Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday, Painful , Educational and Creative

My precious Bandit absolutely Hates to have his picture taken , but he reluctantly subjected himself to the ordeal for me.

Painful because of the stupid fibromyalgia . The Heal & Soothe that I take works - only I cannot afford the proper dosage to kill all the pain - only enough to kill the pain in my back and spine. Yea- so I love it for that.  But it would take the same dosage to do away with the pain in my hips and thighs and all those pressure points -which woke me up early this morning. I have dealt with it most of the day - then I have another test for it. It is called Oil of Oregano -very potent stuff. The strong phenol anti-oxidants destroy pathogenic bacteria, viruses and yeasts , which means it has many uses.

It is also a disinfectant and a pain killer.It can be used for ear, nose and throat infections , respiratory illnesses , candida, acne and also strong cancer fighting properties.

According to an article -Phytotherapy Research describes how oregano oil came before anti-inflammatory drugs in reversing pain and inflammation, and is nearly as powerful as morphine as a pain - killer.  It is helpful because it penetrates the skin and reaches as far as the synovial fluid in joints, which helps arthritis, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, sore muscles , sports injuries and back aches because it helps pull out toxins. They list all forms of arthritis , including fibromyalgia , which are caused by toxins. You are suppose to mix equal amounts of the oil with a carrier oil like extra virgin olive oil. So, that is what I resorted to . At the moment it seems to be dulling the pain and kind of a warm sensation. I Sure DO hope it can help. All of this constant pain makes life challenging.

O, one thing to note they do say: It is important not to confuse Oil of Oregano with common oregano that is used as a spice . Common oregano is typically Origanum Marjoram, while Oil of Oregano is derived from Origanum Bulgare. Make sure that the carvacrolconcentration is at least 70%.

I felt very bad today due to the pain but also the extreme fatigue, which I like to blame my thyroid. Then I would get very warm and take off my sweater and then be covered in chills. I also had trouble breathing -like my chest just could not absorb the oxygen my body needed. Top it off with my eyes complaining and I just had a lot going on.


I did  manage to pull off one pair of the cloud booties , size medium for my Christmas list.
I also manage to learn that I Can Not Substitute chenille yarn for any yarn in a slouchy hat pattern. I tried it and it was a disaster . I don't know why I did not have enough sense to realize that I would have to be a more relaxed yarn - but lesson learned. As usual I seem to learn everything the hard way. At least that way I can remember it. lol 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sad Saturday

It started off a good day. I got all the chores accomplished and back inside quick enough to actually see Rosie playing with one of Gabby's new toys. For some reason Rosie knows how to play and Gabby just watched -being closer than before????

Rosie was just full of her beautiful self.
All went well until Gabby decided to smack Rosie and then lots of hissing and spitting and that was the end of the fun for the day. 

Then Gabby really got mad when I brought Cowboy from the bedroom and put in her cage so he could be in the main living area where I could keep an eye on him. She hissed and spat and I had a squirt bottle hidden and I squirted her once. She always hates that and jumped up on the couch to try to figure out where that came from????? I gave Cowboy some food  with his meds and then later a second serving

I hate the way that Cowboy is looking. I am used to my pets being healthy or getting better kinda quickly -but this has been going on for a while now>  While I was brooding about the situtation I checked the news only to discover that the police had arrested a Va. Tech student for the abduction of the little 13 year old girl that had disappeared on Weds. morning and they had found her body. I was just broken hearted. Why do there have to be so many monsters in the world ?????

Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday See The Vet Again

It started  off a nice , normal , beautiful day.  My friend called from the hospital to tell me he felt horrible and was hungry because he had not had anything to eat in two days , again. Just then the nurses brought him something to eat and he gave up the phone and dived in.

I got all the meds down my pups and then decided that my cat Cowboy would Have to go back to the vet for the fourth trip as his ear looks Horrible. I felt bad too, but he was more important. He received a shot to stop him from itching and digging at his wound and some antibiotics mixed in. I locked him in Miss Gabby's kennel in the living room where I could keep a better eye on him and where she would be forced to see him. I got him to eat a small amount and my heart just breaks.

