Sunday, July 31, 2011

Don't fight with Your Computer - Or your husband. LOL

It was just "One of those days". I just got off on the wrong foot when DH throwed a couple of "husband fits" and that just throwed it out of kilter. The next thing I knew he went outdoors and I tore the living room apart and moved all the furniture and vacuumed  the floor and then steam cleaned it good. I love that steam cleaner for cleaning with because I do not use any toxic cleaners that the furbabies could pick up on the pads of their feet and make them sick.

Then I went out and did all the chores and by then it was hot! I had sweat dripping off of my eyes it was so warm. DH wanted me to cook him a wild turkey that he had in his freezer so I got him to cut the legs off to where it would fit in my pot and put that on for him.

Then I moved to the sewing room  with a salad to check e-mails while I munched. Miss Rosie had caught the door open while I was cleaning and she was peeking in the window at me while I am on the computer. LOL She was having a really good time out there . She loves to lay in the swing and just watch everything she can see. Her two favorites are the hummingbirds over her head and then check on me to see if I need help.

Well, you know how e-mails are one thing just led to another and the evening slipped away. Miss Rosie made her appearance on the cutting table and I looked out and it was POURING RAIN! I do mean pouring buckets full.

I really had good intentions of cutting something out -but the computer decided to disagree with me when I wanted to save a project! GRRRRR! It did not want to save anything so we  had a go-round for the rest of the evening. I knew it was my USB that was not working because it would not let me into my USB  port to assess my flashdrive, where I wanted to save the project to! I tried everything I knew . I tested it usb and then I uninstalled drivers for each one and then re-installed them. Still no go! I tried the F5 tab for the universal windows and even that did me no good.  I really want to pick it up and strangle it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It made me lose my project I had worked so hard to find and then it deleated my desktop picture and I had to go find that again! I KNEW I should not have bragged on her last night. Now I have books and papers strewn all over the place where I had moved everything . I really have a great MESS. See the trouble I can get myself into . I should have just cut that shirt out and been happy.

Tomorrow DH and I both have doctor visits. So, I hope to catch up with you guys tomorrow and see what you have been up to.

Happy trails! ; )

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Birthday lounge pants for Emmett

OK, I decided to try something different, so I pulled out the lounge pants pattern .I have actually learned this fabric is a real challenge so I took it slow and easy. I put in the "knit" needles and I tried to remember all the tips , like basting the pockets to the front to make them lay right. When I was almost finished I managed to get the fabric poked down in the machine and I was afraid I was going to ruin them after all that work!  I cut the thread and that did not turn me loose so I took the faceplate off and that allowed me to salvage my project! Yea. It must have been for the good though  because the lint had built up in there . It was packed so I took my little vacuum attachment and cleaned it out good!

I had one of my sweet supervisors watching over me today and that was a good thing. My Cocoa looks nothing at all like Chris's Cocoa at DietCokeRocks!  LOL

It was another hot beautiful day and I was so grateful to have this chance to work on a gift for a birthday.

It took me all day , but I have something to show for my effort-thank goodness.

We Almost had a thunder storm this afternoon . The thunder was Booming loud and clear. I was cutting the guinea pigs some more fresh grass this after noon and the thunder made me think of the saying ," angels are moving the furniture in Heaven" It must have been truly heavy furniture! LOL

We had another feast from the garden today. I picked cucumbers and beans and fresh corn and it was SO amazingly good!LOL I truly Hate that I forgot to plant squash and zucchini because I ran across a recipe that looks so good. I also ran across a recipe for Sun Pickles and I was hoping to try that one because I know we have enough SUN. LOL But, not enough cucumbers. I will try again toward the end of next week. I even found the cutest little watermelon growing .  Hope,hope , hope! LOL

Friday, July 29, 2011

Second camo tee shirt-

This was suppose to be the design for another of my sons, but it also ended up being too small for either of them.It amazes me how just the properties of the fabric can change a size. I noticed this last Christmas when one of the shirts I gave to my older son turned out to be too small for him and I had used the same size pattern for all three of them-but the one was too small.Talk about live and learn ? It is a lot more than just learning to follow a pattern!

So, what I thought would be for our youngest son's birthday in August is not going to work for him. I hope I can dig myself out of this lesson and come up with a size with this fabric that will fit him??? Plus, I had been considering making him a pair of lounge pants out of it because it is so lightweight it just feels like air?????

Today was another beautiful hot day . We made our run to the mill to get feed and my sister-in-law asked for me to pick up her a bag of cornmeal because they fresh grind it! She is the one who had the back surgery and she is improving daily! She did say that the doctor who did her surgery told her to Never let that first doctor near her back again because his bad work was the cause of all of her pain and misery for the last year . We both almost fainted because you can hardly get one doctor to say anything about another doctors bad work.  But I am thrilled that she is improving!Yea!

I did not get to go for my walk this afternoon because what ever is wrong with my foot is causing me so much pain that I cannot bare to walk on it. I hope I finally get to see the doctor on Monday -this time????? DH also has to go to the doctor on Monday morning to have a growth removed from one of this fingers. We both might just end up being one "crip" helping another "crip" through the day! LOL

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Someones Keeping An Eye On Me Today

Rosie has been watching over me today and I really did need it. I did pretty good this morning . While DH went fishing for a while I did all of  my outdoor chores  I even had a fight with some kind of grass. While pulling grass for the guinea pigs I have discovered a grass that I cannot pull  -it is just too strong to budge. So I went and got a pair of scissors (not my sewing scissors!) And I scissored a basket full of green grass. LOL I guess you would say -that is where stubborn meets stubborn! LOL

I even made it to the garden with my basket big enough for one meal of the green beans. Our garden has decided to go nuts. Everything green has taken off growing and it is a jungle out there. I even found two paddy pan squash and when I was coming out of the garden DH was coming up the driveway.

I got a cold drink and sat on the porch breaking the beans. How nice it is to have a Fresh mess of green beans that you know where they came from and how they were treated. These are the first green bean that I could EVER get DH to eat. They are the Tenderettes , and they are so tender and no strings. We both hate strings .

I throwed them in the pressure cooker and chopped the squash and put them on very low heat while I took a shower. Then it was all ready together and I had added chopped cucumbers too. I was trying to time everything because I had a doctor appointment at 2:30 and we got there 15 minutes early, only to have the young lady tell me that I did not have an appointment until August 1!I did not have my card with me , so she wrote it down for me. Then we went straight back home and I pulled out the card with my appointment for July 28 !I was not too happy because gas is a real problem anyway and If I would have known it would be a wasted trip I could have stayed home and picked more beans and maybe canned some. : (

It left me with an unhappy feeling because everybody just automatically thinks It is my fault when something is wrong.The good part was I got to make it to the sewing room , but I was half afraid to touch anything.

