Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

     In a brief time span all of our lives will change in the blink of an eye. We are closing a chapter and going to open a New chapter on  our lifetime.We come in all sizes , shapes and colors from all parts of the world-but I believe that we all share a common bond and that is the bond of love. Love for our families and  friends and pets and for this beautiful world that we live in. It is from these loves that we pull from for inspiration and sometimes for strength to try again another day.
     One of my magical experiences  in 2009 was to start a blog. I did not ever really know what a blog was back  in the summer. For me - blogs are imaginary houses in which so many remarkable people live in and share their life experiences with us. Their door is open to us anytime we need them , whether it be with moral support or just the gift of allowing another person into our hearts.
    I do remember when I started my first steps - a beautiful , talented lady reached out her hand and offered me the gift of friendship by introducing me to the land of blog - wherein reside friends that I am yet to meet. You can meet each individual & learn about our human life experiences. I would like to than Mickie from Irish Muses for extending her kindness by helping me come on board . By her gift I have been able to meet so many wonderful people  that I am so grateful to.
     I really like what one gal said - she said she Wished that each person could have a passion about something that they love to make them want to hop out of bed each day. I do believe that is a gift as I believe each of my blog friends are a special gift also that  no amount of money could ever buy. It is a gift that comes from our hearts and reaches out to touch another's heart.
     Happy New Year -everyone and may this be the best year yet for all of us. Look for good and you will find it.
Hugs , Linda - the sewing granny

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Laptop sleeve

I thought I had a good idea. I would make laptop sleeves for two of my family members. My first mistake was I did not imagine how many different sizes of laptops there are out there???? Why in the world does there have to be so many different sizes???My next decision was to check out the different sizes and go with what ever is the most popular laptop.  Then I decided I would use a piece of  nice vinyl that has some nice insulation on the inside of it -to help protect it.  

Next I embroidered a cut design to check out and see how it was to embroider on. I liked my result and I took the final steps very carefully -seriously hoping that I would not have mistakes.  All was looking very promising UNTIL:

A friend had given me a small piece of the yellow fabric and it was nice and slick and I thought that would help make it easier for the laptop to slide down into? Well, it would have EXCEPT for the fact that when I pulled it open to make sure I did not miss any of my seams and the yellow fabric just feel right apart ANYWHERE there was any little stress on it! 

Another lesson learned.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

working on 2010 Christmas and it is not even 2010 yet

I certainly make more than my share of mistakes - SO - I need a early start. I had decided that some book markers might be neat for some of the readers in my family. I investigated projects called "in the hoop" -but have not found any designs that I thought were "cute enough to knock your socks off" !

Here is "inspector Mocha" . This time she is working on the computer -watching how the design will sew out and that way when I see what is about to be sewn - I can change my mind and change to the color that will suit me better. It always pays to have good help. ~smile~

I had decided that IF I could not find a design for "in the hoop" then maybe I could make a bookmark by sewing a small design that I liked on a piece of fabric and then cover the back to hide the stitches and run a satin stitch all around the project?All went ok when I worked on the "wise owl" for a while!

I had almost completed it , arrived at the very last color to run and I ran out of bobbin thread. Shouldn't have been a big deal! I got my bobbin and filled it -all ready to finish this design! Must have been a "pipe dream" because as soon as I started on the magic wand you can see the White stitches - which would be my bobbin thread showing and that is not suppose to happen. First I pulled off some of the bobbin thread to see if that would help. IT DID NOT!  Next I took the top thread off the machine and put it back and re-threaded the machine to see if that would fix my dilemma! IT DID NOT! I was getting perturbed - the goal was so close .I went over everything else at this point and the phone ran. This was not good because as I reached for the phone I hit the button and closed my machine and the design was gone...... I thought surely that if I just reopened it to the design it could pull up the same space - IT DID NOT!  I tried 15 times to adjust my layout and finally I just gave up - defeated. Fate might have won A battle - but it has not defeated the war!   

