Saturday, January 2, 2016

Saturday Whiz

I did not sleep well last night due to the fibromyalgia pain-tossed and turned over the hurtful spots trying to find some way to lay so I was moving slow this morning as I was giving the pups their morning meds, feeding the birds and fish and then last on my list was giving Cowboy his morning meds. I have discovered I can con him into eating it in some canned food so when I took it in there and coaxed him out from under the bed - I Knew he had to go see the vet again. That ear was weepy and had an order. I did not want to leave home but the vet is only open till 12 on Saturdays so I had to load up and go. I did not even change my dirty clothes because I had to handle him anyway -no use to mess up clean clothes. I got there at 11:15 -only for the girl to tell me that they wanted everybody to be in by 11AM?  My heart sank -But - they let me slide in anyway and the doc gave him another shot and new dose of antibiotics for a week. He took the shot like a gentleman and I was very grateful.

Since I was only a couple blocks from my friend, Charlie who had picked up my chicken feed from the mill for the month I called him to see if I could just swing by his house and pick it up . Luckily , he was close by and came back to help me load up.  He invited me in but I told him I needed to head to the house and unload and do the chores , ect, ect.  Yukon was waiting for me when I pulled in so I feed him to keep him happy and let some of the chickens out . Wish I could turn them all out , but just cannot risk that hawk or coyote grabbing one of my favorites.

And yes, these gals are some of my favorites. They are a new color I am playing with. The next few days are suppose to be Miserably cold -down below freezing and after all these nice warm temperatures it will be so YUCK. I Hate to go out in the cold but I keep thinking how much me and the chicks will enjoy ourselves this Summer when we can all get outdoors! So, must push on. With the cold weather coming I picked this day to clean out all of their runs in the building . Don't want any wet bedding to carry any illness in. It took all day but they are all clean and dry and the bedding carried down to the garden and put in place.

 By then I was bushed but happened to realize I had not UNLOADED all of my feed??? By then I was thinking , "you should have done that while you were fresh this morning?" But I have always known I had good Hind-sight -not Fore-sight. Back and forth-back and forth , cut the strings off and put the feed in plastic bins to keep the mean little mice out of them.  Now the old back starts to complain - GRRRR! What is wrong with these older bodies - all they want to do is complain and I don't work mine nearly as hard as I used to. GRRRR.

Then I hear a horn blowing - blowing - blowing????? So I peek out the building and see " My Mailman????? " Now he normally runs around lunch time so this is a shock as it is getting dark. I go out and start waving my hands -hoping he can see me to let him know I am around. He does spot me and barrels up the driveway. I said , Joe it is so late for you - and he said he was Just Covered UP With Mail. I felt so darn BAD for him - he is an older gentleman and he looks so tired and should be on his way home - not still trying to deliver the mail.

I take the mail in and go to the garden and pluck my last head of Chinese Cabbage before all this below freezing junk -not bad for my first Winter Garden experiment . Fresh cabbage in freezing weather at the First of the New Year ! Yea.

Then head back up the hill to lock up the free range chicks-now you see how I lost so much weight. There is still a tad of daylight so I start rolling my big compost barrel Down the hill toward the garden. I have been trying to get it down there for a month now but it was so heavy that I could only force it to roll one little roll at a time. Now it decided it will let me roll it - might be some tugging and pulling and pushing -but by Golly down the hill we go and make it to the garden. Maybe the next pretty spell I get I can unload it into one of the raised beds.

Now back up the hill and back the car down where I had taken it with the feed. I park beside the propane tank at the front of the house and for some reason take a peek at the gauge- TWENTY PERCENT???? I Sure do hope that lasts until Monday - I will have to call the propane people and ask them to deliver me some fuel. They seem to have forgotten me again?????

I am in so much pain by now I am heading to a HOT shower when the phone rings. It is Lynne and she says that she had FINISHED my purse and wants it OFF of HER HANDS- it has about driven her crazy. I Hate for her to make a special trip in the dark to bring it to me - but I am dyeing to see it. Lynne is a perfectionist and I knew she just would not give up until she was satisfied putting that binding all the way around that booger -that I just could not see at all. 

While she is coming I jump into the shower so I won't scare her to death and am a little bit presentable when she arrives. This is the purse that I got us into so much trouble with , starting 4 years ago . I Definitely Need to Learn to Be MORE CAREFUL in my choosing of Projects .


I did not mean to cause my friend so much anguish , but she did a wonderful job on it . I transferred everything over from my main purse that  have carried for so many years it felt like a sacrifice to trash her -but there were only threads left , except I saved two zippers and two rings . You never know?????

This is the back side of it and I like the zipper pouch - I like zippers so things do not fall out. That front might end up being a problem . There is a zipper pocket but the main flap that covers the main section has a magnetic closure. I noticed when I picked it up once it was loaded that the magnetic closure popped open - hummmmm ?????

I had put a load of clothes in and when Lynne left I popped them into the dryer  and fixed me a bowl of soup for a late supper. The dryer  dinged so I went to check on it and noticed the lights were off in the bathroom - ???? - then I noticed a burnt smell???  The breaker had throwed for the bathroom. O DEAR ???? I did not turn the breaker back on -I just let the dryer finish its work and will turn that on later when there is nothing else running on that circuit. Now, isn't that just life in the country?????? ~ still smiling and sending hugs ~


  1. Wow Linda...what a full and busy day you had! Your garden sounds wonderful! This winter has been so mild, that it had a good chance to grow.

    Take care of yourself on those hills! Your hens are adorable! Hugs~

    1. Oh...and I love the purse! That is a nice friend you have!