Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Apron Question?

This was one of the quilt displays that was at the sewing shop.I do not quilt - but I love to admire the work of other fabric artists.To me that is one of the great gifts that our world offers! And to me to stop and think about how Mothers and Grandmothers in our history made quilts to keep their families warm- and even the fabrics that they used to make it all possible, like my DH's grandmother who sewed wore out sock tops and used that for batting . To me these ladies are saints ! And their work carries with it the essence of them - the brave and talented !

It was another hot day, but that was alright with me. I did my animal chores in the morning so they were ready for their day.Then fed DH and I - and cleaned up my mess and went back outdoors to work on some of the garden. The weeds are tying to take over-but not if I have my way!

Back in the house for laundry and lunch.I fed chili beans to DH and I had a garden , fresh from the garden .Another mess to clean up! We humans are sure a messy bunch! LOL It is so hot around here that some of the schools are closing early tomorrow. That will make for some happy kids. : )

I am still trying to figure out which sewing project I want to tackle next. I REALLY need a new apron, but the typical kind that runs a string around your neck - really causes me a lot of pain - due to my firbromyalgia. I can remember back in my grandparents day that there was an apron that the neck strings went down to meet the waist ties, and did not cut into the back of your neck. Do you guys remember anything like that?

Love to all!

Monday, May 30, 2011

A truly beautiful day for all

What a truly beautiful day it has been and I have worked outdoors most of the day , even though the heat is Very high. DH went over to our oldest son's to use his garage to work on our little vehicle because it Has to be inspected by tomorrow. He said that he wanted Cory to help him because he did not feel comfortable working on the brakes this time.

He had already dug the holes for our white sweet potato plants early this morning and said he would finish this afternoon.But I knew he would be too tired-so- after I got the morning chores finished - I boogied down to the garden and took the plants and a five gallon bucket of water from our pond because that is suppose to be good for plants. I would dig a hole in the center of the hill he had made and put my plant in and pour the water in with it and close it up. I was running out of water so I decided to take a short cut and that was when I ran into Mr. Blacksnake . It  looked like a young adult and it was Very fast. I almost feel over backwards I was so startled and I think it was of me too!  It turned out to be funny because when I came back with the water he was watching me on the back side of the post. I totally ignored him and went back to my work. As long as he STAYS out of my house we will find a way to live in peace , but I will not tell DH because he will want to murder it. I know they are good for the environment and I need to get over this fear of them. I didn't do too bad this time , but he is not a monster one like I usually run into. This one was only about 4 feet long , so he has some growing to do. So maybe he will patrol the garden for us. LOL

When I had finished with the plants I had sweat dripping off of me like a water fountain. It kept getting in my eyes and dripping off of my nose. But DH had planted two rows of corn and it was about 3 feet high and the weeds were taking it over. So, I took my mighty hoe and went to work getting rid of those weeds. Next I carried everything back where it belonged and I went to the strawberry bed and tackled those weeds and picked the few that were ripe.I got sidetracked at my flowers and noticed the "stinging nettle" was trying to move in , so I tackled removing it  too. It did not appreciate me attempting to give it moving orders and it bit me a few times.  I trotted over to the spinach and pulled weeds there and picked enough for a salad I was ready for, and carried it all to the house

I put both the strawberries and the spinach into a little salt water while I ran the vacuum and shook the rugs and then put everything back. I carried out two loads of laundry to hang on the line. I am trying any trick I know to help with that electric bill.

Finally I got to take my shower and then go enjoy my salad . Since there were only a few strawberries I just chopped them up in my salad and I was in for a delicious treat! That was really good!  I need to take a pain pill , but I am stubborn and don't want to. Mr. Fibromyalgia wants to mistreat me after all that work!

