Saturday, December 31, 2016

I Hate this stuff-when will Summer come?

This White Stuff had arrived and I was Not Prepared for me-even Yukon said we could do without it.

At least all of my feathered friends seem to be doing excellent.

I don't think they appreciate the pictures as much as they do fresh food and water.

It has been neat watching these guys grow from tiny fluffs of soft air? LOL

These guys still use their little lights on these below freezing nights. The two front ones are speckled sussecks that I hated and am dying to see how they do?

Even the little fantail pigeon would disappear if she were outdoors in this stuff-Yuck.

I had a problem with my feet getting too cold. I had picked up these boots at Goodwill because they were tall and heavy , so I thought they would be warmer than what I had. Undoubtedly NOT! My feet just got colder and colder and colder by the time I was finished chores, which takes almost two hours. I headed for the house and to a warm shower as my feet felt like they were frozen.

Well, something was wrong because they were hurting so badly But -they were red hot to the touch? I got my shower and warmed up the rest of me and then when I went to put some lotion on them they were SO Hot to the touch and swollen! I had never had swollen toes before so I wrapped them up in a blanket and crawled in my chair to warm them.  It was miserable. I truly Hate this cold and now they were calling for a winter storm this coming weekend  -I am really dreading it?  These boots say Made in China- wonder if that has anything to do with this? I think I will re-donate them back as they look like new. Maybe somebody young with better circulation would have no problem with them?????

Thursday, December 29, 2016

55 MPH Winds -Whewwwwwwwwwwwwww

Well, I am so very lucky that I got out early and got all my chores accomplished and then took off to go get those new tires! They even made my car drive better coming home -and I did Drive Straight Home.

O- I forgot almost straight home as I dropped on some fresh eggs at a neighbor's house  and stopped long enough to snatch a picture of the new tires. The wind was already blowing so hard I could hardly hang onto my phone to take the picture?

It will be a rough night tonight as the house is already full of smoke where it is blowing back from the woodstove. 
When I arrived home the young UPS driver stopped and I went to meet him looking for a package. He said he had already delivered it on the porch but saw me in the driveway and wanted to tell me that he made a tire-mark in the mud at the house????? Now have you EVER met anybody so sweet?  He always wears shorts -so I told him I was more worried about him freezing to death than any tire mark. lol  He is a real sweetie!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Rosie wants to know what in the world is wrong with me tonight? I have tossed and turned for an hour hoping sleep would find me but to no avail.  SO poo- might as well write it out and maybe it will right itself.

I am disappointed in the last 3 days. Days that had Beautiful weather which I would normally adore and be so happy in?? But, the day After Christmas as I was cooking dinner for the 3 of us my daughter shot at her partner to run him off????? Scare me to death -yep - and my pups as they flew up under my legs wanting to know what was wrong????

Then yesterday and this afternoon I spent a large amount of time online searching for projects for my family and friends for Next Christmas. You know - things that are Useful?? But the majority of the ideas on Youtube I had already seen last year. Matter of fact that was where I had picked up my favorite hat project. But, I was hoping somebody would have something new going??????

Where are all the wonderful ideas hiding at??????????????????????????????????????????????

Then to make me even more disgruntled -remember last week I had taken my car to the garage to have the two front tires fixed????? Well, yesterday they were Low and today that one is almost flat. So I pulled it up  and went to putting air in them AGAIN and this time there is a real leak I can hear in the passenger side tire! GRRRR! After the man telling me that there was nothing wrong with them? So, I came in and made some phone calls and God arranged for me to find a wonderful deal on some new tires-even better than what I had paid for this set from Wal-mart that has given me nothing but trouble from the time I got them. That was one reason I wanted to GO TO SLEEP-so I could get an early start in the morning and go Pump up the really bad tire and then HUSTLE to town to the tire store-praying to make it before the tire goes plum flat on me?????? Now sleep eludes me . Isn't that the way life treats you sometimes??????

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas 2016

I had a fantastic Christmas this year. Got to see my son yesterday and the day with my daughter and her partner today. They really spoiled me bigtime. Crystal got me enough reading material to keep me busy until these puny eyeballs really do give out on me. Plus, my favorite hand lotion, new curtains, fabric for my stash ,  and two gift cards . Her sweet partner got me some beautiful dragonfly solar lights and I love solar anything. To top it off we cooked and ate together and watched a movie. It just could not have been any better .

My whole family was happy and healthy and we were so blessed. All of the kids appreciated my little handmade gifts and that thrilled me to know they appreciate my efforts.  Our weather was beautiful on top of all that.

