Friday, September 15, 2017

Into Exhaustion

I know it does not look like much but it is a Treasure to me. I wanted an outdoor area for some of my chickens and a friend donated all of his odds and ends boards and chain link fencing and this is what we came up with . It is not pretty but it is Stout  and Solid .  It took a good three weeks to pull together and I really got stumped along the way trying to figure out how to work things around the main frame that he and his grandson put up. It has all of these braces that make it so solid but also a real puzzle for me to figure out how to outsmart the raccoons finding cracks. By the time it was finished I hurt my shoulder and back and my doc said I would have to learn to pick my battles??? There is no choice -just things that need to be accomplished as I am not getting any younger or stronger and have to do it while I have the ability and the eyesight.

The pigeons enjoy their new digs as they now have room to spread their wings and to lay in the sun if they so choose.

They have plenty of perches to roost on now and are not crowded.

Then today I finished my second space for some of them. It has an enclose yard  that they love. I put PVC pipe overhead and stretched netting overtop of it so they could not fly out and HOPEFULLY the Hawks cannot fly in???? I had to rebuild the entire frame as it had all rotten away . Ssoooo OF COURSE my shoulder is screaming at me.

This is a few of the youngsters sight-seeing and they liked what they saw. They played and chased bugs all evening long and did not want to go in their house and go to bed. I had to wait till dark and chase each one down and place them in their house so I could Lock the door to make them safe.  Maybe after they find their food in there in the morning they will know where to go tomorrow night?

It might not look like much but I am very proud of have pulled it off. It looks kinda like a bench but it is a small nest box, made out of every thing I had scavenged from kindling Crystal brought in during last winter . Next I will fill it full of hay for the cold weather and add the little Old English chickens in this area. Before the cold winds blow I have some heavy duty plastic I will hang to help protect them. Now they will have lots of light . They will enjoy that .

I had ran in the house and did a load of laundry and fixed some cornbread so that will be my breakfast, lunch and supper and I am ready for it. Almost too tired to eat? My shoulder is complaining but I am doing the exercises that the therapist showed me and that really helps a lot. If I could just let it take a break it would heal for sure.

I did hurt it again last night yanking on my tiller. I had just got the spring back for it and tried to start it. I pulled furiously( or at least as furious as a 66 year old grandmother can yank???)  It would start and run a few licks and then die??? I begged and pleaded and then had to quit as my shoulder just quit responding at all - kinda like the motor did? I HATE to have quit in my vocabulary , but this time I was just whipped , so I have not got my winter kale planted at all and it is almost too late, and it just breaks my heart - as I need it for my eyes????

After being run out of bed before daylight this morning by something jumping on Callie right under my window, I am good and tired and aching all over. What a wonderful day and a lot of work accomplished. I am very grateful.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Inundated with life

I guess we all really are overwhelmed by life. In my last post I had shown the picture of my hillside garden that I was working so very hard to bring to life.  It was very hard . Standing on the hill was hard enough, much less digging, tilling , mowing, planting , installing the fence-outsmarting that deer because she actually got buzzed by it and stayed away while the beans grew-until they were just a couple of weeks away from having them to put in my winter storage????????????????? Then my  daughter came running to Share with me and this was what I saw??????????????? The entire garden was demolished .  What the tree did not get - that deer devoured that night. There was no way to save any of it. The tree is still attached at the base and we cannot cut it up because the leaves would wilt and they are poison to your livestock so I do not want the donkey to eat any of them.I did get up under the tree and lay down a lot of my fence - just trying to save the poles as that was the major expense for me this Summer? Guess it would have been cheaper to have just bought a bushel of beans somewhere???

Then exactly a month ago I lost my best friend of 41 years. She went in for a knee procedure-the doc gave her a steroid shot and it spiked her blood sugar to 1200. Then infection set in and consumed her body. She lapsed into a comma and I sat with her while they turned the machines off.  It is horrendous to lose such a friend. They live in a space in your heart forever, if you are lucky enough to have one.