I fed Yukon when I pulled in so after his hour in his kennel I went out to set him free.

I told him that tonight was going to be cold but the upcoming week is scheduled to be warmer than normal . I know he will appreciate that. 

Then I headed back the house.

I stopped at the Red Dinosaurs and gave them their treats and then headed to the house. Brrr- that wind blows right though you.

I  did manage to get one Cloud bootie made this afternoon and did some research on my thyroid , not finding much to make me happy. Plus, worried about Cowboy-Miss Gabby walked by him a couple of times and hissed at him. I had thought he was the bad guy in the group but I am beginning to think it is the females giving him the grief? I hate to see him so tore up. Darn it. We will see how tomorrow goes.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday Whizs By

I truly do not know how the days can pass by so fast-so fleeting - just slipping through our hands?

I awoke feeling lousy and checked online to see if my symptoms could relate to my thyroid. It did list extreme fatigue and sensitivity to the cold -both of which I am dealing with and also Pain?

I tried to contact my friend to check on him - only to find him back in the hospital? The nurse had come to change the dressing and said the wound was coming loose so they called an ambulance . At the hospital they deemed it was just where the surgeon had left a place open to drain. But then they decided something was bad wrong with his sugar so they admitted him. I found him to be very low in spirit.


I went out to do the chores and locked Yukon up so he could eat and these trouble makers bedded down around the kennel to wait for him. If the door were open they would burst in on him and try to knock his feet out from under him and steal his food. So, that is why they are locked out.
The day was beautiful though. We are suppose to get high winds tonight and snow showers in the morning.


I was able to get a little creative , found a pattern online for a slouch cap and my curiosity got the best of me. The size is suppose to be for a child -but it fit my head perfectly. It did take half a skein of 8 ounces of yarn. I like it and don't like it all at the same time? A very strange way to feel about a project?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Nice Quiet Weds.

It was a nice quiet Weds. The temperatures were mild and the frozen water dishes all thawed out so all I had to do was empty them out and fill up with fresh clean water. I was so grateful  that everybody was in good shape.

I didn't feel so chipper so after I did all of my chores I decided to just kick back and watch some more telly. I think this thing might be quiet addictive???? I am thinking I will have it out of my system after I view all the stories in the time frame that have already played and I will be caught up. This has been one of those programs that you really needed to watch it from the beginning to understand it better.

Miss Mocha (up above) actually came out of the bedroom and sat in the computer chair beside me for a little while.

                                                                   Even the fish seemed to be feeling quiet chipper today. I do enjoy their company. I enjoy koi because they are big enough I can see them, their food is easy to purchase and they have nice long life times -if things go right -so I can afford to get attached to them.

My friend got out of the hospital today and we missed each others calls all day long. Something weird was going on with the phones. He would call and I would pick it up and it would go dead. Then I would call back and it would pick up on the first ring and tell me that the person I was trying to call had not set up their mailbox???? It was very strange. Finally we connected and I discovered that his family Had Not been with him today and all he had to eat was some macaroni so I am going to attempt to fix him a couple of different soups tomorrow and take to him.

Hope you all have had a lovely day too.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pincushion Tuesday

Miss Rosie went out on the front porch with me this morning to fill the bird feeders. She is always quiet curious about the comings and goings of her domain. She tests everything and you can gauge her interpretations by the dept of the color in her beautiful blue eyes and the way she flicks her tail when she gets upset.

I fed the birds and the fish inside the house and fixed a simple morning green smoothie and then  got ready to  leave for my acupuncture treatment. I carried out my purse and drink and put in the car and then came back and got the "magic shovel" and shoveled my way around the car to where it would connect to the path my neighbor had cleared for me . Then I shoveled off the snow from the car -hopped in and carefully eased my way down the hill , through the creek and stopped and got the shovel out and this time shoveled the snow that the snow plow had throwned into the driveway where my neighbor had pushed.  I did not want to risk tearing anything up on the car - I love my little car. Then I locked her in four wheel drive and we eased up onto the highway where I quickly disengaged the four wheel unit , just in time as a car came up behind me.