I got to reach out and wish all of my friends Merry Christmas because of facebook so that was a treat too.

My last thoughts last night as I was dropping off to sleep was the same one I have had all my life on Christmas eve - Tonight Baby Jesus is born.....

Friday, December 23, 2016

Dec. 23, 2016

My sweet daughter-in-law helps the kids with their bowling balls I got them. They have a nice Long Hall that they can use and maybe keep out of her hair for a couple of minutes while she bakes.

Conner will be turning 3 in Jan. and he is such a little rascal. Tracy has been homeschooling his brother , Emmett who is 5 and since he has been hanging out with them during school Tracy says he already knows his A,B,C's. He is so full of curiosity and love of life.

Emmett is a little sweetie- he is autistic but where Tracy works with him all the time he has learned so very much since he came to live with them. He can count to infinite numbers and is so sweet and loving. Me and this phone camera just do not always see eye-to-eye and then my bad eyes do not help matters a lot of the time.

 Cory loves these two little guys to pieces and is always involved in their antics.

My life is richly blessed because of all the ones that I love.

My two front tires were flat again this morning so I decided to take my daughter's advice and take them to the garage she uses to have them worked on. She had mentioned breaking them down and putting in new valve stems , ect. I did not want to make the trip but I wanted to get these tires to quit going flat as I have a few doctor appointments in the near future and I do not want to miss them.

So, I go there and told them what the tire problem was and also that I needed a fuse put in the fusebox for the radio and cigarette lighter.

After a short wait the young man brought me back my keys and said the tires were fine and they had pumped them up??? I looked at the other young man and he asked if they had put the fuse in so they pulled the car back around and was gone for a little while , then brought it back and gave me my keys and I asked how much I owed them and they said NOTHING????? I thanked them SO much and wished them a Merry Christmas- thinking as I was driving out - you pumped the tires up and put in a fuse and I owe Nothing???? So, I tried the radio and NOTHING??????I was so disappointed but since I had not paid I felt I could not complain?

I came home and got a flashlight and looked all up under the dash for signs of a fusebox??????I still could not find it anywhere -but I did manage to make myself sick??????????????? I guess being upside-down ???? I was so sick and woozy -and now really disappointed because I love that radio and when I get scared driving I can turn the radio on to distract me!

When Cory called to say he was coming I was thrilled and asked him if he could find my fusebox??? It took him a couple of looks but he found it and put in a new fuse for me and now the radio works perfect again. It was that plug in air compressor that I had used that day to try to pump up my flat tire that had blown my fuse -just like my girlfriend had said! I agree with Lynne - if it is going to do that then it is useless - especially since I cannot get to my own fusebox and cannot see how to do the fuses! Lesson learned.  I remember DH and I had them when we were young and they never blowed your car fuses-they just worked!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

O Gosh - Thursday -how did that happen?

  It happened because life just keeps right on keeping on - regardless of if we are with it or not!

OK, this is one project to get out of the way. Isn't it funny how something just smacks you right in the face even if you have been walking right over it day in and day out? Well these two boards - one on the inside and one on the outside of this back door have rotted away and letting a lot of that cold air just fly in SOOOOO - I am going to raid the pile of wood that my daughter brought in from the local sawmill for kilning.

As I start to measure and scratch my head Charlie sends his son to take a water pump off of the old outdoor wood-stove that broke down .His has started squealing and once they do that it is not long until they give up the ghost and usually on the coldest night and you cannot even find one. So we had to move a bunch of stuff for them to get at it . So, in their kindness the young man shared his deer with me and I am so thrilled . I just love them to death as I love natural things .

 OK, back to the head scratching and measuring and ???????

Both inside board and outside board and the inspection team in full action. It was not one bit easy as the screws that were in those boards were rusted in and very crooked to get out.  Now on to the doggie door?????????

Yea, pretty sad shape , isn't it? That monster gap lets in a tremendous amount of air .

Awww- much better . It was no easy job for me either as that board went Under the mail frame and my DH had not intended for it to come out - much less rot out and there were some nails up under there for me to fight with- GRRRR!  But now we have some new boards to face the Winter with-thanks to Crystal bringing in that wood from the sawmill. They like burning it - I like savaging it! lol And that is not my cigarettes - Crystal arrived just in time to screw in the last Screw that was giving me trouble.

Now, my car tires are almost flat again so she is parked up the hill in Crystal's parking spot where the air compressor is. Stupid tires , well probably valve stems.