It was a good thing that the embroidery part of the project was already completed. See that crooked pocket? I have learned that this rayon/jersey  knit is a REAL pain to work with. It was skipping stitches like when you push someone -that was the way this was doing -it looked like someone was just pushing the stitches everywhere but where they belonged???? So, a light-bulb finally went off in my head and I changed the needle to one that is manufactured for knit fabric and that really did help a lot, but my serger still Hated it. The entire project was a battle.

I was so glad that I thought to change that needle! After it was finished I studied it for a  minute -thinking it really looked too small for either of my two sons. I took it in the bathroom and tried it on and it was snug on me -so I knew it would be too little for my boys. I took it in the kitchen and had DH try it on for size comparison and it fit him to a tee. So , since it fits him -that takes it down to a medium size. It is just all about the fabric and how much stretch it has. I am glad I thought to pay attention to that.So now I will have to cut out two more -only size XL on the pattern , but the fabric will make it become a size large.

I just have a terrible time juggling everything that you can cram into one 24 hours. If only I did not have to sleep, but the more I find out about sleep -the more important I discover that it is for our health -and most of us do try to "trim" more off it it as we attempt to cram more into our every day lives????

I had a pretty amazing experience this afternoon when I went out to lock up the chickens and re-feed the guinea pigs. I have seen orange skies in the afternoon as the sun is setting , but this time I had waited too late to go for my walk-time just slipped away on me.

So , as I was climbing up the little knoll  I happened to look at the ground and it was  an orange glow. I looked all around me and everything was covered in this beautiful soft orange glow! It was really amazing and simple words do not do justice to it. I looked up into the sky and could see a little orange , but it just was not anything brilliant , like what I was seeing on the ground as it was breath-taking.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Two Days Work

It is hard to believe that this is TWO DAYS work Yesterday was picking it and hauling it in to wash the cucks and grind them and the onions and peppers and celery up. Then I poured a brine solution to cover and moved everything in the fridge to stick them in there to keep them cool.

Today we went to town to get the spices and bread.We stopped at Wal-mart to get the spices and the prices about blew my eyeballs out. I told DH IF they thought I was paying them that price -they were wrong. So we left and stopped at our oldest son's garage as DH was looking for a belt for his tractor .

Then we picked up the vinegar at a little store that has the cheapest prices. I checked the spices but they did not have what I wanted. That took us off again going up into the mountains of our home to where there is a little Mennonite store. If I had to spend money then I prefer it go to our local neighbors instead of a giant box company. They did have it and it was half the price for twice as much . Yea!  I love these gals -they are Always so sweet and kind.

Then we came home and ate a bite and I started working on these guys. Half of the work load was carrying up the jars from the basement and washing them and putting them in the oven to sterilize them. I had the veggies draining while I worked on the jars.

Boy, this is going to be some sweet spicy relish to go with brown  beans this winter. My next goal is to work on the green beans. Maybe tomorrow??? But, I have a doctor appointment for a check-up on my fibromyalgia and I hope to ask her what is wrong with my foot.

But, don't think I have forgotten that "I WANT TO SEW! See how crazy life can get.One good thing is that I got to take my walk this afternoon and even DH joined me . That was very pleasant and we both sounded like two little freight engines huffing and puffing up and down the hills. LOL But we did make it back home and for that I am grateful. I hope that you managed to do something that you love today !

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Life can be like a bulldozer

When it seems that life buries you -sometimes I just have to enjoy the smaller things.It seems ALL weekend long it has been one thing after another! I was hoping it was going to let up now that the week has a new chapter-but today DH went to the garden to pick us a cucumber for a salad and when he returned he was out of breath from carrying a monster tub plum full of BIG cucumbers! It was so full I could barely life it. I REALLY hated that they got too big, but with the price of groceries I am trying VERY hard to not waste any.

They were too big to make pickles so I had a new recipe I wanted to try. It has me a little bit bumfuzzled! It said to grind up your cucumbers and sweet peppers and hot peppers and onions and celery. My sister-in-law had given me the perfect tool for that job Christmas two years ago. I had been saving it for the perfect time. The thing that worries me is how much "liquid" it seems to be , because cucumbers are a major part liquid?  I am so hoping after spending all day chopping them up that this recipe will not ruin them????

My poor ole legs are just trembling from being up on them all day long.They are suppose to sit overnight and then drain them tomorrow and can them. I don't have enough vinegar so we will need to go get some and some more spices.

As both of us ended up in the garden at different times today I discovered that the beans also need picking . I cannot tell if it is enough for a mess - OR - if there will be enough to can?

I will have to bring up the jars and wash them and also check on the caning lids to see how many I have ??? See, it seems it is always SOMETHING.

I found the sweet peppers that I needed for this recipe from the plants on the front porch . The plants in the garden do not have any peppers on them so far? But, as I rounded to corner I had to stop and laugh at that cucumber plant I had tied up on the bamboo last week and if you look close on the left side up near the top - you can see a baby cucumber already growing.  I really enjoy the plants on the porch because they are so easy to access when you just need something for a quick salad. My one tomato plant just fell over dead though. I think next year I will try a tommy-toe??

Both of the gals who were in the hospital got to go home today , so that chapter has a happy ending. : ) Well, I better run (walk) back to the kitchen and mix up the salt solution to pour over the veggies and figure out a way to stuff them in the fridge! Sure do not want them to spoil after all that work. LOL
Love to all! :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mochia is hiding under the pillow

Yes, I know I had good intentions and even DH helped me get started this morning by helping with outside chores, with the plan that I would make it to the sewing room. All chores completed and we both ate some cereal . Looking good. It started to rain so I put the load of laundry in and used the dryer today. Almost there !
When I ran into the bed room to turn the dryer on -yep - that is where it fell apart. My precious furbaby Mochia was curled up in a tight ball and I could tell by looking that something was not right. I gently stroked her and she cried. That was it - time to find a doctor!

I called the vet and they told me to bring her on in! (I have wonderful vets!) Three of the other furbabies begged to go for a ride so they climbed on board in the back and I kept Mochia in my lap. She was terrified because the only other time she had been in the car was when I had her neutered. I tried to calm her fears. She would kiss me and I would kiss her.