The roads weren't bad but I still took my time. I kept hearing this racket and I had finally decided it was my water pump thinking about going out so I called my older son and asked him if he would look it up for me online so I can order one and when his back eases up maybe he will be able to install it when he installs the new radiator because mine is leaking and was cheaper to just buy a new one instead of fixing this one???

Of course the shoveling made my back start to hurt on the way out so I was quiet glad to get to see Marcie today and let her work her magic. Seems like growing older we are meant to learn to live with quiet a bit of pain??That was not in my plans.

Afterwards I stopped off by a grocery store and picked up a few groceries for me and the pups. It seems strange to me that a vegetarian would be shopping for meat -but that is what they seem to need and the only way I can keep them going.

I got home and unloaded the groceries and went out and locked Yukon up so he could eat his pellets and a small bat of hay while in the protection of the kennel so those pesky rams would not try to hurt him over the food. Then at dark I went back and released him and gave him a good petting. He is still wearing his yellow jacket and looking decent for an old man -so I am really hoping he makes it through this Winter and gets to enjoy another Summer.

I spotted the kitty that I think someone dumped and her bowl I had set out was empty so I filled it back up for her. I am still mad that someone would do something like that to one so innocent. These animals do not ask for this kind of treatment- it is so unfair - and unfair to the people whose lives it adds a burden to .

I was very grateful that the car made it back up our driveway and I slid back into my original parking place. I should have taken the trash down but I just did not want to risk losing my parking space. lol I am Not a Risk Taker like my DH was . He was a fireball who could pull off miracles  - not me . But, I am home safe and sound and grateful for all of my wonderful blessings and I hope you are too.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Is It Really Monday?????

I Finally got into my sewing room today! Let me just Pass Out from joy. But my joy was short because instead of sailing away on a project adventure I had to have a serious discussion with my Brother 1034D serger. 

This was my second Brother 1034D serger so you might know I love them  But, I have come to the conclusion that this one is "Not the Machine" that my first one was. My first one was a true warrior -always ready to tackle what -ever you throwed at it-even things that should not have been and it always triumphed.

This seems to be like a spoiled brat Always needing some kind of attention . After its miserable presentation at our Guild sew in I knew I would have to have a serious sit down discussion with it. It just would not co-operate with its stitches. You could get it to start out right -but then things would always run a muck.  

Well, I ran across an Excellent tutorial on Youtube about adjusting your serger and that is what my morning was spent doing . This is the link just in case you might need advice.:

Basically you cut a pattern 5 inches by 15 1/2 inches and cut out 4 of them.

Of course Since I was in the Sewing Room - I was in the company of royalty - I was in Miss Rosie's sewing room .

You fold your strip of fabric in half and then come down 2 inches , which give you room to ease onto the serger -then you mark 1 1/2 inch apartments.

You now have four of these strips and at the top you write , upper looper on one - lower looper on one - right needle on one and left needle on one. Then you put which ever one up to the serger ease on and which ever place you are testing that is where you start your tension -on 1 you serger 1 apartment - on 2 you serger 2 apartment and so on. O - one thing I  forgot you have a separate color thread on all four spaces so you can see Exactly what position the stitch is and Exactly what condition that stitch is in . It was Very en-lighting ! It did take a couple of hours as I tried not to hurry - just to pay attention to the process and absorb what I was learning.  I did have to fiddle a little with m stitch width and length but finally we arrived with a usable stitch. I pinned my strips together and hung them on my pegboard for future reference.