This is another one of those projects from the quilt shop-It looks like primitive chickens to me and that is a piece of plastic wrap making it shiny. I don't know why they had that there? LOL

Well, I hear another load of laundry calling me - so I know I have to bring the load in that is waiting for me on the line. I hope All of you are having a beautiful day!
Love to All!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Birthday - Granddaughter

What a day - one of those days when plans go Haywire!  I had started out doing morning chores and hoping-well you know how the "best laid plans often go astray"! Well that seems to be the Norm for me.

DH  came out and while I was good and dirty we tried to figure out where to plant the raspberries and the blueberry plants that we got on sale yesterday. We looked and looked for a good place and ran into complications where we have soooo many 'Walnut trees" and there are so many things that you cannot grow under walnut trees! It took quiet a while to figure that dilemma out! By then it was very warm and I was very dirty and we came in the house to cool off-then decided that we were hungry. I wanted a salad so I went out to the garden and I cut spinach and a few little scallions. I was so proud to be able to have them fresh! While I was cutting one of DH's friends dropped by and while I munched on salad they took off to look at something? Then I headed to the shower and was so tired when DH returned I rested in my chair. I was so tired .

After I go out and work and then come back in that Mean old Fibromyalgia really tries to put the "Pain moves" on me and that steals a lot of my joy. But , I finally drug out of my chair and headed to the dishes. As I was finishing that and we intended going to our oldest son's house for our granddaughter's birthday -but two of their friends stopped for a visit. It was nice to see them and catch up. When they left at dark I was ready to give up birthday plans - but the kids moved the birthday celebrations up to our house. This is the cake that my #1 daughter-in-law had made because granddaughter wanted something to do with cows and this was the closest she could find.

So we all jumped in and got sweetened up and were all fat and sassy. I loved this cake and the cute cows were on the top. Dainelle asked me if I knew what she would like to have for her birthday and I say no - what ? She wanted a dove- so we took the flashlight and went out to the dove house and she picked out the one she wanted. ( She needed me to  help her sway over her Dad as he could not turn down a "birthday present"! ( Yea, I know we are naughty. ) :)  ( WELLLLLLLL - he was naughty as a youngest - it is time for pay-backs"! : )

So the day ends and the "birthday girl" turns the big 15. It is hard to believe that time flys this fast by.

SO maybe tomorrow I will get the house a path made through  and the doggies need their bath and the sewing room needs the cat box cleaned - and - well you know how it is .
So , love to each of you and take time to be happy.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Greetings and Salutations Dear Blog Family

This was another of those original
projects at the shop. Kinda nifty. I really dig those silly chickens. They are "Quirky" like Me! LOL

I hope that you guys are not as Tired as I am! I am so POOPED!
We went back to North Carolina today for more gardening items. It turned out that a little town in between there was having a yard sale and traffic was backed up for a mile. I was so grateful to have air conditioning in our little vehicle. If not for that I would have been sick as a dog!

 We loaded up on treasures, tomatoes ,cantaloupes, watermelons, sweet potatoes - both red and white. I had never seen the white ones before -so we are trying both. The are the only place that had any of the Tenderett beans that we both like -they have no strings and are always nice and tender. DH got some butter beans and the hot banana peppers that he loves for me to stuff with hot dogs and can them. His Mom always made them for him and I like to see him injoy them. He will take the pepper and put it on a peanut butter sandwich and then just eat the dog . I got a beautiful blue grapevine to hopefully replace the one that had died.  I picked out some little fingers carrots because I have discovered that it takes a LOT of carrots IF you juice them. I have been reading that if you drink 3 glasses of carrot juice a day for two weeks and then go down to two and one - that it can really improve some people's eyes. I am having a LOT of trouble with my eyes so I am willing to try.

I had also read to take a candle and set it one and a half feet from your face while you are sitting . Take your index fingers and lift your eyelids and hold them while you star at the flame for 5 minutes -every other day for two weeks -take two weeks off -and repeat the pattern until you can tell that it has strengthened your eyes. I am trying that also -while HOPING!!!!!!!!!! :(

We went back to where I had picked up a pack of Bright Lights Chard before and of course they had sold all of it .( IF I would have ended up hating it - I bet they would have had plenty. ) I must remember this for next year! It is so beautiful that you could put it right in your flower bed with all of its lovely colors! But, they did have blueberry and raspberry plants on sale so I snatched up a few of them. They are beautiful  and they are one of my favorite fruits! I have never met a blueberry that I did not LOVE.

