Sunday, May 21, 2017

Big Day to Celebrate

Today my grandson graduated  !

It was quiet an emotional event for all of us!

His beautiful sister showed up!

And his Mama kept breaking down in tears. LOL

Then it rained - LOL Maybe tears from heaven ? ~smile~

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Talk about Spring showers bringing May flowers??? We certainly should have Lots of flowers!

After two or three weeks of it the pups and I decided to visit our local park that runs along the river. I totally love this park because of the river. With all of the rain it was certainly NOT crowded and I appreciated this fact because I was hoping to work on socializing the pups a little.

We made it for a mile and then headed to the car. We did see one other lovely young lady with a beautiful white dog and both of us got to our vehicles as the rain came down! Timing is everything.  lol But it was very nice to get out for a change of scenery and still have the eyesight to enjoy it and my pups.

I did take the pups to Rural King to get the critter feeds but the order got messes up and I only ended up with half of what was needed for the month. I was just too tired to go back in and do the entire process again since I had the pups with me . People were so very sweet as they wanted to pet the pups but  I was so terrified that Daisy might offer to snap since she is still so nervous. But I was amazed at the kindness of those that offered - it was like God sent these special ladies and they had wonderful results.

I am beginning to wonder if Indy was used as a bait dog at one time due to all the scars he carries and poor little Daisy - I believe someone broke her tail as there was a big swelling under the skin of her tail at one spot and I kept wondering what it was -now it is going down and I can feel how it does not really line up right ???? But she carries it very proud and high now and gives me such "deep looks" at times. I REALLY wish they could tell me their stories.

I am still researching the macular degeneration and have run across a fantastic book called Blind Faith -about an artist who cured his blindness with his own system ?? You know the doctors tell you there is nothing you can do to save your eyesight , but I firmly believe that the body wants to heal itself - it just needs the right tools to work with. I truly wish I had more intelligence to understand. But I have started some new vitamins to start the process because he speaks of our cells needing more oxygen and how Evening Primrose and Flaxseed oils help to do this? He also mentions the ph of our bodies and how ordinary baking soda helps with this.  As usual, so much to learn - so little time to learn it in.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Rainy evening

Sometimes when you are trying to understand circumstances in life you really do need to just stop and smell the roses.  It makes me angry that I cannot accomplish as much in a day as I use to -so while wrestling with it - I passed this rose and this is the first rose of the year on this lovely bush. It always amazes me how these beautiful creations just bust onto the stage of life. Here for our enjoyment - if we just take the time to settle for a moment and appreciate their beauty. They will not be here forever -but for a moment in time - they change our world.

And I wonder who names this one - was his heart really bleeding from the challenges of his life?

I managed to get all my outdoor chores accomplished and a laundry and then fixed some mail and wrote out a grocery list and reluctantly headed to the grocery store. I really hated to go but I was getting very low on everything . I knew I hated to go when I checked out and the bill was 150.00. Gosh , how do people do it???

I had called Walmart about my prescriptions but they could not have them ready today so poo on them. I cannot waste gas to make several trips to town- plus, my eyes are not always happy so I have to wait for them to do a good job. I do not take chances.

I am so very sore today from my "hand to hand combat" with my tiller the last two days. lol  Everything I have hurts and then some. `smile~ The rain has arrived , a nice soft , easy rain for the night. I have a fire but mainly just to keep the damp chill out of the house. I am so very grateful that Spring is here.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Spring Has Sprung

and there is never ending work. And work can be so very painful for some of us older gals, but we really do have to keep on plugging because the pain is there regardless of if you do or do not do.

This little flower is so funny and it is the only flower on the place that was from my Grandmother's flowers 67 years ago. I "think" it is called Star of Bethlehem. It opens up in the daytime and closes at night  and has tiny bulbs. But somehow those little boogers spread all over the place. I never know where they will pop up. Then poof- their foliage will disappear and they will be gone till next year.

These guys are in full bloom. I planted them last year when one of Crystal's friends shared them with her.    

This is one that came from my Mama. 

And one I bought a few years back. 

It is calling for bad storms here today and the wind gets up and it springs rain and then gets very dark. Crystal is weed eating . I am just bone tired from all the work yesterday -mowed and mulched the raised beds and mowed the garden where the weeds had taken over  . Then took my jig saw and cut out a barrel for Crystal's hound to have some shelter.