At least with the help of a dear friend the mystery of my portable air compressor and radio might be realized. She told me today that she had one of those little compressors and that when it got under a strain (like trying to pump up my totally flat tire yesterday) that it will blow the fuse -and that would explain why it is not working and the radio is not working???????????????? I don't even know where the fuse box is in my car at the moment but looks like that will be in the future as it is back to cold and dark at the moment. Another day  - another challenge.  Merry Christmas you guys - as they say in Australia - 3 more sleeps and the big day is here -and then Gone! lol

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Weds. Dec. 21, 16

It started off as a really great day. The scarf came out of the washer and dryer and seemed to be in perfect condition. Gift completed- a machine sewn yarn scarf - very cool.

But then life took a turn and first I was in the shower and missed one of my best friends. Then I got a call from Wal-mart and my new glasses had come in so I got ready to go get them and hope for the best. That was when I discovered I had missed my buddy because she had left my gift in the car. GRRRR. I would have Loved to had the chance to visit with her. I pulled out on the hardtop and discovered I had a flat tire! These tires I bought from Wal-mart a little over a year ago have given me nothing but trouble. I have to pump them back up every week.

I pulled out my little super-duper tire pumper upper and set it all up while I waited for it to do its magic. I guess it was out of magic today because after a few squirts of air - that was it . I had only used it to pump it the tires ONE TIME! I did retest it later but it was still dead as a door nail. Another GRRRRR!

I carefully backed up the hill until it wanted to spin and then I put her in four wheel drive and backed all the way up the hill to where the air compressor was??? I was wondering if I would have any luck or whether I might have damaged the tire now??? I turned on the air compressor and ran up and put some wood in daughter's stove in her tiny house while it built up pressure. Then I socked it to it and low and behold the tire came back up. I was thrilled.

So, I put everything up and took off to Wal-mart. Then at the top of the hill one of those big vulture's came flying up from Under a bank and almost flew right into my windshield. It was a close call for me and for him as he was as big as my windshield was and it would have killed me to hurt him and it probably would have broken my windshield. That was a close call.

I made it to Wal-mart and got the glasses. The lady was working on them to make them fit my ears and there was a man who must have come to get him some new glasses because he started to "hover" over me with a mad look on his face. I finally told her they were fine so I could get away from him. If they give me trouble I will go back later when the angry men are not around???? ~smile~

I was so glad to be heading home so I decided to turn on some Christmas music to lift my spirits and ???????? Yea- no radio! No light -no sound - nothing???????????????? My son gave me this radio just last year for Christmas ?????????????????? So, no music to lift my spirits home. BUMMER! Well darn - why do things just not want to work?????????????????

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tues. Dec.20 - really going by fast

I had a new helper in the sewing room today and she was getting a very close up view of things.

This project is a scarf made from bulky yarn???? I have certainly never tried anything like this before. My daughter had found this scarf with big loops at the Goodwill that she liked and I looked everywhere for a crochet pattern -but nobody had ever heard of anything like it???

Then she said that the donkey stole her scarf so I ran across this idea online.

Gabby has to get a really close up view BECAUSE she is cross-eyed.

I almost let the project defeat me because I kept getting the yarn hung in my feed dogs? But finally I used some washable stabilizer to make it slide better and I went over my stitches many times to hopefully strengthen the stitches.

Coco took time from her nap to come in and check on the progress.

Hum? this is how it looks before I wash it - I have it in the wash right now - we will see how it turns out? Maybe just a big pile of tangled yarn???? Time will

Monday, December 19, 2016

Counting My Monday Blessings

Yes, It looks like a regular door opener, doesn't it ? But , for me it is so much more?  Well, let's see I started out counting my blessings for a wonderful new day to write another chapter in my life. Then I got the donkey fed and he was happy so that made me happy. I got everybody fed and clean water and that made me happy. I had a fresh burrito for breakfast and that really stuck to my ribs all day long and that made me happy. I made an hour trip to drop off a gift and hopefully that made me happy as I had to leave the gift in the door and hope it will be there for the recipient? I had a little bit of trouble with my eyesight but learned that these new Polarized lens help quiet a bit with the macular degeneration -that was nice. It was wonderful that I made the trip safely and delivered some fresh eggs to a neighbor. It was wonderful to arrive safely home and have a home to come home to, as many people do not and I almost did not.