Yesterday I had a wonderful friend stop to share some crackers and cheese with me as I had been sick. I was so very grateful and after she left I went down to the main garden and picked a small mess of Tenderette beans. This is the last mess of them so I pulled the vines as I worked so I could see them better with my puny eyes. A storm was brewing and the wind was up so I carried them up to the porch . I planned to work on them and watch it rain, but the rain only ended with just a few drops. I heard a car down at the road and shortly after I heard a familiar sound???? The sound of a chicken???  Now, my chickens are all enclosed due to predators ?? So, I got in the car and drove down and my eyes rested on the biggest rooster I had ever seen???? After my recent concussion from the rooster that I own (who is secluded in his own space) -well- roosters are not on my "most favorite species" list?????

I pondered what to do- just leave him on the highway and let a car seal his fate??? Let him wander into the bushes and let the nightly raccoon have chicken dinner??? Boy , that dinner would feed his entire raccoon family> lol . I stepped toward him and he moved away from me. I tried to grab him and we play ,"keep Away", until he flew to the highway????? So I herded him back to the creek side where he decided to sneak into the tall weeds, thinking I could not see him. But I saw his back leg and managed to get a hold on him and drag him out. He was so heavy I had trouble getting him into the car and to the house.

I checked my cages and none of them were big enough to contain this giant of a bird. That only left the dog kennel that housed two groups of my laying hens, so I plopped him in there. I stood back and watched as the "Red-Dina-soars"  (my nickname for them) ran over to jump on him as they have been known to kill other chickens but - no- he put them in their place and walked off. SO the newest group of the colored egg layers decided that he looked good to them and they flew down and invited him to take a dirt bath with them???? After that - that Crowing the good life was all I heard the rest of the evening??????

Now, I do not even know IF he will flog like the rooster I already have??? And I still Have to get in that kennel to get the eggs???? Plus, from the looks of him- he will eat as much as I will???? How am I going to feed this behemoth??????????? For now -his future is uncertain-hoping a new home will present itself in the near future??? ~smile~

Casper also got very sick at the start of the Summer. I thought he was a gonner, as he went into seizures . I decided that the house was just too dark and we needed the light so I fixed a cage on the front porch and have put him out there almost every day giving his fresh apples and veggies each day. He has had a lovely time making lots of messes and seems to be doing much better. All of his feathers look much more bright and his spirits are wonderful.

I was dealing with a tremendous amount of pain and the doc sent me for those xrays and mri . It turned out to be degenerative disc and tons of arthritis so she sent me for physical therapy, which I am pleased to say has actually helped ease the pain. They do not give us pain pills anymore here so you have to find something to help yourself or just live in AGONY! Mama never told me how very painful this aging process can become. It is an everyday battle to maintain your health when you have limited knowledge and resources. But, it is worth the battle to treasure each new day that God shares with you. 

I pray you guys have had a lovely past season what ever that has been in your neck of the woods and I have missed hearing about your life. Thank you so very much for the ones who have checked in with me- I love you guys dearly ......

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Last of the Cloud Booties.

Sometimes life just gives you cute pictures to make you laugh, like my darling daughter in the process of putting colors into her hair.  ~smile~ I just could not resist. Her wound is healing slowing and she believes that is due to the quick action of good doctors as a brown recluse spider bite can be even worse, even life threatening if allergic. I am still changing the packing each day and it is still soupy when pulled out but the black deep down under next to her ribs is gone -thanks to Dr. Reggie Thompson the surgeon who did all the work inside of her. That was another experience that I will definitely never forget. She still feels weak and not much energy and sick at her stomach and a headache at times but it is getting better slowly. I took it as a good sign that she wanted to color her hair to cover some of the grays.She complains about them but I remind her that her paternal grandmother was gray at 20.

This is her little terrace garden that brought on the bite we believe . She had almost worked herself into a heat exhaustion that day as she hand dug into this steep hillside. I know it does not look steep but I have trouble standing up on it. I always have had trouble with this hill. She even laid those 4 concrete pavers to start with for me.

