Monday, November 30, 2009

Stuck in Limbo

 Well, I guess we all have "off days" - sooner or later. It is deer season here in Va. and my DH is an avid deer hunter. As much as I hate deer season - I hate waste too . So , I have been up to my eyeballs in venison -making homemade Jerky for all the grand-kids for Christmas. That is one thing that they all love - so I spend my time trying new recipes and letting them sample each one.
 Last year I found a recipe to make "Slim - Jims"  and every one was so thrilled. I processed one whole deer that my son killed into the Slim Jim's and have a really good size box full. (Sewing related -because I used the box that my embroidery machine came in " LOL )
 Son told me that the whole entire box was consumed by the first of February  - so you can really see how much they enjoy it. I have two dehydrators runnning right now with a sweet taste and in them morning I will take these out and bag them and put on another run of hot and spicy.

 I happened to run across another Sewing Link - I should say quilting link because it is so full of patterns, turts. and inspiration.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Try Again?

 After realizing I had not considered all my facts - I regrouped and this is the new pattern for my hubby's hands that were burnt in an explosion back in 72. The right hand is the lesser scared and the thumb and forfinger work the best  - so this is the hand that the pattern with the "trigger finger" works best for. I must have got lost in my thoughts and just accept that most people have two hands that make a matching pair.

His left hand is the one that is crippled and fingers are drawn  back to his palm - so I am hoping the regular mitten form will be useful. These were my first drafts and while I was getting more satisfied - something was still a little off.

This is my collection of scrap pieces of knit that my gloves are being cut from. I take the remnants and clip them into small pieces so I can add them to my collection for my doggie pillow .


I am getting quiet a collection. I wish I could have used the same material for all of the gloves -OR - at least fo each pair to match. When he buys the plain brown workers gloves - they always wear out within a weeks time. I wish I could just screw off his hands and borrow them to see how these will fit . I guess I will just have to wait and see on Christmas.

I would like to have time to iron them all to help set the stitches , but with a husband that can "smell" Christmas a mile away - I am working on being sly. (LOL - I hope)

Friday, November 27, 2009

A Win-Win situtation!

our guardian angels just look out for us! I had a pair of slacks that were knit, but warm and toasty. I had gone looking for a fabric that resembled it - since I had no idea what the mixture was? I ran across this piece of green and I had a new pattern (new to me - from the thrift store) . I had never tried it out up till now and I know we are suppose to make a muslin to test the patten, but I Hate to waste a piece of fabric. I figure If I make and it turns out - I get lucky - and that will save me some fabric. So this time I just took off and did it. Sometimes I just get SO lost in time and effort and this was one of those times. After I finished it - I had my doubts? But I really got lucky - it was not the right size for me - BUT- it was the perfect size for my sister-in-law !!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea - one Christmas present - snuck in by fate! LOL

I was doing some research today and ended up with a couple of neat links. Sometimes I wish I had talent - like you quilters do because with quilting you can also do other projects too - so to me , in some cases it is like you are able to create beautiful fabric to do with -anything you desire. So let me share:

And This One"

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


What a busy day -getting ready to go to my sister-in-law's in the morning -too bright and early for me. LOL
I have the wild turkey cooked and I fixed my Mother -in-law's recipe for cranberry salad. Hubby has been in and out eating and hunting. It is deer season and he lives to hunt. He got his big buck he wanted and he worked it up all by himself and took some of it and shared with some older friends who aren't able to hunt. I had a chance to sneak away and make two more pairs of gloves for him for Christmas.

I used a different type of knit and I really liked the feel of it. I had got it to make my second daughter-in-law a tee shirt(still waiting for  embroidery machine to come home from machine doctor) It is a little heavier and it has such a nice feel on your hands. I think he will like these and I am betting they will wear better too.