I got my clothes changed and evening chores accomplished and got a fire started for my daughter in her tiny house before she arrived home? But the thing that tickled me the most was after a week of attempting to figure out how you replace a broken door opener on your car door - I FINALLY pulled it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO- Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  I could hardly believe it  and I tested it out to make for sure it worked and that little lever really does open our car doors for us! What a wonderful invention. Then when I moved the car I even started to Roll the window down to open that door. Would you believe that after a week of learning to do that -it had started a new habit. Don't worry, it will not take me long to "UNLEARN" that habit! What a true blessing it is to have a door opener and not have to roll down your car window to open your door from the inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sunday -warm and rainy

I Finally completed those jeans for my daughter's Christmas present. I sure do hope I got it right - today it was putting the "bling" on the embroidery design??? I have never done that before . I am suspicious of something that you Iron on??? We will just have to see how durable it is. It will make me mad if they come off the first time she washes them!

I am hoping I really "nailed " it this time as I love to make her happy. Well,,,, I Love to make Everybody happy -everybody deserves it. ~smile~ At lest these two pair of jeans I can officially say are Completed and Wrapped! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I moved onto another desperate project. This is my back door - just a plain and very cheap solid glass door that lets the cold air in better than any air conditioner would. The glass lets it seep in and it also floods in around the door. The other night when it was down to zero with whipping winds I was freezing and I had stuffed a drop cloth all over and around it and also nailed a quilt over it.  But that made it so difficult running in and out of it all day long doing chores??? Plus, I did not want my very old quilt getting destroyed and it made it quiet dark in the daytime which was bad on my flowers that are there??????? SOOOOO????

I had put that metal rod up over the door and hung up a plastic shower curtain. Well, the idea was a good start , but the shower curtain was 16 inches too short and the draft loved that. So, I took it down today and sewed a double layer of heavy weight fabric all along the bottom of it. NOW it is nice and long and the heavy weight holds it down tight to the floor. I can even place a rug over top of it on those terrible nights and it will hopefully capture all of that bad wind.   Plus?

During the daytime I can push it to the side of the door and it is completely Out of the way! Yea!  It looks very promising for its purpose.

The weather here has been so beautiful here today - actually nice and warm and rainy. I have been so grateful for it -as I know it will not stay this way for long!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I just hope to make me a pot of soup !!!!!!!!!!!!! Love to all.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Run, Run, Run Day

My first stop was to pick up the door opener that I had ordered for my driver's side car door. Rolling your window down every time you need to get out is a real pain. The man thought it would be an easy job until I looked at it and now the rod that I need to get ahold of has disappeared so it looks like I will have to learn how to pull the panel off the door??????????????????????????????

So, I stopped at the little Kibbles on Main and picked up a bag of Rosie's favorite food.

Then on to Walmart's where they did not have my antibiotics ready so I ran back and picked up a shower liner and some hooks. My plan is to mount a metal rod over my back door that the wind is flying through and put this up instead of the mess I had there at the moment.

Then I went to the eye glass place and told them I would have to have my glasses reworked  and gave them the new specs. The lady was not happy one little bit -but she was very nice to me. She told me that it cost them money to have to do that and then they had to destroy my original glasses. But she was kind enough to let me keep these until the new ones come in. I am worried through - if the new ones do not fix the problem of me seeing up close I will just be up the creek without a paddle.

Then I did a little Christmas shopping for my neighbor. I have his wife a gift but not him and I am just hoping this might be something he can use in his shop???? I know he does air because he pumped up the tires on a little garden wagon for me.

I ran in Jo-Ann's and grabbed some "Bling" to try to put on those Jeans for Crystal???? Then I ran to meet up with her because she was taking me out to eat for my birthday. But when I got to the restaurant she called and I had to run Back to the post office to put her up because the brakes on her truck had gone out and her truck was in the garage.

We ate and I dropped her off at the garage and I ran on to pick up a part I had ordered for a bunny cage.  I was so tired of running -that was a total of 7 hours running between 3 towns.

I finally made it home just before dark -in time to cut a small load of wood for Crystal and then to plop down and watch Callie play with my phone cord. I was too pooped to wiggle any more! lol

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Weds. Dec. 14

The middle of the week already? Doesn't seem possible. I felt really rough today -maybe an over flow from cutting the wood yesterday in the cold and it upsetting Mr. Fibromyalgia? I was just really weak and SO COLD. I curled up in my chair and stayed there about two hours this morning under a quilt. When I get cold like this it is a little bit like being sedated -you just cannot life a finger to accomplish much of anything.

Finally the house warmed up and I hustled to the sewing room to FINALLy work on those jeans I had started back at Thanksgiving for my daughter for Christmas.

