Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Nice Quiet Weds.

It was a nice quiet Weds. The temperatures were mild and the frozen water dishes all thawed out so all I had to do was empty them out and fill up with fresh clean water. I was so grateful  that everybody was in good shape.

I didn't feel so chipper so after I did all of my chores I decided to just kick back and watch some more telly. I think this thing might be quiet addictive???? I am thinking I will have it out of my system after I view all the stories in the time frame that have already played and I will be caught up. This has been one of those programs that you really needed to watch it from the beginning to understand it better.

Miss Mocha (up above) actually came out of the bedroom and sat in the computer chair beside me for a little while.

                                                                   Even the fish seemed to be feeling quiet chipper today. I do enjoy their company. I enjoy koi because they are big enough I can see them, their food is easy to purchase and they have nice long life times -if things go right -so I can afford to get attached to them.

My friend got out of the hospital today and we missed each others calls all day long. Something weird was going on with the phones. He would call and I would pick it up and it would go dead. Then I would call back and it would pick up on the first ring and tell me that the person I was trying to call had not set up their mailbox???? It was very strange. Finally we connected and I discovered that his family Had Not been with him today and all he had to eat was some macaroni so I am going to attempt to fix him a couple of different soups tomorrow and take to him.

Hope you all have had a lovely day too.

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