Sometimes I am so bright - I could almost be a lightbulb. After all this work and then today I decided that these will fit his right hand , but his left hand is even more crippled . It actually curves back into his palm - so I REALLY needed to make that one more like a regular mitten! Thank goodness I have this wonderful stash of leftovers from the tee shirts. I will attempt that after Thanksgiving.

I even washed 3 or our "furbabies" that hope to make the trip with us tomorrow. I have already loaded a pair of denim pedal pushers(my age is showing) to take with us. I had intended them to be part of my sister-in-law's Christmas present - But- I decided since this was my first time of working with the stretchy denim and I need to see how much I am off -BEFORE - I cut into the second piece I have to do her another pair. I would rather have one goof instead of two.

I wanted to take the time to wish one and all - the happiest Thanksgiving of all. Hold your loved ones tight and hopefully have a full tummy too. Thank you for all that you have shared with me .Much love and best wishes .I will catch you later in the week and hope to catch up with all kind of wonderful adventures .
Linda - the sewing granny.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thank Goodness for Friends

Because they shine light in our dark tunnels.There I was , "stuck in a grand Pity-Party" because my embroidery Machine is in the embroidery hospital and my cutting table if piled full of projects -already cut out -just waiting for their special touch to make them unique for each individual. I have been just plain "stuck" and depressed over it.

Then a wonderful friend gave me some wonderful advice : she told me that fretting was not doing me or my projects one little bit of good - because it was something that I could not change! She told me to collect all that and set it aside and take this as a time to do something different??????

Then a virtual friend that I will never meet was telling a story online about making mittens for her brother. I was thinking that none of us had ever liked mittens because you cannot use your hands. !!!! But this smart angel was talking about making mittens with a "trigger - finger" and my imagination was captured. You see, my hubby was burnt horribly in a chemical explosion at his work in 1972 and he was not suppose to live , but you know how that "faith" is - miracles appear. I still have him , but after all these years his hands were so disfigured that we have tried every glove out there for him to use each winter and none of them do much good.

But I could see If  that trigger finger would work on his right hand - then he might get some use out of them. This is some of my first attempts.Very disheartening, but I can see some improvement from the green sample. The blue experiment is made of soft flannel - but since I am the "Knit Queen" I pulled out my scrap knits and I think I like the way the green one is doing and it also works on your hand better . I had never noticed until I was experimenting on this project that our thumb sits and works at a very strange angle and thus, it makes the fabric twist in a strange angle. It did pop into my head what that was called , but it just does not want to co-operate  with my brain.

I have noticed since we were in that car accident a year past , a teenager hit us head -on - that I have trouble with my memory and also the fibromyalgia that I was diagnosed with affects your brain a lot too. I Hated my regular brain fog, but I really despise the fibromyalgia fog! Hubby will be lucky if he can get anything he can use - but , I know he will appreciate that I tried.

OK , I can see I am making some progress now - they look funny - But they stay on your hand really nicely , and will be better than nothing when he is outside working with the wood and feeding our out side wood stove.

Well, this is my bag of scraps that I have a further use for. I save my scraps and then cut them very small and use them as stuffing in pillows for my fur-babies. Then I make a pillow-case for each pillow and I can change the cases just like any linen.

This pillow will end up being for my oldest son's dog - to put in their crate that they sleep in at night.  So, at least -thanks to friends who pull you out of your "sticky situtation" I have made it through another day and accomplished something at the same time - so I would call that a 'win-win" situation. 
Many happy stitches to one and to all!!!!! HO - HO- HO!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Daughter-in-law's lounge pants

I have a beautiful young lady for my second daughter-in-law. We work so hard to raise your precious babies and watch them go off into the brave new world . They usually meet someone and take flight on a life of their own. Marriage can be a beautiful , precious gift that a couple can share if they guard their love and take time to fan the flames and not get bogged down .