So, then we came on home and started working together and we actually made good progress. But we ran out of daylight, so tomorrow we will do the rest -I hope! After we had planted all of the tomato plants I had some old newspapers saved and DH's brother had given him some straw. So I put the newspapers down and then covered them with the straw! I am trying to defeat the WEEDS that usually over take the garden . It seems like it has always happened when we have a wet spell and you cannot get in the garden without sinking down and the weeds just have a party. SO NO PARTY for the weeds this year!

With the price of groceries here lately and us on a fixed income I am Really hoping this garden will save our hides!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Boomers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This design is called Yammy Cat and includes Helene's recipe for Maple Pecan Yams- - It might be Yammy - BUT - it sure sounds yummy to me!

This one is called Garden Patch Cats and it includes Helene's recipe for Creamed Mushroom canapes

I thought this little quilt was so cute and colorful!

This showed one more row down with the little bone and paw print.  I really enjoy the visit to this shop because they always have the neatest ideas to inspire you.

Boy, you talk about a thunder storm - we have had one for the last two hours. Thunder and Lightening like I don't remember before. It was more like the Fourth of July  light show. The wind and the hail and then just to show it was all powerful the electricity went off all of a sudden and the house was jet black . I had just sat one of my great-grandbabies down on the floor to watch him crawl and it scared me that he would take off and I would not know where he was or what he would get into. Gosh, talk about timing - but then the lights popped right back on as I had scooped him back up. That was a little bit too much excitement for me! :)

Our creek had got up trying to get out of its banks and I am hoping that it will not wash our road out again.I did get to take my afternoon walk and I got to see 3 of the prettiest deer in our pasture. It was such a treat to me because there was no "dumb hunter" around to destroy it for me. When something like this happens to always makes me feel like God made this "treat" just for me -from Him- to let me know that He is still watching over me and that I do matter in His eyes.
Love to All

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Sewing Studio

This was our second quilt shop on our rally and it is always one of my favorites . They always have snacks that are so good and they always have some of the cutest quilts and wall-hangings. Of course this one caught my eye. These "chicks" have real style and made me smile right off the bat.

Some of their kits are so cute . They have a cat theme going on from the garden because the cats have veggies some how in their design and they are still cute as cute can be.This one is gourdo cato and you can see the gourd in the tail and back of the body.

This is eggplant purr-mesan . Of course I thought he was as sweet as sweet can be. I have only had eggplant once in my life and I enjoyed it . I tried to grow some in the garden last year , but with NO LUCK. Shoot!

I hope everyone has had a lovely day!
Love to all! :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tornado Warning This afternoon?

This day has certainly been a day of mixtures. When I got up and was doing my chores it started to rain and it rained hard. I was already finished the outdoor chores and had made it to the birdroom so I was out of the weather by now. But I had taken a wand with me for the vacuum cleaner out there. I had to sweep first to pick up all the cedar chips so it would not stop up the shop vac. Then I was using it to pick up all the seed scattered all over the floor . DH had gone to get the part that they had ordered for youngest son's truck and when DH popped through the door while I was in deep contemplation - I almost jumped out of my skin. He wanted me to come to the house to visit with our oldest son who was with him and I just wanted to finish what I had started because I was already a mess and I did not want to go take a shower and then come back out and have to take a second shower. So , I kept plugging along - I was not far from my goal and he came back again. Since he was being so persistent I did go out the door , but I picked up  a bag that I had hanging on the door which had my fresh loaf of bread that I had brought with me to take to his shop where our slicer was set up . I got it all sliced nice and neat and was heading to the house when I met him coming back after me again! I was so glad that I was heading in the right direction -to satisfy DH. LOL

I did get my shower and visited with DS and they left later when the call came in that their part was ready for them. When they left the sun had come out and it was beautiful . I came in and did several loads of laundry and dishes , ect.

