Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just A Swinging

I finally found a project that does not have to have embroider work done on it. My wonderful neighbor gave me her swing so she could get a new one. After setting outside in the sun for a few years she looked a little tired . Like a best friend that you know has done too much work and just needs a fresh look at things. I had found some really neat fabric for a dollar a yard and I decided to play - EVEN if I did not know the Rules of the game! LOL

So , my new best friend is a new shade of BLUE - but there are no tears involved. Just some happy smiles because I really do like blue and this fabric has a kind of slick finish to it and makes it easier to wipe off my kitty's fur -because she thinks it is her private domain!

O, I ran across some free quilt patterns and thought you might enjoy looking. What fun is finding neat things when you don't have anybody to share them with?

Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm Pooped!

I have tried to accomplish a lot today.

That white roll is called "soil - control" and I got it at the building supply . They use it to put in ditches and it lets the water flow through , but the stones cannot. It is nice and thin and I like to use it to copy my multi-sized patterns on . It is easy to handle and it folds up really small.

You can tell it makes it very easy to trace the patterns. I worked at it all day long. Even if I do not have my embroidery machine back yet - I decided that it might save me some time If I went ahead and cut out the projects and they will be ready to embroider. I had forgotten how long it takes me to trace and cut out projects. I must be as slow as a turtle???

That stack is what I have accomplished today, I think there are 8 projects and I still need to cut out two more .I just ran out of energy and time.

Norway Pine Quilt Block Video Tutorial
I found this tutorial on the Norway Pine Quilt Block.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shirt for my animal control friend

This is the second shirt I have made for my friend with this pattern. Last time I had discovered AFTER I gave it to her that the sleeves were too short. She tried to make me feel better by saying that all the shirts she bought in the store were that way because she had longer arms than usual and that this one was lovely and she was used to wearing 3/4 length sleeves and they were comfortable. But that is what real "Friends " do - they love you and would never hurt you.

SO , this year I found fabric like I had used last year , just a different shade of color, since my friend loves earth colors. It is a very comfortable fabric to wear because it has some soft "give" to it and it feels so good on. I also made the sleeves 3 inches longer this time! LIVE and LEARN ! lol  I did use a Celtic design because she loves Celtic designs as I do. It is so nice to share a common interest with a friend - makes you feel like you are more "connected" .

For those of you quilters I found this tutorial on the barn quilts;
Iowa Barn Quilt Block Pattern Video Tutorial

Happy Sewing to One and ALL!  Let's make something!
Love and Laughter - Linda -the sewing granny

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sister-in-laws have birthdays too.

I had sent my sister-in-law some links to  look at embroidery designs  and send me pictures of some she liked because IF I was going to make her things - I wanted it to be something she would really like. But I learned a valuable lesson , because the types of designs she liked was not the same as what I liked - so I was very happy that I had that learning lesson. Like this panda bear - it would never have even crossed my mind????

I did enjoy working with this piece of knit because it was a tad heavier and it co-operated with me a little more  and I was actually happy with the end product.

I got lucky today while I was searching online for more Christmas ideas. I ran across this link and I think they have a really neat selection of ideas for inspiration.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This shirt turned out to be a very educational experience?

The fabric felt like a very light weight thermal  fabric? At first I thought of my sons, but after getting it home and washed and touched - it seemed too feminine? But , gosh - we females have to keep warm too???

So I have a sister-in-law who is a larger size and I wanted to err on the loose side - rather than the too snug size and this fabric definitely had some "give" to it!

I liked the blue color and I liked the stretch ability it had, but once It was all put together it took on a life of its own and tried to walk off her shoulders?? It seems to me that every fabric is like meeting a new friend -they each have their own personalities and their own abilities and they do not come with an instruction manual, so sometimes you just have to "wing it" and hope for the best. ~smile~

    For those of you still prowling for Christmas Ideas here is a link for a cute "snowman tote" that has a lot of possibilities ? I think the snowman is really sweet and you would not have to use felt - you could use any fabric or even add batting to make it fluffy -then change out the size to make it larger or smaller??? I just happen to love snowmen - no matter what size they are????????????? lol

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hubby's shirt

Well, I am back to the men's presents. I am short on hubby's presents and two son's presents and three grandsons. I really am not happy with two different patterns that I have for men's long sleeve tee shirts.  Each one has it's own set of problems , so I finally gave in and went with a Burda pattern. It looks nice on the envelope -but - very different on a real person.

