Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Complication Tuesday

Today was my acupuncture day for my treatments and just before I left I got a call that I had been approved for the new kitty- so I left from my treatment and went straight and picked her up. Her name is Zigzag because she is cross eyed. I brought her home and put her in a dog kennel so she could get used to the place and all the animals without anybody scaring her.

After a couple hours she begged to come out so I released her and she went to making herself at home. All seemed well- I locked Rosie up in the bathroom so Zigzag could investigate.

Still making herself at home while I crochet right with her.

But then someone gets their feelings hurt. Blondie just walks up to say hi and Zigzag plows her a couple of bad ones to the face - of course it scared me to death for her eyes??? She then hissed bigtime and went for another strike while Blondie turned to run. She is old and stiff and not able to move so fast so I snatched Zigzag up and placed her back in the kennel.

Of course Mocha came running to see why in the world her Mama was crying?  I certainly do not want my babies hurt? Of course I am pondering did I make a bad mistake ?  Zigzag sat in her kennel just taking things in - then she spotted the birds for the first time? I could teach her to leave them alone - it took me half a lifetime to learn how to do that -my concern is if she really hates small dogs? Then she took a couple of sneezing spells - O NO - did I bring something home to my two kitties????  I know things might look better tomorrow so I will just leave her in her kennel for the night time and see how tomorrow goes. She will have to stay in half of the day because I have a doctor's appointment in the morning for my fibromyalgia so we will see how day 2 goes tomorrow. No use to worry about things I cannot change tonight.

But during all of the commotion I did get another pair of slippers made. This time I experimented and got Two pair of size Medium from the skein of chenille yarn -including the pom-poms. These poms I did not cut open - I have left them as circles and I think I like them a lot better.

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