Monday, January 11, 2016

No Electricity Sunday Night and Most of Monday

I said , BRRRRRRRRRR! It Just Had To Happen the night it turned 16. All the water lines I had covered in heat tapes out to the chickens froze solid and it is suppose to be cold all week so they may never thaw- at least till SUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMER!

I was SO lucky - When DH was alive he had installed a little propane fireplace and I turned that on while the juice was gone. I was SOOOO grateful to have a little heat source.-at that temperature. I slipped on double layers of clothes this morning and got the medicines down all of my pups and their breakfast fixed, then fed the fish in the aquariums and the birds in the house and finally the birds outdoors and I was ready ??? Well, I could not have my morning green smoothie but I had some hard boiled eggs in the fridge. I Hated to open that door because I did not know how long the electricity would be gone and did not want stuff to ruin too fast. But, I reached in and snatched out the eggs and some tea. I was counting my blessings that I had fixed those eggs and put them in there for a snack.

My house is very dark without electricity -it takes the sun until about lunch time for it to finally make it around to the living room window and of course everything I wanted to do required ELECTRICITY.  Now that we have been trained to depend on it - not having it is a problem. I kept thinking about people that did not have any heat and my heart was just breaking for them. But, most people now are getting those emergency generators that come on automatically so that is wonderful for them.

There is talk about if terrorists were to hit our electrical systems what a disaster that would be and I realized it would most certainly be. At least I had a plan - I was going to go to the creek and get water to give to the chickens and to flush the commode and wash any dishes . If you lived in a big city in those apartments -you would not be able to do that - plus no heat . If it happened in the Summer time there would be no air conditioning or even fans and those brick buildings would turn into ovens -not counting all of the bathroom problems??? It would be a nightmare.

Finally a little light peeked through the window and I got close and pulled up my crochet and went to town. As I completed one bootie I was beginning to think about lunch??I knew I had some lentil soup in the fridge -but I did not like the sound of Cold Soup. I decided I would go outdoors and look to see if I could find some big rocks or cinder blocks that I might pry loose and make a little circle with to build a little fire from the fallen branches and place my pot on top of that.  It was sounding like a plan as I narrowed down on the second bootie.  Just then I head the noise that a big truck makes when it backs up and head a pop from the transformer down at the main road and our lights snapped back on. Yea!  How wonderful electricity is.

I hurried up and heated my soup before they could take the heat away from me again. At least I would have my tummy full. lol Now I would not have to go to the creek, but I did have to carry warm water from the house for all of the water bowels.  I feed Yukon first as it always takes me about an hour to do the chores and the same for him to eat.

I had been having trouble with my hands freezing but I happened to remember that I had made a "Test" pair of Mittens back at Thanksgiving -when I made some for a friend. I thought I would take them with me and see what happened. I remembered when I was a kid I did not like mittens because you needed all of your fingers to do things and I was carrying jugs and stuff so I did not know how it would work??

Well, I learned something - where they were really Too big for me - I was Able to maneuver my fingers and still use them to carry things. Plus, they kept my hands warmer than anything else I have tried so far.  I was deeply grateful  . I feet were the only things that froze - and I had on one of my heaviest pair of socks -so I don't know what was up with that. But, it sure did feel good to get back into a nice warm house.

Just in case I have not said it a million times already - I HATE WINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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  1. haha...I think you hate winter! Don't blame you with all those outside chores you have to do. All I have is to let my dog in and out a dozen times a day.
    I'm so glad the electricity finally came back on~ This summer we installed a gas fire insert that does not need electricity to work. Just the gas that comes in. It will be so nice to know we have that for a back up it keeps the living areas of the house so warm!!! Do you ave a circulation problem in your fingers or do you just get cold? My fingers us to get cold even inside, but I'm better now. Take care! Hugs~