When I found the pink butterflies -even though I know that green is her favorite color - I could not help but think of the transformation we all make and wished that she could see that she has transformed from a beautiful young lady into a beautiful young bride and a married lady who takes care of my youngest son. I wish I could guarantee that they would have a perfect life together , but I know that is out of my hands and thy must walk their own path and discover their own adventures. Maybe it helps to have others around you to remind you that you are loved?
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Oldest son lounge pants

This is a second pair of  lounge pants I made for my oldest son. My daughter-in-law and I were in a Wal-mart one day and we both spotted out this flannel fabric with bulldozers and dump trucks on it , and since he runs heavy equipment -we decided that it would be perfect for him.

The pattern calls for you to sew flannel tips on a piece of elastic to make your ties, but he did not like that last year because your elastic can always stretch out of shape so he wanted the elastic And the ties also. That is one reason I am getting good at using that " FAST Turn" - which comes with different size tubes for you to turn different size ties.                           
                                                          This link is a free pattern for that "snuggle " that is so popular on TV lately. I am scrambling for Christmas present ideas.

Have a great day and many happy stitches to one and all.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dainelle's monkeys

This will be for my youngest granddaughter for Christmas. She likes monkeys and I love yellow, so put the two together and have a Christmas present! The fabric was REALLY nice and soft and I enjoyed just letting it run through my fingers while sewing it. I am getting decent at using one of those kits called "FAST TURN'  to make the ties for these pants. They look like small copper tubes and a little wire hook that you push the tube down into your fabric tube and then insert the little wire rod down into the tube - catch your piece of fabric and gently tug and it will follow your wire right back and be turned right side out. VERY neat - the things we can learn and the people who invent these things.

I ran across this link today and it is a lady's alternative use for wrapping presents and use up some of your stash too. I thought it was really pretty. I would enjoy it as much as something put inside of it. You "quilters' are so talented. 

Friday, November 20, 2009

Ronnie's lounge pants

 This is another Christmas present for another grandson . This was a piece of solid blue flannel that I embroidered a dragon on. For some reason I liked this piece of fabric - and it still amazes me to take a piece of flat materiel and turn it into something that you can put on your body , which is not flat????? I love the project , but I do hate it when I get stuck. I have discovered that feeling must be something like what authors call "writers block"?????  So maybe we , who work with fabrics and threads can call it "sewers block"! link takes you quilters to a site where there is a wide variety of patterns, maybe something there will "inspire" your creativity. ~smile~

Many happy stitches to you.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lounge pants for Hubby

We have a wonderful country fabric store that is located in a pottery and they are so fair on their prices . This just happened to be a piece that I ran across and made for my hubby for Christmas. Last year I made him his first pair that he had ever had. He really enjoys them after he comes in and plops in front of the tv. He told me that If I would have said they were PJ'S  he would never have worn them , but this way he has practically lived in them - you know how most of our guys LOVE their televisions!!!!!!!!!!! This flannel is quiet different from the pair last year - the one last year was quiet heavy  , but this pair is kinda thin. I will be curious to see if he notices and IF he says anything???? I made a mistake last night on the hop contest - this is the correct location.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Youngest son lounge pants

My youngest son (age 26) has Always loved camouflage anything. So when I found this piece of knit fabric I knew whose name would be on it. It is nice and warm so he will be able to wear it when he hopes out of the shower -OR - he could wear it under his work clothes as insulation when he has to work in 0 weather.

Chris from Diet Coke Rocks mentioned that maybe she should make some lounge pants for her and I thought great - the only problem I have is fixing the hole that the cord comes out of . I did not like how the pattern said to handle it so I changed it out to using a button hole which made it stronger. My daughter - in - law came up and we worked on her some and when she went home she decided to use grommets and they look nice like that also and are VERY sturdy. : check this out - she is having a fabric hop  and it looks like fun. Wish I could win something , but I just don't have any luck that way. Maybe I should fly to Ireland to shake hands with Micky , from The Irish Muses - she sure does have the "LUCK of the IRISH! Maybe her luck would rub off on me. LOL O well, I have had wonderful Luck making such great friends on the internet and I am blessed for that.