I knew hubby needed a camo shirt because he has ONE that is about 15 years old and over time It has shrunk up to like a kids size - and I still have not figured out how he can cram himself in it???? It has so many holes in it that you can definitely say that "it is air conditioned in the winter time"! So, I finished the first one and asked him to be my test subject so I could study it and he happily agreed. He liked it -so I just gave it to him for now  But I was very dissatisfied with the shoulders .They just hang down off of his shoulders too much. I went back and studied the envelope. I think the people who make these patterns must have perfect models - INSTEAD - of real people. The model in the picture was a very well muscled young man  with wide shoulders. My DH is 63 years young and has very small shoulders  - half the size of the pattern . I do know IF I change the shoulders I will have to change the sleeve cap somehow also??????

IF only my "sewing angel" would appear to me and deliver me some suggestions????

I ran across an interesting link that has a video on a different technique to do a nice quilting project. I preally enjoy Seeing how something is done -instead of just reading about it.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A LIghthouse Project

Even a Granny tries her hand at a different art form every now and then. I have always loved terra cotta pots  - didn't matter what you did with them. I wanted to make some kind of solar light fixture to sit at the steps of my son's houses - so they would not trip in the dark - or at least give you a beacon to "aim" for when stumbling around in the dark.

I ran across several different ideas and then decided to just get the pots and start painting and let the project go where it wanted to lead. I got two different sizes of pots and a solar light from the building and supply store and then just started painting from a picture of a lighthouse.

And this is what I ended up with. The larger set is for my sister-in-law and I did two of the smaller set for my two sons  and ended up painting one more of the smaller set as a gift to the young lady who was my massage therapist for 6 months when we were recovering from our wreck. She was the one who diagnosed my fibromyalgia and started me on the path of easing the pain to make it bearable to live with. She was a very special young lady that I came to love. 

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Scatter Rug Experiment

When you live in the country and have a lot of dirty foot traffic , I have found scatter rugs to be a life saver. But now-a-days rugs are so expensive that I just cannot afford them, considering that they have a short lifespan  and are not wash machine friendly and the backing falls off and makes a big mess in your washer and dryer.

I had come across a rug idea online that called for chenille fabric and that sounded nice but when I checked the price of chenille I just could not swing that either?

My little antique dog, Pee Wee likes to eat in the bathroom by herself so no body else can gobble up her soft food and she usually makes quiet a mess out of it  - getting more on her and the floor than in her -sometimes. I decided I needed a small rug for her to eat on and Yet be easy to wash and affordable at the same time.

I happened to run across a medium size towel that was a hand me down from a wonderful friend and I decided to experiment ? I folded the towel in half and sandwiched in a piece of fleece in the middle. I sewed a border around the square -just to hold the fleece stuffing in place . Next I hand drew a heart and took my regular sewing machine and used my satin stitch to trim the heart out and also help hold everything in place and YIPPEEEEE!!!! I had a quick, functional - easy to wash scatter rug that just filled the bill for what I wanted it to do.

Next I am thinking about adding two pieces of fleece in the middle and maybe changing the design from a square to a oval or even a heart??? These work up so soft under your feet and I really love the idea and it didn't cost me 20.00! Plus, I love the fact that it is hand crafted.

For all of you quilters I ran across an interesting site today with projects involving quilting. Very cool ideas.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Christmas Gift for Friend Who Lost Her Baby

I have a wonderful young friend who suffered one of life's greatest tragedies - she lost her newborn baby boy.  I  have always heard my husband say that we should pass away before our children if life went the way it was suppose to go. I met my young friend when we were sent to a chiropractor to nurse our wounds from a car wreck-where a teenage boy hit us head on. It is funny sometimes how life leads you around the bush and you still end up in the right place , at the right time.

