Thursday, January 7, 2016

Just A Homey Thursday

Someone loved it this morning when I opened her kennel and opened the front door to let the morning sunshine flood in. That is Suppose to be the pups morning spot???
I ran around doing morning chores and fixing my morning green smoothie and taking my eye supplements. The mornings just Whiz by much too fast.

I don't know how but Cocoa managed to sneak a corner of the  mat and squeeze in a few streaks of sunshine.
I was keeping an eye on the clock because around lunch time the temperatures start to warm up and I can go out and do chores. I know all of their waters are frozen solid this morning. As I am tending the flowers I spot one coleus that just looks "Off" to me . I say, I KNOW there are something hiding on you that I cannot see and I am betting it is those darn Mealy Bugs again. So, I swoop it up and carry it out on the front porch in the full sunlight and YEP - there they are -just have a bug-party. Not for long if I can help it. I go get the alcohol and a cue-tip and start swabbing those boogers. It always takes me at least half an hour before I can get them all gone-AGAIN.

I take it back in and decide to give it a good shower this time-plus as I shower it I put just a drop of dawn soap on the soil and watch it bubble up. MAYBE if they are hiding in the soil I can send them moving order this way???? I don't know -just seemed like it was worth the effort????? Then I go heat up my minestrone and a few peanut butter crackers and a cup of herbal tea and my lunch is served.

Zigzag goes back in her kennel for her lunch so I lock her up for safe keeping while I go outdoors to do all the chores. Yes, all the waterers are frozen solid but my water in the building is unfrozen thanks to the sun . So, I get right in to chunking out all of the ice and giving all of the chickens their fresh water. I had picked up a loaf of bread yesterday at the store and share a slice of bread broken up with each of them. They love their treats and then fill up their laying crumbles and scratch grains.

Yukon gets his pellet lunch and his jacket is still on him. Unlock the 4 little free range chicks only to discover that the oldest little hen did not make it through the night . That makes me sad-darn it - I Always Hate losing them - no matter what their age. She had not laid for many years , but she still enjoyed running around looking for treasures.

I was glad to get back in the warm house. I took my supplemental enzymes and put my yoga mat down while the sun still has the living room warm. Zigzag is out now so she comes and joins me on the mat while Rosie looks furiously on.

 She is not pleased with her new house companion. I guess it might be harder for adult cats to accept change. Sometimes it is for me too.  I am half way through the yoga routine when I spot Cocoa coming down the hall. I pull her to me and she is just trembling??? I don't know what is going on with her the last few days , but this has been a daily event and it really breaks my heart as I cannot figure out what is going on?

I carry Cocoa to the chair and wrap her up and stroke her slowly trying to calm her fears. She is so tense - you can feel in all over her body. I carry her to the computer and put her in my snuggie in the chair beside me and go to doing the mail -when low and behold - here comes Mocha doing the same thing??? So, I pick her up and wrap her up with me. Then I notice that their Mom and brother are at my feet on the pillow with the blanket over them . The vent is blowing warm air right beside them. MAYBE they are like me - and Hate the cold!

I have finally got everybody calmed and warm so now it is time for their medicines. Now if I can just get that down them. Me and my furbaby family???

I have started a new bootie - I would like to have a go at finishing them. Amazing how time flys by. Love to ALL! Hope you have had a beautiful day. Hugs                

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