Happy stitches to one and all.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Allen's lounge pants

Up and on - this is a pair of young men's lounge pants for one of my grandson's . I have so much trouble finding fabrics for men and boys that are in a price range I can afford. So many times as you drool over wonderful fabrics that you would really like to play with -in the end it makes your project so expensive that it is just cheaper to go buy it from the store and save yourself all that work. I know - I have heard it from a friend - you get what you pay for . But it is really difficult to be able to afford what you would like to on a wee budget??? I wish I had a "fabric fairy" who would just flick her wand and hand it to me all pre-washed and ready. Well, while I am wishing - I might as well wish BIG!

Time is getting away from me and flying away and Christmas is getting closer everyday. I did call about my embroidery machine today because it has now been 6 weeks that I have endured without it. (If they would give you a "loaner" it would be different) His helped did tell me that he had looked at it and it was hopeful that he MIGHT call at the end of the week.Be still , my beating heart. I am trying so hard to be patient- but I am already on the verge of getting depressed because I see me not getting all my Christmas presents made.

On a lighter note here is a fabric store for you quilters. I have Never seen such a variety of fabrics and from my source it is suppose to be good quality. ;

Monday, November 16, 2009

India's lounge pants-2009

 This is a set of lounge pants that I made for my best friend's daughter , who is in college. I thought it would be something nice and warm to wear at her apartment that she shares with her best friend. She is very "outdoors" motivated. She has taken some amazing trips out in the wilderness with her class. She also works in our state park each summer and she likes to find ways to "share her love" of the out doors with other young people. She is a very talented young woman and I am very proud to know her. I am going to make a tan shirt to go with it and embroider an owl on it to go with her other wild-life on the pants.

Our weather here in VA. was so beautiful today. Lots of sunshine and temperatures in the 60"s . IF ONLY our entire winter could stay like this - I would be a very happy camper!

Many happy stitches to all.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Brother-in-law lounge pants

This project had more lessons for me . I was at JoAnn's fabric store on the search for cheap fabric and I had looked all over. I had coupons for half price but the fabrics I liked for lounge pants were already discounted for the sale and I could not use my coupon on anything unless it was its normal price. I had already looked through the discounted shelves and as I was about to give up I spotted a table by itself with fabrics piled upon it. I went over and started digging my way to the bottom of the pile and spotted this piece of flannel. I was unforsure if anybody in our family rooted for this race car driver , but since the fabric was very nice I decided to go for it. I thought since it did not look "girly" then it should not offend a fellow.

I decided to work on it for my brother-in-law . I had washed it and ran it through the dryer so to hopefully help with any shrinkage. I laid it out and ironed it and then figured out which pieces of the puzzle I would need. I was trying to think ahead so I divided it in half and when I laid my pattern pieces out I  was short by half a yard. I was very upset by then because I was happy I had figured out something for a man. So, I went ahead and cut it out and I did not waste an inch. I got lucky and by using a small seam and by serging the bottom of the legs -and not using my knife to cut any off - and by not putting ANY hem in I was able to make them the right length. I am just hoping he will not notice.  Hope, hope, hope!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rosie the sewing cat and I - are stuck!

This is Rosie the sewing cat who rules the sewing room and right now I just wish she could help me come up with a Plan. Christmas is flying towards me and my embroidery machine has been in the shop 6 weeks! SIX WEEKS! and I am losing my mind! I have the cutting table piled with projects to work on that need to be emboidered.

At least Rosie has found a good use for my embroidery machine's carrying case - she keeps it nice and warm so it won't feel like it is not appreciated. I REALLY hate to get STUCK! It is as bad as being sick! Where are all of my wonderful ideas and inspirations? Gone, gone with my machine. 