Our young chiropractor was top notch - one of the best and I came to love her dearly , like one of my own kids. She was so dedicated to her profession and easing the pain and suffering. By her side was her young receptionist who was so loving and kind, but during our visits I came to sense a terrible sadness -that continued to grow inside of her and I could see her broken heart , in her eyes. Finally one day I asked and she explained that she was checking into a hospital because she was a broken spirit who had lost her baby during childbirth almost a year past. I was devastated for her and even though she had tried to grieve and move on -she was losing ground. I do believe all of us Mothers can only imagine the pain of one of the ultimate sacrifices that life would throw at us.

She wanted to find some way to acknowledge her baby on the Christmas tree and she was working through ideas and everytime she mentioned it to her family - they blew her off -because they thought she should just get over it . But after you have carried a child underneath your heart for 9 months I don't believe you ever forget them , kinda the way that if we have more than one child - we love them all - just for different reasons-each one special and unique as is your relationship with them.

I decided to embroider a Christmas bell because when I ring in Christmas I count all my blessings and of course my children are definitely some of my precious blessings . I did the snowflake with his name on it because I believe that each child - like each snowflake is different and unique and so special. Snowflakes come and go so fast -in the blink of an eye - yet so pure for their brief existence. As each snowflake falls to earth their existence has great meaning , sometimes they gently kiss our upturned faces and sometimes they fall where they end up snow-ice cream and delight all -and some tumble down and add moisture to our Mother Earth who may be dry and need a nice slow quenching drink so that she might bring forth our foods and flowers come Spring.

I believe that her precious Lucus had come to touch her heart and soul . He did not come to break her spirit but to show her that there is a higher place . If only each child could have the gift of a Mother that loved them enough to just remember them always and hold them in her heart-what greater gift could there be?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

This One's For You , Micki

Just a post or two back I mentioned that the mere thought of a zipper sent cold shivers of fear running down my spine -and Micki (from the Irish Muses) commented that she LOVED zippers! I was awe stuck! So, I decided since I could not just ship my jacket off to Micki' in Ireland for her to fix it - I had better grit my teeth and attempt to cut my old zipper out and put in a new one that would work. This jacket was one of my first few projects that I tackled and within a month's time Lynne had to cut me out of it one day. !

Since I loved this jacket I decided later that I would put a new zipper in????? (You know how the best laid plans are) Well, I did purchase a new zipper ! BUT! then last Christmas I needed a green zipper for the jacket I made for hubby and AFTER it was all created and wrapped and handed off to hubby - that I realized that way MY zipper that I had given away! LOL

So, here it is cool weather again - just perfect for my lite weight fleece jacket and the broken zipper was still in there! I wore it one day walking and realized it was not to comfortable HOLDING my jacket closed against the Fall winds  - so - I broke down and went to the store to get a zipper. Only to discover there were no GREEN zippers in town! BURRRRR - HUMBUG!!!!!!!!!!! So, I caved in and bought the only Brown zipper that was the correct size!!!!!!!!!!

As I sent up prayers to my "sewing zipper angel" I carefully tore out the broken GREEN zipper and carefully laid in the new Brown zipper  - every stitch I took - I thought of Micki and pondered how it would be to Love to do zippers~ Well, IF I was as talented as she is - I might LOVE them too! LOL  Maybe that is why God gives us friends - To inspireUs!

So thanks to each and all that I share this virtual world with - I reguard each of you as so special because you enrich my world and I love visiting with each one -what a wonderful world we all share!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hubby's jacket is like Hubby- a lovely problem.???

Isn't it funny how people fall in love, get married and then learn how to compromise??? Then slowly they evolve and the two become as one a lot of the time. Just when I thought I had learned most of the tricks to a happy marriage - this jacket I wanted to make for hubby - confounds me!