I told the vet assistant that she was so scared that I think she forgot something was wrong with her. The vet agreed that could happen.The vet assistant was an angel! Mochia has Never let a stranger touch her without biting. But Michelle was so kind and so gentle that soon Mochia was in her arms while the vet did all kind of tests and while we chatted she was putting together the pieces of the puzzle. She took 3 drops of blood to run a test and it sat on the counter top while we worked.

To be trueful I thought the vet was taking the wrong path. (probably because the Other vet that I had given up on had let me down so terribly one time) But these REAlly keep on surprising me with Good.

It turned out that Mochia has LYME DISEASE! caused by a tick! One of my dearest friends had that two years ago and she was soooooo sick I was afraid she was going to die. She still has side effects from it. So we came home with pain medicine and antibiotics for a month.I have started her on it , but you can tell she is still in misery, as she is trying to hide up under the pillow.

I love this little gal wildly and it breaks my heart to have her go through this.

I did actually make it to the sewing room -hoping for an hour of creative work-YEA -right. I have forgotten what my last project was that I used that rolled hem with and I had forgotten about that - so the stitch finger was still out of the machine and when I tryed to put it back in- it was so stubborn. It took me that hour to get it back in. I put a pocket up to serge it and it ate the pocket! (can you hear me beating my head against the wall?)

Yea - I had forgotten about the stitch length and width- so I changed them back and tried one more time only to have giant loops every where . I gave up and DH came in and worked on it for me while I locked the chickens up and fed the guinea pigs. We had a really good rain and the grass was soaking wet as I walked.  And as you guys say, " the rest is history" and another day has slipped away. I need to give her some more medicine before we fall into bed.

So now I am hoping tomorrow??? Now I will have to cut a new pocket for that son's shirt as the serger ate this one right off the bat. But , you know how it is -we all have to dream. : }

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday , Hospitals and Stings

So after morning chores we headed back to the hospital in Roanoke, Va. It is that tall glassy looking building .It was already so hot and miserable. I am So grateful that we do not live in a city with all that asphalt and concrete that seem to just soak up all that heat and reflect it back onto you. It makes it hard for me to breath. Our usual parking lot was full even through we rode through it several times-so DH drove around back to a side entrance that he had taken our youngest son to for his back. We parked and went to the door and it was locked. : (   So, we walked back to the vehicle and DH drove around to the front lot and now there was a parking spot right in front of the door. What a relief! Whatever is wrong with my foot makes it SO painful to walk that it is pure misery. I can bluff my way to the outside world , but I cannot bluff it to myself.

We went up to the twelveth floor and she was sitting up in a chair for the first time since her surgery.We learned that we had missed some of the story because on Friday night after she came out of surgery somehow she tore out stitches and they had to take her back to surgery and redo the stitches. On top of that Eddie's sister came all the way from W.VA. to visit and while she was there -she had a heart-attack and she had to have a shunt put in. They said that was one , but she had 3 more that would have to be done. So poor Eddie is torn between his wife and his sister. I told him it would have been nice if both gals could have  been in the same room. : )

Just the ride had launched my bee stings into Overtime itching and burning and then cold chills and misery. So, while they went to visit with the other family we decided to come on home. There were storms all around us with plenty of dark clouds and rain off and on.

Now that we are home it is almost dark -where in the world does time go to? At least now I can have DH put the ammonia on the stings . I would be tough out of luck if I lived by myself because the largest majority of them are on my back.He had found even more today - those EVIL little Boogers!

I hope you have had a lovely day to start your week off !

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Buried by the Weekend

Have you ever had one of those time frames when you just cannot seem to set yourself free from too many events ? I Hate those times as you just set yourself into survival mode? I was beginning to think it was because I had been SO happy with those two days of sewing that I stolen this last week.So, I  would just have to "pay the pipper" I guess.

My sister-in-law  went to her doctor in terrible pain on Thursday and they discovered that she had a disc that had exploded into her spinal cord and they said she needed emergency surgery because if is moved any more , she would be paralyzed. They live in W.VA. and the hospital decided to send her over here to Va . The surgery was scheduled for Friday morning. We took off that morning for moral support for both DH' s sister and our brother-in-law -who is one of those great people.

But a complication presented itself in that the doctor that was suppose to do the surgery turned out to be the doctor who had operated on her the last time and he had done a bum job. So they sent her down for an MRI and ended up with a different doctor . He came up to talk to her and explain the danger of side effects and it was so scary.

This is DH sitting in her room waiting for her to return from the MRI -big room isn't it? LOL

They finally took her down for surgery around 5pm and it took until about 8pm when they contacted her sweet husband to tell him that she was out of surgery - in recovery. She had done good and the doctor had removed that disc and also the scar tissue that the other doctor had bummed up and she would have to stay in the hospital because she would Have to stay Flat on her back for 48 hours to start with .By then I was so tired . Something is wrong with my left foot anyway and it was starting to hurt and pound like when you smash your finger with a hammer, probably from being on the concrete floor all day and not being used to it.

We made it home about 10:30pm -only to walk into a DARK house. No electricity because a storm had knocked it out. If you could have been a fly on the ceiling you would have laughed at me as I ever so gently eased myself through the dark house attempting to find the flashlight. And it had to be one of those Solid Dark nights ! I remembered thinking that I would not be able to speak to my blog family!

With no electricity the house was heating up like an oven. I took the flashlight and went outdoors and did all the evening chores and came in and went to bed. Sleep would not come because it was sooooo hot with no fan . I got up and went to the bathroom and got a wash cloth and dipped it in the tank on top of the commode to get some clean , cool water and carried that back to bed with me and draped it across my forehead  . I  got up a couple of times  and re-freshened it . The last time I did this I closed my eyes -  only to feel the sweet refreshment of the fan start to waft down on me. What a relief! I tiptoed through the house and had to unplug the bread machine because that lady was talking all about making that loaf of bread. LOL I pulled the cell phone out of my purse and plugged it up to charge over night. Then I went back to bed and "died".

This morning the pet store called and I thought I would get that done quickly - WRONG. Everything that could go wrong - went wrong . Plus the temperatures were climbing. We had an attic fan that had died and DH had got the part this past week to fix it,but instead of going to the attic we took it to the critter house and that Really helped !

