Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Emmett's Green Lounge Pants

This is my project for today- a pair of Knit lounge pants that I think will work for Summer time. If you wonder about the "Customized"strip -that is where I neglected to get enough fabric (Grrrrr//// rrrr) and I had to "Patch" two small pieces together to manufacture one piece long enough for the front of the legs..

But , let me show you what "The Sewing Forces that be" throwed out for me to deal with today.

Sorry , it is blurry - but- you can still tell that the stitches are spaced nicely - - But- all of a sudden the machine just "changed"it's mind and this is what it wanted to do instead:

 Darn, still blurry -but you can see that NOW the stitches are Very close together and it did this all on its little ole self! No wonder my head is always in a spin.

All that fuss and yet, I did finally get them together. I only managed one other little boo-boo, as I was sewing the elastic in I manage to let it get twisted somehow -so I had to pull it back out and straighten the elastic and now it works right. You know that part in the tv stories about the safe cracker who puts his ear to the safe to HEAR the tumblers? For me it is kinda like that - only that click just doesn't happen and that is how I keep getting myself in trouble.So, If anybody has any EXTRA tumblers laying around out there - please send them to me. LOL

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ronnie lounge pants

AHHHHH! Another Perfectly lovely day. Not quiet as warm and the wind is rather stiff-but still a perfect day. I have completed another pair of lounge pants for one of the grandsons. He is like me in that we both seem to stay cold in the Winter time-so, I looked for him a piece of fabric that was the warmest I could find. I was so pleased to find this piece because it is SO warm and soft and fluffy inside.  Perfect for this small framed young man -That is UNTIL I discovered this.

I had already cut out one set of legs when I discovered that the fabric that was left  had this mess along the selvage  and into the fabric itself.  I was so disappointed. I remember looking at one bolt and discovering this and my friend that was with me picked up another bolt and it did not show any disfiguration. So, I guess it must have been on the inside of the fabric. O well, no matter how it got where ever it got and how I missed it- this is one time that I just have to live with it. I hate it.

After I discovered how to do the blind hem stitch I use it on most everything. I love it, but I have had a problem using it on the tops of lounge pants that have pockets.I sat down and studied it today before I sewed the top casing and I decided that where the needle sinks down into the folded pocket fabric -the thickness is too much for the needle to sink all the way through all of the fabrics. So, I caved in and just used a regular stitch.

I was pleased that I had paid attention to that little snag - ONLY - to discover that I had sewn the pockets in backwards! LOL

But I throwed my disappointment out the window and used it as a good excuse to sit down for a while as I ripped the casing all out to turn the pocket towards the front . My legs appreciated the break. Shame on them!

I finally got everything sewn together like it was suppose to do and thought about just folding them up-but- Lynne had taught me well that you really need to iron a project to set the stitches and just make it look better. After all the work you put into a garment then you really want to set them off! So, I pulled out the iron and worked on those stitches. Then I was more happy with them.

I got tickled with one of my dear friends -we were emailing of projects and she said she intended to have a pj day. So, I said I wanted one too and that way I could work on lounge pants- To which she replied that she meant a day to run around in her pj's all day! LOL   Isn't it funny how we can misinterpret things in our head! LOL

Monday, November 28, 2011

Camo hooded jacket

I had a very nice day. I am so in love with this beautiful weather! But according to the weatherman - it is about to change! I DON"T LIKE CHANGE!  :) When I was young I always loved the challenge of changes -but I have learned that I discovered my rut and I love it. : )

I kinda accidentally found this piece of fleece when I was looking for something else. Of course I made the mistake of reaching out to touch it and discovered its SOFT texture and it is also a heavier weight than what my little jacket is made out of .

Our youngest son has always loved camo colors so it is a personal challenge to me to try to find a new color or combination of colors to bestow on him each Christmas.. He lives in constant back pain now - so any little thing I can find to put a small smile on his face is a real joy to me.

This jacket and I have a "relationship" of trying to understand each other. It started out when I looked for the proper size zipper and found that I had one in green and I thought green would work ok -with the browns.So, I used green thread also - until it came time to sew the zipper in and discovered that I had looked at the size wrong and I now had a bright yellow zipper instead????? NOT a bright idea for a young man's camo jacket in my book.

As I sat pondering my dilemma, my eyes happened to rest upon the first little lightweight fleece jacket that I had made under Lynne's tutorship. I have had it for 6 years now and I still love it to death.It is not good for COLD weather , but I keep hoping I will figure out a way to make a fleece jacket that is able to do that. Plus, I adore it because I am its co-creator. I was the creator behind the drunk needle!LOL

 As my eyes wandered over my treasure I noticed that it had a Brown zipper in it! This was because the first time I got stuck in my jacket -Lynne had to cut me out of it- and thus when I got the money to purchase a new zipper - the only one I could find in my area was a Brown zipper at that time..

Hummmm?????My eyes went from one to the other and back Several times. It was no trouble to cut the zipper out and I did apologize to my green jacket . I did manage to sew the brown zipper in the brown jacket. But when it come to putting the Yellow zipper in the green jacket - I guess it was mad at me because I ended up sewing the zipper in-but when it came to the bottom where you hook the two parts together ----- I had curled them under the jacket and thus I could not hook them together at all. Yep- that jacket was pretty mad at me. : (   It took me a few tries- but I finally did get my head screwed on right and managed to get BOTH jackets with each one a zipper  and now I am happy! Another Christmas present completed! Yea! : )

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hanging In There

Today was another absolutely perfect day. The weather was in the 50's and later it got cloudy , but it was so comfortable and smelled so good. I managed to get in my two short walks -one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It was kind of a lonesome walk because it seems that most of my wildlife are now in someone's freezer. I Hate that., but it seems that is the way things work when you are young and blindly in love and you have a fellow who lives to hunt.