I wanted it to be perfect and I really put my heart and soul into the project and it really turned out nice. Then when it came time for him to check it out?????? It was a mile too big! I sputtered a little bit , turned around and gave it to our Son who has wide shoulders and it fit him perfectly.

Back to the drawing board and worked up a second one -SMALLER !I'll be darned - it really is too large for him too , especially in the shoulders where it falls off of his shoulders! I was really miffed that time- it seems I have to learn EVERYTHING the hard way????  Since I was down to the small size with that pattern I guess I could measure his shoulders and then alter the pattern just for him. I know that will cause me some kind of grief with the sleeves then???? I sure wish I was born knowing everything I needed to know to accomplish my goals!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Since Christmas is just a skip and a hop away I found some more links with an idea?????

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Babies and Birds

Still working on bibs , just wish that this bug would go away. Hubby and I have been sick for 3 weeks now. It's not the flu because there is no fever nore throwing up. Just LOTS of mucus and coughing or sneezing  and it beats you down till you are so weak, and of course the not being able to breath and the headaches are no fun. I barely have the strength to keep up my regular stuff. I Hate COLD and I HATE being Sick!

Then I read or watch TV about how bad this years flues might be and it is very discouraging?

I hope everybody is doing better and NOT sick.

I did run across this link to make birds for decorations :

Monday, October 19, 2009

Young Mothers and their first baby

One of my  friend's young daughters was having her first baby and I wanted to fix her something that she could use and would come in handy, so I decided to pull from things that had been useful for me at that time of my life. I Always loved bibs- they would protect baby's outfit and in a pinch I would attach a pacifier to it so It would not get lost.

It was nice to work on a project that I did not have to hold my breath on -just to keep my stitches nice! Plus, there is something about babies - they are so pure and sweet -but also SO much work - for somthing so small and they change your life Forever.

I ran across an interesting link today that had Several offerings of smaller projects that do not take a lot of time for those of you looking for Christmas ideas:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another tee shirt with Hi

Well, I am still in tee shirts and making the last of them with the little happy critter waving. I just was hoping that anybody that saw it would feel happy inside and everybody could get off to a great start!

I ran across more information on turning any tee shirt into a recycled shopping bag and I really like the idea.

I always like to recycle as much as I can. The weather here in Va. is dark and gloomy and cold. But I am wishing the rest of the world sunshine and creativity -which is what I will have as soon as I can escape to my sewing room.
Best wishes to all
Linda , The Sewing Granny

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fleece Jacket for daughter-in-law

I decided to try my hand with a fleece jacket for my daughter-in-law and gray is one of her favorite colors as is purple and when I ran across the combination of gray with purple flowers I believed it to be a perfect combination.

My main problem is if you just mention the word "ZIPPER" - I break out in a cold sweat!!!!!!!!!!! For some reason a zipper seems like a monster to me who lurks in my creativity and turns me into a limp noodle of fear. But they always tell you to face your fear - so I did and the project really went well for me . The zipper practically put itself in place for me  and I was really careful about keeping the bottom nice and even. One thing I did not like about the pattern was that it has a interfacing along the inside zipper and the way the pattern left it - it was just kinda flapping in the wind????? So, I went ahead and seamed it all the way from the top to the bottom seam and I loved the result, it laid nice and flat now and gave it kind of a "more together" look.

I am always on the search for Christmas presents and I ran across this link today:
She has a tutorial about how she makes heart-shaped hotpads. I really do enjoy projects where you can use smaller pieces of left over fabrics to  make something that can be useful instead of something to just catch dust. LOL

I hope all of you are making good progress on your Christmas list . It seems like time just takes off flying when it comes to this time of year! If only I had a few more extra minutes tucked away somewhere?????  

Friday, October 16, 2009

Trying to return a Friend's gift?

Remember last night when I told you that a dear , sweet, generous friend created me an embroidery design just for my son's tee shirt pocket? After I had used the gift for each of my son's tee shirts I decided that I would surprise her with a hoodie with her own design on it. I didn't think it was fair that she did all the work and not receive anything for her efforts and I thought IF it was me - I would love to wear my own designs?I hope I was right because this is the hoodie that I created  and put her little happy critters on it .