The water system had gone on the frits and we had to fix that and change the cages . Time seemed to drag as I attempted to fix one thing after another.  A couple of my trays had been chewed out and I went outdoors and looked for something that I could use as a floor. I moved on to DH's little shop and spied a nice flat piece of tin that I could steal so I carried one of the cages up to the tin and measured it . Then went to get a tool to cut it. I eased it under the tin and made a first push , but it would not cut through. At that moment something covered my glasses and I could not see a lick to see what was wrong.Little did I know I had just stumbled into a yellow jacket nest . When I made a swipe to remove what ever it was blocking my sight and all of a sudden it was open fire on the ole lady. I jumped straight up -realizing it was bees and they were not happy with me.I took off like a bucking bronco and as I rounded the corner of the shop my glasses flew off-my Four HUNDRED DOLLAR glasses ! So I turned  back to nab them only to be whopped with pain -jumping up and down and squalling I tried to run once again. There went those dumb glasses once again and I whirled to grab them -realizing that was a hopeless effort - I left them behind and fled to the house squalling with every breath ! DH had heard the commotion and he was coming out the back door as I almost run over him attempting to flee the pain. By now they were in my hair and he went to whopping them off of me. He told me to head to the shower. As I was shedding clothes they were in all of them,even down to my socks! Talk about a sneak attack. ! The pain was so bad and he took baking soda and put on them. I was covered in sweat and misery. But I really did not want to take a shower until I was finished with my job, so I pulled on different dirty clothes and went back out-running into hubby as he was coming down with my glasses. I did get my work finished and he did cut what I needed for the cage.  Then I did finally get my shower and get dressed to take things to the pet shop - only to discover that riding bounced my wounds and made them all hurt all over. It was so miserable. The one at the corner of my mouth started swelling inside my mouth and that was miserable. We had planned to leave the pet store and go on down to the hospital , but DH saw I was in too much pain and he called them and told them I had got stung and we would not make it tonight. I was hurting so bad and that was on top of a pain pill and an antihistamine

As we neared home dark clouds floated in and it was thundering and lightening. I could not capture the lightening .

This was a neighbors hourse that came up to greet me as I was snapping the picture. She is the same color of my first horse and smelling her sweet horsey smell made me feel a little better.

this is a little river almost home. I had picked up a bottle of ammonia  and went and got a  cotton ball and had DH dab it all over the stings. All across my shoulders and even on one of my breasts. Could not use that around my eyes or the corner of my mouth.

I got him to do that two more times and it scared him because they had really started to whelp up big time. So I came in here to explain to you guys what had happened and he went out AFTER dark to murder those monsters(sorry - no sympathy at the moment! ) I heard him come in and went to check on him and he had got stung one time on his knee . We had to laugh and we put ammonia on his sting. I took it back to the bathroom and went back to the computer. About 15 minutes later He said those bees were really mean and his sting suddenly Wheped up too! LOL  I went and got him an antihistamine too. So , I guess it is true that Misery really does love company.To add insult to injury while I was on the computer another bee almost got me ! That time though I was the winner! : ) I did give in and take two Benedryle  to ease it up so I can hopefully go to sleep!  LOL

So , IF I should disappear tomorrow , we are hoping to go back to the hospital to spend the day with his Sister and see how she is holding up. I Know I would HATE to have to lay on my back for 48 hours solid.

So you guys just watch out for those Mean ole bees - and stay safe!
Love to all!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just Start Somewhere

has become an interesting theory with me and no matter what it is -it always makes me smile to know that I accomplished SOMETHING! Maybe not what I had intended, but still helpful. So instead of taking two steps forward and two steps Back - it is only 1 step back.

This is the ceiling in my sewing room . This corner  used to house  one walk in space for some of my birds Until sewing came into my life and as I worked I knew I needed more space. I cannot remember how the back spot got there But for 5 years now it has been covered up with one of those long shop lights and thus "out of sight - out of mind"!

But today DH made the mistake of stepping into the sewing room to look at my ceiling fan which was rocking and rolling SO back I thought it was going to jump off of the ceiling and hit me in the head. Plus, it is wicked hot and I really needed the fan to be useful. I could hardly believe it when he jumped right in on it. He took it down and something up inside of it had  broken off that was suppose to hold it up there.Plus, from all of the rock and rolling the blades had actually came loose and a few more turns and no telling where they might have flown off to. It took a couple of hours and a few DH fits but now it is even better than it was new.

Then I made the mistake of telling him I really needed his advice on something and I saw that "O NO" look in his eye when the wife wants an opinion. The only reason I intended to ask ahead of time is because if I give him some time to mull things over -he doesn't get as upset with me.

I showed him that spot (which has the tear in it now" ) but then it had the shop light and then asked him what kind of trouble would it be to move it over across the room to the sewing machines ? He studied it for a minute and asked if it was one of those plug in lights instead of one of those that you have to wire yourself and I said yes.

So he did a little measuring to determine where the two by fours were in the ceiling while I was holding my breath.   

AAnd now this is its new location over the sewing machines. How Nice is that! LIGHT!

Yep, here are those "babies" that I am trying to shed some light onto!All crammed together because DH was walking across the desk tops .Ok, here is my next dilemma - the light is up and the machines are down and it has a pull chain to it  all the way up at the ceiling? How am I going to reach the chain.  Well, I am not going to climb up on a ladder every time I need to turn it off and on and I do not have the money for a nice new fancy chain so I rummaged through some of my treasures and found a few beads left over  and a scrap of crochet thread . I strung the beads on and then crocheted the outfit together to make it long enough for me to reach and here it is. A little "bling" for a while. LOL
I got the ladder and climbed up to the ceiling and walked on my desktop and tied one end to the tiny chain and looked and it reached down to where I can reach it. 

And here is my pretty . I am so tickled.

So after all of this effort DH got his fishing supplies together and took off to see if he can throw a line in a few miles from home. It is a small dam and he is always fussing because they run the turbine and that messes the water up to where he cannot fish because it makes the current so wild that the fishing line just gets pushed to shore -unless it gets hung up in the rocks on its way to shore.

I had stepped outdoors to hang out some more laundry . It was sooooo hot that I almost could not get my breath. but I got everything hung up and the phone rang as I came through the door . It was DH and our brother-in-law had called to tell us that DH's sister had blown a disc in her back and they were going to do surgery in the morning and they were moving her from W.Va. where they live over here to a hospital 40 miles from our house.DH told him we would come to the hospital and sit with him in the morning. See how fast plans can change?