By now it was afternoon and as I sat down to munch on a peanut butter sandwich and watch the news - they announced a tornado warning until 10 pm tonight???????????? After our last tornado visit about 10 miles up the road - I do not like to hear that ? So, I strolled out on the front porch to take a look at the sky. It was a murky solid light gray? No wind even blowing -if this is something new in our lives I need some knowledge on it. But this is a picture of my pond - lol - can hardly see it now on the porch for all of the greenery. I love the two birdhouses that my brother -in-law made for us and that is why I put them right where I could see them and watch the activity. :)  And remember the kindness of a family.

As I got busy on the porch my mind kind of forgot about the danger?: This is a forsythia that our youngest son and his wife  gave  me for  Mother's Day . I just dearly love it!

This beautiful green plant in the center is a pineapple sage and if you like pineapple I wish you could just smell it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It smells just like a fresh cut pineapple . I got it in North Carolina at a nursery and I put it on the porch with the hopes that if any of us walked past it and brushed against it -we would have this wonderful fragrance to enjoy.

The smaller plant back here in the clay colored pot is a STEVIA - I am so thrilled to find it I can hardly contain myself. Stevia is a natural sweetner with no harmful side affects. Years ago when I first discovered it the government actually sent police into the natural food stores and confiscated all of it as an illegal drug! So, for years I could not enjoy it . But after I was diagnosed with the beginning stages of diabetics I knew I had to search for my friend once again. I found a place online where I could order it and I used it in all of my drinks.

But then my Tenn. e-sister sent me a sample off of her plant and I discovered I could just put a few leaves with the tea when it was brewing and I had wonderful sweet tea  - all in one step and with no danger to  the diabetics . Using this I have kept my blood sugar down to  almost normal for the past ten years. So, I say - thank you  so much to my stevia! :)

As I am coming back from the porch I check on my little tomato plant and can see that I will have a dish of fresh fried green tomatoes sometime soon in my future. Of course I will have to hold DH off with a switch  until I get them fried. He Loves these little green treasures! LOL I checked on my strawberry bed and actually found 4 to eat. My VERY FIRST ones of the year and it is not looking very positive because I threw out a handful that were not ripe -but had rotted due to all this RAIN!!!!!  I peeked in the other little garden and the little row of spinach that DH had planted is up and about 3 inches tall - I think I smell a salad for me and a treat for my canary soon! UMMMMM!

Well, I locked everything up that I can think of and it is hard to keep my eyes off of the clouds. It is very dark and ominous looking. But while I am writing this  I can see out my window and  the little hummingbird is outside drinking from the feeder. That is enough to put a smile on my face and a song on my heart. :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Food Quilt

It is cool and rainy here this afternoon so a good trip through the quilt shop is a good distraction.

This shop might have all four corners in its building -and all of them are crammed full of lovely ideas. (I still LOVE their floors) Since they are in the process of moving to a new building right beside them - and I KNOW I will miss this  building with the beautiful floors .

This is another quilt display and I was amazed at each square being some kind of Food !

LOL - it is so pretty but it makes me hungry and me "thinks" it would be a lovely apron. :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quilting Connection Shop

DH went early this morning to mow for our sons and work on that truck for the young one whose back is still causing such terrible pain. SOOOOO, today I have had the day all to myself and I have worked like a Trojan . I spent half of the day working out doors and half of the day moving my flowers outdoors and cleaning one little corner on the mud room. It was a disaster and I am still not finished - I just ran out of "steam". My "want to " and my "can do" seem to be two different things. :(  I gave up and took a pain pill so maybe I can get a second wind?