This morning I dug up a fence line and planted some old pumpkin seeds to see if they might come up? Then planted 3 rows of corn and planted some old carrot seeds to see if they will come up? 

We are having some beans and cornbread. They must have been very old beans because I have had to cook them for 12 hours to get them done?

I have a grapevine I want to plant but I looked it up and Walnut trees kill grave vines after a couple of years and my entire yard is full of them so it is hard to grow things. Even if you cut them down it takes years for the poison to leave the ground.  I did get my water line fixed to my building so now I have water  in the building again. That is a blessing as I just cannot carry that much water these days.

Always a challenge . ~smile~

Friday, April 28, 2017

Indy and daisy

I have still been working through the process of losing my friend and my beloved furbabies have certainly been a help with that. We have had constant rain for the past week and dark and gloomy and chilly so the weather was not helping . Daisy has learned how to play Fetch - but- Indy has learned how to play Tug-of-War so while Daisy is running and getting the toy - Indy is grabbing it and tugging-so Daisy gives me this look - like - What the heck Mom????? LOL

Since Indy arrived in the country he is said that he enjoys several Perks . He enjoys the long walks- he loves playing with the toys- he is the best mice catcher in town, even outdoing the cat. He loves sleeping in the bed and he LOVES rolling in anything rotten outdoors to perfume his body -but he HATES the bath that comes afterwards in order to sleep in the bed. LOL

I had an appointment in town yesterday and when I came home I was sick. It scared me at first until then last night Crystal came up sick and I talked to a friend in town and they were sick and two of the family members were sick also. So, I guess it is some kind of a darn bug going around ..... If I could only take my stomach out and put it up somewhere it could work out it's issues and let me accomplish something else??????? lol

Sunday, April 23, 2017

An old week gone - a new week begins

The old week passed as we buried my beloved friend and a piece of my heart went with her. She was a true shining light and beaconed light everywhere she went. She was so full of love and inspiration in every pocket of her life. I Really hate funerals - I remember when my Mama passed the man at the home told me that funerals were not for the deceased -really they were for the ones left behind.

So, I am still grieving that piece of my heart that has transferred over .  It has been raining here cats and dogs most of the week and today they are calling for a storm with heavy rain this afternoon. I have got out early and got all the chores accomplished so all of my animals are ready, nice and dry and well fed.

I even have a fire going as you know how the dampness seems to make the temperature feel cooler and I guess older joints like to complain. ~smile~

Crystal took some of her friends fishing yesterday (in the rain) and brought me back some of the minnows so I have them in the big aquarium with the koi fish. They are such a pretty mixture. I remember one time one of the gals at a bait shop told me that they would not live  that way.  Funny - that batch I got from her place lived about ten years  and seemed very happy. lol

Friday, April 14, 2017

Worked really hard outdoors

as the day was so Beautiful. I worked on those outdoor chores and then got the paper work and sit down to read how to use the new mower that my lovely daughter bought me to use. It is a self propelled and it helped me so very much when it came to my back and these banks I tend to fight with. The only negative was the position where they put the oil cap was TERRIBLE , but I managed to get the oil and and learn how to operate the self propel part.

I finally got the grass catcher on and got fresh grass for the 3 chicken cages out doors and they all really enjoyed that. I mowed the front yard and then moved all of the long pieces of metal roofing that the storm had taken off of my front porch this past winter. I was very careful not to get cut in the moving process.

Then I took off from the house all the way down to the creek and back up since that wonderful machine literally pulled me back up the hill! Now I have a bag full of grass for the chickens inside for in the morning as they are calling for rain.

I wanted to work on the fence at the garden but after all that jogging around I was POOPED. It was 3 in the afternoon and I had had nothing to eat so I took a shower and laid down for 15 minutes to ease the pain in my back. I must have wore the pups out too because they took a 15 minute snooze and it was hard to get them up so I could get up too.

