Thursday, January 21, 2016

They Say It is COMING

Well, Blondie is like me - not too impressed with the upcoming weather event. I had to laugh at her when she laid her little head on the inside arm of the computer chair while I was working in the kitchen around her.

There was so much to get accomplished. I got the kitchen kinda straightened up and put on a pot of beans and a pan of cornbread for me to have. I had picked up the pups some ground turkey this time and was able to get their meds down them reluctantly -but still down them.

I did some more laundry and even got my hair washed. I have filled up numerous jugs of water -for when the electricity goes out.

It was so pretty outdoors you would never dream a big storm is bearing down on us. The sun was out and the snow was melting and all the animals were just enjoying the day. I locked Yukon up and fed him and then I walked up on the hill to check on their big bales of hay and decided that they were just Bad . I hatched a plan and went back down to the house and got the keys to my daughter's truck and a rope and went to see if the truck would start , since it had not been fired up since June?? Well, she did fire up and I got her to move the length of the truck and that was as far as she would go. The back tire was not even turning??

So, I called my older son and asked for his help. He and his son-in-law came after dark and jerked the two big bales out for me and looked at Crystal's truck and said it was something wrong with the front differential not letting the four wheel drive engage. So at least I know it was just not me being dumb? Now the sheep have two big bales of hay and I will not have to worry about them -plus Yukon will have the hay in the barn in case he cannot get out.

I called my daughter and told her about her truck so she would know. She has another truck that she drives to work at the post office . I just did not want her to think she could use this one for something important and then be disappointed. She said the post office has been loading sandbags and chains to be ready for tomorrow. I wish they would just let the post office close down for something this dangerous.

Then I called my friend in the hospital and checked on him . He is not doing so good and I hate it. The stuff they are feeding him through his veins is making his sugar go high and he still has not had anything to eat since Sunday. They are still waiting for him to FART- to prove that the air is moving out of his gut -first -before he can have anything to eat. But they only got him up to walk one time today and you know laying in bed is terrible for you. I am so worried about him.

I am trying to fill the bathtub with water but my stopper is old and the water wants to seep out . So, this last test I have laid a piece of plastic down first -then the stopper to see if that will help? Sooooo- if I do disappear for a couple of days you will know I have lost my electricity. Hugs to all.

O here is a link to a pretty dress for an American Doll dress -just in case you need to sew.

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