Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tues, Acupuncture Day

Someone looks pretty satisfied after she broke my favorite mug and then I had to clean up the mess. Little stinker. Just like kids.

It seems no matter how hard I try to Wish this upcoming snow storm away - it keeps right on coming our direction -due here on Friday and Sat. I am dreading it and a little bit scared too. I just don't want to lose my electricity in two feet of snow???

This morning was my acupuncture treatment and she really got all the "chi" flowing- I was SOOOO Relaxed it was hard to finish the errands. I found a snow shovel since I did not have one and I found a small bottle of lamp fuel and also a small candle that I can stick in the bathroom sink for a night light -if the electricity does go out. I just like to have a little light -just in case and I usually feel pretty safe if I leave it In the Sink with nothing around it.

I spent the afternoon filling up all the aquariums with fresh water and watering the flowers . Plus, I fed the donkey and carried water to the chickens as theirs was all frozen. Tomorrow I will do a more through job of it and fill up their feeders . I have to go to town in the morning to hopefully grab two bales of hay for the donkey. He has big bales of hay in the back but he is 30 years old and if the snow is two feet deep I do not think it would be easy for him to walk that far. So I will put these two small bales in the barn where he can get at them during the storm for two days.I will have to get him some more pellets too.

I would like to go see my friend in the hospital too?? But it is also calling for a small snow tomorrow and I am scared to drive in the snow , so timing might be very important.  I would like to swing by his place and check on his birds too as his adult kids are not always so dependable for the animals.

 The  next day 
is when I am suppose to take the kitty to be neutered??? 
Me and my fear of driving in snow????

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  1. Your donkey is 30 years old??? Isn't that really old? Wow~!
    How thoughtful of you make sure he has plenty he might need!
    TAKE CARE !!! I am praying your don't lose electricity!!!