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Christmas Cutie

You might remember that these were the shirts I made for my youngest son because he has always loved anything camo colored. My older son got tired of camo -guess he just outgrew it? But our oldest son still liked so come go hunting with his Dad while the younger son has a wee bit of his Mom in him and doesn't really thrill to the hunt - he enjoys spending time with his young wife .

So, on Christmas Day after the older son had received that black shirt of his with the General Lee on it - I gave the younger one the camo shirts , which he really seemed to enjoy . Older son had moved around to get a peek and when he saw the deer  on the younger ones shirt - he said - WELL!  How many DEER did you ever kill - to which the younger son replied - PLENTY - I have killed Plenty on my GAMEBOY!!!!!!!!! LOL

I am already pondering my next project. I fixed our new calandars for the coming year and checked to see what birthdays are coming up. I got lucky because I don't see any birthdays in Janurary -only two doctor visits  to remember.

I have been studying about making some book markers because one of my daughter-in-laws is an avid reader and I think she would enjoy some cute markers. ???? But I am having trouble figuring out something cute -and not dumb??????

  Well, since I am about to fall out of my chair with the sand man hitting my eyes  - I better crawl off to sleep and hope that maybe I will dream something up?????

Peace to one and all.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid -daughter-in-law

This was one of the last few gifts I had tackled. I purchased this nice thin knit fabric when the Hancocks went belly-up a couple of years past. I did love that Hancocks Fabrics so much . They had all kinds of lovely fabrics and their help -well, they really were :HELPFUL!  They always made you feel welcome -not like some places that make you feel like an intruder -when you ask them to cut fabric.

I loved this fabric when I saw it because I Love tye-dye and I knew my daughter-in-law would too. I don't know why they like to put the strips horizonal -which would make my hips look like a barn , but my daughter-in-law is more slender and with her dark hair , I knew it would look lovely on her.

Then I went on my search for a design to fit her personality. I ran across this little dragon and loved his colors and thought that would be perfect to  match the baby pink dragon.

Now, I needed something to tie it to her personality . She is a free spirit with a sweet personality and she has 5 children and will become a Grandmother this coming year - so I thought she needed something to laugh. I kept thinking baby dragon ??? who would be scared of a baby dragon and then it hit me -nobody- that was when it hit me - Be AFRAID - BE VERY AFRAID and she loved it. I feel like a Roman candle when I pull off a project and someone enjoys it.To see them smile is the biggest high for me. Plus, with those colors I believe that it will not show dirt so easily - or BABY BARF either.   LOL

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oldest son's "Dukes of Hazzard" shirt.

While I was researching embroidery designs - I happen to get really lucky and run across this design which looked like the car, General Lee  that was on the story , The Dukes of Hazzard. My oldest son grew up loving that story and the car so when I found this design I knew I had hit it lucky.
 When Cory was in grade school he would jump off the school-bus in the evening and fly to the house to watch the Dukes of Hazzard, BUT his 11 months older than him - Sister did not share his enthusiasm . They squabbled over it sometimes .

Then war broke out and Sister came FLYING in the house , turned the tv on and grabbed the knob and turned it to what ever channel she wanted - jerked the knob off and ran and hide it.!!

I was pretty satisfied with the shirt UNTIL - I went to wrap it and noticed that I had not put a pocket on it for his cigarettes ! Rats - I had to get it  wrapped  because we were ready to go out the door - SO - I just hoped for the best . After he realized the General Lee - the next comment out of his mouth was - where was his pocket?? Mom did good last year when she customized pockets for him ???  LOL - Kids - no matter what age they

Thursday, December 24, 2009

More gifts

I was really stressing over a gift for a friend? She has way more finances than I do and she buys the most beautiful clothes so I could count that out.  I was just floundering until I glimpsed one of my embroidery designs and when I saw this little puppy  - it says My heart belongs to a pomeranian and she has a little black one that she loves . This is the first little dog that she has ever got attached to.