While I have been working on tee shirts I ran across a link to recycle tee shirts.

We are having a cold steady rain here in VA tonight and it is some of those that are so fine that it feels like a mist, but I hate the cold . It is one of those that feels like it goes all the way to the bones.I wish each and every one a day of good health and sweet creativity.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hi Tee Shirt

I am so very blessed in so many ways. Due to the virtual world I have discovered friends that would never been available to me any other way and I love them with all my heart. I had decided to make a tee shirt for one of my sons and I had seen little embroidery works on the pockets in the stores. I mentioned it to one of my virtual angels and she told me that she was Learning how to digitize and she would work me up something cute to stick on a pocket -then a little later she sent me this angel. I thought his little smiling face was so adorable that it made me smile every time I looked at it. I believe that love is what makes the world go round . I had a friend one time that told me  -"Love is a gift - I give it to you - you give it away and eventually it comes around full circle." I really love that idea and like to hold it close to my heart.

This shirt behaved like one of my kids -every time I thought I had it pegged - it changed its mind on me! I had seen shirts in the store and they had the two different lengths of sleeves.  SO , I got very brave and decided I would attempt to pull it off! And , WOULD you believe that it went perfect and I was very happy - UNTIL I stood back and looked at it????????????????????? I decided that it looked too feminine for a guys shirt and I went back and ripped out the long sleeve part and only left the short sleeve part. lol  It amazes me how our sewing projects take on a life of their own - sometimes good and sometimes not - but I do believe that no matter what -we always end up learning something.

While I was visiting today I ran across a neat link that has some free patterns and since I know a lot of you are quilters -there are some really nice ideas .I always love to stick my nose in somebody else's creativity! lol
Have fun one and all and let your creative spirits soar!   

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another tee shirt for older son.

OOps - This is my little antique who likes to hang out with me in the sewing room. Her name is Pee Wee and we adopted her from the pound 18 years past. She is getting a little slower every day, but she has been a constant companion all these years and it is getting hard knowing I will lose her soon. I have never had a dog live as long as she has and this is a different lesson for me and her both.

The night I brought her home we all learned a valuable lesson. She has some kind of terrier in her background and they were used as ratters in the old days. So when hubby and myself went to bed we each found a dead guinea pig UNDER our pillows!!!!!!!!!!! I almost fainted!!!!!!!! Boy, I chewed Pee Wee out and I know I broke her little heart because she thought she was doing something so wonderful for us. Since then I have decided that all of us humans go through that lesson also, we try to do what we think is something that another will love-but we might have bad timing or the wrong color or just be plum off base- we are doing it out of love - but it just turns out wrong??? Well , Pee Wee and I ended up on great terms and she has NEVER hurt another animal in her lifetime- and some people think animals cannot understand us! LOL

I ended up with a piece of black knit that had  a LOT of stretch to it and it is very light-weight so I decided to make a tee shirt for my oldest son. I thought being black it would not show up dirt and stains and I embroidered the deer on it because sometimes he does deer hunt. He used to tell me that since he is the middle child that he got shortchanged  because the first child gets a Lot of attention because it is a new experience and the Last child gets a lot of attention - but he says the middle child does not get his share ! If that was true it was not my intention. Then I read a story about how the birth order falls really does affect our children! What a complicated world it can be sometimes????

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sister-in-laws tee shirt with her pooch on front

 Still working on the tee shirts . I still did some "drunk driving " around the collar.I try so hard and for some reason I still wobble -no matter how hard I try to hold my breath.  Plus, my new machine has a button to slide that you can go slow, medium and faster and I even use SLOW - Maybe my poor ole brain just is stuck in Groundhog gear???? I did enjoy the fabric - it is kind of a light brown and mixed white threads running through. I also loved the little pooch design because she has a little chihuahua named Buttons and I think she will get a kick out of it.