I fed him the chili beans with the venison burger in them . I had to laugh because I stuck my finger in the broth to see how the seasonings were . BOY - I had surely stumped my toe when I added the salt! LOL - I noticed that   those fellows DRANK a lot of water yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL  Now I know why! LOL

I think this makes the last of the car caddies. Then I started to work on putting the zipper back in my jacket that I had robbed for the jacket for a son. At least I finally got both zippers where they belong! Yea!  ; )

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gamer For Life

Well, Blogger just hates me again. I tried every trick I could think of to post a picture of what I have been working on- All Day Working on! I have finally found something that deer season is good for - For getting men out of the house ! That leaves that you just have to feed them - but still more time to work on Christmas presents.

O MY GOSH - would you look at this! I accidentally hit the wrong button and behold the magic of a boo-boo! LOL  See, I was telling the truth - I completed this car caddy for one of the grandsons who is a game whiz!

I also started working on a jacket , but I must have got too tired and started making mistakes almost right off the bat. I have  made this patter before too! Darn Brain! Wish it would just co-operate!  But, the good Lord willing - I will see what tomorrow brings

Love to all!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Peyton & Hannah car caddy

This car caddy will be for two of the great-granddaughters . Peyton is one and Hannah is only a couple of months. I hope to put a container of wipes and a trash bag and a couple of toys  for each. If I can pull it off - it might make a nice touch to put a baggie of Cherrios for the munchies for the oldest one. I am so pleased with this one. When up close the butterflies are so pretty and cheerful.

It was a lovely day. The guys spent the day hunting and after I had fixed them a pot of turkey soup and chores & laundry -then I spent the time in the sewing room and that is how I am getting my Christmas presents accomplished.

I really need this time desperately - as time is slipping away from me so quickly. I told DH that I wished all of Winter-time could be like today -pretty and sun shiny and warm. I loved it.  I have a load of fabric in the wash machine getting it ready to tackle. Maybe , If I can get to bed early -I can get up nice and early and see what I can accomplish. When it gets this close to Christmas I get the feeling I want to panic because I have not not nearly accomplished what I would love to. I will just have to see how it goes. Money has just been SO tight and fabric sales SO scarce!

Well, DH wants me to make him some biscuits and he is hoping if he puts them in the fridge uncooked that he can fix them in the morning!
BYE Fore now!  : )

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holiday greetings

I do not know what is wrong with Blogger tonight , but it will not allow me to insert a picture! I know everybody all over the world does not celebrate Thanksgiving like we do over here-But I can still give Thanks that I have all of you in my life!

Tomorrow we are driving to have Thanksgiving with Doug's sister and her husband . Of course I will miss out on the 'real food" -due to not having any top teeth. : (    But , that does not let me still be thankful! I do wish everybody a wonderful day .

I am still working on the car caddy organizers -so I will hope to see you later this week with new adventures of doing things backwards to learn how to do them correctly!   : )

Love to all -and don't blow away ! It feels like our house will be blown off of its foundations we have so much wind. That might be the only way I ever get to be blown over to Australia  or New Zealand!

Bad Blogger - BAD, BAD, BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

K- BEAR car caddy

Seems like I am having another one of those days when no matter what you lay your hand to - it just will not  co-operate with me.

I did get my morning chores accomplished and came in and ran a piece of cauliflower through the blender and fixed a baked potato to go with it, but as I tried to eat the cauliflower the blender had left big chunks that my toothless gums could not do anything with.

Then I made it to the sewing room because the guys were all out hunting-Yea.
I knew I would want to take a picture of this project I was working on but my memory card was totally full from the birthday party. I was afraid to delete them until I had them saved multiple times -but I could not get the flash-drive to pull up on my sewing computer so I hopped all over the place trying to find one that would . I finally found one that would -But- when it downloaded them - they looked like spotty clouds! GR. Not what I wanted  so I tried another and it said I did not have a software to open them. I was beginning to feel like I was beating my head against the wall. So, finally I just gave up and settled for the two different places that I believe worked for me. After losing pictures and embroidery designs and sewing patterns to dumb computers - I am just not very trust-worthy with them. I had bought these two new flash-drives and both of them have all kind of junk on them that is beyond my understanding while I am in "Christmas mode" with no brain cells to spare! : )

I made this car caddy with the three different pockets because I had stuck a cylindrical container of "wipes" in the top pocket to test it and it just fell over and laid down -so that was why I divided that pocket in half-to make it behave itself!  Like anything else has tried to behave itself today! LOL 

It is nice here today , but has been so dark and dreary . But, I am grateful to finally get something accomplished! YEA!

Monday, November 21, 2011

How Do They Get Away So Fast??????????????????

I got to see this picture today of my granddaughter -and how she dressed for Halloween ! She is suppose to be a zombie and if you ask me - I think she Really pulled that one off! LOL

I did get to take my walk this morning and this afternoon. I was a little edgy because there were deer hunters all in the area -but - I feel like my walks are so important!I can tell a world of difference if I miss a day or two, and it is a challenge to get back to where I have worked so hard. .