So, back to the Quilt Shop Rally. this little guy was sitting on a table right at the check out counter and I thought he was Adorable! There is a pattern right there beside him and I picked it up and almost got it, but at the last moment I noticed that it was not the same pattern as he was. It is amazing how such little things make a Big difference. Their eyes were different and their beaks are different and even their tummies. Plus, you were suppose to use wool -although one of the ladies told me to go to the Thrift Shop and just pick out a wool skirt and use that . I thought that was a wonderful idea- I would never have thought of that on my own.
He made me think of the little bird that Sue from Charlotte's Cottage gave me for Christmas. I am always amazed at how many fabric artistes there are in the wonderful world of thread and needles. :)

This is the little table he was stationed at and the different pattern in the center. That little blue piece in the center is another pincushion.

A display set up in the center of the room and those are Big beautiful windows allowing all that beautiful to stream in and make it so bright and cheerful and also makes it easier to see. I considered myself so very blessed to be allowed to spend time with a friend and also enjoy the fruits of other very talented ladies!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A neat quilt that I saw at the first shop.

This was one of the quilts that they had hanging around the business. I was trying to get close enough to be able to read the writing , because that is what makes it really special. The red one says :Delight in the beauty that surrounds you.
The blue one says Cherish time together!

This one says giving grows the heart . The yellow one says Happiness is a grateful spirit , an optimistic attitude  and a heart full of Love.

The blue one says" Happiness is finding the song in your heart. But I cannot make out what the red one says - something about friends.  So, that was why I loved this quilt - it seemed to resinate with things that are most important to me. :)

This little nook was where everybody checked out . That is a Santa wall hanging with Christmas fabric below it.

 I am so Pooped because I worked outdoors most of the day -just taking a break long enough to have lunch. I finally figured out how to fix hash browns like McDonalds makes. I just washed and peeled and then Shredded the potatoe and plopped it in the pan on medium heat and used the spatula to pat it out to fill the pan and let it cook slowly while I fixed a blueberry waffle to go with it.

Then back outdoors and started work on my pigeon run. DH had a friend give him some scrape lumber and he had stored it in  my old rabbit house- so I went to "raid him"!  But it was piled together and the nails were dug in to the next layer below it . I tried pulling and tugging but I was not having much luck until finally One piece  began to move . I got it drug to the back of the building and it was SOOOOOOOOOO heavy that I went to ask DH for his help. He must have known I was desperate because I asked him to go get his tractor and pull this piece up to where I was working-which he did.  Then we had to go back for two more pieces and heave it up on the top of the run for a roof. Boy, it was heavy - it took All of my strength to lift it up that high. We both were dripping wet with sweat , but we got it up there. Then he went to load the tractor up so he can go to our sons in the morning and mow for them and he is also going to help the youngest put a clutch in his truck.

My back is going to upset with me in the morning. I had to take some wire and "SEW" the chain link fence to the top of the run because it had gotten messed up. That sewing with "wire" is not my favorite sewing! Then I went to pull the guinea pigs some fresh greens and I did that by checking my flower beds and pulling all the weeds that were trying to take over with all this rain.The guinea pigs are happy and my flowers are happy. That is a "win-win" situation to me! :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

O Be Still, My Beating Heart! :)

What a truly magical day today was! Lynne took me with her on the Quilt Ralley!  As we were on our way about 45miles into our trip and I spotted this little "bug" at a business. Now, I have a "thing" for bugs and as my eyeballs popped out of my head Lynne noticed and even turned around and took me back to snap a picture. The cute thing about this is the writing on the doors advertising the business was Rodney's Auto Towing - AND - that is Lynne's husband's name! I had to laugh -it was like a "sign" that we were about to have a grand day!

This was the second little "bug" advertising their business and you can almost tell that these guys are up high-above the car that we are in. I was in love! and so grateful to Lynne for the pictures!There is nothing like a good friend. :)

This was our first stop at a place called Quilting Connection and I am madly in love with the floor in this shop.  We learned that they are moving into a building right beside of them - kinda a fancy building with wrap around porches -but - I LOVE this store!!!!!!!!!!

This was one project I ran across - a placemat in the shape of a leaf and the end of the twig is folded back to hole silverware.