While she was digging hers I was digging just around the curve of the hill . I  hang dug mine too as the ground was so darn hard I could not get the tiller to stick on the hill , it just bounced off of the hill. But after I dug each row with a madic then the tiller could dig in and get a bite. Then I ordered this electrified netting and was installing it to try to defeat these naughty deer that like to eat everything we plant.  They even came all the way up to the steps of the front porch and ate most of my flowers , including some of the house flowers I have vacating outdoors! I was really MIFFED at them for that.

Now in the process of working on the last of my Cloud booties I had a rooster attack me and manage to give me a concussion.  For the last two weeks that has really been a challenge. I guess since I thought a rooster caused it that I did not have to  really rest like they want you to and I have paid for it with terrible headaches , being sick at my stomach , and then Sat. night I spent from 10pm to 4am continually throwing up. It was horrible and it wanted to do that the next 3 days but I did have a little pill to help a little. I was a little dizzy , unsteady on my feet and my eyes blurred at times . I finally gave up and looked it up online and read that when they wanted you to rest they meant no reading, watching tv, emails???? and I thought that was resting?????

But I was very pleased to complete these booties that go in my Christmas collection so far.  I did go down to the garden this morning and mow a path in my walking area and go get the tiller and till that up as I had run out of room in my main little garden , but had ordered these beans called Dragon's Teeth! I just did not want to risk losing them to the deer and so far I have them stumped in there. While I was there I cleaned out two of my chicken runs and carried the mulch down to mulch a row of  my Tenderette beans. If I did not mulch I would never make it through the garden because weeds are one thing I can really GROW and Grow Tall!  The Tenderettes are blooming so in a couple of weeks I should be able to have a fresh mess of green beans. That will be a treat. 

While I was there I discovered I had my very first zucchini of the year! They are called courgettes in other countries  and I was really thrilled. I just did the "Happy Dance" and brought it up to the house. I am planning on making zoodles with it.

It is really hot out there but I am working in the house and it is shaded by some trees . I know it is hard for the people who are forced to work out in the sun like that but I am so very grateful that is is my Summer-Time as I love it so very much. I despise the Winter and cold because it makes me so very sick and it is so very hard to cut your own firewood and haul it up. If only I could live where it was warm all year long and have a garden and my pups and chickens-that would be paradise to me. ~smile~  

Monday, July 3, 2017

July Already???????????

How does time just fly by so quickly? The last two weeks have just literally flown by.  But when you stay busy I guess that is the way it goes? No wonder I am just getting Older Every Day??? ~smile~

I have dressed Crystal's wound every day-pulling out the salt strips that I have to insert deep inside of the wound and putting new ones in. She has been a real Trooper. I mean how would you like to pour salt in a wound?? The hospital decided it must have been a brown recluse bite and the infection is still pouring out .

I Finally got some warm weather - here it is the 3rd of July and the last 3 days have been warm enough for me to leave the window open at night. It has been so pleasant. Three nights ago it was a perfect temperature with a slight breeze blowing and a full moon. I took the pups out at almost midnight and we sat in the swing and just enjoyed the most perfect night I have enjoyed in a long time.

I am still fighting with ticks galore -every time I go out in the pasture to do anything.  Then a week ago I got attacked by a rooster. Now normally I would not think much of it but he was on a shelf high above me when I went in to feed and water and he weighs right at 7 pounds so he is no light-weight. He came down on me full force and caught me on the head and temple and almost took me to the ground. I was stunned and stumbled out of the little hen house . I do believe he gave me a slight concussion because since  I have had 3 before I know the symptoms - this blinding headache has been my main complaint the entire week but the  "Rooster-Egg" he left on my head and the bruise on my temple have been reminders. I still have a terrible sore head and am careful combing my hair or washing my face. I did rig up a single dwelling cage for him outdoors beside the henhouse since he wants to bully me and I do not want to get hurt any more than I have too.