After I got back and straightened up it was time for DH to go to the doctor to learn how to take this new medicine. I really do like this lady doctor. She is not only beautiful , but smart too and for us that is a winning combination. She taught him how to handle this medicine and they agreed to not start it until Sunday and that way he could enjoy his thanksgiving -just in case it makes him sick or something like that.
 I had tried to call in his meds this morning and on all of them they had some reason they would not fill them-so I loaded them up and showed her. She was amazed because they were all still in date and DH had managed to stretch them even further than he was suppose to. She told him that maybe he needed a new drug store-so we went past CVS and stopped at a small drug store in town that we had gone to Years ago. I did not even realize that it was still in existence . They treated us so nice and DH was happy about that .

Well I have got to run in the kitchen and put on a crockpot full of beans so I can fix DH chili beans for tomorrow and then I hope to hit the bed because he has a bunch of folks to hunt with him in the morning.
So love to all Linda.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Baby Emmett's Birthday-Big # 1

This is our youngest Grandson right now and he just turned the big ONE!

This is the birthday cake that Dana - the Aunt on Meagan's family side made for him. It is a treasure chest . She had been working on a "CARS" theme , but since Meagan could not find what they wanted for the party -they changed it telling Dana at a later time. So, she had to scrap the cars and turn to Pirates theme -so that is where the Treasure Chest .I had to ask her what it was that she made the spilled Gold and she said it was vanilla wafers crumbled up. !

This is a tiny strawberry cake that Dana made just for Baby Emmett to have to do what he wanted with it. I  was so amazed with it that I told them to freeze it and keep it forever for him. Yea, I hear you. : )

This is Meagan's Mom following Baby Emmett around - he is looking at the big glass door to see what family members are doing outside.

Mom & Dad and Grandpaw - helping him enjoy the treasures of the spoils- I hope that is the right spelling .

And finally he had his very own cake. The fondant was too hard for him to break into it , so Grandpaw cut a part of the side open where he could taste it. You would have thought that First taste was poison - from the look he made

Well, he actually made it through the party and then he fell asleep in his Dad's arms after his Mom had done a clean up job on him. Hard to believe that year went by So fast - but it did  - I guess "time stands still for no man" is SO true! : )

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Great Grand Baby and Car Seat Caddy/Pomeranian

My morning started out with chores as DH and two of the grandsons went hunting. Our granddaughter was curled up in DH's bed with the baby-so I came into the sewing room trying to get ready to accomplish something and Miss Rosie had other plans . That sheet is draped over the project that I had in mind and she turned "psycho-cat. She was all over it -clawing and flipping and digging at the sheet .

After the cat-show the great-grand baby came to life and that was what went on the rest of the day. Whew! I don't know how his lovely Mama keeps up with him.But , he is a little doll.

I had forgotten how dangerous a house can be when there are toddlers around. Drawers to pull open and steps to fall down and rugs to trip you and doggies that had to be locked in my bedroom to protect both baby and dogs. : )

Isn't it hard to believe that we All started out learning and look how we have turned out- all because someone loved us along the way, or someone made for sure that we got what we needed to survive.

But , along the way I did get one car seat caddy accomplished. Although the writing is not showing up it says I love my Pomeranian and I divided the pocket at the top as it kinda wanted to gap open. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Dreams of Projects Yet To Come

This is one of the pieces of vinyl that I got at SchoolHouse yesterday. I am in the process of trying to square it up. It turned out to be a real "sparring match". I just cannot get over how fast time eludes us when we are engrossed in a project.The day was just gone -erased like it had never been - with only the scatterings of this project I am working on.

I have actually got my pieces cut out and in the process of figuring out how to lay them out and what designs  I should use to bring a smile to our faces .

Chris, from Diet Coke Rocks sent me some suggestions for what to call these creations and I really appreciate that. I like all of her choices ! Thank you , Chris.

DH was working on his truck because it had blowed a head gasket and as he says - things always go awry when deer season comes around each year.: )

 Cocoa was trying to figure out what all the racket was about between DH and little Miss Mochia. You would have thought the house was falling down !

DH thought he was going to have a nice fat piece of cheese-but not with Miss Mochia around. She could Smell him cutting it and by the time his butt hit his chair she was right on his lap fussing at the top of her little lungs to let him know that he was not allowed to have cheese IF she was not .

I would if it has anything to do with me feeding her Mama cheese when she was pregnant with Mochia????

Well, I better fall in bed as the kids are suppose to show up at 5AM for deer hunting. I hope they will stay outdoors and let me sew. I have a list a mile long that I Have to get accomplished some how! I almost have the first of those pink car caddies finished . I got tired and then forgot how I sewed the handles on??? Wish I could just poke a quarter in my ear and my brain would start to work again.  But - NOOOOOOOOOO- it thinks I am suppose to go to sleep and get some rest. It soooo, does not play fair!