Miss Rosie approved of my lessons for today and released me to attend to out door chores. The temperatures did get above freezing today so the white stuff was melting ever so slightly.  I headed out to the dove house with fresh water and foods in hand and sitting on top of an overturned tote I use for a table was a stray kitty. I had seen this kitty before - back in December . She was waiting under where the pigeons drop some of their seeds and then the wild birds come and clean it up??? I knew she was hoping for a meal- she looked thinner than last month - she had beautiful pastel green eyes and her little tongue looked a little crooked???  She had a little fear in her eyes - yet curiosity too. I spoke and she spoke and we eyed each other. Then slowly we went around each other and then looked back at each other.  Anger went through me that some irresponsible human had probably moved off and left her from the lake just beyond me. So, I put down the pigeon and dove food and water and went to the house where I had a bag of cat food that my crew will not touch and filled a big bowel.  I carried it back out and she was sitting in the drive patch that my neighbor had cleared for me with his tractor. I placed the bowel down on the ground and walked away as she watched me.

I went on back to the doves and pigeons and fed and watered them. As I came out the kitty was stuffing her face in the bowel. I went on and did the main building and she was still eating.  Finally about 30 minutes later she raised her head and eyed me. Here I have just adopted Gabby - I do not want another kitty and definitely not a kitty outdoors. I do not like for dogs and cats to be outdoors - plus with cats I know they damage they do to our wild bird population?  Plus in the house my Cowboy is still so traumatized from his ear being tore off from some cat that invaded our space that I can only get him to come out from under the bed to eat. .O dear , O dear???????????????????  

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Unhappy Eyes Sunday

      For some reason this weather event is just "getting under my skin"!  It should not -but ????? We human beings are very strange creatures???

I had placed this small piece of plywood on top of  this post that I hung two hangers on - I only put one screw in it so when it blows away I plan to put a larger one on it. the idea was to Stop the Rain from getting the seeds and the birds wet. But , at the moment it makes me think of an umbrella.        

The dogs would not take their meds this morning and I did not try to force them. I decided to wait them out and see if I could sneak it in a lunch time snack and that did work. Mocha and Cocoa have just completed their second round of antibiotics for this doggie flu mess.


Gabby decided to start her morning off with a movie at the front door watching the feeders , while I fixed my morning green smoothie and gulped down all of my eye supplements. I was not feeling too well -still sore from the snow exercise and then my eyes decided to test my will by CRYING! Big fat tears just ran from my eyes making it almost impossible to do anything creative????

Blondie the Mama of all the others is finally looking a lot better. I am not for sure that means she is feeling a lot better as she did not want to eat. 

Lunch time found Cocoa trying to enjoy the sunshine through the front door. I had forgotten to put down their cushion.

Blondie and Bandit made their first appearance in the living room since this storm has happened. I was quiet glad to see them , while I was watching a tv program.  I was getting hungry but my tummy was hurting . I decided to heat up some cornbread and eat it with some buttermilk -hoping that would ease my tummy - and it did work. Plus, I did get all the dogs to take one bit of food and in that one bit was their heart meds -so Yea.  Now they are good until bedtime.

My eyes continued to cry and I could not do anything creative. I gave up and watched another tv story on this program Elementary I am getting hooked on. AT times I could set the laptop on a little table and at times I had to place it on my lap. I definitely wish I could just order a new set of eyeballs and just screw them in. Weeellllll - they are doing research on growing new teeth - why not eyeballs???

It is hard to see in this picture , but the "black clan" came back to visit, run off the smaller birds and fill their tummies. EVERY TIME  I try to get a good picture of them -they fly to the highest trees. I tried everything from crawling on the floor to the front door but nothing worked -they were just too fast. So, this was my last attempt from long distance. It is very hard to see but they are clustered all over the feeder like ornaments hanging on a  tree. 

Miss Gabby is back to work -just looking beautiful. Something about a cat asleep on a couch has always soothed me. This is a help to the snow which just keeps my nerves on edge for some reason?

