Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Loading up Weds.

Well, she's cleaned up the best that I can see. I sure hope that is still not bad in people's eyes tomorrow night at the sewing guild where we are having a "sew in" to make some kind of little hospital gowns for children or babies ???? This is my second Brother 034D serger . My first one had to go in the shop after several years and it took so long that I had what I thought were some pressing projects . I looked all around my area at all of the sergers and did not like what I saw. Even the "big ticket" ones did not have all of the functions that this little serger has - so I just up and ordered another one. TA-DAAAA - the plus, was I even knew how to operate it. lol  The downside - it is not quiet as dependable as my first one but I gave my first one to a friend who Yearned to have one - and has not even used it once.  So, I am keeping my fingers crossed that this one does not decide to act bad once she is called on ???? Hope, hope, hope.

This is her "carriage" she will be riding in. I never had the money for a "Real" serger carrier so I settled for a Coke ice chest ?? She was quiet disheveled after being in the closet for the last 3 years . I hope she does not look too bad once in a different light. The light here at the house is poor, but we are going to a brand new meeting place tomorrow night in a brand new church ??? I would not be able to attend if not for my sewing buddy/mentor Lynne -who took me under her wing several years ago and blessed me ever since.  I wish I had her talent and her Eyes. ~smile~  Welllllll- Mama always said if you was going to wish - to WISH BIG!

I had thought I would go to Jo-Ann's this morning and pick up some fabric for a couple of those Magic Pillowcases that I could put away for the Christmas gifts -BUT- once I looked at the brochure I learned the sale does not start until TOMORROW - so I just decided to get online and research ideas for projects. Sometimes it seems it takes as much time to "Hatch" an idea as it does to bring it to life???? But, I found a really nice felt hat project that I like .

My time was not without something useful - I managed another pair of the cloud booties , size Large.  I am starting to get low on the yarn that I managed to catch on sale. I do have another pink and another of the pastel-like these and then one that is different -it is shades of pale brown and white. I have been pondering to use it for one of the guys. Guys like soft warm things too - don't they???? I might have to add a couple of extra stitches to make them a tad longer-so I am pondering it????????

I hope you have had a beautiful day . It was another miserably cold day here. I went out and beat out all of the ice from the water bowels for the chickens and put fresh Warm water in for them -then gave them all treats. This time was homemade suet cakes because they say that the fat helps to keep them warmer. I hope so.  How many more weeks is it till SUMMER?????

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  1. Since I read the next post before this one, I know that the serger failed you during the guild. I am so sorry it is still giving you grief~! I know you've had lots of work on it. I think that is a nice carrier for her! Also, your boots are nice. Hope you stay warm while outside doing your chores. It is bitter out there tonight/ Sunday night~ Hugs~