from Diet Coke Rocks! A big ole smile came across my face when I saw that it had traveled all the way from New Zealand. That little package had traveled more than I will ever travel. What an honor! I did not want to even open it because I wanted the experience to last and not just be over. I knew what ever it was -that it was something that she had put "herself " into it. : )

OK, OK - I finally broke over and opened it.I saw Blue and smiled because she and I both share the love of color blue - probably because it relates to the ocean.

I had tried to fold it open so you could see the pretty colors inside. I love the way that she matched all these different designs into one precious project! That is one gift that I do not have and it amazes me to see others do it. : )

Look at these two beautiful mug rugs!  My camera does not show the beautiful colors like it should . I remembered the shells from her blog heading. Her machine did some of the prettiest stitches!  When you gals make these lovely mug rugs -you know they are really too pretty to get dirty!  : )

Talk about a camera NOT showing true colors! I am disgusted with the camera -because her work is truly amazing! I did tell her that I will not be using them as "cards to mail" for quiet a while because I am going to put them on the wall of the sewing room -along with Micki's mug rug and Maria's angel and Sue's wee bird! It is true magic to have my friends from all over the world! Now when I get blue I can count my blessings ! 

Thank you so very much , my dear friends! Gifts from the heart truly make you feel loved.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Mystery is defined as something unexplained,unknown or kept secret. Something to excite curiosity.That was the way I felt about life today? Something was wrong and I just could not put my finger on it. DH had to take our oldest son to the doctor today and for our son to go see a doctor he has to be in unbearable pain . He was -he had an abscess and hemorrhoids that had to be lanced and now he has to have surgery on them Friday. He is already worrying himself to death about bills since he is the only one in his family who works.

When DH left I should have been pleased to be able to tear around the house like a mad woman? But, for some reason something was wrong and I could not put my finger on it. I was cold and aching all over and my mind was taking a vacation from me and I just could not accomplish anything.

It was getting late so I went out to re-check on all the critters and to put wood in the outdoor wood stove. I just do not know how in the world DH can pick up those monster logs and put them in the stove???????I had an awful time getting them in there.

Then I can back in and the house was nice and warm and my creativity started to return. It was like it had left home without me! LOL

I had already "butchered" a pair of slacks that I had tackled when my mind was on vacation somewhere. I had got one set of legs cut out and then some how when I was cutting out the second set of legs  I had cut into the other set . O, it was a disaster . Jeepers - that is what happens when my mind takes a break and leaves me high and dry???

Blondie was busy keeping her dad's chair seat warm and ready for his return. : )

Then someone was knocking on the front door and all the dogs raised the roof . I tried to shoo them and I had thought it was one of the grandsons at the door because one has a black jacket like I thought I was seeing. But it turned out to be two young Mormon  men  and I was a  filthy mess. I did hold the door so that they would not get bit . I told them I could not let them in because of my ankle bitters and they braved the freezing cold with the whipping wind trying to explain their mission. I told DH that I had the strangest sensation - these were strangers to me and it was like my mind was pulling a total blank. Anything I thought I wanted to say just up and left the building .I did not like being caught off guard and dirty to boot- so my wee little brain just up and ran off and left me google-eyed and at a loss.I Hated to be that way , but I can tell that between the post tramatic stress and the fibromyalgia fog -I just get lost and do not know what to do or how to act. I was very disappointed at myself. :(

Some days I would like to just be a fish and swim around in the nice water and enjoy the moment. : )

Monday, February 7, 2011


Yes, that was what my "wake-up" call was for this morning -bright and early. I decided I better get it done before I totally wore out the paper that the doctor gave me to give to them -to let them know what she wanted.

Yes, I know I should not have stayed up so late last night - errr?????? Or- early this morning -but you  know how it is. After supper is finished and you get things cleaned up and you get DH parked in front of the television with a nice cup of hot coffee and peace finally resides in your household - the spark of creativity begins to blossom with some type of idea - OR - it gives you the opportunity to just ponder until you finally hatch a plan! :)

These are not the same , "furbabies" . The top one is Little Bear and the bottom one is her sister Dixie Doodles who is a year older. They are pure joy to have around and they have totally different personalities.Just having them in my life means the world to me.

I went to today and looked for some knits I could use for the guys . I have learned something about colors this past year. It seems that my crew enjoy colors of nature browns and grays  and a mixture of the  camo colors!  My stash is getting pretty low-all of the colors from Fabric .com I made short use of them and they disappeared quick.  I keep an eye on that 1.75  bin, but it has been a while since any of my colors have  been pushed through. Shoot!

I have a girl friend who has a birthday coming up  at the first of next month? Maybe I can dig something out of my stash for her? I do have a few of the pastel colors left. I will just have to hunt and peck????

I have some other projects that I hope to do something about . But, jeepers -everything takes MONEY!  I HATE that problem. LOL  I have a packet that I have saved for two years now that is making clothes for our young soldier boys who have come home injured  and it has special closures  for different types of disabilities.