The orange is the leaf and they free sewed on the veins of the leaf and at the end there where the twig was that was where they put a strap to hold your napkins!

I think I will end with this as I am POOPED! But, I have more to share and never know when something you have seen will "light a fire" in someone else's life!  I wish everybody could have had as wonderful day as I have - thanks to my friend , Lynne! Aren't friends the greatest! I am really counting my blessings!:)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fishing Mug Rugs

O Gosh, another day that has "run away". I wish so badly that they would "SLOW DOWN" -even if just a tiny bit.

I managed to get us fed this morning and clean up and head outdoors to do chores. For some reason it took longer than I intended and DH had to holler at me to come get ready to go see the doctor. I HAD to have a shower because I was covered in crud!  Seems that  I can do nothing as quickly as I used to, but I did manage to get the shower and ready to go on time.

We boogied to town and got there a tad early.I was so glad to have made it early and it was soon that they called my name. I Really liked the young nurse that took all of my information. Then I settled down to wait and eyeballed a magazine -but I thought , "no, if I do she will come through the door and I will just have to put it up". LOL WRONG - an hour and a half later I finally reached for the magazine and read it from cover to cover. By now I was fretting because I had my counseling appointment within the next 45 minutes and I did not want to be late for that. I think that is what saves what little sanity that I have left. My own personal angel .

I Really love this young lady doctor and I am SO grateful to have her. I was just there for a re-check and I asked her to check my right ear. It felt like there was something in it. Turned out there are a LOT of questions to figure out how that affects you???? She had a young student with her and with both of them looking in my ears I felt like a foghorn! LOL  Then she did some kind of eye test and she asked him IF he saw that bleep? Of course that got my curiosity going ? It turned out that I have some kind of Virus in my ear and it shows up in your eyes???  No medicine for that because there was nothing that medicine could do for a virus except drink lots of fluids . She did give me a prescription for that infection in my teeth because they said that it would be September before I could be seen????  My thyroid test showed good this time - did you know that a thyroid problem can contribute to a cholesterol problem? I did not - so I learned something new. :)

Made it to counseling just a few minutes late- I hated it , but we only had 15 minutes to get there and we could not risk getting a speeding ticket. I was SOOOOOO glad to see Andrea - she is the rock that I cling to when times get hard. She is so knowledgeable and gives me insights that would burden an average friend. It is getting to be my belief that friends have enough problems of their own and If I can contribute to shining light and happiness into their life that I am doing a good thing. There is plenty of darkness and sadness and violence in our world without me adding to it.

Then we headed for home  and I did all the evening chores trying to get a step ahead by doing some morning chores also because tomorrow Lynne and I are going on the Quilt Ralley! Yea! New fabrics to see and touch and imagine what you could do with it. :)

So, I ended my day by completing another set of the fish. These two I also used the fleece as the batting . I am not for sure which colors I like the best ? After they are finished I LIKE them ALL! LOL  Sometimes as I study them , it amazes me how you can transform flat pieces of fabric into articles that seem to have a life of their own. :)

So I bid you farewell for now and hope you have had a wonderful day of new adventures.:)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Days gone awray Awry

You know how it is when you think you are so smart and have your day planned- and then flump! Change of plans.

I started out sleeping too late- what is it with these human bodies that need sleep and nourishment.? If only we did not need these items I would be so much more happy because I could get twice as much accomplished and save some money too!But until I figure that part out - I still have to have some of both.

After we ate I did chores and we headed to the mill for foods. Back to the house and thinking that I might just get to get everything caught up and go to bed at a decent hour so I would be ready for my doctor appointment tomorrow. Wrong answer. As I was munching on a green pepper and cream cheese sandwich some of our kids arrived to work on a car and the grandbaby was ready , willing and able to play.

