Monday, January 25, 2016

Is It Really Monday?????

I Finally got into my sewing room today! Let me just Pass Out from joy. But my joy was short because instead of sailing away on a project adventure I had to have a serious discussion with my Brother 1034D serger. 

This was my second Brother 1034D serger so you might know I love them  But, I have come to the conclusion that this one is "Not the Machine" that my first one was. My first one was a true warrior -always ready to tackle what -ever you throwed at it-even things that should not have been and it always triumphed.

This seems to be like a spoiled brat Always needing some kind of attention . After its miserable presentation at our Guild sew in I knew I would have to have a serious sit down discussion with it. It just would not co-operate with its stitches. You could get it to start out right -but then things would always run a muck.  

Well, I ran across an Excellent tutorial on Youtube about adjusting your serger and that is what my morning was spent doing . This is the link just in case you might need advice.:

Basically you cut a pattern 5 inches by 15 1/2 inches and cut out 4 of them.

Of course Since I was in the Sewing Room - I was in the company of royalty - I was in Miss Rosie's sewing room .

You fold your strip of fabric in half and then come down 2 inches , which give you room to ease onto the serger -then you mark 1 1/2 inch apartments.

You now have four of these strips and at the top you write , upper looper on one - lower looper on one - right needle on one and left needle on one. Then you put which ever one up to the serger ease on and which ever place you are testing that is where you start your tension -on 1 you serger 1 apartment - on 2 you serger 2 apartment and so on. O - one thing I  forgot you have a separate color thread on all four spaces so you can see Exactly what position the stitch is and Exactly what condition that stitch is in . It was Very en-lighting ! It did take a couple of hours as I tried not to hurry - just to pay attention to the process and absorb what I was learning.  I did have to fiddle a little with m stitch width and length but finally we arrived with a usable stitch. I pinned my strips together and hung them on my pegboard for future reference.

Miss Rosie approved of my lessons for today and released me to attend to out door chores. The temperatures did get above freezing today so the white stuff was melting ever so slightly.  I headed out to the dove house with fresh water and foods in hand and sitting on top of an overturned tote I use for a table was a stray kitty. I had seen this kitty before - back in December . She was waiting under where the pigeons drop some of their seeds and then the wild birds come and clean it up??? I knew she was hoping for a meal- she looked thinner than last month - she had beautiful pastel green eyes and her little tongue looked a little crooked???  She had a little fear in her eyes - yet curiosity too. I spoke and she spoke and we eyed each other. Then slowly we went around each other and then looked back at each other.  Anger went through me that some irresponsible human had probably moved off and left her from the lake just beyond me. So, I put down the pigeon and dove food and water and went to the house where I had a bag of cat food that my crew will not touch and filled a big bowel.  I carried it back out and she was sitting in the drive patch that my neighbor had cleared for me with his tractor. I placed the bowel down on the ground and walked away as she watched me.

I went on back to the doves and pigeons and fed and watered them. As I came out the kitty was stuffing her face in the bowel. I went on and did the main building and she was still eating.  Finally about 30 minutes later she raised her head and eyed me. Here I have just adopted Gabby - I do not want another kitty and definitely not a kitty outdoors. I do not like for dogs and cats to be outdoors - plus with cats I know they damage they do to our wild bird population?  Plus in the house my Cowboy is still so traumatized from his ear being tore off from some cat that invaded our space that I can only get him to come out from under the bed to eat. .O dear , O dear???????????????????  

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  1. You live with lots of Drama Linda, and not any to your own doing! God bless you with peace, joy and all you need to feed these precious animals! Glad you could start a new project!