Maybe it is because I am really just an outdoor person and like to run in and out the door any time I please ????? Plus, tv  is a problem - I can see where you could get addicted to it as you get lost in the plot or grograms???? 

I did have one adventure at the back door. There was a tremendous crash and the gutter came crashing down. I tried to get out the back door but it was blocked with big black blocks. I carefully wiggled and pushed at small increments until I could squeeze out the door . The weight of blocks of ice had brought down the plastic gutter. I sure was glad that neither me nor the pups had been going out that door. Plus, glad I could get the door open enough to move the mess as I would never have made it around the house. 

One little Winter adventure after another . Did I ever tell you - I HATE WINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Here It Is Saturday

The little birds are the main creatures that are out moving around in this weather and only because they have to keep their little tummies full for heat.


I have plenty of little titmice just waiting their turns at the feeders. I took out my super dooper shovel and cleared my path on the front porch and that was when I discovered the pain in my back and all through my shoulder blades???? Dog gone white stuff is getting me in trouble

While the birds were busy on the front porch I got busy in the house - kinda crippling around doing the fish and the birds and the cats and then doing battle to get the dogs meds down them. They are getting too smart for me . Thank goodness their latest round of antibiotics are just completed ! Yea! Please let them be better this time as we sure cannot dash off to the vet for a while??????????????

        I did manage to get my morning smoothie made and all of my supplements down me for my eyes and then peeked out the front door only to notice a new crowd had moved into the tree overlooking the feeders. This was the first time I had ever had blackbirds and a whole crew of them showed up and all the little birds left the feeders???? Hum???


  Someone else was attempting to watch this new development from the back of the chair - I think her being cross eyed really does affect her sight????

      Even the red birds were keeping their distance -not intermingling with the black visitors???

    When I would go to the door to take a picture the black ones would take flight and the little birds would then zoom down to get their share- I even switched the feeders around so I could get a better picture because everybody seemed to want the sunflower seeds instead of the mixed seeds.


           While the birds were having their discussions about the feeders i flung open the back door to see if the doggie door needed a path cleared and of course it did so I grabbed "Super-Shovel" and out to the end of the back of the house I plowed. I noticed I needed to clear the path up the hill so up I went and then shot across the driveway to the condo. Turning back around going back to the kennels and up around the main building -then over to the dove house and back to the driveway where the donkey hollered at me. I turned to go up his way and there was more of an accumulation there. It took me longer to shovel a path back out and it was heavier so my side and back started to complain. I fed Yukon and plowed back down with the Super - Shovel to the kennels when I turned and went to the turkeys and the little hen house. By now my hands were hurting from the cold and I realized what a dummy - I had No Gloves on and only a little sweather. LOL But, my paths were now clear! lol So, I zoomed happily down the hill to the warm house. AS I bundled up my oldest Chihuahua popped in through the doggie door and she was shivering to beat the band. I had a snuggie laying in the computer chair so I grabbed it up and bundled her up in it and sat and loved on her until she shivering eased up. I have a big pillow for her under the computer desk and it is right on the vent so I felt it and it was nice and toasty - so I placed her there to snuggle in. I decided to check the emails and such and then did put on a jacket this time as I took everybody outdoors fresh water. They were all in good spirits. The little hens in the main house were actually singing at the top of their little lungs and it always makes me stop to count my blessings.


I peeked out the front door and the black clan all go to the trees when they see me so I decide to put on the pot of beans to heat and bundle up to get warm and settle down to watch a tv program I have just got hooked on?? Plus, the pain is pretty bad so I rub some arnica cream on my back, side and as far as I can reach shoulder blades -where it hurts to breath. Soon the warmth and the cream start to ease the pain -plus probably being distracted by the plot of the program doesn't hurt. There are other things I want to accomplish but for now they will just have to wait.