So, I hope to catch you again tomorrow and hopefully with some success to show! : )

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Treasure Hunt

Today was an interesting day. One of my dear friends and I took off to visit The Schoolhouse -my favorite fabric store . Three stories of fabric to your heats contentment! Of course I got lost in the "knit-room" and my enthusiasm must have rubbed off on her because she ended up getting two pieces of Knit -planning on making herself and her youngest daughter shirts. It was so neat to see her enthused. Of course her choices were much different from mine and that is one of the things that is so neat about knits-they are just so varied. She likes knits with texture and I prefer single knits or jersey knits and occasionally double knits  . Of course I did drag in a piece of sweatshirt fleece for a pair of lounge pants for one of the grandsons who is like me and freezes to death all winter. ( I HATE Winter!)   IF ONLY ???????????????????????????  Hum? Caught me daydreaming - didn't you. LOL

As we were coming home our next stop was at The Goodwill where we browsed through all kinds of used clothing which was MUCH cheaper to buy nice ready made clothes than it is to buy fabric and Make clothes?That just hits me as so sad. I always look for super-extra big sizes with the plan to rip them apart just for the fabric - BUT - I have never found a piece to do that with unless it has a monster stain right where you could never disguise it. : (    She found some really nice toys for her grandchildren for Christmas.

As we were leaving the store a snow-blizzard hit us. It did not last but about 20 minutes -but it was pretty amazing!  We had such a nice ride home and it was such a treat to spend time with a friend. LOL It amazed me that I have actually got to see her TWO TIMES in the last month . LOL That hardly ever happens for us.

I would like to show you the knits, but they are in the wash machine getting their baths so I can start turning them into Christmas presents. O, LOL - I almost forgot to say that the two colors at the top are two pieces of vinyl that I got to work on some more of the car storage bags. Wish I could figure out some other kind of names for them-something snazzy -something catchy ???? Got any ideas????? : )

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Thoughts Organizer completed

DH had a doctor appointment for today at 1:30 , so I finished my chores and we ate and when DH got latched onto a tv program I tiptoed to the sewing room to work on my second organizer. I had the front pockets sewn in place and now I had to put on the lining and the top hanger strap.

I do not know what happens to me with these projects -but when it comes to the liner and that hanger -my mind just panics and cannot see how to place them??? I even pulled out the first one I had completed and studied it for inspiration. What ever causes this really makes me angry- I know that does not help- but - well -you know how it is ,when something you want to accomplish seems to elude you. It just really stinks!

I know that it is a lesson that we are suppose to learn and when you cannot figure out how to place things to make them turn out right   -then we come to an intersection in all the different paths we can take. SO many paths - which is the one to choose?????

I decided my first attempt would be to sew the lining to the front with right sides facing each other. I knew that part was right -but I was concerned about how to fit the handle on the top and make it look neat. But, after this first step I was happy with my choice and when my "MoJo"  Had a little success - it started to flow better and I became more self-confident- YEA~

By then it was time for DH to go to the doctor and as we drove over the clouds got blacker and blacker and blacker. You know how doctors offices are - so boring- you wait and wait and then wait on more waiting. But there was a ray of hope-first they gave him a different shot for his bones because that one last month had made him so deathly sick

The young lady was so funny -she always tries to be so professional and Dh picks on her until he gets her laughing. One thing I can say for him is that he is not happy with sour faces and everybody is usually laughing as he leaves the building.

DH tried to nail the doc down about if these medicines can really prolong his lifespan - is it worth the side effects? First the doc said he could not tell him as it depended upon so many different things. Finally he said DEPENDING on how his body accepts the treatments -hopefully two years.Talk about a load being lifted - I think we both got lighter after we left. How wonderful that would be! His new medicine comes tomorrow and then he has to go back to the office Monday for what they call a -Teaching Date" - where they will give him directions on how to use this new stuff and what to watch for.Then he goes back one time each week for two weeks out of each month.

So, for the moment we are both so blessed. A couple can make a lot of memories in two years. As we headed home - the rain arrived and followed us home. We both went out in the rain and completed chores and came back in the house -where my heart longs to be.  Especially back to the sewing room -and Tomorrow one of my oldest friends and I are getting together to go to THE SCHOOL HOUSE Fabric Store - way out in the country -but it is my favorite of all the stores it know. I love the people who work there - I Love the school and all of its class rooms filled with fabrics and sharing time with a dear friend is always a good thing-even if we do have to "Solve World Problems"., which is what we have always seemed to do for the last 40 years of friendship. SO, I am hoping now to pull out my Christmas list and figure out what projects I hope to do for each person and then make for sure that I write down the amount of fabric that it takes to pull it off!. See how fast life runs off and leaves you chasing after it. But , I am glad to have the strength to chase it.

Love to all for another day.
Linda the sewing granny

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Thoughts Organizer

What a lovely morning it was . I had completed my morning chores and as I unlocked the chicken house to allow the "girls " to go free to scratch in the leaves and the unbelievable black dirt that is in the pasture  I had one of those good guy on one shoulder and the bad guy on the other shoulder experiences.

There had been a light drizzle of rain going on all morning and the dark clouds were creeping even closer-so - the good one told me I should just shoot right up that hill for my morning exercise BUT that bad guy on the other shoulder told me that it was much too drizzly and dark looking . As I raised my head to look- Miss Honey Bear had already made the decision for me as she had already started up the hill. That was all the motivation that I needed so I padded off after her in the damp leaves that have cascaded down on the green carpet of grass.

I know my body needs the exercise -But- my lazy human-ness just does not want to co-operate most of the time.I realize that one of my  main motivations is from where I visited a local nursing home with a friend - and it SCARED me to death- so I always tell my lazy self - do you want to end up there?????????????????????????  No - is a quiet simple answer which my body just tries to slide by on me.  Then the health guy asks me IF I want some of the diseases like arthritis - or out of control diabetics (I do control mine with diet and exercise) The one part that my body wants to avoid. Or even weight gain -(after I just worked so hard all summer long to lose 8 pounds-do I really want to gain all of that back and throw all of that hard work right out the window) NO.