I wish I knew what you guys do when you get "stuck"????? How do you search for inspiration?
Well, at least Rosie has the right idea??? Maybe after she finishes her nap - she will have an idea for me. LOL

Have a great day ! To One and ALL!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Butterfly laptop sleeve

 This was my first attempt when working with the laptop idea. Pros and cons, Pros was the fact that I really liked the butterfly design because butterflies morph into other forms and we humans with out tech. pour into these studies and we morph as we learn . The cons was the fact that when I sewed the lining into the bag  I somehow ended up with a lump right in the front of the bag. I was so miffed at that because it would have been almost perfect. I keep reaching for perfection, but falling far from my goal.

I found this site today and it is really interesting so I hope to find time to go back and spend some more time there. I do believe that is one of my problems with this time of year. I start running low on fresh ideas and when I start searching I have a tendency to get lost on different paths along the way. That is one of the things I really enjoy here in "Blogland" with you guys - I have the comfortable feeling that anytime I want to hope over to a friend's house to visit and gain ideas that your doors are always open and I am welcome - as it is here with me! I don't have that feeling here in the "real world" because everyone is SOOO busy just trying to keep up with life - they can't always have time for their friends and families. So - Thank you - one and all - for sharing your world and ideas with me!
Happy Holidays!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hummingbird Laptop sleeve

You know how it is - we are all searching for the perfect gift for someone. I ran across this idea because of a conversation about laptop sleeves. My sister-in-law does have a nice laptop but after I did this one I discovered it was the wrong size for hers. I also discovered there were a LOT of different sizes of these jokers!

STill the experience was very educational . It taught me several different things - like - how to open a shop on Etsy and how to Never sell anything . I am beginning to think I am cursed somehow. I have heard others say that they could make things to give away , but ask for a penny for it and woe is you! LOL

I have had fun visiting another blog : She has a cute "Purse Thingy" that I really like - it looks like just what my granddaughter would enjoy and use.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just short and sweet and a tip for quilters

 Today has been one of those days that just feel wasted as I did not get to do any sewing . By the time I did the usual house stuff and then we made a trip to town and with the days getting shorter by 5:30pm on our way home and it was dark already and it was raining . It has been raining for 3 days and nights now and the river near us was almost out of its banks. I hate it when my day just seems to slip right through my fingers and I do not have something in the sewing room to "show for my effort and dreams"!

But while I was clearing out my e-mails I ran across this neat link :
Since we all know that I cannot sew a straight line , I know I cannot do this Santa Block, but I do see many uses for it because it is so cute and since Christmas is flying at us maybe it will offer you guys some insight on a gift or project for your own home. Maybe a pillow - OR - maybe a table runner  - or maybe a toilet seat cover ????? Maybe just to Spread the Love!

Many Happy Stitches to one and all  -AND- to all a goodnight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chicken Apron

I know! You've seen it before!! Well, yes and no. I did post one a while back but at the same time I cut out all the pieces for a second apron. But I do believe that this one was bad karma for some terrible wrong I mistakenly did Because , anything and everything that you could do wrong - I did with this project!!

 I started out by pinning the front to the back lining and everything was looking good. Number one mistake was realizing that I needed to insert the ties inside the two pieces so everything would be attached at one time. I did remedy that delima  by taking the time to take it apart and insert all the ties inside -attempting to keep my ties straight.
Number two mistake was when I started to sew up the first side seam - only to notice that each stitch was making the two layers of fabric rub against each other and end up with one side longer than the other. GRRRR!  It seemed no mater how desperately I wanted everything to work perfectly - the worse everything was going.

I next took my seam ripper and took both side seams apart . My next venue of attack was to remove my regular machine foot and reinstall my old faithful ''walking foot"! It really did help me tremendously. Next I clipped all my corners to make it come to a nice point at the corners. I turned everything right side out  and took my iron to it to set the stitches so I could do my top stitching.