I got it embroidered without a major mistake , thank goodness and now it is time to trim the stabilizer from the back of the project.
I made an inner lining to hold the stuffing.

Finally a finished pillow. Not exactly what I had in mind, but she will know I thought of her. This year I just could  not accomplish my goal because the machine was in the shop from Sept. to December.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and we can look forward to many happy stitches in the New Year!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last minute projects

I decided that I needed a few last minute gifts, so I cut out the squares for another potholder and the towel inserts that protect you from being burnt. You can see my kitties are facing each other with right sides together.

Here they are with the right sides facing each other -now sewed together -just leaving a hole that I can insert my towel pieces inside.

I still have some remnants of a towel and a doggie fabric and this hits me as perfect for my dog warden friend. She really loves animals and she works hard at her job-it is one where you do not receive much praise . Matter of fact when I first met her YEARS ago I was the one calling for help. A family who had lived on the lake had moved off and left their big dogs. Now you and I both know that animals are just like us -we need to eat regularly and when throwed out and expected to just magically feed yourself - it might cause a problem for someone else! By the time the dogs had arrived at our house they spotted my oldest pet goat and attacked. I was baby-sitting my first granddaughter and I thought I hear a scream,. so I went to investigate. These starving dogs had chased my goat down a bluff and when she fell upside down -they pounced up on her and started tearing at her belly and insides. I was so scared and upset because my first thing I tried was to take a stick and beat them off of Ellie May -but by now they had the taste of blood and they turned on me. I was lucky I had left my granddaughter on the other side of the fence and when I escaped from them I picked her up and went flying to the house to call the animal control people. I was shaking and crying and covered in blood and they said they would send somebody. It seemed like a lifetime - but when she showed up I could see her angel wings. DH arrived at the same time and between all of us we rounded them all up and she took them away. From then on I knew she was my angel and she has been gracious enough to put up with me through the years.That day - I lost one dear friend and gained another-we just never know where the next turn in our life experience will lead us to?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

There just is not enough minutes in these last few days

I thought of one last few gifts - surely everyone could always use a new potholder???? So, I cut some out from the remnants of left over pieces.

This is my quilters 8 inch square that  makes perfect size potholders and I like to use it to cut out the inside protection - which is a old towel . Does look like much - but I like the feel of them in the potholders.

This is another little trick that I have enjoyed learning about. I cut out the little rectangles that are 2 inches long and half an inch wide. Sew them into a tube and then use a "tube turner"  which works like a charm to turn the little boogers inside out and I use them as the little loops for some of the potholders. Some I left them off -just in case they turn into a hot pad to set hot food on????
This shows my kitty fabric -right sides facing each other to be sewn around 31/2 sides and the towel pieces I will sew an X through them to keep them from sliding around when I insert them into the kitty fabric after is is sewn together. Then stitch up the hole I left and we have a pot holder. You put as many of the towel pieces in as you would like , so as not to burn your little fingers - my fingers do not like Pain! ~smile~

See, here is the kitty sewed together -right sides facing each other - all ready for the towel inserts. Even on such a small project - I always have trouble with the pieces wanted to slide on me?? I just don't know how in the world all your quilters do it??????? 

Well shoot - the rest of my pictures just will not load for some reason and it is way past my bed time- if I am to get up in the am and make some more presents and deliver some? There just are not enough minutes in a day.

Then today we went to West Virginia to have Christmas with DH "s sister and hubby. We had such a good time. They had snow up to your thighs and it took us a little bit to get in their driveway and then into their house. She had fixed the most wonderful meal and I was famished - so it was double wonderful. She had green beans and onions, some of the best turnip greens, creamed corn , stuffing , corn muffins, scalloped potatoes, gravy and even ham. I told her that I wish we could eat like that everyday and she laughed and said we would end up bigger than our houses! lol!  It might be worth it. ???LOL

I hope everyone is enjoying the count down to Christmas. Happy holidays to one and all! Lots of love and best wishes from the silver -red headed granny!