By the time I have started this argument with myself as I start following Honey Bear - I realize that I am halfway up the hill! LOL  See what procrastination can do to your -and for you! LOL  So, needless to say Miss Honey Bear deserves a gold star for tricking me into doing what I need to do. : )

I made it back to the house and DH and I had breakfast. My still SORE gums appreciate some kind of food that is SOFT! It has been a week today and I had expected the pain to be gone and me to be all mended. Guess I was wrong. I even think I feel one small spot where a bone may be working out. I was hoping that would not happen ! Plus that middle front is so painful -I think because my bottom teeth keep hitting that area when I forget that I am  "toothless" and attempt to pull a normal action like chewing something. : (
My whole life time I thought I would enjoy growing older- you know- by then you would have learned a little about yourself -like figured out what you really do like and be able to enjoy that. I just did not realize there were OTHER things that would be included in the "bundled package"! LOL

But thank goodness after a few stray paths I finally got to my second car storage bag-or what ever you call them ? I have not even decided that - the first for baby necessities and this second one for either that purpose -OR - for having storage on the back of your car seat for items that you might need -but do not want them throwed in the floorboad -or even not have them and wish you did -but now you would be able to and have no regrets. LOL  I have finished the first two pockets and have one more pocket to go.

I wanted something that I hoped would bring a smile to the face of whomever it went to -be it a Mom or just anybody that had "needs".  For some reason my Machines just do not love working with this vinyl ???? I have decided IF I do more of these like I am hoping for - that I will drag out my "other" machine that got "retired" when I finally was able to buy a Janome with a "NEEDLE - THREADER" on it - since the "Mature" eyes just could not see to thread that tiny needle as easily as it once was! (They Must be making needles much smaller these days)????? : )

So I have made it this far with Many interruptions all afternoon and I wish I had finished it -but my "zing" has run out on me and my eye-balls are trying to slip closed on me- Drats!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Tomorrow is DH's doctor appointment and I am dreading it. It seems like as long as we don't have to go see a doctor that this  "Cancer-stuff" does not exist and our life is just normal. But , when you see the man in the white jacket and all of his helpers - it strikes the fear of the unknown in my heart.

I love all of you guys and hope that you have had a beautiful day ! I send much love to all !

Monday, November 14, 2011

Morning Walk

I was SO grateful for my morning walk and it seems that was the ONE thing today that was what I could call a success. Snowball leads the way on this beautiful morning - the fence up the hill is our destination and I am working hard to appreciate this Perfect walk  and also to relieve stress to problems facing me.

I sat down at the top of the hill and did my exercises this morning and also to have myself a good cry. Get that out of the way is a good help. Then I turned around and down the hill we went. Breakfast was on the agenda when I arrived home. After that DH went to take our neighbor to town to pick up feed for his calves.

I heard them pull into the driveway so I went out to see if I could be any kind of help -to unload our feed. But there was none because DH did not tell Tony that we needed feed also ..... Then he took him home and we got together and went after our feed . It was not a "pleasant" drive because Both of us kept getting sleepy! I know how dangerous that is - so I prayed for our eyeballs to "Stay OPEN". It must have worked because we made it home safely- YeA!

After we got home we unloaded our feed and I mixed it all up and worked on getting everybody all fed and happy. Before I finished all of that dark had already fallen.. Now it is hard to keep my eyes open . This complication really worries me.  I did have a lovely day - but that has come to an end and I am bushed !

My only regret is that I have not got to sew. I stopped to study what my next step would be -but realizing that I am so exhausted -that will not make for good results on anything I would lay my hands to. Plus, my face must be healing because DH said that I now have Yellow bruises today and my face ITCHES like crazy - a sign it is healing. But, it is still VERY Painful!

Tomorrow DH is suppose to take dear neighbor back to town - so HOPEFULLY I can sneak in some sewing there. I just need to get some nice clean sewing accomplished. : )  I might just put that other vinyl project aside and work on getting our youngest son's fleece jacket cut out! Hum? I have forgotten to check and see what size zipper I will need. Details, details, details!!!!!!!! LOL
Love to all!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Baby Car organizer

The days are just so confusing and because they pass like  rockets - I get lost. Today was a beautiful day- we had finished our oatmeal when  human bodies started appearing. I had just got to the "critter-house" when our young granddaughter and her husband arrived. They went in and visited with DH and then they all came outdoors as I was heading indoors - like ships passing in the night. LOL

They went to work on the deer and I made a path through the house and then took a shower and made it to the sewing room as more started to show up. My dear cousin brought me a bag of dog food that his dog did not like and then a bunch of the other grandchildren arrived and also the Father of the granddaughter's husband arrived with a load of wood -where a tree had fallen over at our youngest son's house. They worked for a good 3 hours.

So, I had a wonderful excuse to stay out of everybody's way ! Yea! I completed the embroidery on the pockets  and debated which way would be best to sew them all together. As I was studying -all the young people started disappearing as fast as they had appeared and we were alone once more. I was trying to figure out what to feed DH and also something that I could sip-yea-no fun.

DH decided on nabs and weenies and I ran a small piece of broccoli through the blender and covered it with a dressing that would allow me to get it slick and then slid down the ole gullet. : )
As we finished our neighbor called and asked if we would run down to their house. These are the best neighbors in the whole world and Tony had got hurt on his job where he works installing tires. A co-worker had turned on the air compressor and somehow picked up two small pieces of steel and hammered them right into Tony's left eye.

