Sunday, January 24, 2016

Unhappy Eyes Sunday

      For some reason this weather event is just "getting under my skin"!  It should not -but ????? We human beings are very strange creatures???

I had placed this small piece of plywood on top of  this post that I hung two hangers on - I only put one screw in it so when it blows away I plan to put a larger one on it. the idea was to Stop the Rain from getting the seeds and the birds wet. But , at the moment it makes me think of an umbrella.        

The dogs would not take their meds this morning and I did not try to force them. I decided to wait them out and see if I could sneak it in a lunch time snack and that did work. Mocha and Cocoa have just completed their second round of antibiotics for this doggie flu mess.


Gabby decided to start her morning off with a movie at the front door watching the feeders , while I fixed my morning green smoothie and gulped down all of my eye supplements. I was not feeling too well -still sore from the snow exercise and then my eyes decided to test my will by CRYING! Big fat tears just ran from my eyes making it almost impossible to do anything creative????

Blondie the Mama of all the others is finally looking a lot better. I am not for sure that means she is feeling a lot better as she did not want to eat. 

Lunch time found Cocoa trying to enjoy the sunshine through the front door. I had forgotten to put down their cushion.

Blondie and Bandit made their first appearance in the living room since this storm has happened. I was quiet glad to see them , while I was watching a tv program.  I was getting hungry but my tummy was hurting . I decided to heat up some cornbread and eat it with some buttermilk -hoping that would ease my tummy - and it did work. Plus, I did get all the dogs to take one bit of food and in that one bit was their heart meds -so Yea.  Now they are good until bedtime.

My eyes continued to cry and I could not do anything creative. I gave up and watched another tv story on this program Elementary I am getting hooked on. AT times I could set the laptop on a little table and at times I had to place it on my lap. I definitely wish I could just order a new set of eyeballs and just screw them in. Weeellllll - they are doing research on growing new teeth - why not eyeballs???

It is hard to see in this picture , but the "black clan" came back to visit, run off the smaller birds and fill their tummies. EVERY TIME  I try to get a good picture of them -they fly to the highest trees. I tried everything from crawling on the floor to the front door but nothing worked -they were just too fast. So, this was my last attempt from long distance. It is very hard to see but they are clustered all over the feeder like ornaments hanging on a  tree. 

Miss Gabby is back to work -just looking beautiful. Something about a cat asleep on a couch has always soothed me. This is a help to the snow which just keeps my nerves on edge for some reason?

Maybe it is because I am really just an outdoor person and like to run in and out the door any time I please ????? Plus, tv  is a problem - I can see where you could get addicted to it as you get lost in the plot or grograms???? 

I did have one adventure at the back door. There was a tremendous crash and the gutter came crashing down. I tried to get out the back door but it was blocked with big black blocks. I carefully wiggled and pushed at small increments until I could squeeze out the door . The weight of blocks of ice had brought down the plastic gutter. I sure was glad that neither me nor the pups had been going out that door. Plus, glad I could get the door open enough to move the mess as I would never have made it around the house. 

One little Winter adventure after another . Did I ever tell you - I HATE WINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol


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    1. O Gosh - that is Good news! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love seeing all your Babies! Each one is so precious! Thought was was interesting that you are soothed by your cat sleeping on the couch! I like your way of keeping the rain and snow off the bird feeders! HUGS~~~