               Now the winds are howling and I am just hoping that the white stuff does not drift too much. My Magic Shovel is kinda tired and likes to cause this old woman pain when used too much. So, I can hope. I think I should take a tip from the new kitty - Miss Gabby???  Each day is a gift .Maybe tomorrow I can work on those "other things"- right now I am grateful for the health of my animals and myself and the warmth of a dry home and food to eat and interesting things to do. Every day there is something new to learn and enjoy.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Boy - It Is here

Yea, it's really snowing that hard this morning so I dash out on the front porch and shovel off 8 inches of the white stuff so far so I can get to the bird feeds - still in my bedroom shoes. Then down the front steps and out the sidewalk and beside the side walk -just in case one of my fur-babies decides to potty. Not likely - but I would not want one to disappear in the white stuff and not be found again till Spring-time.

When I went back in the front door I had a big plop of snow that fell in my shoes off of my head and back??? Darn it. So as I head to the back door I get smarter and put on some regular shoes and a cap and jacket -just something to wear to use this new fangle snow shovel????

So, out the door I rush and it is a tight squeeze at the back door and it takes me a few times to get enough cleared around that I can move and start moving the white stuff out of the way. Back and forth -hanging occasionally on two mats I have down -but I get that accomplished and then start wup the hill. From there it just kinda takes on a life of it's own. I have never had a real snow shovel and I discover that the upturned tip on the end of it makes it easier to avoid the bumps on the frozen ground that I cannot see . This snow starts out light and easy to fling. I make it up the hill to the first set of dog kennels that have the 5 big chickens in it and the other one that has the turkeys.  So, I take a turn and go by the building where I am getting tired and thinking about going back to the house to rest-after all I am not a  Spring chicken???

       But the dove house is just across the lane and this stuff is still piling up so I decide to Plow on. Then turn around and come back when the donkey hollers so I take off UP the Hill to his gate and then a circle around to the building where his pellets are. I get the pellets and try to get through the gate but he blocks me and the snow is over my shoes so I decide to tackle that later.

Back down the hill , around the building and now over to the the little henhouse and back to the turkeys where I now go across the driveway over to the "condo". Finally all paths are cleared for a little bit. The white stuff is still falling so I plow as I go back down to the house. Yea - now to get warm and dry. PLOP - big piles of snow fall off of me as I enter the door. I Keep forgetting about that stuff on my head and back. GRRRR.


I come in and do all the indoor critter chores -the fish -the birds -the cats and the pups. I can't figure out why the pups just do not want to have anything to do with me?? Maybe they know I am trying to hide their meds in their foods and think I am ruining them??? I don't know but they trot off into hiding so I fix me a big snoothie and check my emails to let family know I am fine.

After that I load up with fresh water and treats for the chickies and off I go again. Thank goodness for the paths-it makes it so much easier getting around and I get the donkey tended to this time.

The day has just flown by trying to keep the paths cleared off and then my wonderful neighbor, Mr. Bill Burton brings his super -dooper tractor and plows my driveway all the way up the hill to the donkey's gate . Now I have an interstate to get to the donkey -so I just go over my paths and it looks good.


      I polish off a bowel of beans and cornbread for supper and Miss Gabby enjoys looking out the front door at all the birds attacking the feeders. At least their little bellies will be full for the cold night.

     But, now the white stuff starts up with a vengeance once again. I can see all my hard work going down the tubes - just as it turns dark I fling open the back door and grab the "wonder-shovel" and plow my way out the back door. Hey-that worked better because I did not shut the door and it was not in the way??? Hummm? So, I just keep right on going all the way up the hill and around all the paths. A few places it is getting deep and it takes a few extra hard flings to get it out of the way.

   Then I remember the back door is wide open so back down the hill and I shoot back inside to the nice warmth of a dry house. Yea, we still have our electricity -but with this heavy stuff coming down and the temperatures dropping during the night it weighs down the electric lines down and they can snap - Or - if the wind gets up and a tree comes down ???? I am SOOO hoping that does not happen.

   I will rest for an hour and then peek my head back out the door and see if I can do this again? So, this is my day of fun - what is the rest of my blog families doing????