After making my round of top stitches all around the apron I decided that a second row would help show off the design - so I started off again  - only to realize when I had finished that the two rows of stitching had a little puckering going on -like two rows of traffic not playing right! GRRRRR.

It seems the harder I desire every project to come out perfect - I always find myself in a battle with the forces of sewing. My heart pounds with the desire to sew perfect gifts for one and all - but my skill and talent has a lot to be desired. But, I will keep up the battle and hope that I will improve with time because it means so much to me.

This is a  link to a pretty blog with some lovely quilts. A lot of you make beautiful masterpieces of fabrics.

Monday, November 9, 2009

chicken checkbook cover

I know I have a lot to crow about when it comes to the wonderful people in my life and some of these people actually do have poultry in their lives. I ran across this bright fabric and it instantly made me feel that good country feeling of honest  , hard working folks that put their heart and soul into what ever they attempt to do.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Patriotic Checkbook

I have several guys on my Christmas list , of all ages and I really struggle with "guy gifts" I realize that most of the gifts for the male species requires a lot of money , but when you live on a "chipmunk" budget - I definitely attempt to make it the thought that counts. Sometimes it is the smallest things that we use the most and are the most appreciated.

Let me turn you "quilters " onto something I thought was so kind.
They are asking quilters to help make signature blocks for quilts to be sent to the soldiers who were shot in Texas. Such a tragedy, maybe the love of quilters can help ease some of the pain and show love to help the  healing process????

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Owl checkbook cover

Yesterday I posted the doggie checkbook cover for my friend, but this owl is going to be for her daughter -who is in college and loves owls. Last year I made her an apron with owls fabric. It turned out lovely and I included a note explaining how the owl might be a totem animal in her life - since she felt such a strong bond with the owls.  Each of us has animal totems to guide, teach and protect us. Owls know when to move silently and when to be still, which makes them the keepers of secrets. These solitary birds don't feel the need to proclaim their presence to anyone until the timing is right.Owl comes to us when we need to open our eyes, and study the situation at hand. If we watch and listen with our inner selves we can figure out what is happening behind the scenes, and confront those who are trying to deceive us at the appropriate time.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Doggie checkbook cover.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes along the way that there is just TOO much life crammed into Too little day????????????? I can't figure out IF it is because we get older and the hourglass sand runs faster  -OR- if we just have too many irons in the fire.

It can be pretty amazing how we start out with a plan for a day and then pooy - it takes on a life of its own and takes a whole different path.?????

My day started out taking one of my "furbaby pooches" to the doctor  and hubby running down a friend to cut some kind of hole in metal for our new ducting in the new heat system he is working on so we will have heat in each room of our little house. We thought we had got our act together -the plan was for him to go hunting and me to sew. Right !

A very dear friend called us and asked hubby if he could come over and cut up a tree that had fallen on her garage. This is one of my very dear friends that is one of the greatest ladies on the face of the earth. She will be 90 her birthday and I would do almost anything in my power to come to her aid. We loaded up and hubby got his chainsaw and we spent the major part of the evening cutting up this tree and stacking it on our little truck. We took one load back to our home and put the brush off in a gully and then loaded up our little trailer and took off again. It is about a 45minute drive and we managed to get back and get the brush loaded on the trailer and some branchs filled the truck bed. -before it got dark. I was so tired I could barely wiggle and home was a "wonderful site for my eyes".

I told hubby that I must be part "HOMING PIGEON" because all I wanted was to be able to BE HOME! I have always been that way - I love home . I always told hubby that I knew I was so blessed to have a home to go to and I loved to stay home and just enjoy my blessings.

One time I was working at a little grocery store on the night shift . I had finished work and headed home . For some reason I was speeding a tad bit and  policeman pulled me over and asked what was my hurry(I was running 40 in a 35) . I told him I had just got off from work and was in a hurry to go home and I just did not pay attention. He laughed at me and said he had seen people speed to get to work on time -
BUT - he had never seen anybody speed to get home?????? So, he was kind enough to let me off with a nice warning and I always did better after that. !