 Me and the pups are enjoying ourselves tremendously . By the time I get up and do all the outside chores and then the inside chores and then work on the garden and mow and change the chicken runs and mulch on the garden -the day just is gone?

My doctor sent me to a physical therapist to help teach me exercises to help with the arthritis in my neck and back.  He taught me two last week and then I had a fibro flare that has made me miserable all week long. So, up and on we go.

Maybe Crystal will continue to improve. I sure do hope so!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Not Me!

Thank goodness this is not me, but it does not make me feel any better to see this on my daughter's ribs. It came up on Thurs . morning and she went to the doctor who was stumped and gave her antibiotics and told her to come back on Sun. if not no better come back on Sun. So on Sunday she was no better and a little worse.

He gave her another antibiotic to take with the first one and made her an appointment to see a surgeon on Tuesday if no better. Well she is no better - only worse so we went to the surgeon this afternoon and he put her on a table and numbed it -then cut down deep inside of it  and poked his hemostats down into it  making channels and pulling out infection all the way down her ribs. He put these fabric straws down deep into it and showed me how to do it if they come out. He drawed dots on her skin and told me IF the red passes those dots by tomorrow when I change the dressing to take her back to the emergency room for inter-venous antibiotics. If the red is going down then she has to go to the wound doctor on Thurs. They did take a culture to make for sure if this is the right antibiotic for this bacteria????

Of course I am worried sick- and neither of us have any idea how it might have happened as she did not hurt herself -she just woke up this way?????

So, each day really is a Gift.

Monday, June 12, 2017

I'm Pooped

        While reviewing my day and observing the creations and creatures that share my life the verse to this song popped into my head:

             All things bright and beautiful, 
            All creatures great and small, 
            All things wise and wonderful: 
            The Lord God made them all


These are some of the things that have inspired me today as I worked. I started out with my normal outdoor chores and then took Crystal's weed eater and trimmed a little around her terrace garden she is working on and then I trimmed down a hilly growth that I have dreams of turning into something useful???

This is the spot were I have worked. It does not Look bad but it is so steep I have trouble standing up on it. First I weed ate it and took a break. Then I went back and took the lawn mower to it to cut it down to some rows and then I took my tiller to try to till the bottom row- only the ground is so hard that my tiller just bounced up and down off of it??? 

This is a close up of where I went back and took the madic and hand dug it -OR - attemped to dig it??? First I ran into a tree root that was growing in the same direction that my row was going???????? Then I ran into a rock wall that I could not dig up - so I will have to remember to take a break there?????  Finally I just collapsed from exhaustion and pain?
This hill may have defeated me today -but we will see what becomes of it in my future?  Not excluding the fact that is is in a deer pathway????????????????????????????????????
My arms is almost useless- it is so tired I cannot lift it without pain and Mr. Fibromyalgia is so darn  mad at me for what I put him through - but hey, I hate him as much as he hates so so I guess we are EVEN. lol

Of course I do have my  co-horts who try to keep me out of trouble.  But they find as much trouble as I do ??  Daisy has recovered from her Giardia and Indy managed to get kicked by the donkey and ended up in the creek covered in water and mud while my head was turned?  But that is life in the country-thank goodness for the country life .  I even saw the donkey "Licking" Crystal today as she attempted to sit on the grass and cool off??? lol

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Flowers and Booties

This is such a beautiful time of year when all of nature springs to life and seems to revive us from our winter woes.

This beauty was a gift from a friend who lives in California and she sent me several of the bulbs last Fall. I put them in the basement -praying that they would survive and low and behold here one of them is ???? It truly amazes me every time I walk past it and admire its beauty and I did place it where I walk past it Several times a day and appreciate her kindness of sharing something so lovely with me.

I completed another pair of baby booties for the Sewing Guild Christmas Community Event. The way time flies by me I am just trying to stay afloat. ~smile~

It is already June here and still very cool and rainy! I tried to start a fire last night and could not get it to burn . I just could not seem to hold my nose right at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Thursday, June 1, 2017

June Has Arrived

Have you noticed that life just rushes by much too fast? Some where between chores and garden and life  I have managed to pull off some baby items.