I am one tired pup myself tonight , I worked all afternoon helping my hubby haul 4 truck loads of gravel to a friend's house -then unload them and rake them as smooth as I could. Our truck is the smaller size , but still a lot of work for an ole grandmaw! lol We came home and picked up two of our "pooches" and took off to the park to walk our two miles. The weather is beautiful , 56 degrees and the leaves are all colors and rustle under your feet as you walk. Our pooches are what make our walks so nice- I pay more attention to them than I do my fibromyalgia pain and every little bit helps. If we don't walk then I get stiff as a board and can hardly pull myself up out of bed in the morning and my back will just kill me - so we really try hard to help ourselves - no matter how much it hurts. I would tell you that my older age is probably my favorite age so far - IF we just did not have so much pain to try to outsmart! There really are a lot of advantages to being older: you know ,like we have raised our kids and now it is their turn to lose sleep and chase their kids OR the younger people will let you get by with a little more and also give you a little more respect and kindness . My favorite is the old men now chase the pretty young things . LOL - I always laugh at that one . Some things never change - LOL And I get to spend MORE time doing the things I love the most - Sewing and spending time with my hubby and my critters and making things for my kids and grandkids and soon to be great grandkids.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Turkey -gobble , gobble !

My oldest son seems to love this time of year so he can go turkey hunting -so I decided to give him a "turkey" that he can keep all the time. This was another tee shirt that I added long sleeves to so he could have something to wear to work in , at least. He still smokes , so of course he HAS to have a pocket and this was interesting to me to put the embroidery design on the pocket. Then since I did not have a pattern that showed you where to put the pocket at and since I do not smoke and do not know where smokers Reach for - I pulled out one of hubby's old shirts and I measured how far down and how far over the pocket was on one of his shirts and that was how I figured out where to put that pocket???????? Since I did not get an criticism - I am hoping that means that I got it right????

As you can tell from the picture - I have my threads and some of my tools up on pegboards.This was a great tip that I learned from Lynne. I would never have been able to keep up with all my treasures , but this way I just look up and there is everything in plain sight-and that is about the only way I can keep up with things here lately . It is nice to have a system that works for you.  And then there is this one that has such neat colors:          and then there is this one with a little different twist:

So while my 'warm friends" are enjoying Spring - we "colder folks" will be playing with snakes and cold. LOL

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Camo hoodie

One son loves camo and one son does not. It is so funny how different your children can be -no matter what age they are.  I made this hoodie for my youngest son who is 26  and he has always loved camo.  Since he now works with heavy machinery I thought he might wear this under his coveralls on those really cold winter days when he has to work out in the weather all day. He is a little like his Mom - we both have rotten immune systems and if someone sneezes in front of us - we come down sick for weeks.

I can tell I am making progress in my sewing as my "drunk driving sewing" is not as quiet as wobbly now. I go slow and hold my fabric steady and I still do a LOT of PRAYING!  lol I was almost satisfied with this hoodie but I think it is a good thing that I am always striving for perfection. I know I can never make perfection , but it still gives me a goal and for the ones I love -a better gift.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rainy Fall Day

Since it is a cool , rainy  Fall day and I am nice and miserable with an upset tummy. Hubby and I both had a bug jump on us two weeks ago today and then last night we had what we thought was indigestion-until this morning I woke up with a terrible upset stomach. Feels like there is a fire in there. I Hate being sick.

I decided to work on a different shirt for the youngest son. I found this cute embroidery design at Embroidery Library. As usual , I have problems keeping that neck line straight - but have tried a tip that Lynne gave me . I zigzag the neckband together Before I attach it to the shirt. That helps me keep it straighter.  I can't for the life of me figure out why I am such a crooked semistress????Sometimes it seems like the harder I try to be perfect = the worse I do.

