Sunday, January 3, 2016

Rosie says her "Sniffer" says it was a very good start to the week. The weather turned out to be mild  and we both appreciated that. She loves to follow me out on the porch first thing every morning when I feed the birds. She rolls and flips all over the porch - I always say she is giving herself a morning massage.

                                      Just take a gander at this :
This my dear friends is a sink - load full of Fresh , Organic Kale -right straight from my Garden -here in the Winter time! This is my first experiment with having some kind of Winter garden and I am so joyous about it. Each perfectly beautiful -exquisitely ruffled little leaf was just perfect. Each leaf I clipped snapped with freshness - not like the dead stuff in the grocery store and the last time I bought a bag I couldn't even cook them because they were all Monster stems. These are not destined to be cooked though -they are going fresh into my morning green smoothie for my eyes. I am so very grateful to have something so beautiful growing in my own garden. It is a miracle for me. I also have a small bed of a Winter Kale that is coming along and a small bed of Winter spinach that is looking beautiful! My experiment had held its own so far. I got the idea from a book called, Backyard Winter Gardening and I am so excited that I gave it a try. The author even sells his own seeds that he breeds specifically for Winter time on his mountain home. He is very interesting and very passionate. He says people have forgotten that they can have fresh foods from the garden all year long ,like our ancestors did. I had wondered at times how they survived?  This kale was not his seed - it was just normal kale seed that I started in the late Fall and it is starting to slow down its growth when I trimmed it today. I am hoping that this is when the Winter Kale will kick in. We will see.

The Yuck part of the day was working on bills -Double yuck - I Hate bills and this will be a tough month because I will have to have heating fuel this week. Sure do wish that Wood Stove had not died on me- it was a real blessing.

Finally some fun stuff. This is a size large of the cloud booties and this time I have added a pom-pom on them . I should be cleaning the house or something equally boring but with my eyes giving me so much trouble I am leaning toward doing something I love for the minute - while I can still see to do it. 

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  1. Rosie smells that delicious Kale! Wow...that is simply beautiful food there!!! Enjoy!
    Your slippers are so pretty too~ Someone will be thrilled with them!