By the time the day had ended DDL had succumbed to a quick nap with me and baby on the floor on a quilt with baby sleeping on my tummy - (now I know what Tummies are really meant for)  Baby had fought the brave fight with Mr. Sandman -but he lost the battle. Of course I have discovered that the floor is a Lot harder than when I was in my 30's -OR in my 40's -Or even in my 50's. Talk about live and lean - At Any AGE!

They both got about a 30 minute nap before the guys came piling in and woke everybody up. I continued to sit in the floor until they got the baby ready to go home and while their heads were turned I very ungraciously used the chair to drag myself up out of the floor and pop down in it. Most "unlady - like"! LOL

Babies are just SOOOO much work and they are terribly hard on people who have back problems -whether they are in their twentys or in their sixties. But that little sweet smile can just light up the world for you - no  matter what age you are. :)

By then bedtime was shot anyway , but the next challenge was to be with the computer! Dumb thing -it has decided to just freeze up any time it wants to and no amount of choking the daylights out of it will make it behave itself!

But it appears that my guardian angel has helped me persevere and I have completed my projects. Two more mug rugs tht will be for someone who loves kitties.  On this project I used a piece of fleece for the batting again and I really liked it. My Dear Maria, from Life on the Block -   had reminded me that I could use a walking foot and that helped save my hide on the quilting process! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All  help appreciated!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Swimming thru

I found this fabric in N.C. a few years back. One of my friend's husbands was very sick and he used to be a very competitive bass fisherman.I wanted something that would resonate with something that he loved-hoping to life his spirits. I made him a "fish checkbook cover" , and I think that he enjoyed it. So, I had this scrape leftover and I happen to know a few other fishermen who might just enjoy a fist mug rug.

Our weather here today was RAINY - most of the day. I managed to do morning and afternoon chores without getting totally drowned. But it was quiet chilly and DH started a fire to knock the chill off of the house.

I managed to fix DH his biscuits for breakfast and he had gravy with them..Then for lunch I was quiet hungry and  I had a cream cheese with fresh green peppers on it. I really like that sandwich. I did toast my bread this time to make it more durable when I spread the cream cheese on it.

Then I managed to do a couple of laundries and then run vacuum . So another day has come and gone-much to fast to suit me. Hope you have had a wonderful day.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Born to Run and Pups

Well, I had Mr. Bandit in the "sewing chair" today as inspector.  He looks a little unforsure  about this next project, to be honest I feel that way a lot as I shove off into unknown project orders.

But this was later in the day as I had to go to the hospital for blood work first thing this morning and it seemed to turn into an all day marathon-just the kind of day that I do not enjoy.

Towards the middle of the day I did get to see our youngest grandson - a whole 6 months old. I even got to feed him and got some good burps out so his tummy would be happier. His Dad is still in so much pain with his back. I am beginning to think that doctors are not worth two cents anymore.And not just for him - one of his friends Dad had something happen and his body just froze up and he could not get out of bed. His wife took him to the hospital (the same hospital that refused to treat Emmett) and they checked him over and said there was Nothing wrong with him?The next day she took him to a different doctor and they said it was bursitis and gave him a shot of cortisol in his shoulder? I have had bursitis for the past 10 years and it has terrible pain - but it does not freeze my body up?????????????? And these people get PAID to do these things. Even my #2 daughter-in-law told me today about a friend who had an upset tummy and went to this same hospital and they wanted to do surgery on him right then-but - his wife took him to a different doctor the next day and it was that thing were you are allergic to milk. Took him off of milk and he is 100% now.????

Well, enough of my "rant" for the day. Got to see our oldest son today and he is at home - he made it out of that same hospital alive and it only took doing the same surgery over 3 times to finally get it right? I hope?

I finally made it home and as I was explaining it all to Snowball - it just plum wore him out! Too much bad news is hard on anybody.

But after a nap and a bath he was ready to try again!

But eventually I got my ducks in a row and worked on this mug rug which will be for a male gift. This one also had an experiement - for the batting I used a left over piece of felt?????

And I think I like it very much. I also played around with the 'quilting " part -this time only using a diagonal stitch-making it appear to be on the move. I know I sure have been on the move!