Thursday, January 21, 2016

They Say It is COMING

Well, Blondie is like me - not too impressed with the upcoming weather event. I had to laugh at her when she laid her little head on the inside arm of the computer chair while I was working in the kitchen around her.

There was so much to get accomplished. I got the kitchen kinda straightened up and put on a pot of beans and a pan of cornbread for me to have. I had picked up the pups some ground turkey this time and was able to get their meds down them reluctantly -but still down them.

I did some more laundry and even got my hair washed. I have filled up numerous jugs of water -for when the electricity goes out.

It was so pretty outdoors you would never dream a big storm is bearing down on us. The sun was out and the snow was melting and all the animals were just enjoying the day. I locked Yukon up and fed him and then I walked up on the hill to check on their big bales of hay and decided that they were just Bad . I hatched a plan and went back down to the house and got the keys to my daughter's truck and a rope and went to see if the truck would start , since it had not been fired up since June?? Well, she did fire up and I got her to move the length of the truck and that was as far as she would go. The back tire was not even turning??

So, I called my older son and asked for his help. He and his son-in-law came after dark and jerked the two big bales out for me and looked at Crystal's truck and said it was something wrong with the front differential not letting the four wheel drive engage. So at least I know it was just not me being dumb? Now the sheep have two big bales of hay and I will not have to worry about them -plus Yukon will have the hay in the barn in case he cannot get out.

I called my daughter and told her about her truck so she would know. She has another truck that she drives to work at the post office . I just did not want her to think she could use this one for something important and then be disappointed. She said the post office has been loading sandbags and chains to be ready for tomorrow. I wish they would just let the post office close down for something this dangerous.

Then I called my friend in the hospital and checked on him . He is not doing so good and I hate it. The stuff they are feeding him through his veins is making his sugar go high and he still has not had anything to eat since Sunday. They are still waiting for him to FART- to prove that the air is moving out of his gut -first -before he can have anything to eat. But they only got him up to walk one time today and you know laying in bed is terrible for you. I am so worried about him.

I am trying to fill the bathtub with water but my stopper is old and the water wants to seep out . So, this last test I have laid a piece of plastic down first -then the stopper to see if that will help? Sooooo- if I do disappear for a couple of days you will know I have lost my electricity. Hugs to all.

O here is a link to a pretty dress for an American Doll dress -just in case you need to sew.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Little Snow before The Big Storm

This is Daisy , my pet wild turkey and she is not any more impressed with this weather than I am!

I did Hop out of bed early this morning and take off to run the last of my errands Before the Big Storm barrels into town tomorrow afternoon.

 I did get a  shovel and the kerosene for the lantern. It is suppose to be bad with high winds and lose of electricity. You would think after all these years the electric company would come up with a better plan?? I went to town and got two bales of hay for the donkey . There is big bales of hay in the back but I do not think he would be able to walk that far with his age in that amount of snow so this should keep him in the barn safe. 

After I got Yukon's hay and pellets I circled by my friend's house that had the surgery . All of the water to our animals is frozen solid so I watered All of his birds. They all appreciated the drinks. He has the neatest water source. It looks like an old timey pump sticking out of the ground but you pull up on the handle and it pulls the water from below ground -then you push down on the handle to turn it off and the water is released Down below the ground where it does not freeze and is never left in the pipe. Now I am jealous . If he comes out of his surgery successfully maybe this Summer he can help me get one too.??? We will see. 

 Then I circled by the hospital to check on him and found him looking decent for what a 72 year man has been through. He was in a lot of pain and he have him on pain meds so I left so he could catch a nap. He was very sneaky - he had sold a snow blade and had 60.00 to share with me. I Protested Strongly but he insisted strongly and I decided it would be wiser to let him win this one and graciously accepted his kind offer. Then I went and bought 50.00 worth of groceries. When I came out those first snow flurries were in the air and I headed for home.