I will say bye for now - I have plenty to try and figure out. Hope you all have a beautiful day.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Come and Gone

You know, this is one of those days that you look back on and say-well , where did it go to and what did I accomplish?????? Even Snowball seems to wonder too?

It just went so fast I am not for sure? I can remember the part about HOT and they are calling for this for another week.

I also know that when I get outside the day just plain gets away from me. I tackled the morning chores -- O I moved the female guinea pigs out in cages in the pasture where they can have all the grass their little bellier can contain, plus there are lots of shade trees so they will not be baking in the hot temperatures.

I know I picked a few cucumbers while they were still small and delicious , nice and crisp and no seeds to bother you.

I know that I made it to my counseling session this afternoon and it was so hot. But it is so nice to have something you can look forward to . We meet at a pretty church building and it was cool today, it has been being hot,but they have a new pastor so maybe that was the difference???

On the way home DH stopped by to see our youngest son who had the back surgery. He is still in pain , but he and his wife both were amazed at the actual incision site.It has healed and looks nice except for two monster bruies between his hip bones. I hate that he is still hurting , but we all agreed that after 14 months of the nerves being crushed that it will probably take time for the nerves to rejuvenate themselves.I am really, really hoping that will be the outcome this time.

That little grandbaby of ours is now 8 months old and so full of himself. I cannot get over how fast they grow.I know sometimes it does not seem that way when you are the parents and dealing with the care and trying to keep up with them. LOL

DH got him out of his little seat and plopped him down in my lap. It was instant smiles and he wanted to play. I wooled him good and tickled him until he was sweaty and we were both pooped. I eased him down on the floor until his feet touched the floor and he jumped like a big grasshopper. It was so funny. I told them that was  a good way for him to strengthen his little legs.

One of my young friends who lives beside Emmett and Meagan put two beautiful yellow tomatoes in the car and two almost ripe stripey . He is such a sweet person. We came straight home and had toasted cheese -tomato sandwiches.

By then it was almost dusk so DH accompanied me on my afternoon walk and that was pleasant.I stopped and made sure all the critters have plenty of water. This heat is hard on them, but thank goodness we have shade trees that cover all of them and I have two fans running on the ones in the building and all of the sliding glass doors are open wide .It makes me feel sad to know that there are animals out there that are tied to little dog houses without sad and sometimes without water in this heat.We even left the one little air conditioner turned on this afternoon while we were gone (I don't usually as I try to save electricity)-but this time I could not bear to think of them locked up in the house that would get hot. So they were all nice and cool when we returned. LOL

love to all

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Over Coming Challenges

First it was the challenge of TIME. But Lynne had already taught me that people always find time for what they are the most passionate about. So, I watched others around me and studied how they pulled this off. For instance this morning after I had finished morning chores out doors , it was already 1pm , thus a Large part of my day was over.

But it was worth it this am because I had to build two bamboo stands for two of my cucumbers to climb UP on - instead of taking over the front porch. Then as soon as I finished that a WILD thunderstorm visited and it felt like we were being "bombed" by Mother Nature and the claps of thunder were really "ear-splitting".

When I came in I was Covered with good old ole fashioned SWEAT! I was Dripping wet like a water sprinkler! DH already had the air conditioning turned on and it seemed to be so cold that I was shaking and my teeth were chattering. He thought he had done a really good thing  for me. LOL

I went back out on the porch and put my tools away and then the temperature felt good.  A planter of my peppers were growing so heartily that the plants were falling over OUT of the planter , so we added more  soil and patted them down , hoping to keep them where they belonged.

By then I had cooled  down some and I came in and changed my clothes  to work in the house. I headed to the sewing room and woke up all of my machinery to work on another shirt front for my other son . I hooped up the fabric and plugged the embroidery machine into the computer -ONLY - to discover that the computer could not find the drive for the embroidery machine- GRRRRRR!!!!!!

 This is that lovely chard- I think it is about time for another mess.

Why does this modern technology seem to Hate me so much?????? I temporarily wanted to just "throw in the towel and call it quits." But I know Christmas is coming and I have to be hopping if I hope to pull it off.  So, I set to work attempting to troubleshoot the USB ports and it said they were all working properly-(Like they know anything!)

Not having any luck there I rambled around until I found my way to the drivers for them. I did not have a clue where they were located, but I figured that everything in here has to have something to "drive" it.LOL (don't I sound smart?????? ) LOL

           (This is that pineapple sage plant and I moved it to where I would brush against it on the porch because it smells Devin!!!!!!!!)(It is amazing how just returning your mind back to nature always seems to ease the pressure from a project gone wrong. : )

Finally I accidentally stumbled to where I find information on drivers (device manager) and that took me to my usb  to which I was instructed to UNinstall it! O gosh - could that be right. What if I unstall it and they are lost forever in outter space??? Well, they are not doing me any good the way they are -so I took a deep breath and uninstalled that booger - then clicked on action to scan hardware changes and windows detected the difference and and reinstalled the new driver  AND  - IT WORKED~ Now I could find place I needed to be - YIPEE!!!!!!

I had saved the design I wanted and before jumping in head over heels I checked out the size of the design and OF COURSE - it was the Small design and I had to resize it (Thank goodness I checked that ).  Now we are on our way - ????? {You know I could not have that good luck}   Right off the bat it started showing the bobbin thread on the front and white thread shows up really well when you are working with Black!

So that got  me onto wondering What Now????/ So I decided to look up adjusting the tension one more time. LOL  And , thank goodness that worked. But, it just goes to show that it seems there is Always another lesson coming at you somewhere. LOL

Just when I thought things were going to co-operate - all of a sudden it REFUSED to puck up my bobbin thread??????????????? This was definitely a New One for me. I tried starting over at the problem point several times and that got me NOWHERE! I pulled the bobbin out and  pulled some of the thread off of it - but - No Luck there? Next I grabbed my manual for the trouble-shooting section.No help there so I pulled the bobbin and removed the thread and then re-threaded a fresh new bobbin. NOPE! You can tell I am "on a roll" and its not the kind of roll I enjoy. It sewed about half an inch and the top thread is now shredded??? It is acting like when my son took it apart and fixed it because there was thread crammed into the top of the take up lever and of course it is hard for me to take it apart?????Let me just sing the "embroidery machine Blues"!

I go get a screw driver , only to get the wrong size. Grab the right size and remove the front cover and then the top cover over the take up lever.Yea, it hates me so instead of getting upset I gently tap all over the piece and then it gives one little hint that it is loose and it pops open. Yes, there is some of the thread I am using stuck in that grove. I get my hemostats and gently pull it out. I put back on the top half and re-thread leaving the front off so I can hope to see what is going on.