Monday, December 21, 2009

More on the boweling shirt

You might remember when I cut out the green bowling shirt and then embroidered the shirt to the hoop? Well, I am still trying to regain my sanity to salvage it - so oooooo - I decided I would cut a red front-yea, right? I got it cut out -only to discover that I now had two backs -two different colors??????????? If ONLY I knew what happened to my brain?

My next solution is to sew the remaining red and green together so that I have a piece large enough to cut out one Front piece for the shirt??????????///

Well, I'll bee??????? I actually got the two pieces sewed together and that front embroidered. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Surely it was one of your prayers that saved me.

Finally , I think the project will be saved and I want it to be nice - so I practice a blind hem on the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt. I even managed to pull it off and it looks nice.Yea!

I have even wore my kitty cat out! Here she is dozing , she is hoping I will finally leave the sewing room -so she can get her beauty sleep.


This is a close up of the embroidery design with the bowling ball and the pin.

Yea ! I finally have a finished shirt. So I cleaned up my mess and put my fabric away so it won't get kitty hair stuck to it and that is when I discover I had another piece of the green - just big enough that I could have cut another front from it! !!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Daughter-in-law # 1

 Time to explore a new project, this one is for a daughter-in-law who is so sweet. She and I both like tye dye projects and when I ran into this piece of fabric - I immediately thought of her.

I know it is pretty as it is , but I just have to customize it. So I will start out centering it for a embroidery design. I really love the feel of this piece of knit . It is so lightweight that it almost feels like holding air- it will make a wonderful summer shirt.Can you tell I am thinking summer ! lol
Here is the project. I really do enjoy this fabric - it is just so light-weight and soft.

And here is the close-up of the design. It is a firey little dragon and it says,Be afraid, be very afraid.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mickie is having a give a way

I guess everyone knows that Mickie is having an Irish give a way on her blog. I believe that we all love Mickie-she is so very special.
Merry Christmas!

It may be "beginning to look a lot like Christmas" in Virginia , but I sure do wish it could have waited one week???? With 24 inches it is hard just moving around outdoors, much less delivering presents. I had hoped to deliver my sister-in-law and brother -in-law's presents today and she had cooked a wonderful dinner?Which I cannot partake of Now , thanks to the white stuff.

This is my apple tree -the first thing you see at my front door.DH and I have fussed about this tree from the beginning. I planted it right at our front door BECAUSE something happened to EVERY other tree I ever planted. So , I put this one here so I could keep an eye on it and if ANYBODY ran over it - they would have to run into the house too!!!!
Plus, this tree is multi-talented - It is a crab apple tree and half of it gets covered in crab apples that I love to make jelly out of . It amazes me how you take these scrawny little dirty looking apples and it turns into brilliant red jelly- yummy! But along the way the other HALF of the tree has regular apples on it - which I love. I even have a couple of bags in the freezer that I intend to make DH some fried apple pies with . I have been waiting for his mouth to heal from where he had to have all of his teeth pulled and it has been so miserable for him.

You can barely make out the tracks where DH tried to take his little 4-wheeler ATV in the snow to make a path?? Needless to say he got buried in the white stuff? LOL

Seems like this white stuff is everywhere I look????

This is looking down my front steps? I sure don't want to go out there . It is so pretty just to look at , but I hate for anybody to be out in it. I even heard that one of my sons was out in it -pushing snow for his work. Then I heard that he doesn't even get to come home tonight - he will push snow all night long. I hope he stays safe - he really works too hard, but he loves his family that much.

Well, with all that white stuff around I would rather play in my sewing room. Still working on Christmas presents and you would think I would be able to pull off ONE project with out a disaster- I guess it was just not meant to be. For some reason each one of my projects is like "Pulling Hens Teeth". I started out cutting out the green fabric and that was the one from last night that I had embroidered to my hoop. So today I thought I would just take the red piece of fabric and cut out a front of it ????? Yea, that was what I intended.