They said blood started pouring from his eye and they took him straight to the hospital and they transferred him to a bigger hospital about 40 miles away where a surgeon was waiting on him. They told him that the steel was traveling about 200 miles per hour and that it was a miracle that they did not go through his brain! They did a three hour surgery and they are not for sure IF he will lose his sight or not. It was horrible.

Way too much excitement - I told DH I thought we must be living in a "rough part of the world " and everybody seemed to be hurt somehow. For a minute he agreed. While we were there DH remembered to ask Patty about how long her brother had lived after he received chemo and she told him about 3 months. I hated to hear that part because I do not want him to get discouraged. He already questions everybody he can think of to get their experience and the results. There are times I just want to disappear off the face of the earth and not have this lesson to live through. I just plain DO NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN! Go AWAY BAD CANCER _ GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Between the worry and the coming and goings of people and the pain of these gums healing -I sat down in the chair for a minute of quiet and I had fallen in sleep-dead in my tracks. The phone woke me up ringing just as DH came in from putting his hunting room back in order.

A break  helped and enabled me to get back on this vinyl project of the baby car organizer . I had cut out the three pockets and embroidered something I thought was cute on each pocket and trimmed the top of each pocket in dark blue -hoping it will not show dirt. Of course the very first thing I did was sew the top pocket on crooked! : ((((( Ding-dang IT?!   I have learned when I am attempting the first of things that I know absolutely nothing about - I want to make the first one to make for sure that who I am making it for - will be sure to get it ! You know - so life cannot drown your efforts and make it impossible. That is the good part - you have your gift completed.

The BAD part is : I learn to make ALL the MISTAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!on that project -where as IF I can make multiple projects - I usually "iron my mistakes out" and get better as I go along? So each one is a win-win - or a lose-lose process. : )

After that first top pocket being crooked - I did manage to get the other two decently straight.  I learned that my Janome sewing machine does not like many layers of heavy vinyl to sew through and it got really good at breaking threads as it complained -something that it had not done before! And even broke one needle too!

I did go out and measure my headrest in my vehicle and made my top strap that you hang it with longer than I had those trash only containers. I am really proud that I completed this project and have one more Christmas present to add to my tote of presents. I am kinda hoping that maybe I can pick up a few supplies to put in the pockets to add to the gift and also to demonstrate what the project is made for.I made the bottom two pockets fairly large for things like extra diapers for that emergency disaster - and some little toys that help the little ones pass the time in the car traveling.  Hum????  As the baby grows - he or she might be able to reach to the back of the front seat and pick out a toy or have a extra slippy for drinks.

Love to all and enjoy this beautiful new week!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another Week Has Come and Gone

I think even my furbabies are enjoying these last few days of Fall. The leaves are spread out like a carpet and I always love the sweet smell of them and then the wonderful Slick texture that they have . Snowball is actually able to just whirl like a top and Little Bear is just catching her breathe before they both take off up the hill just enjoying this beautiful gift of a Fall day.

I had just hoped to get to sew, but of course you know how it is . Oldest son showed up to go deer hunting with DH on this beautiful day. Then the grand kids showed up (they really are Grand kids and also Grandkids) They helped with cutting firewood this afternoon and they intend to show up bright and early in the morning to help gather in more firewood while we have this perfectly lovely weather. They will also gather together and process the deer that DS bagged. Then Paw Paw promised them that he would cook them all up  some deer meat.

He did ask me how they should eat it and I told him my vote was for sandwiches -something easy because I am still fighting with these terribly sore gums and the bruises on my cheeks. I just really wish I could stick my head in the sand somewhere and disappear.

DH looked SO tired tonight after they all came in. Of course he did get up really early this morning to go hunting with Cory and he said he had such a good time-so I am hoping that is what it really is?
I am pooped too - so I will say good night and hope you are looking to a wonderful new week.Now if ONLY I did not have to sleep- think of what I could get done??? LOL

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Isn't that the way it is?

You finally get your "mojo' working and you do not get to continue on.  This morning we had to wait on the Dish tv service man. I hate to wait on anybody because I just get so nervous for some strange reason. DH fixed me a scrambled egg with some cheese on it and it was really good. I got some work finished and hung out a load of sheets while we were waiting. The wind was so strong it almost blew me away as I  hung onto the sheet. LOL

The service man called us to tell us he was on the way and I paced the floor until he showed up. Once he got here he had it fixed in 20 minutes and he was gone.He was the first person to install Dish for us and I remembered him because you can hardly get him to talk at all - but on the flip side he does excellent work.It turned out to be a defective cable and now we have a nice clear picture.

After he left we ate -or DH ate and I sipped our lunch and DH went deer hunting and I headed to the sewing room. It was a great feeling to have this mood come over me and I could see what I hoped to accomplish. This will be one pocket for the baby car organizer that I have HOPES for.

But then it started to get dark and I had to go lock the chickens up and take my walk up the hill.

Wonder what Little Bear already knows? LOL Well, up the hill we go. : )

I enjoy the view so much and that one tree in the center is so lovely. The closer you get to it - the more your head looks up and up and UP!  Definitely in the right direction . : )

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

obstacles Everywhere Today

The camo fleece
I kept hoping that I would find a way to get to Fancy Gap Pottery today because that is where I get the webbing for some of my projects. It was not looking very positive because our first trip for me was to the doctor and that lasted from 1:30 to 3. I did not think it would EVER end and when I saw the time I was not very hopeful-But- DH said that we could still make it- so off we went.

