Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cory's second birthday shirt and lessons that went with it

     Have you noticed that every project has it's own set of lessons to learn? This piece of knit was so light-weight and SOOO much stretch that it was like a wild bronco - tossing me this way and that. I was determined that it wouldn't  "throw" me ! I went extra slow and extra careful and it fought me every way it could. I even slowed my machine down to really slow and as it sewed about 5 stitches it would start to "push" the knit ahead of the needle, so I would stop and raise my pressure foot  to get it in the right position AGAIN! This went on the duration if the project.
     This is where I made it far enough into the project to line my neck band to the shirt

     I am making progress and have made it to put the seam in the bottom of the shirt and also in the sleeves. Boy, it was hard to "control" this fabric. It has so much stretch that if you even "think" about it - it will jump to any side it takes a notion! I hope I am being smart because I used what is called a stretch stitch  and I hope that helps it not to break the thread after it is hemmed.

     Well, I finally got it together. It was a battle for me and I am wondering how it will behave when my son wears it??????

     This is a close-up of the design I used on the pocket. I am really hoping he will like it?
     Today we actually had some SUNSHINE and it got up to 40 - and a little path of our snow melted outdoors where DH walks to put wood in the stove. So, this was another perfect day for me.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowing & Sewing!

     Well, it is Winter-time -what more could I expect? We have about 10 inches and DH is outdoors on his ATV clearing our driveway and the mailbox  . He rigged a blade on the front and he really gets a lot done to help us move around. But I discovered this afternoon that it was slick as glass when I went outdoors for some chores. I made it up the hill -barely - and I got lucky and DH came out to "feed " our outdoors wood stove  and he helped me back down the hill! I would not have made it in ONE piece if he had not showed up. Perfect Timing. ~smile~

     After I had finished that black shirt for Son's birthday - I went to looking for the other one that I had cut out????????????? I thought I had cut out?????? I looked high and low and decided I must not have got around to to , so I pulled out a nice blue piece of heavier knit and went to town cutting out his shirt. Cory is the one that HAS to have a pocket , so I cut out a pocket for him and measured where to put it to the shirt at. I looked for a design  and I got lost in the day -just looking?????But after I embroidered his pocket - I had to cut a piece of stabilizer for my next project and low and behold - there was my "Other shirt " that I had been looking for ???? I had stuck it in that drawer so hide it from Miss Rosie and her hairs! LOL

             Since the rest of the afternoon was spent looking for a design for his red shirt - I gave up and embroidered another book marker. I think they are the perfect way to "test " sew some designs that I have been curious about. I don't ruin a more complicated project and I get to still make something useful at the same time . To me that is a "Win-Win" situation!      

It really turned out too wide - compared to the others,but I still love it. Whoever said book markers had to be a particular size? So, at least I ended up with one more project for Christmas 2010! Yea!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Oldest Son's Birthday shirt

     Since Cory gave me grief about giving younger son a shirt with deer on it for Christmas - I am trying to make it right by giving him one for his birthday. BUT - his restriction is that he HAS to have a pocket??? And this knit is SO puzzling ? It has SOOO much stretch that it is hard to "contain" it!

     OK? What can you see??????????? Well , that is the same thing I see - NOTHNG ! This black is impossible to see and the black thread is impossible to see - so I am really "feeling in the dark" here! I know Cory would rather have gray - but I had trouble finding grey??? So, I settled for black thinking it does not show dirt and stains as bad. 

I think I finally pulled it off. Talk about live and learn. !!! And to top it all off - we have a "Snow Storm" coming in. It was an hour and a half late - but I could have waited a lot longer . I was hoping it would go around??? But it is just pouring down. I know my sister-in-law will be happy because she Loves the snow! LOL

     I have to say that this was another Wonderful Day! Any day spent "sewing" is perfect to me! LOL

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hubby ran out of gloves

     Remember those experimental gloves I made for my DH for Christmas for his crippled hands? Well, he liked them so much that he wore them all out working with the  wood to keep us warm. But he said that they even lasted longer than the plain little brown gloves that all the stores sell.
     I worked so hard today trying to get everything ready for the snow tomorrow. I think I washed everything in the house - just in case we lose our electricity.
     So that left me very little sewing time. I went to the sewing room and wondered which project could I tackle that would not take up a LOT of time????? For some reason DH needing gloves popped in my head. I had a little piece of heavier knit that was left over from my sister-in-law's shirt. I knew that being a little heavier would be warmer on his hands. Here I have laid my pattern on the piece of fabric to see how many I could get cut out.

     Here I have them all cut out and I ended up with six pieces  - so I have enough for 3 pair of gloves.

     Here I have cut and laid out the two pieces of elastic that I need for the front and back of each glove .

     This is where I sew the elastic on each piece so when it is put together the elastic will help hold the glove in place. 

     The elastic is sewed in place so now I am serging  the bottoms.

     Here it is all sewed around and ready to be turned.