She had wanted American Eagle skinny jeans with crosses on the pockets and I could not find them anywhere -high or low -plus, I did not have hundreds of dollars to put into them so I went hunting on Ebay and then took the pockets off and machine embroidered the crosses onto the pockets.

Getting those pockets off of the jeans without cutting holes in them was a big fight. When they sew those pockets onto the jeans they really mean for them to stay put.!!!!!!!!!!!
Then I was so terrified of messing up when it came to sewing them back onto the jeans.

But, I think maybe they look alright - I just really hope she likes them. I wish I could add some "bling" to them?  But Christmas is starting to wear me down after working all year long on things and I am really tired. I have a few more gifts to wrap . Tonight some miserable cold moves into our area and I will have to get chores accomplished somehow because I have to deliver some gifts as I head to the eye doctor to see how my eyes have progressed after being on the medication this week????

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tuesday wood cutting day

I got all the major chores completed and then said this is the tool and this is the job and just went at it- err- carefully , went at it. I am VERY RESPECTFUL of a chainsaw.

I was making progress and even got the truck half full when it started to rain on me. Rats - so I had to  put everything up . I had carried 4 bucket fulls and a small stack up to my daughter's tiny house. The 4 wheel drive does not work so you have to hand carry up the slick hill.

Crystal lets me use her wood truck and I am grateful but I am scared to death of it. When the motor dies on me then the brakes give way and I panic. I was so grateful to get this much accomplished and not get hurt. YEA! That is a win.

I got it down to the house and unloaded it in the rain. I got tired but kept thinking, "Just one more piece" and then it was all magically unloaded. The front sidewalk is full and the front stoop where I can reach out and grab it at night and not have to trip over the opossum or the raccoon.That bucket is what I carry my ashes with. It is not the best , but it is working right now.

I was good and wet from the rain when I finished so I jumped in a hot shower and then had to take a pain pill from the fibromyalgia. A week or so my friend , Joyce had brought me a bean and cheese burrito so I have been practicing making them this week. I got the beans down pretty good that goes in them so I had one of them for my supper. I topped off the last of the Spanish rice to go with it and then my favorite part was the sour cream. I had a little gas but that is because it has been so long since I had beans. Once I get them back in my system that will diminish. Always something new to learn. ~smile~

Monday, December 12, 2016

Cold rainy Monday

Let me just pull my hair out! First it works and then it doesn't? I am beginning to think I will never understand computers and phones and cameras and when things want to play nice together and when they decide Not To -which is NOW.

It was a cold , rainy Monday and I was awakened at 4:14AM  when my daughter went by going out to work and I could not go back to sleep. Well, I had a lot on my mind of things I hoped to accomplish today so I just got up and got busy . I did a little computer stuff -then I went out at daybreak and fed Yukon and checked on the chicks.

Since Crystal was unable to pick me up a part for the air compressor to let me put air in my dumb tires that keep going down I had to break into what was suppose to be a Christmas present and use the little tiny air compressor that you hook up to your cigarette lighter and then to your tire and let it make all the racket in the world as it pumps up your tire. It took about 5 minutes per tire but at least now they were back up so I could head out to the counselor this morning.

I gathered up some gifts to take as I go and some eggs to share with others. Had a nice counselor visit and then ran all over the little town of Christiansburg trying to find a carton of bottled Root Beer Soda. But to no avail -I am wanting them for a gift.

I took off on the interstate and dropped off some more gifts along the way -caught those friends gone visiting their family and I really do enjoy sneaking gifts on the porches and leaving like Santa. lol  I circled by the local Walmart and they had some root beer that was in plastic bottles and plastic containers so I settled for them, picked up two 6 packs. That is one of the pictures I was attempting to download as they turned out funny. I cannot understand why my phone will not send them to the computer????????? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

O Hot dog - after an hour's wait they decided to co-operate! Yea -
After I got the drinks I headed to the eye doctor for my second visit to try to figure out what is the problem with my new glasses??? I was having trouble with my eyes as they would want to fuzz up and it scared me . But God was in control and I arrived safely . The doc gave me another test and another exam. She said something on my eyes was swollen so she gave me eye drops to use 3 x a day for 3 days and then I have to go back and take the test again . She wanted to see if the eye drops would make the swelling go down and thus influence my sight before she issues the new prescription.

I stopped and picked up food for the donkey and the chickens and headed to the barn. I dropped off my last container of eggs - stopped at the mailbox and gratefully arrived home. I fed Yukon and fixed me and Crystal some bean and cheese burritos with spanish rice and they were really good. I was so tired I wanted to just collapse in my chair and call it a night but I needed to get this root beer project out of the way.