I would have had a lovely day -if it had not been for the afternoon that our oldest son and I have spent attempting to make that acomputer co-operate! I would like to just up and pull its tailfeathers out! Maybe it would not feel so uppity then! LOL

OK , I hear the "Great Tractor Man" returning home . I am going to scat and fix his something to eat!... :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I am just so grateful that the computer decided to let me out to play! :)

Check this out! I know it just looks like dirt and trees - BUT- the real Treasure here is SUNSHINE. It seems to have been So long since I have seen it that I am having trouble believing it is real! : ) That little "bump" in the center is DH playing on his tractor!

I am also so glad that we did not get the snow they had called for this past week . I sure am not upset with the weather people! All that snow up at New England just takes my breath away. And the horrible floods in Australia just breaks my heart. It really makes me "count by blessings - Bigtime"!!!!!!!!

While I have been so busy today my precious little , Mochia  has been guarding our bed . She worked so hard at it that she had to sneak in some naps. I truly love her so much. She is a real "CARD" when she wants to be.

Our oldest son will have a birthday next Sunday. He is such a hard worker-sometimes it really breaks my heart to see him do so much . I try to remind him that we all need little breaks along the way.. I Really like this blue camo fabric! I caught it on sale at for 1.75 a yard -plus, free shipping. Can't beat that deal can you. : )

This is the design I used : Land of the Free -Because of the brave. I made one for my brother-in-law also because he had an army career. These brave people who keep our lives safe -for all of us.

Well, DH has come in and I better go attempt to feed him. Plus , I almost have a chocolate cake ready for him. Stay safe and love to all. : )

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hello, Hello , Hello!

What a wonderful day! I have felt like a defeated "computer-mom" after fighting ALL week long with these computers. But I am so stubborn. I felt like I was defeated once and even called all around me to see who works on computers in our area. Well the first business had had their phones disconnected and the rest of them did not answer their phones or even have answering machines? So, that throwed me back out in the "river of computer woes" again. I am definitely not "computer savy" , but at least here I am visiting with you again! I am so terribly happy to see you again that I felt like my canary , Sunny -who likes to "sing for joy" when he counts his blessings. :)

One of my projects is still DH some more gloves for  his crooked hand. I had caught this fabric on sale last year at It is a knit and it feels like a heavy knit with latex or spandex so while it is heavy enough to have a little support it is also easy to stretch  a little bit. Plus, by being a little heavier than regular knit -it is also a little warmer on  his hands in this  zero weather. This time I have experimented with some velcro on the wrists because it makes them not fall off when he is working. Seems like he really enjoys them too. Now, If I could only remember what they called it?????????????? LOL

This is one story very different from regular projects. A few years back I caught two pieces of sweat-shirt knit on sale when Wal-mart used to carry fabric. I was thrilled and it was 2.00 /yard. I also found a piece of brown too.

One day the fabric had slid off of the chair it was laying on and went to the floor. Once I had found it my fur-puppies had all claimed it and it was covered in hair - so I washed it and folded it up and decided that it would make my pups a nice soft bed for the crate that they like to hide in. It has been in the crate with a pillow case for the last year and had been washed as often as I wash out sheets.

Then the other day I thought , I would sure love to have a couple of pair of warm pants to work in around the house. I checked my stash and could not find anything warm. The dryer was screaming for me to come get the things out of the dryer and as I pulled everything out  I noticed the  piece of blue  fabric?????????

SOOO , I got this wild idea  that I would make my very own pattern from a pair of pants that I have almost wore - out , but still enjoy. Next I thought I would use that piece of knit to test this new Pattern on and that way if I had muffed it , I would not be losing a new fabric, as my stash if really shrinking.

So, low and behold the pattern turned out much better than I had hoped for and I love these blue pants! Gosh, you just never know how things can turn out - so I guess this is the story of the "dog-pillow" that broke wild and turned into a really nice pair of slacks , which put a big smile on my face! :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday gone again. : )

Yesterday we spent all day comparing computers -trying to figure out how to get a great computer for no money! LOL  Yep - that is a real mystery. LOL
Then last night I worked on my sister-in-law and brother - in - law shirts for their birthdays. Hers is on ground hog's day(2nd) and his was back in Nov. -and I had forgotten -so I wanted to make it right to him. I think I might have really hit the nail on the head with his. It was a blue camo colors and the design was an eagle with : Home of the free - Because of the Brave. I really liked that one since Eddie has had an army career and I did see a smile on his face . :) When I see that reaction It always makes me feel like a kitty cat - it makes me want to "purr with joy" at making someone happy and let them know they are remembered. I wanted to post a picture - BUT - the battery was dead. LOL  Doesn't that just sound like me! LOL

We are sure getting a heavy rain and I am really hoping and praying that is all we get. After watching some of it on tv - it scares me to death.

I will let you go for tonight - stay safe until we meet again.
hugs - linda