I guess I was trying to stay busy tying to keep my mind from fretting so very much know my dear friend is in the process of passing away and it is just breaking my heart. It hurts so very much to lose a friend.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Circle of Life

Can be very challenging. My beautiful Granny Smith apple tree was exploding in blooms and it seems like only a few minutes later the green leaves were showing through.  It made me sad because as this new life is taking off one of my dearest friends life is coming to a sad end. She was one of the most generous, kind loving human beings on the face of the earth and her own two kids took everything they could from her. Her hubby passed at the same time as mine did and they stole her money , her medicines and when she had surgery they took her home with them to get her check and let her lay in a bed and get sores all over her back. It is absolutely HORRIBLE- it breaks my heart.

On a brighter note my Father in Heaven found me a vet today that really helped my little "parlor princess" and her bad heart - plus found a tooth problem. They treated her with such love and respect I wanted to cry .

On top of that when I was at this new vet it turned out the lady I was sitting next to was a dear friend I had not seen since I was 13 years old and we recognized each other. I was shocked ! It was a real treat and she was just as beautiful as she was when we were kids. lol

What a day of ups and downs?

Saturday, April 8, 2017

End of week

It's been two whole days since I could operate my wood stove as the chimney became blocked once again , but the wind was too bad to allow Crystal to go up on the roof top to access the chimney-although she does make a beautiful "chimney-sweep".  It is so very nice to have a nice warm fire tonight.

She worked today and then brought home news that one of my best friends is in hospice care and not suppose to be here for much longer. I had held it in as long as I could and broke into tears. Tears for this beautiful lady who I have known since 1972-who dedicated her life to her two children and then in turn turned into drug addicts and thieves. They had stolen their own Mama's medicines and every penny of her money they could lay their hands on -even down to her insurance money to bury her. She had always said she could never turn her back on her children. These should have been the happiest years of her life, but instead she was abused , lied to and stolen from . It really breaks my heart.

I met her and her sweet hubby a month before my husband was burnt in a chemical explosion where they worked at. Doug had come home one morning and told me he had just met this young man walking on his way to work and that he had just got hired at the same plant manufacturing the rubber to make tires that my husband had just been hired at. So he picked him up and they road to work together. They had come from W.Va. and had a small son who was just walking. We four hit it off right off the bat. But it was only a short time later that my husband was burnt in the explosion at the plant and rushed to the hospital -which in turn rushed him hour hours away to another burn center. I,of course took off after him and Dennis and Eva Ann were the only ones to come to visit him. When Dennis saw how alone I was in a big city he dropped Eva off to stay with me for a week. She even saved my life one night as we were walking through an underground tunnel that took us from the nurses's dormitory, where I was staying -into the hospital. There was a sharp curve and she yanked me backwards so hard my teeth chattered and got me out of there. When we were safe she explained there there two guys she could see from her vantage point crouched down with knives in the dark ??? I Really missed her when she had to leave at the end of that week.

A year later she was in a horrible car crash and almost died. I had grabbed DH up and told him we were going to W.Va. because Eva was in a wreck. I took her my necklace and reminded her of the scripture about faith the grain of a mustard seed could move mountains and put it on her. She healed perfectly . I love her dearly. Some friends are just so precious.


Thursday, April 6, 2017


It was certainly a cold, horribly windy, rainy , miserable day -after the week of beautiful weather we have had. Plus the house was filled with smoke and my eyes watered and burned all day long. The temperatures dropped from 56 and are down at 40 now and with the wind it feels even worse.

I tried to complete another booties but ran out of the correct yarn and when I tied on and went on a piece I knew it was the wrong yarn so I had to rip it all out and by then I was just disgusted and quit. When I cannot do anything but make mistakes it is time to call a break.

I got a call about a doctor appointment and discovered it was set for the same day as the MRI so I called and canceled it. I just thought I could only handle so much in one day.

Then I got the pups to play. They are just learning -this is the second time I have got them to play. Indy always acted like I was going to beat him so it took a while to show him it was alright and encouraged to play and have fun.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

My Goodness how time flies

Crystal teaching Dan to go with her on the lawn mower -no the blade was not running.

Dan questioning her if it was a good idea?

OK Mom there must be more than one way to get exercise around this place?

In the end - a happy couple! LOL

Then the next day I had a doctor's appointment about my thyroid and set up an MRI for my back. After I left there I went and got my meds and picked up a car load of feed for all of my critters for the month. That way I do not have to worry about them and it saves gas making multiple trips.