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's TGIF DAY! (thank goodness its friday)

I just cannot believe it is Friday - AGAIN???? ???Where does time go to - I just end up getting older each day?? LOL
This is a knit tee shirt pattern that I add long sleeve to for my sons for Winter - time. I am so sorry the picture doesn't show up so good - it is a picture of a "fisherman in his boat On top of an alligator" -let's just say he caught something he did not expect - probably the biggest fish story of his life.
I always have a problem when it comes to sewing the neckbands on knit shirts! I try to be so careful and even hold my breath as I sew-BUT- still I wobble when I should bobble or something??? Makes me so angry. It's a good thing that I don't drive like I sew - lol - OR they would lock me up and take away the keys and I would not like to lose my privilege to drive.

This was the first time that I put a design on a pocket and I think I like it  . I still have problems getting the right fit for my family so it is nice that I have "LOTS of  nice guinea pigs " to practice on.

O- I wanted to leave Chris a note about the underlining on the last post: I don't know why it gets underlined???  Maybe somebody else can tell us what I am doing when I write the post that lets it underline things sometimes????? ~smile~

We are having beautiful weather here in VA. today. It is 80 and sunny  and I wish it could stay like this all Fall long????? Tomorrow it is calling for rain , so we will probably cool off some. I am listening to the sound of walnuts as they come tumbling down off of the walnut tree and hitting the roof of our house. The walnuts even look bigger this year???

Thank you so much for visiting with me today and many happy sewing stitches to you!
Hugs to all!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


This is one reason that I Hate to see my beautiful Summer leave me??? I have fallen madly in love with my Trumpet Plant! I have waited every since Spring to see her bloom and it is well worth the wait and just as she shows her true colors - it is almost time for Mr. Autumn to come along and steal her beauty and break my heart. Then another thing I have been pondering is that I had purchased a Brother PE700II embroidery machine a couple of months past on E-bay.I wanted a machine with a larger embroidery area -this does a 5 x 7 and I wanted the ability to download designs from the internet via the USB port! So, this machine was exactly what I wanted -with a limited budget.I haunted E-bay for a couple of months until I found one I could swing. But the minute I pulled it out of the box and set it up - I was wondering IF she made too much noise??? My little Bernina Deco was a quiet workhorse and this sounded more like a thrashing machine.  Still I went ahead and learned how to download designs and where all the bells and whisles were. I am not very techincal minded and it definitly is a challenge to learn new things.  I was very happy with the idea that this machine can do a number of things that are so nice. 
But the noise just got worse until yesterday when I wanted to make a friend a tee shirt because she has lost so much weight that he clothes just hang on her. I had found a great lighthouse design that said , Friends Light the Way? Perfect! I thought  - yea, right ! EIGHT HOURS later I finally finished the design. The thread had broken at least every 3 minutes . It was a nightmare and I was so tired .

I got online this morning and looked for Brother Dealers in my area - only to discover that the closest one was a 3 hour drive!  I did call and talk to the lady and she was SO VERY nice -so I got directions and hubby and I loaded up the machine and took off. Our drive took us through the mountains and it was a very curvy and I get carsick - so the drive wore me out.  We did find our way to the shop and get our machine tucked in . I paid 20.00 down and have to wait Two Weeks. That was the worst part for me . I don't known if I can stand being without an embroidery machine for that long????? I do have a few projects already embroidered - so maybe that will keep me busy putting them together.  I hate for things to go wrong now - it is getting so close to Christmas and I was hoping I would get my projects all finished in time - and was not planning on a break down.   Sometimes I just wish things would Work!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Boxer Briefs Man !

You know how "guys" are always SO difficult to try and buy presents for???? Why is that???? Is it because we have never walked in "their shoes"  or what? I always say that "guy toys" just seem to cost so much and I don't have it in my budget to run out and buy them a new Harley motorcycle OR a $1000.00 tool box Or a new helicopter for them to play with. SO -  - I get stumped. It's not that I don't love them with all my heart and am so honored that I have such wonderful "guys' in my life! So, what's a gal to do?????