It starts off great and then as I let out a sign of relief - the thread breaks! : (   I decide to try one more time and it takes off and acts like it has some sense! Time to put the front cover back on and see if I can wrap this project up? It hates me too, so I gently wiggle and tap until it finally gives in and snaps into place. Yea! Time to change colors - wonder if that could have been the problem - I will just have to see.

I finish that color and move to the next and it seems to be going ok, except for a different sound that I do not like. Yep- sure as shooting it hangs and gives a death scream at me as the safety device function kicks in?
I HATE to be Screamed at - it does not matter if it is Man or Machine. I cut the thread and cut the bobbin thread and then gently lower the needle only to discover the needle is now bent and hitting the top of the needle plate!  Now WHY is it that I love machine embroidery???????????????

I replace the needle and gently lower it to see if it is hitting anything now , but it looks ok. I am getting so close to finishing - I end up still breaking the thread another dozen times in order to finish. The very last thread sews like there has been NOTHING wrong-probably because I have almost pulled All of my hair out. So, I wonder if you guys LOVE your hobbies too??????????? LOL

{Hard to see the little one , but she is on the right hand side, in flight}I do have to confess that I did finish the design and this one did like the last one when it came to not putting color in the bottom row on the flag part. I have been trying to locate where I got that design so I could ask them what I am doing wrong????? I don't know WHY this project had to be so difficult, but it is accomplished -so I will figure out what I do next.

  Maybe just take some time to enjoy the flowers! : )

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mocha Says Hi

It is another one of those weeks that is Jet Propelled. Yesterday it was one distraction after another and today DH had to see a doctor about a growth under one of his fingers that has gotten painful. It was a Dr. Charles Harris and he was a very nice gentleman and such a sweet assistant.

Then we came back home and I started doing those never - ending things around the house. My daughter-in-law had canned us a boxful of pickles and I carried them down to the cool basement and then brought up empty jars that I can take back to her.My canning shelves look worse than the house. It has been a long time since I  had something to can and almost all of the shelves are full of empty jars.But the spiders had been very happy and had spider webs EVERYWHERE!

It is very hot here and I have been attempting to keep my plants watered on the front porch because it does not take long for the pots to dry out and the plants faint?  I keep trying to find time to tie up the two big pots of cucumber vines I have out there . They are growing so fast they are taking off across the porch. LOL

O , when we were at the hospital today it was the first time I had been up there since it was built and BOY did I wish I had remembered to take my cameras. They had wall size windows and you could look as far as the eye could see in almost all directions. I felt like that machine that you used to see where you inserted coins and get to look as far as you could see. He has to go back next month to have that removed and I will try really hard to take that CAMERA!

Sorry to be short and sweet, but there are other things to tackle before the day ends !
Love to all!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cocoa says Hi!

I think I need a good stretch too , as I have been plugging away on the first embroidery project in quiet a while. Matter of fact I thought I would die IF I did not embroider something! So , the machine got back at me for abandoning it for so long. It started breaking threads and reminded me that I should have written Down all the things that you can check before you go nuts. LOL

But I got lucky and finally figured out it was the thread-so I switched to another and had no more breakages.
Of course I bored Cocoa and Mocha to the bone , but they have so much patience with me! LOL

While they were discussing all of my faults Miss Rosie gave them "That Look" that cats give dogs who are beneath them! Of course they really are beneath her in reality because she is in the window and they are down in the chair.LOL
Sorry about the lousy picture - I will do better next time. : ) Of course I had challenges on this as I went along. Aside from the usual breaking of threads - the machine decided to "hiccup" and not put one piece of the color where it belonged?????  Plus, I had lessened the number of stitches hoping to make it lay better on this light-weight fabric and it still decided to pucker in a couple of places????? No wonder so many people give up embroidery-there is Always something to act funky!

We have had another very cool day- I don't ever remember it being this cool in JULY! Now they keep saying next week will be miserably hot - I will just take it one day at a time and see what happens. As long as I can keep all of my critters comfortable and happy it will be ok. I am just so thrilled it is Summer. : ) You know, all the flowers and veggies in the garden . We are getting fresh cucumbers now . I put them in macaroni salad  and then in veggie salad. They hurt  my tummy in the macaroni salad , but I LOVE them so much - it is worth the discomfort . O -yea- and in cucumber sandwiches where I toast the bread and put in cream cheese and then the cucks! YUMMY! But -jee whiz I almost had a heart attack at the price of cream cheese - it has doubled since last year-so I won't be going overboard with it.

Hope every one has had a lovely day!
Bye for now!

Friday, July 15, 2011

O Dear-O Dear- O-Dear!

My face is sad too because I just checked on Mickie from Irish Muses and she is shutting down her blog. I Have SOOOO enjoyed her life and times in Ireland. She is so kind and generous and talented and she has inspired me. By being able to see someone you love and admire -over come challenges each day has been just a blessing to me. When I first started my blog Micki was the one who took me under her wing and introduced me to your guys. Plus, I was looking forward to watching Dougal grow up.

But, I am being selfish- I know she is doing what she thinks is best for her sweet family-so if you want to tell her by - you better hop right over.

This day has just been dark and cloudy and a little too cool for me. I have only managed to cut out two tee shirts because I was so distracted.  Plus, my youngest son went under the knife this morning for the surgery on his back and I have fretted and fretted.

O! DH just called to tell me that everything seemed to go well.The doctor told him that he was going to be sore for a while. That he had cleaned all the mess out from around his spine and that first surgery he had over a year ago was  a bad mess-no wonder he was never able to get out of pain.

They are giving him pain meds and talking about him going home tomorrow.DH also said that his wife went to the bathroom and while there took her prescription meds for her anxiety and another lady called the law on her. They pulled her to one side and checked her pocket book only to see they were doctor prescribed meds. How crazy is our world becoming?

See how fast things can change - one minute I was So blue and now I am happier from the good news. But I think I will go have a "pity-party" and just get it out of my system for good. Maybe then I can get my wee brain back to work on these projects.

Love to all.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sewing Guild Meeting

What a wonderful day it  has been. It seems like I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off all morning and then this afternoon DH took me to meet Lynne at the interstate and we had a ball! First it was fun catching up the past month by th time I had "talked her head off" we had arrived at the Guild meeting and it was so much fun!