On Tues. I got to hook up with my girlfriend and we had a wonderful day together. We went to the Goodwill and then out to eat and then to the health food store and finally we went and looked at a log home for sale that she had seen. We spent an hour just sitting on the steps of the home and dreaming- lol - so it was a lovely day and the weather was perfect.

One Weds. I made up for my day off and worked like a Trojan I did all my chores and pulled greens for all the chickens and then cut wood and busted it and filled the car full and took it to the house to get ready for an upcoming storm. Then Crystal came in from work this afternoon and told me the weather was suppose to get bad. The computer says thunderstorms starting tonight and high winds until tomorrow night ??? She even said they mentioned snow this weekend??? GRRRR! I sure do not want to see any more of that stuff as my spinach and mixed greens are coming up?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Middle of the week already?

I got to go with Crystal to take our lovely pups for an afternoon walk in this drop dead beautiful weather. Daisy just Loves to fuss with Dan , while Indy has calmed down and got use to walking with him .

For some reason after I do my morning chores and a few outdoor things I got so very tired and sick at my stomach. I thought maybe it was because I needed to eat something but instead of a lunch I fixed a poached egg and let that settle my tummy.

I like watching Crystal try to contain her exuberant hound. lol I am so glad I had all my large size dogs when I was young . Now chihuahuas fit me just fine. lol

After we got back I found a tick on me again. This make one each day for the last 3 days. Makes me wonder if that means it will be a bad year for them?? I hope not because I do not want Lyme Disease AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Celebrating a wonderful night out with my daughter

I have just been so swamped and then Crystal had dental surgery and was all swollen up on her face and then she just up and took me on  a Dream Date last night  to see the Celtic Women at a nearby town event. I had always wanted to see them but never thought I would ever get to in my life time.  We had such a wonderful time and everybody that worked to pull the event off was so extremely nice.

They had a intermission and I followed Crystal out to smoke and got a little scared when men pushing in the crowd tried to separate us so I hung  onto her sweater because I was afraid if I lost her I would not be able to See her. She reached back and took my hand and got me through though. She bought me a tea and a soft pretzel and she showed me how to put mustard on it and it was really good-of course we were starving as we had worked hard all day long.

It seemed like the time just flew by and I wished it did not have to end so quickly! This was my first and only concert I have ever been to so I am still buzzing with excitement.

Then after the event I asked Crystal to go see the water feature and a kind gentleman from the eent offered to snap this picture of us. How sweet was that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

End of the week

I managed to get another pair of the Cloud booties completed for my Christmas list. This was a slightly different color than the first four pair I had completed. I am still thinking about putting pom-poms on them but will wait and see if I have any yarn left over ???

Crystal came in from work with some hair coloring and pulled me into partnership with her with putting different colors in her hair.

We put pink up under the base for what she calls a "Peek-A-Boo" effect.

She put the blonde on top with the black around her ears so she can wear them separately .

And then we turned her Mother's Hands pink too!!!!!!!! As she died laughing????? ~smile~

Then she told me that last night about 3AM that her coonhound Dan went crazy! He started screaming at the top of his lungs , while in his crate and she thought something was wrong with him so she jumped up and went to the door and he busted through the crate door and then lunged at her front door knocking it wide open -still screaming and dragging her out the door into the yard. She said he was frantic and trembling all over and still raising cain. So we pondered -could it have been some wildlife??? Deer-bear????  

Then we had some weird time? She went to walk her coonhound before dark and I went to gather eggs. I found one of my little hens in a cage she did not belong in??? She was frantic to get back in Her cage so I put her back and looked high and low to see how that could have happened and there just was No explanation?????

Then Crystal came back down and I could tell she looked shaken??? She had taken Dan for his walk and found this across from the front door of her Tiny House.

We had both thought it was a compact until we discovered that it had a hidden message which confirmed it was a condom case?

You can tell it has not been out in the weather because it is too shiny and clean looking????

My daughter has an X husband who was Very Violent and a drug addict. They divorced 3 years ago and he had remarried and lived in another state. But about a month ago he and his wife had moved back to Va. - about 20 miles from us???? He would know our propery lines easily because he hunted and rode four wheelers all over the land????