The Lining and the webbing
It was a good hour drive and when I thought I could see some light at the end of the tunnel we ran into the stopped traffic at road work. It was horrible. But, fate must have been smiling because after about 10 minutes we were moving once again.

There are two buildings at the Pottery -so I headed to the building with the webbing I needed . I hurried to the back of the building and hopped from one foot to the other deciding which width to use. I knew time was slipping by and there was very little time due to the store closing. I chugged it in gear and took off to the cash register  to pay.

Wrong - there were two really nice ladies with baskets full ribbons and treasures -which ended up being 256.00. They were so nice and I hopped around in my mind -trying to hang onto my manners and respect - but also wanting to panic as the minutes ticked by. Then they needed to chat because they needed directions  and you know ho that is. Just as I was about to leave the webbing - they started to load up -so I got to pay and head over to the other building for the fabrics. I darted all over the store - I did find some lining that I can use on those car trash containers and I fell in love with this piece of camo fleece. .I knew it would be perfect for my youngest son as it was a different one from any that I have made him. I did the "dance" trying to decide the money problem versus the perfect gift and you know how a mother's love is -so the fabric won out. It was 6.99 a yard and all the fleece of that quality I had seen was running 10.00 and up..

I do not know why this did not post last night as I thought it was over and done with - but I guess that was just another one of those Challenges!
Love to all!


Our Furbabies Love Us -No Matter What We Look Like

Today was the day that I had my top teeth pulled . I hated it with a passion, but not having money for dentists and having lots of teeth problems I went ahead and just "did it".

-it broke my heart . I had thought for sure that I would leave this world with my teeth intact.But, I was wrong-no matter how much attention I lavished on them - they resisted.  Have you had yours pulled? 

It was horrible for me -yes, I am a ninny! First I was not prepared for All of those shots and the three in the roof of my mouth was soooo terrible.  The dentist was wonderful , very nice and very funny and he picked on his beautiful assistant and kept my mind moving along. I loved them both. They had donated their time and skills to this clinic and I sincerely appreciate them. 

She spent some time with me while he was finishing up with another patient and she gave me such good advice. Pulling the teeth- It was horrible. I think they really wanted to stay in my mouth as bad as I wanted them to, but I knew that with all the pain and infections that I had been having and when you sign up for an appointment to be seen it always takes months or even years. The last time it took 2 years for me to be seen because it depends on when or what doctors will volunteer.

I kept my eyes closed most of the time-opened them near the end and say the needle and thread -so I closed them again so I would not let my mind "imagine" that I would feel the stitches. (Sometimes you have to be sneaky with these bodies of ours)  Something about the way that they snap or break  or whatever they do to separate the tooth from the bone makes it feel like they are breaking your skull. I kept telling myself I was doing the right thing as a person not having money. I kept telling myself -no more tooth aches - no more puss running out of my eyeball-you know what I mean.

He did check my bottom teeth and even the one that is broken off in the back-one side of the tooth broke off -but it left the other wall and the filling and they feel firm -so he suggested that I keep those as long as I can. He said that the top ones are decent for dentures -but the bottom ones are more trouble and some people never adjust to them. I know my DH has had his out and dentures for 2 years now - and he is just starting to really use them to eat with. 

The young lady even said that those dentures will rub the bone under and over years times it rubs the bone away and can make the dentures rock and make it very hard to eat with and she did mention the little ole granny look where the chin recedes back in. I told her I did not want that and we both laughed when she said that most everybody has that to face. I did encourage her to wean herself off of sugar and I had to laugh when she said that would take all the good stuff away. I understood exactly how she felt-  O how wonderful a piece of homemade fudge with walnuts in it would be. LOL

I have been trying to keep DH away from the sugar because of the cancer feeding on sugar -but it is a terrible battle

Dr. Boyle did send me home with pain meds and I am so grateful. She told me to use an ice pack on my face to help with swelling. I was hurting by the time I got home and unpacked all that gauze and so carefully sipped a drink with the pill.  The information warns me against probing the area and of course the very first thing your tongue wants to do is run over and check out what has happened in its territory! Naughty, naughty tongue! How do you tie your tongue up???????????? : )  Of course it was delighted to find all these new caverns to explore - and of course the stitches- the tongue is amazed! All this new decorating and it was the last to know!!

I know I am not suppose to suck on it but the mouth wants what the mouth wants - and that is definitely not in my best interest!  I did learn something interesting from the gals in the office. The doctor had got blood on the back of my shirt by dropping a tooth and they told me to take peroxide to it and it would take it out -as she said we don't have enough shirts to ruin one too soon. I really appreciated that - so I have it in the wash machine right now to see how that works. If I remember right there are a gazillion uses for peroxide.

Thank goodness for computers and I can talk with my fingers. My face is already swelling and everything hurts. That part about getting them to turn loose is terrible. I have a terrible headache right where it felt like that was where the teeth broke loose-not his fault - just part of the process. She did warn me that the worst pain might still be yet to come -she said the 3rd to the 5th days can be the worse. Of course if I cannot make my mouth behave itself and I end up with a dry socket - I think I will roll myself down a big hill to punish this body of mine for not cooperating with what I am suppose to do! : )

Or course getting home was such a relief - a wonderful place to just be miserable in. But I was SO thrilled to see my furbabies - They did not care one little bit that I had gauze sticking out of my mouth and all bloody. They did warn me that 3 to 5 days could be the worst pain -that surprised me - and as we all know - I HATE PAIN! : 0

Now, if only I can get back to my sewing - time is wasting. 
Love to all!