The lady giving the demonstration tonight was from N.C. and she is a Brother Dealer . Her demonstration was called Christmas in July and I liked her the minute she opened her mouth. She said that she had loved to sew since she was five and that now she made all of her Christmas gifts ! Yea- another me! Only more talented!

She had all kinds of projects . One was called a 30minute jacket and she said it was popular in 2002 and was in a Threads magazine. But she had continued on with them -using all different kinds of fabrics and playing with the neck features and the front closures .

She had two vintage potholders , but she had "repurposed them" . She said when she found them they were Big Stuffed Christmas ornaments, but she thought they were too big and she transformed them to the spiffy potholders. I am a sucker for potholders anyway! Before Lynne taught me to sew I crocheted and I still Loved potholders so all year long I would make them and share them with one of my very dear buddies until she finally said , "Linda, I have enough potholders to last me till I am old and gray"! I took the "hint" - but now she is old and gray -wonder if she needs anymore??????????? LOL

She had 3 BEAUTIFUL "tunic looking " creations that a lady who works for her made . She is from Pakistan and they were drop dead beautiful  and made from some kind of silk! She said the most wonderful comment that I fell in love with. She said the lady never uses any patterns -that God gave her This and she held up her hands! She knows that what she is working on is so many hands high and so many hands long! Don't you think that it NEAT!

She had a tree skirt that her Mom had made many years ago and she said she had patched it several times.It was a collection of black and red squares and made from some kind of velvet.and then lined.
There was a very interesting bag -the young lady who had designed it -designed it for Left handed people - the handle was what made the difference, but if you flipped it the opposite way -then it was for right handed people. She had also made a pattern for a "duffel-bag" . She said the ones on the airplanes had to be a size smaller or they would not be allowed as "carry ones". So this one looked like a regular duffel bag , but then she had fitted two grommets in each end with a cord that allowed you to pull up on it and it folded the sides in to be the allowable size!

She also had some embroidery designs that when you sewed them out they seem to use a satin stitch, but when you finish you go back and cut through the satin stitch and open them up. This one was a dove and it made the feathers look real.

She talked about there were 3 different sizes of napkins-dinner, lunch  and cocktail and they are 3 different sizes! I had Never heard that! She had table clothes and table runners that are popular now and she even said you could layer your napkins down the center of the table as a table runner and people who needed them could easily reach them.There were also clutches -one was an enlarged Envelope and stabilizer had given it body.

So, you can see -it was a wonderful presentation and I really enjoyed it. I loved her spirit and you could tell she really loved the craft! She made it so much fun to"tweak our brains"!

After that we had drawings for door prizes and then we had Sew & Tell and I got really brave and took those sunflower place mats that I had made a while back. I Almost chickened out at the last minute , but I took a deep breath and tried to find the back of the line - only every body else was doing that too and I ended up 3rd in line. I know my guardian angel was with me and I was so excited I was trembling-I remembered that Lynne had told me that nobody was there to criticize your work - just to share your project ideas to help inspire each other . AND - I actually had everybody laughing and I Love to see people happy and enjoying themselves so I considered myself quiet lucky.

I knew I had to do that tonight if I was Really going to do it because tomorrow is my older daughter-in-law's birthday. My DH has to pick up our youngest son in the morning at 4am to take him for back surgery AGAIN and he is going to drop off the gift then.

Then they had refreshments and I snatched a piece of blueberry crumb cake and it was Delicious! They had that tea again without sugar and then if you want sugar they mix up a sugar solution that you can add and it is wonderful. I really like that you can have it either way! Plus, it is not like adding regular sugar and you stir and stir and it still never seems to dissolve.

So you can tell I had a wonderful time . It is so wonderful to see what others are working on. It made me think of when Maria ( &   Sue (  from Australia go on their "quilting retreats"! It is that common bond that creates a magic and wonderful ideas get born.

Thank you so much for sharing my experience !
Love to all!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Magic Box

This is the "magic box" that holds the fabric from It is almost like Christmas for me. With this I intend to make presents for the guys. My youngest son's birthday is the first part of next month and since it is so hot I hope to tackle a pair of knit lounge pants. I have made all of the others flannel and I know they cannot wear them in the summer so I am going to experiment. I know they make them from knits because I checked them out in the stores. Ok, lets set the magic free from its bondage.

OOOO, look at this! Even better than I had expected. It is nice and very light weight and so soft. I am hoping to transform fabric into smiles.

This is what it looks like now that it is free. I am attempting to mark off two pieces that are two yards and then one piece that is two yards and a half. That is what the patterns call for and I am going to prewash them to see how much they shrink. I think it will work perfectly because it is sixty inches wide! YEA! That is another reason that I love -they have really nice fabrics to choose from.

I love their discount fabrics but so far this year it has all been cottons and broadcloth and taffetas and things like that for the 1.95 /yards. And we all know my heart belongs to knits. : )

I did run into a problem - just leave it to me! When it came to measuring it off  I marked the two yards and after I had cut it I discovered that it was wound crooked onto the roll????? This is bad as I am "crooked "enough all by myself with out any help from the fates that be! But all I can do now is just see how it comes out.

It was a lovely day -they had called for HOT- but it was not because of all the clouds and there was a lively breeze making the trees sway and dance for joy. We can learn a lot from Mother Earth.  I had a lovely walk this afternoon. It was dusk and it was just enough time to climb up the hill and then make a circle around in the back where DH cut hay for the first time in our life. We got a whole two big bales , so it was Very educational.

Well, I better run and put the fabric in the dryer and see what happens-but that is why they call it "magic"! :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Biggest Boss

Has to be Miss Mocha! She is under the desk at the moment just chewing me out and it it in her high pitched bark for when she is not getting her way. LOL  I bought her a new chewie treat today and she INHALED it. They are suppose to be good for her teeth -but NOT all at once. LOL She knows I have them up here and she is just raising cain with me! LOL

We made it to DH's doctor today and got the best news we have had in 7 years - cancer in remission and everything good, except for some arthritis in the small of his back  , but  he can live with that.That came from his burns and the infection that has set in and ate a portion of his spine in to and they had to fuse it together. So, we do know where that comes from.

It was such wonderful news that I clapped  my hands for Joy! Now, I can get back on track for sewing .

Monday, July 11, 2011


It was a beautiful day today with lots of sun and heat. Tomorrow is suppose to be even hotter , up to one hundred of higher.