It's not because the are any in the family but because in this coming December my Sewing Guild has signed up for a Group for Girls who are expecting for it's community donation. We donate items and then the girls take training and such and earn points which they can use to "purchase" our items.

I had to replant a row of beans in the garden as the first planting did not come up -the man at the seeds said it was because it had been so cool and rainy that the sees rotted for many people.  I also got four banana pepper plants from him , since I had enjoyed those that I pickled last year so much. I had put them on little personal pizzas . Probably not the healthiest for you but everyone deserves a treat occasionally. ~smile~

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day


It was a lovely day. This was the second day it has not rained in a couple of weeks and it was such a nice break.

I got all my outdoor chores finished and helped Crystal carry her grill out of her yard on the other side of the fence.  We carried two heavy postal cabinets from the yard and put them on a trailer to get them up off the ground. 

Then we went to the front at the road and Crystal mounted her flag . While she was working on it a beautiful young lady  stopped to check to see if  there were any eggs and I had a dozen in the crate.  She introduced herself as Julie and said how much she and her Mother enjoyed the fresh eggs - it was a pleasure to meet her and I thanked her so much . The hens all want to sit right now and the egg production has really gone downhill. But most of them are banties and that is the way they all. lol I do have 3 that I have let go ahead and sit so maybe in 3 weeks I will have a few babies?

I did have a bad run of luck this afternoon as my Mama Turkey passed away while on her nest. I could find nothing wrong with her and I am just hoping it was old age as I have had her 7 years and she was not young when I got her.  She was a dear. 

I finally took a break and went in the sewing room and cleaned a little. But for some reason I just could not pull it off??? Maybe because my eyes are giving me problems today, so I grabbed my crochet and went out on the front porch where there is good natural light and completed the booties with this color blanket yarn.  When it comes to homemade items Christmas is just around the corner and with faulty eyeballs it has me worried?????

Casper got terribly sick about 10 days ago. He had an awful seizure and then was very weak and did not want to eat. So, I decided maybe the house was too dark and he needed some vitamin D from the sun. I fixed a cage and brought him out on the porch where he is getting the natural light and he gets to see the birds at the feeder . I think he is getting much better . He is eating good and has even started to munch on carrots yesterday and an apple today and watermelon 3 days ago?  So hopefully he will have a good Summer after all. We both love our Summer and Hate the cold , dark winter.  

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Big Day to Celebrate

Today my grandson graduated  !

It was quiet an emotional event for all of us!

His beautiful sister showed up!

And his Mama kept breaking down in tears. LOL

Then it rained - LOL Maybe tears from heaven ? ~smile~

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Talk about Spring showers bringing May flowers??? We certainly should have Lots of flowers!

After two or three weeks of it the pups and I decided to visit our local park that runs along the river. I totally love this park because of the river. With all of the rain it was certainly NOT crowded and I appreciated this fact because I was hoping to work on socializing the pups a little.

We made it for a mile and then headed to the car. We did see one other lovely young lady with a beautiful white dog and both of us got to our vehicles as the rain came down! Timing is everything.  lol But it was very nice to get out for a change of scenery and still have the eyesight to enjoy it and my pups.

I did take the pups to Rural King to get the critter feeds but the order got messes up and I only ended up with half of what was needed for the month. I was just too tired to go back in and do the entire process again since I had the pups with me . People were so very sweet as they wanted to pet the pups but  I was so terrified that Daisy might offer to snap since she is still so nervous. But I was amazed at the kindness of those that offered - it was like God sent these special ladies and they had wonderful results.

I am beginning to wonder if Indy was used as a bait dog at one time due to all the scars he carries and poor little Daisy - I believe someone broke her tail as there was a big swelling under the skin of her tail at one spot and I kept wondering what it was -now it is going down and I can feel how it does not really line up right ???? But she carries it very proud and high now and gives me such "deep looks" at times. I REALLY wish they could tell me their stories.