Sorry, I got disgusted with ME - so I peeked out the front door to check on the snow and you can barely see my DH on his little ATV just before he got stuck. Maybe I should high tail it back to my sewing room. LOL

Well, the red didn't co-operate with me either because I ended up having two BACKS. I really wanted to stick my head in the snow and just as I was about ready to give up and call it defeated , I got the bright idea to sew the red and the green piece of fabric together and I would have a piece large enough to cut out ONE more front piece??????????

Hello - I am actually making some progress now. My friend that I am making this for is a wonderful bowler - wonder if that is a correct word- doesn't sound quiet right ??? He is on the senior team and I think it is so good for him - he not only gets really good exercise - but he gets to have some fun too.

Well, it is wayyyyy past my bed time and my eyes are trying to fall asleep as I type. I will wish you all a good night and see how much trouble I can get into tomorrow. LOL 

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Snow

Hubby and I both have been busy this morning. I went out and did chores while he cut two truck loads of firewood. I helped him unload one load and then I came in and worked inside. Since they are calling for us to lose our electricity I have washed all of our beds and also my furpuppies beds . I have fixed a couple of jugs of water so DH will have this for his coffee. I took my shower , since it might be the last one for a while. I have a 5 gallon bucket in the bathroom that I intend to store water in to flush the commode.


I am trying to figure out some kind of food will be able to keep without refrigeration


Hard to believe that I used to love to look forward to losing our electricity . But that was when we had the woodstove in the house and we not only had our heat -we also cooked on the stove. But now- we have an outside wood stove and when the electricity goes - so does our heat.

Good thing I was able to pull off one more gift BEFORE that white stuff hit. This is a size 3x tee shirt with a butterfly embroidered on it. Hard to believe that I actually got a project right - maybe my luck is changing???

I wanted to let everyone know that If I do disappear - it will be because we do lose our electricity .

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A new all time high for Christmas Blunders?

Christmas deadlines are getting closer every minute . I have lost my list of what I have already completed and wrapped - so I am kind of lost. I remember that I need a shirt for my oldest son . I have already picked out the design I want and I take forever trying to decide which size to make for him. From the last two years I know the xl are too big for both of my sons -so I lay out the large pattern and the medium pattern - trying to decide which way to go Because their measurements do not add up to what the envelop says??

I also need a shirt for a very dear friend who loves to bowl. I have just enough of the green-blue fabric to make him one so I am planning to get two done at the same time. While I am figuring out the black shirt - I cut out the green one and put the front on the embroidery machine to get a head start. I like the design - I think he will get a kick out of it. I think he will turn 87 this year?

O NO, NO, NO! How in the world can one person make so many mistakes? Today has just not been my day for success stories? Although I had checked the fabric BEFORE I started to embroider - I did not check good enough and I ended up embroidering the front to the back around my embroidery hoop.

I end up having to cut the arm off in order to free my hoop?  I cannot figure out what is wrong with me? I am tired , stressed or maybe it could be the fibromyalgia brain fog????  I can not figure it out - I just know something is wrong. All of my good intentions are going bust. I tried to figure out how to save the project? I do not have any left over fabric that I could cut another front piece from?? I am considering cutting another front from a different color ?? I think I will sleep on it .

I might add that I just checked the weather report and all of a sudden they are predicting a foot of heavy snow -starting tomorrow around noon and going through Sat. -the day we were suppose to go to W.VA. . Maybe I am not the only one making mistakes????? I would be glad to see the weatherman be wrong this time.

Here is another boo-boo. I was working on a pair of lounge pants for one of my grandsons , and I sewed the wrong pieces together again???I hope all my friends are having better luck than I am having. Maybe I just need some sleep and tomorrow will be a new day.
Sweet dreams .