So now I have a little herd of root beer reindeer!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could have had a carton to carry them in but I will just have to stick them in a box . Since my friend lives on Very Little retirement I am trying to come up with things that he enjoys and one thing he Loves is his Root-BEER!!!!!!!!!!! He is one of the Few people I have ever met who drinks it.

Then me and the fishies had a conversation about the big day tomorrow that I need to get some sleep for. I have lots of chores, have to unload the car of all the feed and then hope to cut firewood from the pile the friend dropped from his dump truck. The weather is looking bad to me this week -down in the teens and high winds and I need to cut this wood and move it down to the house . I will try to cut all of the pieces that my electric saw will handle. There are some pieces that are as big around as my body and I know it will not handle that but I will just manage what I can. I can take all the small pieces and take them up to my daughter's tiny house for her little stove-so I should be good and tired tomorrow night too. Lots of good exercise and trying to remember to handle chainsaws with Great respect as they can change your life in a minute .

Right now my little Bandit is outdoors giving the opossum grief. When I got to see him actually fall over and play possum the other night I wanted a picture soooo bad but it was just too blazing cold for me to tackle the wind and poor light to try to get one -but it really was cute.

Hope you guys are making progress with your Holidays- love to all and enjoy.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Start a new week

Wow- I am still Learning! But I think I am getting somewhere??????????????????????????????
I might not be smart these days but still am stubborn - so maybe I am getting there? At least I got a picture - lol - even if not sewing related .

It was an order I had placed and did not receive all of the parts and the company wanted a picture of the package to decide what to do about it. Of course I had to take the picture and then try to figure out how to get the picture from my phone to where they wanted it????? It really took some doing but I think I am on the right trail. Learning all these new things for the old gal can be challenging - especially when things do not come with INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!!!!!!

This holiday must be challenging for everybody because a lot of the orders I have place have come in wrong???? So, I am not the only one scratching my head. ~smile~

It has been cold here and then tonight the wind is getting up and there is another warning??????  I really do not enjoy these winds as they are so dangerous.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Weds. Dec. 7,16 how time flies

Rosie is helping me Experiment and looks like she found her way through the "Mulberry patch" of the internet chaos?????

Time just flies by when you stay busy. It was a decent day temperature wise and I worked outdoors most of the day. By the time you grab a bite to eat -go do the critter chores- cut a few pieces of wood and bring them down to the house-but a little bit of kindling - go to the garden and take some litter down - cut a couple heads of cabbages - carry a couple small aquariums down and cover a couple plants to see if it will help them survive the upcoming bitter cold-take my neighbor some eggs and a head of napa cabbage - clean out the ashes and restart the fire for the evening - take a shower -

One of my sweet neighbors popped in with a citrus basket -which I dearly love! One of my very favorite treats. My DH had said one time that he hoped to live long enough to see me get full of oranges - I told him he never would because I never would . I love those little dudes. I was so lucky that last night I had stayed up till 1Am wrapping gifts and I happened to have my neighbor's little gift already wrapped so I could send it home with her and not have to worry about delivering it. Yea- one off the list of things to do.

Then I fixed a small pot of Udon Soup with Bok Choy and Poached Egg for Crystal and I for our supper. I had never eaten bok choy before as this was the first time I had ever grown it and it was really good. I had also never had an egg in a soup before and it was really good too. While I was in the garden I checked the game camera that I had rigged up and had to laugh at two nights of a visiting opossum and two nights with some kitties visiting??? It is fun to see what plays in my garden at night.

After Crystal and I had eaten and she went home I worked on some more of those peeking cat butt coasters.

I hope this is the last of them I need to do???? Time is really running out for making the gifts?

I have to wrap these and get a couple ready to mail. Then I have to work on two for Crystal . One is in the works from before the fire and the other one needs to be started.  OOOPPPs, almost forgot about another friend I wanted to do for??? Then there are two guys to remember. I really hate guys gifts because most guys really desire expensive toys and when you are trying to come up with something whimsical to make them smile or something they can make use of it is a real pain for me, because if they are worth remembering you want them to know they are appreciated????? I like for people to know how special they are.

I need to go to town tomorrow to get some supplies and when you do that your day is pretty well shot. Darn it- life is such a challenge sometimes. I see my minutes flying by and I just cannot seem to keep up. I use to think when you got older that things would slow down but I have decided that they just speed up on you?? There is always another deadline somewhere along the