Friday, January 22, 2016

Boy - It Is here

Yea, it's really snowing that hard this morning so I dash out on the front porch and shovel off 8 inches of the white stuff so far so I can get to the bird feeds - still in my bedroom shoes. Then down the front steps and out the sidewalk and beside the side walk -just in case one of my fur-babies decides to potty. Not likely - but I would not want one to disappear in the white stuff and not be found again till Spring-time.

When I went back in the front door I had a big plop of snow that fell in my shoes off of my head and back??? Darn it. So as I head to the back door I get smarter and put on some regular shoes and a cap and jacket -just something to wear to use this new fangle snow shovel????

So, out the door I rush and it is a tight squeeze at the back door and it takes me a few times to get enough cleared around that I can move and start moving the white stuff out of the way. Back and forth -hanging occasionally on two mats I have down -but I get that accomplished and then start wup the hill. From there it just kinda takes on a life of it's own. I have never had a real snow shovel and I discover that the upturned tip on the end of it makes it easier to avoid the bumps on the frozen ground that I cannot see . This snow starts out light and easy to fling. I make it up the hill to the first set of dog kennels that have the 5 big chickens in it and the other one that has the turkeys.  So, I take a turn and go by the building where I am getting tired and thinking about going back to the house to rest-after all I am not a  Spring chicken???

       But the dove house is just across the lane and this stuff is still piling up so I decide to Plow on. Then turn around and come back when the donkey hollers so I take off UP the Hill to his gate and then a circle around to the building where his pellets are. I get the pellets and try to get through the gate but he blocks me and the snow is over my shoes so I decide to tackle that later.

Back down the hill , around the building and now over to the the little henhouse and back to the turkeys where I now go across the driveway over to the "condo". Finally all paths are cleared for a little bit. The white stuff is still falling so I plow as I go back down to the house. Yea - now to get warm and dry. PLOP - big piles of snow fall off of me as I enter the door. I Keep forgetting about that stuff on my head and back. GRRRR.


I come in and do all the indoor critter chores -the fish -the birds -the cats and the pups. I can't figure out why the pups just do not want to have anything to do with me?? Maybe they know I am trying to hide their meds in their foods and think I am ruining them??? I don't know but they trot off into hiding so I fix me a big snoothie and check my emails to let family know I am fine.

After that I load up with fresh water and treats for the chickies and off I go again. Thank goodness for the paths-it makes it so much easier getting around and I get the donkey tended to this time.

The day has just flown by trying to keep the paths cleared off and then my wonderful neighbor, Mr. Bill Burton brings his super -dooper tractor and plows my driveway all the way up the hill to the donkey's gate . Now I have an interstate to get to the donkey -so I just go over my paths and it looks good.


      I polish off a bowel of beans and cornbread for supper and Miss Gabby enjoys looking out the front door at all the birds attacking the feeders. At least their little bellies will be full for the cold night.

     But, now the white stuff starts up with a vengeance once again. I can see all my hard work going down the tubes - just as it turns dark I fling open the back door and grab the "wonder-shovel" and plow my way out the back door. Hey-that worked better because I did not shut the door and it was not in the way??? Hummm? So, I just keep right on going all the way up the hill and around all the paths. A few places it is getting deep and it takes a few extra hard flings to get it out of the way.

   Then I remember the back door is wide open so back down the hill and I shoot back inside to the nice warmth of a dry house. Yea, we still have our electricity -but with this heavy stuff coming down and the temperatures dropping during the night it weighs down the electric lines down and they can snap - Or - if the wind gets up and a tree comes down ???? I am SOOO hoping that does not happen.

   I will rest for an hour and then peek my head back out the door and see if I can do this again? So, this is my day of fun - what is the rest of my blog families doing????

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