One of my son's is a "Boxer" man - must take after my Daddy. I decided to venture into the world of boxers. I went to Walley World and took a gander at all the boxers. All sizes and colors and different fabrics and then I took a visit to the fabric store in town. I decided that I could get the red lightening fabric and give him a note saying how I thought he was like quicksilver or something corny - that only a MOM could get away with??? While I was there I ran across the yellow fabric in the discount bin  -and I was amazed-it was nice and soft and slick and felt so good to run it across my hands - so I decided to "go for it". I brought it and came home for my fist challenge of sewing a "slick fabric" . I pumped myself up for this challenge with "affirmations" of I can do this! This fabric will work great for me" You know - you get the picture. But, it must have helped and I did take Every Step nice and slow and easy and it seemed to flow that day. I must say I was quiet pleased with myself that day and ended up with two very different pairs of briefs that a Son could not find another pair like them - even if he tried. I did let the daydream pass through my head of becoming the new " men's underwear diva" who could create boxers that any man would love ???? Yea , right - I hear you laughing  - so maybe at least I was able to get a "shocked smile " out of one son on Christmas Day. After all that is what Christmas is for - I get to work all year and then "torment " my kids that one day and get away with it-  after all - I worked hard to raise them and I deserve a little fun! They know I love them! lol

I found another interesting place to visit that has some lovely quilting patterns and she has some lovely Christmas ideas and one of the cutest "yo-yo Santas" that I have ever seen.Here it is and a Merry Ho HO HO to each and all - I'm so sorry - I am getting excited about Christmas now and it brings out the naughty in me!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hoodies and Family

My daughter-in-law asked me to teach her how to sew "hoodies" because that was what she wanted to make for her kids for Christmas. I almost fainted from fear -talk about the pot calling the kettle black?????? I make every mistake in the book and here I am attempting to guide someone thru the process?????? I was really terrified and I did some heavy praying that I would not mislead her and waste her fabrics.My daughter-in-law is a very special young lady and when you are spending time with someone that you love -magical things can happen.Throw in a smart as a whip granddaughter and you get some icing on the cake. We did learn that not all fleece material is the same. We ended up with one piece that would fly in the air while she was attempting to cut it -that was a very wild fabric to attempt to tame down. The young one wanted a hoodie that related to her "racing hobby" and her Mom pulled it off really well. I think she has a natural talent and she ended up making 9 hoodies for her kids and nephews and nieces.
Ashley was kind enough to "model" the doggie print one made for her cousin. I did learn that gathering together to create something (whether it be quilts or clothing) anything you do with fabric is a wonderful day .And time does fly when you are having fun.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's So EASY 7977

This was a pattern that I ran across at a local thrift store and it stirred my imagination. My neighbor had given me a shirt that stirred my curiosity because it had just a little "give" to it and it made it doubly comfortable because it moved with me. I had found a piece of fabric in a discount bin of Jo Ann's Fabric store and it had a little bit of "give " to it too.So, I came up with the wild idea to test it out with this pattern. I got lucky and all the pieces were in the envelope and it had even been customized by somebody else which made the product fit Just perfect for a friend of mine.  I really did enjoy working with the fabric - it would have been nice to know what kind it was , but as usual it always says - a mixture of and that drives me crazy -but since that is only a short walk - I soon get over myself and move on to learn a new lesson.
I did embroidery a Celtic design on it just for a little sparkle and to make it special for her.HO_HO_HO! The reason I enjoyed this pattern was that the front you just cut the front and a piece of interfacing and a lining  piece. Then you sandwich them all, sewed  together and turn inside out and you are finished . It was soooooo much easier for me to understand than the Vogue pattern. I still want to make the previous pattern , but it is on the shelf for a later date. ~smile~

Friday, October 2, 2009

Vogue 7063

There is one thing about this pattern that gives me a fit . It is that front band that covers your buttons and it is Harder to do for me than "being beaten by an ugly stick"!!!!!!!! I had planned to make one for me and one for my animal control friend, but neither of these would fit either of us -it says size 16, but it is small.

So back to the drawing board and with my new larger size pattern I will hunt new suiting fabric. LOL