Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday See The Vet Again

It started  off a nice , normal , beautiful day.  My friend called from the hospital to tell me he felt horrible and was hungry because he had not had anything to eat in two days , again. Just then the nurses brought him something to eat and he gave up the phone and dived in.

I got all the meds down my pups and then decided that my cat Cowboy would Have to go back to the vet for the fourth trip as his ear looks Horrible. I felt bad too, but he was more important. He received a shot to stop him from itching and digging at his wound and some antibiotics mixed in. I locked him in Miss Gabby's kennel in the living room where I could keep a better eye on him and where she would be forced to see him. I got him to eat a small amount and my heart just breaks.

I fed Yukon when I pulled in so after his hour in his kennel I went out to set him free.

I told him that tonight was going to be cold but the upcoming week is scheduled to be warmer than normal . I know he will appreciate that. 

Then I headed back the house.

I stopped at the Red Dinosaurs and gave them their treats and then headed to the house. Brrr- that wind blows right though you.

I  did manage to get one Cloud bootie made this afternoon and did some research on my thyroid , not finding much to make me happy. Plus, worried about Cowboy-Miss Gabby walked by him a couple of times and hissed at him. I had thought he was the bad guy in the group but I am beginning to think it is the females giving him the grief? I hate to see him so tore up. Darn it. We will see how tomorrow goes.

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  1. Yukon looks like he needs a friend here~ Does he get any of the animals that come into his area? I know you take good care of him.

    Poor Cowboy~ Praying for him~
    Hope your friend feels better soon! hugs~