After we ate and I did chores I had made an appointment for DH because one of his arms is infected and he has a painful growth on one of his fingers and his belly hurts and is hard and he has been having leg cramps every night(we had tried the bananas and peanut butter-which did not help) and he has been having headaches every day?????

His doctor is a beautiful , super talented lady doc and I had to laugh at her when we pulled out this list of stuff and had gone through almost all of them and she asked -"do you have anything Easy in that list"? LOL

She is making him an appointment with some other doc about the growth on his finger and she prescribed him antibiotics for his arm and fiber for his tummy .Then tomorrow he will see his cancer doc and I am nervous about that one?  I HATE CANCER! I always have because my favorite aunts died from it when I was little . She had a terrible knot come up on her forhead and when it ruptured it killed her. I was little ,but I heard whispers of the beatings that her husband gave her they thought was connected. He was an evil man.
O, the picture above is of Christiansburg, Va. It is one of the towns we had to drive through for this doctor and then we go there tomorrow for his cancer doctor. I am so very proud of this little town, they have really spent time and money on this town . They put up these beautiful purple looking flowers hanging all through town. They have added brick walkways to really make it special to me. They have flowers in barrels all through the town and the color just makes me feel happy that someone cares enough to spend effort on the town instead of in people's pockets.

Wonder how all the rest of you guys are faring-what is your weather like? Maybe I can feel cooler tomorrow is I know that it is cool where you guys live at?????

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Youngest Daughter-in-law's birthday

If only there could be more hours in a day?But there never seems to be enough for me. On Friday night it was 3AM when I collapsed in bed and then last night it was the same and still I was running behind. Today was my youngest daughter-in-law's birthday and I still had not finished the kitchen towels for her. I had just ran out of steam last night . After I did the morning chores - I started back on them. DH was itching to go , but I could not go any faster than the machines would run. I was VERY lucky because I did not make any boo-boos and the machine embroidered like a charm.

                                         (I would cook but'''I can't find the can opener)

I did learn a few more things - I got to play with the serger to make rolled hems again. I think this is my second time . It was fun. I amazed myself having such good luck removing the stitch finger on my machine? It makes a pretty rolled hem.

Another thing I learned was I paid 6.60 for the one yard of birdseye fabric and I got six towels from it. I sat thinking about it and realized that did not seem to be such a great deal???? That would be a dollar and ten cents each and you can get the cheapo's in the Dollar Stores for that price. Maybe I should have went that route?

We finally loaded up and took off late this afternoon and when we got to town we stopped at the Post Office and finally mailed the bills that we both kept forgetting to mail on the 4th????? I asked DH to call and make for sure that they were home. He did -and they were not. They were in the next town and had broke down. Something was leaking and there was water all over the front of the engine-so we took off up there. DH called Emmett and they talked and DH then stopped at the car parts store and picked up some Stop Leak -then they put it in the radiator and they added water to it to see if it would work?

While they were working on that end  I was playing with the grand baby and giving Meagan her kitchen towels. She thought they were cute and I thought Grandson was precious.Those little smiles just break a Grandmother's heart. I could tell that Meagan's back was hurting too. The baby weighs over 17pounds now and I think any mother can remember days of back pain.

I asked Emmett about his new doctor and he told me that he REALLy has HIGH hopes that this doctor can do something for his back. He said that the doctor told him Not to get his Hopes up too high because that disc has been on that never for 14 months now. He told him there is the possibility that he might wake up like a new man - or there is the possibility that it will take another year to see what happens. That  IF it should be successful  then Emmett could consider him a miracle - worker and they both would end up  Happy! Emmett  out of pain and the doc with a good reputation!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Research Day?

I think I might say this has been a day of research. Still looking for an easy way to do the two daughter-in-laws birthdays next week. I received two really good ideas -but still just looking around for variety.

So, I Googled  birthday for daughter-in-laws and spent some really nice time visiting some blogs . It is always fun to see what others are creating and with the house to myself I have had fun .

For instance I thought I should share this blog with you -because you never know when you might need some inspiration  or even a little escape .
The reason I enjoyed this blog was because she has a list of blogs that sew and it saves you a Lot  of hunting and pecking!

Here in Va. we are having a nice rain with just a little rumble of thunder . I am grateful for what I would call a nice normal rain! None of those tornado warnings or thunder and lighting that shatter the sky. Yea for that.

I carried all of my pigeons in the building last night -so I would not be broken hearted this morning. It seemed like even the pigeons enjoyed the safety. We spoke to our neighbor yesterday afternoon and he said they had seen two coyotes at his place  and two foxes  so they too have their chickens locked up.

I wore that black pair of slacks to my counseling yesterday and I really enjoyed them.The reason I have the house to myself is that DH had to take our youngest son to have tests done today for his back surgery next week. I am so hopeful that this time he has a good doctor who can make a difference.

I have heard others of you speak of catching up on your blog reading - Now I know what you mean! : )
Happy Trails To You!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions?????

 What a truly beautiful day it has been. Beautiful sun -not to hot - just perfect. I finished my morning chores and came in the house about 1;30, fixed us a bite to eat and sat down to rest for a spell. I had worked in the garden so I was good and tired. That bending over really stresses my back. LOL
But , while I was in the garden at least I saw the delivery man pull into the driveway and DH was with me so he went and got the car to meet the UPS man. The problem for them is that I have a favorite tree and every time I planted one (out of the way) it would get killed -so I decided to plant one where I could keep an eye on it -right beside the driveway. Well, it lived and is thriving and large trucks can hardly squeeze under it -and especially not get scratched!  Everybody fusses -but me! LOL But, nobody else stands under it and eats her full of mulberries! O, except for the birds that I share it with. LOL

So my new fabric was here from -it is out in the car and I am torn between playing with it -OR- fixing all of my DH's pants. He is so hard on clothes -and all of his pants need something. I noticed that when I hung them out to dry! So, I guess I will do the mature thing and Fix his pants so I can keep him in pants! LOL

That took a while so that will be my project for the day! All sewn and ready to go to work too! LOL
That one pair tried to run away from me when it saw me coming at it with an Iron! LOL  But that is good - we will just see how long that lasts! : )

As I looked at the calendar I could not help but shriek because my two daughter-in-laws are having birthdays next week and I am totally off guard and no money to do much about it because I found out that DH goes back to his cancer doctor later this month and I thought it was next month - so I will have to rob Peter to pay Paul once again??????  What do you guys make for your daughter-in-laws????? Help!