I am still researching the macular degeneration and have run across a fantastic book called Blind Faith -about an artist who cured his blindness with his own system ?? You know the doctors tell you there is nothing you can do to save your eyesight , but I firmly believe that the body wants to heal itself - it just needs the right tools to work with. I truly wish I had more intelligence to understand. But I have started some new vitamins to start the process because he speaks of our cells needing more oxygen and how Evening Primrose and Flaxseed oils help to do this? He also mentions the ph of our bodies and how ordinary baking soda helps with this.  As usual, so much to learn - so little time to learn it in.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Rainy evening

Sometimes when you are trying to understand circumstances in life you really do need to just stop and smell the roses.  It makes me angry that I cannot accomplish as much in a day as I use to -so while wrestling with it - I passed this rose and this is the first rose of the year on this lovely bush. It always amazes me how these beautiful creations just bust onto the stage of life. Here for our enjoyment - if we just take the time to settle for a moment and appreciate their beauty. They will not be here forever -but for a moment in time - they change our world.

And I wonder who names this one - was his heart really bleeding from the challenges of his life?

I managed to get all my outdoor chores accomplished and a laundry and then fixed some mail and wrote out a grocery list and reluctantly headed to the grocery store. I really hated to go but I was getting very low on everything . I knew I hated to go when I checked out and the bill was 150.00. Gosh , how do people do it???

I had called Walmart about my prescriptions but they could not have them ready today so poo on them. I cannot waste gas to make several trips to town- plus, my eyes are not always happy so I have to wait for them to do a good job. I do not take chances.

I am so very sore today from my "hand to hand combat" with my tiller the last two days. lol  Everything I have hurts and then some. `smile~ The rain has arrived , a nice soft , easy rain for the night. I have a fire but mainly just to keep the damp chill out of the house. I am so very grateful that Spring is here.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Spring Has Sprung

and there is never ending work. And work can be so very painful for some of us older gals, but we really do have to keep on plugging because the pain is there regardless of if you do or do not do.

This little flower is so funny and it is the only flower on the place that was from my Grandmother's flowers 67 years ago. I "think" it is called Star of Bethlehem. It opens up in the daytime and closes at night  and has tiny bulbs. But somehow those little boogers spread all over the place. I never know where they will pop up. Then poof- their foliage will disappear and they will be gone till next year.

These guys are in full bloom. I planted them last year when one of Crystal's friends shared them with her.    

This is one that came from my Mama. 

And one I bought a few years back. 

It is calling for bad storms here today and the wind gets up and it springs rain and then gets very dark. Crystal is weed eating . I am just bone tired from all the work yesterday -mowed and mulched the raised beds and mowed the garden where the weeds had taken over  . Then took my jig saw and cut out a barrel for Crystal's hound to have some shelter.

This morning I dug up a fence line and planted some old pumpkin seeds to see if they might come up? Then planted 3 rows of corn and planted some old carrot seeds to see if they will come up? 

We are having some beans and cornbread. They must have been very old beans because I have had to cook them for 12 hours to get them done?

I have a grapevine I want to plant but I looked it up and Walnut trees kill grave vines after a couple of years and my entire yard is full of them so it is hard to grow things. Even if you cut them down it takes years for the poison to leave the ground.  I did get my water line fixed to my building so now I have water  in the building again. That is a blessing as I just cannot carry that much water these days.