This little cover will be a Christmas present for my animal control buddy. She is one of the greatest people ! She loves animals dearly and tries to look out for them and she has been my guardian angels. At the time I met her I had dairy goats that I loved dearly. A neighbor had moved out of our little community and had left 3 Big dogs to starve to death! GRRRR! They got so hungry that they came to our pasture and ran down my dearly beloved ancient goat who was about 15 years old . They ran her down a hill and turned her upside down and was eating her insides as she screamed and cried. I was heart-broken and tried to run them off with a tree limb , but they had tasted blood and they turned on me . I had my baby granddaughter with me , who was 2 and I headed to the phone to call for help. By the time she arrived I was almost hysterical and a complete babbeling idiot. It was a total nightmare for me and she swooped in and took care of all of us . Times like that , when a friend puts their life on the line for you - that is what I call a real angel.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Walt Disney checkbook cover

 I wonder how many people love Walt Disney anything? I remember that I always loved the man , Walt Disney and how he tried to make people be happy. I always thought that was a special ability .

My dear daughter-in-law #1 loves Micky Mouse . My son bought her a Micky Mouse watch one time and it has seen some real wear and enjoyment.

Since Christmas is flying at us - I wanted something small that would make her smile. So , I decided to attempt her a Disney Theme checkbook cover. Really , I cheated - I took her to the fabric department with me and told her to pick out a piece of fabric that when she looked at it - it made her feel so good and this was the piece she picked. So, I am really hoping she will be pleased on Christmas.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Friends Checkbook cover

I am really starting to enjoy working with these checkbook covers. As I get more relaxed and not so scared I will mess up -the process is more enjoyable. The fabric for this one was in a little stash that I had found at a big yard sale several years ago. It was not big enough to do any project very large , yet it was too cute to not find something cute to do with it.  These little people make me think back to when my Mama got me started making a Dutch Girl quilt top. What a treasured memory that is.

Sometimes I ponder why our lives have to go so fast???? The "hurrieder I go - the faster I fall behind" sure can be true for me???

For those of us that are "facing Old Man Winter" - I ran across this nice idea for a draft blocker and thought you might enjoy a "gander" at it .


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cats Checkbook cover

Well, now that I am not "quacking in my shoes" at the idea of a new project that does not include embroidery , I decided to make one for me. I had bought this cat fabric for a project for a friend that loves kitties and I decided to make me one. I love their innocent little faces - it makes me smile everything I see them and helps to make writing a check Less Painful! LOL

See, even the inside is cute as it can be too, even though most of that will be covered up with your checks . That's ok- it is kinda like having a nice secret. 

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fish Checkbook cover

I found another project that did not have to have embroidery work. I have been wanting a checkbook cover for quiet a while now. I hate those old vinyl covers that scratch you when they get ragged. I decided that it might make a nice gift for a stocking stuffer. I also liked the idea that it was a half easy project that I understood. LOL

This one will be for a friend's husband who has always been an AVID fisherman -until here lately when he was struck down with rheumatoid arthritis and left him crippled and heartbroken. I am hoping that the fish theme might cheer him up. Hope, hope!

You guys probably have already heard of paper - piecing a quilt . I found it very cool and a pretty star pattern. I thought I would share it with you. 

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Chicken Apron

In my quest for something that would not need embroidery - I pulled out two of these panels to make aprons with that I had found back in the summer. I lined the back with a cream colored fabric that was a new sheet I found at a second hand store. Every time I start a new project it seems like I get scared to death. Afraid of failure or afraid of disappointing the recipient of the gift. I am always happier after the project is finished-maybe I just like instant gratification?????? lol

I still have a second ones of these to finish, I think I will gift one to my daughter-in-law and one to a friend that I used to raise chickens with.

I hope all of you are making great progress with your projects, it looks like Christmas is FLYING at us.