     Here they all are - all three pair of them. All these years we tried to figure out something to keep his hands protected in the Winter time  and it took me this long to get brave enough to try something on my own??? Just goes to show that you are never to old to Try something. 
     I wanted to get these all completed because tomorrow evening it is suppose to start snowing and snow until Saturday evening ??  I sure wish I could fly all the way "down under" and visit with my e-buddies  and enjoy their Sunshine and their beautiful water. But , since my "wings " are not in working condition I guess I will stay home and SEW - (I hope! Unless we lose our electricity)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Not much time to sew today

  Today was one of those "run" days. Just things you have to get finished. When we were in the grocery the big talk going on is about snow that is suppose to come Friday and Saturday. The young man at the register said tonight was good , But they expected a big crowd because the storm might start tomorrow evening? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

I was so tired and the whole day is gone , but I did embroider on one of the pockets for my oldest son that will go on his tee shirt for his birthday. My pattern does not call for a pocket - but he has requested pockets. Since he picked on his little brother about me giving the him  a shirt with a deer on it - so I am trying to get them both even.Doesn't matte what the age - you have to attempt to keep them

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chicka - boom - chicka boom!

     I have managed to pick my design and get it embroidered  - kinda. This knit wanted to "walk" as the embroidery machine worked. I used a heavy stabilizer and some spray on adhesive so I am not for sure what I did wrong - but if anybody can do it - that will be me!  So now I am in the process of sewing the neckband to the shirt. I have divided both the shirt and the neckband into 4 even spaces and will match them up to make for sure they line up correctly.

This is a size 4 x .

This is a close up which says Chicka-boom, chicka boom!
     It has been a strand day for our weather. It was suppose to be a clear day but around 11am it clouded up -the wind blew in like a ghost rider and with it came snow showers that swirled every which way . It was magical to just stand and watch the show.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The End?

     Today has been one of those "run-run" days that I hate. I love to just stay home and "play with my toys"! But we went to town and as we passed two dams that are on the way - it was a scary sight. Both dams were wide open and massive amounts of water were thundering through. I forgot to take my camera with me -that would have been an awesome sight. And we have a stiff cold wind that blows right through you. I was so glad to get home.
     As soon as I could I slipped away to the sewing room. I have several different projects going on. I am still working on the shirt for my sister-in-law's birthday  and i decided to make a couple more bookmarkers  as I could sneak them in -between the other things going on. I had already precut the fabric for this one and I remembered a couple of years back -one day my daughter-in-law had seen this design and she had a fit about it - but she could not figure out what to do with it and when I cut this fabric it came clear in my mind that it would work perfectly for a bookmarker!

     Our weather people are a little confused . Earlier they spoke of clear and no rain until this weekend. DH went out to put wood in our outdoor wood stove and the snow was pelting down. I checked and now they have heavy snowshowers ????? Sheezzzzzzzzzzz!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sister-in-law's Birth shirts

     First goal is to get this embroidery design to complete with out having a disaster.

     So far I have got two designs on the front of two shirts -I hope- that is my goal. Now my goal is to trim all the stabilizer away from each project -WITHOUT - snipping a hole in the fabric! I intend to be VERY careful!

     How about that trimmed all the stabilizer and did not nick my fabric! Yea! So far - so good!

     Moving right along- I have actually made it to the "hemming " phase and I am trying very hard to keep every thing exact. Every time I work on a project I really have to watch out for my knack of "drunk sewing"! I don't know why and I wish I could over come it - so I REALLY try hard to make things as straight as I can.

     Well - by the "Hair of my chinney chin -chin " ! I have one completed shirt. Around the froggie - I  placed - Hanging In there! I think she will get a kick out of that. Thank you so very much for letting me share with you !

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Friends " embroidery -new size laptop?

     When I settle in my sewing room - I have one of my very qualified "Inspectors" here to keep watch over me this time. Her name is - Cocoa - wonder why? ~smile~I happen to love cocoa - Anyway - I can get it. But she is not very pleased to have her picture taken! She is a little camera shy - so this is an honor to capture her.

     OK - finally I figure out a design . For some reason I really was struggling with which design I could use. I still am not 100% satisfied , but I can't keep dragging my feet and never make a decision. I like it much better when a design jumps up and screams at me!! I am the ONE!!!!!!!!!!

     While the design is working I move ahead and cut out my lining and stitch it together. Yes, I did forget to leave an opening at the bottom to be able to "turn" the project ! So I had to go back and RIP(my least favorite word )those stitches out.

     OOOPPPS - I almost sat on Miss Rosie who is sleeping under some rugs I have washed. She loves to hide under anything that she can make her body slide under. ~smile

     Here is the front view - it is starting to resemble a project.

