Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sewing Guild Thursday

Even with my furbabies help it seemed to take all day long or me to get myself ready for Lynne to pick me up for the Sewing Guild Meeting.  It was cold and sometimes the wind was up and sometimes the wind was down. Mocha was checking out when I was working on another bootie, but I managed to "muff it" and gave up.

Her sweet little face is always enough to just cheer me up when I goof. I was just trying to hurry to have one more little step in a project and you know how it is when we get in a hurry.

I was actually in the floor doing my yoga -trying to loosen up pain in my hip when I heard Lynne pull up. Her vehicle is so quiet it is hard to hear it so I did not get to "lint roll" myself and be presentable.

Bandit was all ready to send me on my way. Lynne managed to get off from work a little bit early and we arrived at our new meeting place . It is a Big church - I had never been in a church that had an elevator??? There was lots of nice space and plenty of lights and tables for us to work on. This was our first "sew in" . We sewed hospital gowns for the children in India that have the cliff pallet. My serger started out doing good and then it broke bad and did horrible stitches . It does that all the time - it is just not as good a machine as my first Brother 1034D was-you could depend on that little machine - but NOT THIS ONE! I really wanted to toss it out the window. Then my sinuses started messing up - runny nose and eyes ????? It just was not my afternoon. Lynne donated a ton of fabric for the project and there were pieces of little gowns running all over the place. I hated to see it over.

Lynne and I placed the tables back like we had found them where she had set out the fabric . Everyone was out so fast that I was not for sure that we cleaned up our mess like I would like to have. The moon was beautiful coming home -it was only half full but so bright.
Mocha giving me her sleepy look as I return home - home is good.


  1. What a lovely thing to be doing, making hospital gowns for children in India. Your little fur babies look adorable. How many do you have?

  2. That was a nice charity sewing to do! can get on the floor for Yoga? Wow...I am so impressed. If I was on the floor I'd need help getting off or I'd being living down there! LOL Hugs~