Always a challenge . ~smile~

Friday, April 28, 2017

Indy and daisy

I have still been working through the process of losing my friend and my beloved furbabies have certainly been a help with that. We have had constant rain for the past week and dark and gloomy and chilly so the weather was not helping . Daisy has learned how to play Fetch - but- Indy has learned how to play Tug-of-War so while Daisy is running and getting the toy - Indy is grabbing it and tugging-so Daisy gives me this look - like - What the heck Mom????? LOL

Since Indy arrived in the country he is said that he enjoys several Perks . He enjoys the long walks- he loves playing with the toys- he is the best mice catcher in town, even outdoing the cat. He loves sleeping in the bed and he LOVES rolling in anything rotten outdoors to perfume his body -but he HATES the bath that comes afterwards in order to sleep in the bed. LOL

I had an appointment in town yesterday and when I came home I was sick. It scared me at first until then last night Crystal came up sick and I talked to a friend in town and they were sick and two of the family members were sick also. So, I guess it is some kind of a darn bug going around ..... If I could only take my stomach out and put it up somewhere it could work out it's issues and let me accomplish something else??????? lol

Sunday, April 23, 2017

An old week gone - a new week begins

The old week passed as we buried my beloved friend and a piece of my heart went with her. She was a true shining light and beaconed light everywhere she went. She was so full of love and inspiration in every pocket of her life. I Really hate funerals - I remember when my Mama passed the man at the home told me that funerals were not for the deceased -really they were for the ones left behind.

So, I am still grieving that piece of my heart that has transferred over .  It has been raining here cats and dogs most of the week and today they are calling for a storm with heavy rain this afternoon. I have got out early and got all the chores accomplished so all of my animals are ready, nice and dry and well fed.

I even have a fire going as you know how the dampness seems to make the temperature feel cooler and I guess older joints like to complain. ~smile~

Crystal took some of her friends fishing yesterday (in the rain) and brought me back some of the minnows so I have them in the big aquarium with the koi fish. They are such a pretty mixture. I remember one time one of the gals at a bait shop told me that they would not live  that way.  Funny - that batch I got from her place lived about ten years  and seemed very happy. lol

Friday, April 14, 2017

Worked really hard outdoors

as the day was so Beautiful. I worked on those outdoor chores and then got the paper work and sit down to read how to use the new mower that my lovely daughter bought me to use. It is a self propelled and it helped me so very much when it came to my back and these banks I tend to fight with. The only negative was the position where they put the oil cap was TERRIBLE , but I managed to get the oil and and learn how to operate the self propel part.

I finally got the grass catcher on and got fresh grass for the 3 chicken cages out doors and they all really enjoyed that. I mowed the front yard and then moved all of the long pieces of metal roofing that the storm had taken off of my front porch this past winter. I was very careful not to get cut in the moving process.

Then I took off from the house all the way down to the creek and back up since that wonderful machine literally pulled me back up the hill! Now I have a bag full of grass for the chickens inside for in the morning as they are calling for rain.

I wanted to work on the fence at the garden but after all that jogging around I was POOPED. It was 3 in the afternoon and I had had nothing to eat so I took a shower and laid down for 15 minutes to ease the pain in my back. I must have wore the pups out too because they took a 15 minute snooze and it was hard to get them up so I could get up too.

I guess I was trying to stay busy tying to keep my mind from fretting so very much know my dear friend is in the process of passing away and it is just breaking my heart. It hurts so very much to lose a friend.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Circle of Life

Can be very challenging. My beautiful Granny Smith apple tree was exploding in blooms and it seems like only a few minutes later the green leaves were showing through.  It made me sad because as this new life is taking off one of my dearest friends life is coming to a sad end. She was one of the most generous, kind loving human beings on the face of the earth and her own two kids took everything they could from her. Her hubby passed at the same time as mine did and they stole her money , her medicines and when she had surgery they took her home with them to get her check and let her lay in a bed and get sores all over her back. It is absolutely HORRIBLE- it breaks my heart.

On a brighter note my Father in Heaven found me a vet today that really helped my little "parlor princess" and her bad heart - plus found a tooth problem. They treated her with such love and respect I wanted to cry .

On top of that when I was at this new vet it turned out the lady I was sitting next to was a dear friend I had not seen since I was 13 years old and we recognized each other. I was shocked ! It was a real treat and she was just as beautiful as she was when we were kids. lol

What a day of ups and downs?