     Here is a close up of the design! Every one knows I am a "little cracked" so I thought it was nice to be thought of as  Good Egg. LOL

     This is how the back turned out . I still like the "envelope " closure. After one that I tackled last year and I put glue on Velcro and that stuff just popped off - I was so mad at that ! 
     At least I actually accomplished something besides dishes and laundry - I did them too. LOL
Now this is a perfect day !When I pull one of these off - it always feels so wonderful that I wish EVERYBODY could be graced with one too!
     I still have Lots to learn about laptops.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Angels Watch Over Me Book marker

     It always amazes me at how fast time can zip by. All you have to do is find a few moments to consider your next project and the next thing you know it is days end - only your research has not ended and there just is not enough time in a day.
     I have searched through designs all day searching for the "perfect" design . I found some cute ones but just NOT the perfect design.
     Maybe it has something to do with our Rainy - cold weather ?
     The only thing I did manage to do is end up with another "crick in my neck" that really hurts and a headache to go with it. But , I am so grateful to have had a day to spend "dreaming" . Maybe tomorrow will be different????

Thursday, January 21, 2010

     Yep! This is where it all starts? Pondering what the next project will be that will present itself on my cutting table.

OK, at least I have decided that I want to work on a laptop sleeve and I want to use this piece of kinda heavy vinyle that I had covered my outdoor swing with and had a little piece left-over. I like to use this for the laptop because it will keep water out and it has a backing that will help to protect its precious cargo.

Next I get it all "hooped up" and decide on a design . I am making progress.

Now I have decided on my fabric for my lining. I like this piece because it is nice and slick and yet it is quiet durable.

     I liked my design - it is a butterfly and butterflies -to me- are a symbol of transformations. I added the wording  " Begin Somewhere" 
     Sometimes that is the best advice I can take !

    This is how the back looks , I am rather pleased with the envelope closure that I thought of

     This is how my liner looks . It is so nice and slick to allow you to slide things in and out.
But now that it is completely finished - it turned out to be the wrong size. I had used a formula that I got online and as usual I ended up with a boo-boo. The length is correct, but the height is half an inch too little. POOH! I guess I am back to the drawing board. I have discovered that laptops are "tricky" little numbers and they change according to the thickness of the machine which throws off  every other measurement. !Grrr! O Well another day - a new lesson tackled. I think I will blame it all on my fibromyalgia fog! Maybe tomorrow will be a little different. Wonder why I love sewing so much and yet I am not very talented . But, I do love it - whether it is trying to dream up a project or being allowed to enjoy all the beauties of all the fabrics - what an honor.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Angels watch

     It is my personal experience that when ever an idea plugs into my brain that I start to simmer. The main theme floats in -then I think of whom I would like to make it for and how can I pull off my goal of  zeroing in on the quality about them that  I dream to project to them.Kind of like shinning a mirror image of them with the wonderful part of them that I appreciate. It is a little like having one of those metal detectors that tells what is hidden from view  and it substantiates that it is of value. Maybe I am beating around the bush here - so to condense the theory - Just Want to Remind them how special they are. ~smile
    A lot like you guys when you allow me to "VISIT" with each of you . IT is my great honor to be allowed to share in your creative endeavors. Yes, one person can make a difference , but when I see all the talent from all over the world it amazes me that combined you talented artists are a real force to be recoded with.With each stitch you are creating beauty in our world.

     I will always be amazed with the process of taking a flat piece of fabric and by adding thread and dreams -projects are born.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's a turtle Thing.

     My DH and I were in a car accident where some teenagers hit us head on. I ended up with a concussion and whiplash and then Post Traumatic Stress , which is how I met another angel in my life. My doctor sent me to a counselor and that was one of the nicest things that could have happened to me because I found a wonderful friend. Through some of our sessions we spoke of different types of personalities and I discovered that I was a "rabbit personality"(always hurrying to accomplish several different things) but my counselor is a "turtle personality " (always takes life from a slower pace) Both types have their own set of pros and cons - and by understanding their traits you learn more about how to manage your life and what works and what does not work.It is very interesting  and helpful to manage how you manage your life.
     So, I decided to make her a "Turtle " bookmarker because she reads all the time and because I hope it will add a little "whimsey" to her reading.What makes me think that is that one of my e-buddies sent me a book marker for Christmas and every time I open my book to read -when I see her book marker I think how lucky I am to have such friends.

Monday, January 18, 2010


     VA. Tech is one of our local colleges and it seems to have a wonderful football team.When I was able to drive to Ruth's house to clean for her - I learned the hard way - NEVER GET CAUGHT in her town when the college has a ballgame!It is absolutely horrible to get stuck in traffic for what is normally a few minutes to drive through and IF you get stuck in traffic you are lucky to make it in an hour!
     Harley is Ruth's deaf brother and he loves to root for the home team. I bought this piece of fabric and made him a tv remote holder that drapes across the arm of his chair. I had this small piece left over so I am working on these two book markers for either one or both of them.
     Today our weather was so nice. It was kinda odd to look out and see the sun and it was 60 degrees so it was comfortable - yet all around us was piles of snow????? And this afternoon we looked out and as far as you could see was a pale mist making it look like the landscape was outlined in white.
    One of my greatest experiences happened just a minute ago. I looked out the door and all of a sudden I saw the most beautiful "Shooting Star"! I have never seen one before and I am still awe struck!