When I  got home and went to unload the feed  and they had given me the Wrong dern feed. I was so miffed -called them and they did not have any of what Yukon can eat so I asked them IF the Tractor Supply in the other town had any would they trade it out for me and and they said yes, long as I had my receipt. So, off I flew , complaining about all this lost time and loss of gas for this unexpected trip??? I had to stop and get gas and then get to the other store The made me unload mine and then get what I wanted -my back is giving me trouble so I struggled . There was a young man there who was looking at the reduced winter clothes . He had picked up one of those hoodie things that cover your face and took it up and had the fellow scan it. He did not have the money but he had seen me unloading and offered to help me load and I said sure. 

Then he went out the door and the cash registure fellow went to the clothes and made sure he had put the hoodie back?? He thought he might have stolen it as he has a lot of that. I had to laugh because this young fellow was SWAMPED. People were hitting him up for everything . I got out doors and the young man was there. He grabbed the feed and tossed it in the car between the two bales of hay. He was very sweet and said that he had a new baby and times were hard -that he was suppose to help a friend push snow and then he would have the money for the hat. As he turned to leave I had a ten left that a friend had just given me and I stuck it in his hand. He tried to resist but I told him I had needed a "son" at that moment and he had gone out of his way to help me - to GO GET YOUR HAT -and off he scooted.  lol  I prayed for him as I drove home. I struggle with money too but God has Always provided for me and my animals and I love him for taking care of us.

FINALLY I was home and it was Late. I only had an hour to unload all the feed and get all the chores accomplished. At the end I stopped and admired all of the different runs of the little chickens . There are 6 runs in the building with the same breed of chicken, but divided into the different colors . The colors just make my heart beat to imagine how my Father in Heaven paints each 

More of the critters are outdoors - this is Mr. Turkey eyeballing those first snow flakes too .I sure hope I can "rise to the occasion:.

These are a commerical breed of chicken that are wonderful layers. I nickname them "The RED DINOSAURS" They have a horrible trait - IF you would want to add another chicken to the group - they are so agressive that they kill them. So, this Summer I plan to trade them out for a heirloom breed with a better disposition. That way I can help to preserve a noble breed for a good cause.

This is their loyal protector - he has raised them since I got them so they abide with him. He is one of the left over colored egg layers that I had and enjoyed tremendously. But, they would quit laying in November and then start back up at Easter was why I switched to the Red Dinosaurs.

lAs I made my way into the house I filled up both of the bird feeders. The mixed seed one will last for a while but the sunflower seed one will be empty in the morning and will need to be refilled . They will be hungry little bellies to keep full during this major event they are calling for. Since losing my DH 3 years ago this will be my First Major Storm Storm by myself and i am a little nervous as you know all kind of things can catch you off guard. I am trying to think of everything and be a good "girl-scout"

The bad stuff is not suppose to start until tomorrow night so I am going to try to fix a pot of beans tomorrow and then fill the bathtub full of water to have it to flush the commode and water the critters as we are suppose to lose our electricity. IF ONLY we could keep our electricity - there is so much I could accomplish-like SEWING . It will definitely be out of my hands and I will take it one step at a time with God's help.

I forgot to mention that something snapped one of my turkeys. She had been sitting in the garden and just disappeared -leaving just a few feathers?? I pondered what could be big enough to grab a full grown turkey and run off with her without even a big struggle and lots of feathers??? I could not figure out how a coyote could get in the garden fence and then out carrying her??? Then today when I stopped at the mailbox and walked down there was a hard crust of snow from a couple of days ago. A deer's prints in the snow caught my attention -then mingled in was a BIG ROUND Paw Print - Much Too Big for any dog and much rounder. I think Mr. Bear might have made a stop at my garden spot???  The only other critter I have running free now is Daisy but she normally roosts HIGH in the walnut trees so I am hoping she is safe  and there is no reason he will stop back again. I am Hoping that he would not get brave enough to try to get into a dog kennel or two buildings????  I will just pray hard. ~smile~