L -    

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Head or Tails of it?????????????

Thanks to spending time with a friend yesterday - she gave me a wild idea?????? But, you know how ideas are? I had told her that I had made those trash containers for my sister-in-laws car and wanted her opinion of them.

She studied them for a while and then said that instead of just trash containers - why not turn them into baby essentials for in the car. She has two young daughters who both have youngsters and she thought it would be great to put pockets for carrying diapers and wipes and "Toys" and even snacks and then a trash pocket at the bottom????? I got a little start as I played with the pieces - only to discover that I did not have enough supplies-poo!  Since I have been Hoping to find a way to support myself - yet stay at home -for a moment I held my breath to see what my wee brain might thing of this idea?????

I decided that I would work on a few of these projects and if they were not sold by Christmas - then I would have some gifts for my grandchildren who all have babies. It is hard not to get your hopes up-but that is life. I have studied how others have 'found their calling" - doing things that they love at home. One young lady developed a whole career by selling "Tooth fairy" pillows- another by selling those fabric ornaments like I made last year.

I wonder what the secret is that some succeed and others not? Do you think it is just luck -or - talent - or- advertising????? This life is just so full of mysteries and it gives you things to ponder???

A new week is upon us and I hope that each of you has had a wonderful day and a beautiful new week heading right at you!  : )

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Guess What This Is??????????

Well, let me tell you - a ruined day, a broken heart , a financial disaster-but no learned lesson , because I could not figure out how we could have prevented it to start with? That was why I could not post last night - I was just TOO discouraged. It seems like everything just leads to many other things that make you feel like you are buried with stuff ?

We were out in the country -away from big traffic - a place that I normally enjoy going- to a little Mennonite store that carries so many nice things. All of a sudden it sounded like an explosion - I know it scared DH and I both to death because we looked quickly at each other. The sound was so loud that it gave me a bag headache and made me start that dumb trembling again.

My eyes had darted all over the car and then with a deep sign I said -O No!  Our window was broken - isn't this the strangest looking break that you have ever seen?  The passenger side has a very small break and our insurance company had paid for a company to come out and put that glue in the small one and then they add heat and kinda cook it in so that the break does not shatter .

Then a tractor trailer had hit us with another rock one day - but this time it really broke my heart. See why I am always whining about money???? It just never ends!

Or two days ago I received a check from the county we live in saying I had over paid my taxes and it was a refund???? Now , this was fishie to me because the main girl always adds what I pay each month and it just keeps on going . So, here was this check and I knew something was not right-so I decided I would keep it and then just mail it in the first of the year to start the process all over again. Ha! Then yesterday I get a bill in the mail saying  that I now owe 249.00 by the 5th of December/?????  See how confused I stay!

But today I rounded the curve and got back on track - all because I got to spend the day with a girlfriend. We had a grand ole time-we went to two craft fairs and they were great. All that creativity that you can feel floating around all those creative folks -it was wonderful.  I ended up buying two small baggies of dried apples - one was plain Yellow Delicious and the second one was Yellow Delicious with cinnamon -so we had a really nice natural treat to fuel our lively conversations. : )

SOOOO many pretty things -if only I had money-but at least we got to look. I would say that it did not cost us to look -the one school fair it did not cost to look  - but the second one at a fair grounds cost us entry fee -so it did cost to look there. Good thing it was cheap. LOL

I will always say that having the gift of friendship is one of the greatest treasures we can have. I  hope each of you have had as wonderful day as I have had too!
love to all

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rosie and Fishies

After morning chores I made it as far as the sewing room. This red box I keep the cleaning pads in that go with my steam cleaner I had used last night on our hardwood floor. Well, Miss Rosie found it and thought it was a terrific spot to rest her meaness on-er- in. LOL

By the time I got everything put away and DH had just left to go in the back of our property to do some hunting (he actually felt well enough! ) - well, then I Realized that today was bill day : ( - - - - - my Least favorite day of all the month)! POOH!

So I gathered up all of the bills and papers and checks and online accounts and set down to try to find my way through the mess - as I was counting my blessings to be able to do it this month.

 When I would get too down or discouraged I have these buddies to help take my mind off of my troubles and give it a temporary break.  In my humble opinion I think that we all need shelter of some kind at times from the storms of life.It just happens that not all of my angels have fur- a few of them have fins. : )

I had just finished the bills when DH came back home and we took off to the post office to mail the ones that had to go that way and then to the bank. The bank was a mess because there had been a car wreck on the main road and traffic was all snarled and people were so uptight and it was just so unpleasant.!

We stopped at the drug store which is beside the bank now and picked up DH's inhaler and we were on our way home - Yea!

We ate a bite of supper and I could see DH's eyes getting heavy. He came to briefly and then headed off to bed. He did stop midway as he remembered the wood stove would need filling . I told him to go to bed - I would fill it up. He said maybe he would wake up in time to fill it anyway. I had to chuckle at myself while I was doing the dishes because I started to hear this little tapping sounds and discovered that the rain is pouring down!  LOL - I don't think I share the same love of rain as my fish buddies do . LOL