After we got home today there was a message from one of DH's doctors and they had made him an appointment with out us asking?????? Of course I am unprepared and had not set that 50.00 from our month's bills????????????  Complicated , complicated ??????  I just cannot seem to find that nice peaceful life that I yearn for.Maybe everybody has this problem. It's like we signed up for a college course  in life and all I wanted was a high school course??? :)

They are calling for lots of rain for us  in the next  2 days? So, I will just have to wait and see how it goes.
Love to all!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Born to Run and Socks

I picked my striped end strips -hoping that would look more masculine-considering  this will be a gift for a male.Plus, I was hoping that it would help me with my straight lines.

Well, so far - so good. It almost looks naked at this stage . ..................................................................

Well,  as you can see- I sure did not manage to keep this one straight. It just took off any way it wanted to. Of course this was a different experiment because for the stuffing I used a wore out sock. It was one of those tube socks and I cut the top off and then squared up the foot part. LOL 

The reason this came to mind to try was because a "life-time" ago when DH's grandmother passed away they gave us one of her very wore out quilts. But I was thrilled to have it-it served as a reminder of all of her hard work that she put into it in order to provide for her family.

It is quiet fragil - gosh I bet it was made in 20's so it has a reason to be very tired. But as I sat studying it one time something caught my eye. I gently peeled back on of the squares and low and behold the batting was one full size piece of sewed together socks! Talk about not wasting anything! I believe that she was "green" before "green" was in style. Or that old saying , "what was old- is new again"! :)

I believe that there are many amazing stories in each of our past histories - if only we had a way to retrieve them. Women all along our history have paved the way for their families to be provided for.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wild Husband

Let's just say that my DH has decided to outgrow his work pants. I set the buttons Over First-hoping for an easy fix. But after a day of grazing  that little step  was just that -Too Easy.

He had been watching old cowboy movies and noticed that some of the  farmers  wore suspenders . I had even bought him some  suspenders-but the snaps on them wore out too quickly. I had even replaced them once and  just the clamps cost almost as much as  the suspenders.

SOOOO this  time  he wanted me to attempt what he saw on tv -which was  a style that looked like a cut out V--not that it was made this way , but he thought that would give  him some breathing room. WRONG- after too many bowls of beans and potato salad !

SOOOO, I did as he asked and put the V in the very back and then satin stitched all around it and it looked passable to work in. BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT - no they still were too tight- so HE took them to the sewing room and snatched my  most sharp pair of scissors that my friend , June had given me- the ONLY pair that is nice and sharp - and he had a try at how he wanted them!

I heard him say-OPPS- and this is the result..Needless to say -not much fun to try to customize. I did straighten them out a little and ran a satin stitch all around it AGAIN and double zizzed it so the V would not pull out.

Thinking I was finished - I handed them over to him and YES  - he could get in them this time-BUT-  it was not over . Now that he could get in them -with his tummy full of food and  his butt too little to keep them  up - now they just fell  off around  his feet.

He went and got  a pair of the suspenders  and sure enough the clasp would not hold  - SO - he cuts the suspenders and freed the clasps. I pinned them in place onto the pants and satin stitched the suspenders ONTO the Pants Exactly where he had told me too. Now , he says the suspenders are too tight- I politely pointed out that he was the one that put them on and showed me EXACTLY where he wanted everything placed.

He eventually peeled out of them and took a power-nap -after which -he was now HUNGRY once again and again he raided the kitchen and now he is padding around in his skivvies , rubbing his tummy , which now looks like the whole watermelon instead of just half if it. SO, if any of  you think you have any problems with food - you are not alone!

So now that Mr. Naked is occupied else where I start to pick out pieces for the next mug rug. I have two sons and both have a motorcycle, so I think this might work for one or both of them. The striped piece is another piece from the scrapes Ruth had given me. I tried very carefully to follow the stripes and keep them straight.

But, I can tell it is going to give me trouble!