He might not have anything at all to do with this but I decided to call the police and have it documented . So a very nice officer came and took our report and said they can have a vehicle drive by for a month and shine a light around. We told him we would appreciate that. But if it should be some person they would not be at the front of the property they would be on the back country  roads that drive to the sides of our property -out of sight of the house. So , things just have me scratching my hen and saying my prayers for Crystal's safety. At least she has Dan-who really does love his Mom . My small ones love her too and might chew someone off at the ankles since that is about as high as chihuahuas can reach. ~smile~

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Another cold miserable day

But critters had to be tended to so I put a couple of the bunnies that I am baby-sitting out in little runs to get some exercise and fresh air. Indy just wanted to know how you play with these critters???

 Daisy thought they looked like the perfect toy but at least they kept them amused while I throwed out ice and everybody got fresh water and gathered the eggs before they could freeze.

But I know Spring is coming. I did manage to take a tumble while outdoors and I was so grateful not to break my leg as I bent it all the way backwards-then got covered in mud as I attempted to get myself up off the cold ground. BRRRR.  I HATE cold weather.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

BRRR - Zippered pouch

This was what I woke up to this morning and it turned out I was very smart because I took off with the pups and fed Yukon and all the chickens.

Then all day long it just got colder and colder and the wind was whipping and it turned miserable.

So I put on my thinking cap and went to work on making the two little zippered change purses I wanted to make for Crystal for her birthday with the Coke fabric I had found.

I even put little bead pulls on each of them.

Then I tromped back outdoors and collected my eggs before they turned into egg popsicles.  Brrrr!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Crazy Monday

It did not take long for Indy to learn how to get the treats from his toy. Matter of fact it is Too easy for him. I think I might need to tape up a couple of the holes?

They were calling for the chance of bad weather tonight and tomorrow so I headed to town to get the hinges I needed for the chicken door that fell off the hinges on me. The old hinges had just broke right half in to. I tried to put the new hinges on and did get them there but they are not right. I couldn't hold the door in the position it needed to be and hold the screws in the position they needed to be and operate the drill all at the same time. I got it temporarily on-but will need so find some blocks of something so I can prop the door and redo it????

I got home and dug all the chickens fresh greens. It always tickles me to see them tear into them. We humans need more of their style as greens are so good for us. I can't plant mine yet until I finish blocking those deer out of the garden as they have mowed my greens to the ground. I did get the plastic fencing and metal posts today and hope to work on that project AFTER this weather passes.

Today was my lovely daughter's birthday and she treated herself to getting her hair done. She got a little streak of pink put in her hair for fun. It is hard to believe that 44 years has flown by since I birthed her into this world. It is amazing how time flies by and the events that you will live through??????? I did not give her the life that I wanted to give her , but I gave her the best that I knew at the time. But, I still wish it could have been different .

It was 40 degrees here this afternoon and it was snowing????? Especially since I knew it could not stick at that temperature - it was very pretty. I do not know what we will end up with tonight as the weather people cannot make up their minds???? Rain ???? Snow????? I guess I will know when my eyeballs open in the morning? ~smile~

Saturday, March 11, 2017

End of the Week

And I do not know what is going on but I have No LIFE at all. I am just totally whipped. Crystal has been sick this past week so I don't know if this is something from that or just ?????????????????????

 All I know is that I got only the basics done today and that is it.  I Hate this cold and they are calling for another storm this coming week. It is suppose to be bad in the states up above us?????  I went to check for eggs tonight and one of the doors to one of the runs just fell off in my hands????????? Now I need some new hinges????

Crystal did bring home her son's Dakota's graduation picture and he is the BOMB! It was so hard to choose only one picture. lol

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sewing Guild Night

It has been a truly beautiful day here and Indy said he enjoyed it as he was not looking forward to the next week wearing sweaters again.

Cocoa and Daisy enjoyed the beautiful weather as I gathered the eggs and fed Yukon this afternoon.

Daisy and Indy tried to sneak in a nap in the flower bed as I was attempting to snap pictures of this beautiful day.

Tonight at the Sewing Guild meeting we are having a guest speaker talk about Knitting so I get to take my two knitting projects for show and tell. Of course I Muffed my last two rows on my scarf last night as I scurried to complete it in time to take it. I dropped all the stitches and it fell off of my hook - so with my poor eyesight I was not able to place them back on the way they should have gone - only enough to save me from tearing it all off and starting all over again! No way! lol