Saturday, January 23, 2016

Here It Is Saturday

The little birds are the main creatures that are out moving around in this weather and only because they have to keep their little tummies full for heat.


I have plenty of little titmice just waiting their turns at the feeders. I took out my super dooper shovel and cleared my path on the front porch and that was when I discovered the pain in my back and all through my shoulder blades???? Dog gone white stuff is getting me in trouble

While the birds were busy on the front porch I got busy in the house - kinda crippling around doing the fish and the birds and the cats and then doing battle to get the dogs meds down them. They are getting too smart for me . Thank goodness their latest round of antibiotics are just completed ! Yea! Please let them be better this time as we sure cannot dash off to the vet for a while??????????????

        I did manage to get my morning smoothie made and all of my supplements down me for my eyes and then peeked out the front door only to notice a new crowd had moved into the tree overlooking the feeders. This was the first time I had ever had blackbirds and a whole crew of them showed up and all the little birds left the feeders???? Hum???


  Someone else was attempting to watch this new development from the back of the chair - I think her being cross eyed really does affect her sight????

      Even the red birds were keeping their distance -not intermingling with the black visitors???

    When I would go to the door to take a picture the black ones would take flight and the little birds would then zoom down to get their share- I even switched the feeders around so I could get a better picture because everybody seemed to want the sunflower seeds instead of the mixed seeds.


           While the birds were having their discussions about the feeders i flung open the back door to see if the doggie door needed a path cleared and of course it did so I grabbed "Super-Shovel" and out to the end of the back of the house I plowed. I noticed I needed to clear the path up the hill so up I went and then shot across the driveway to the condo. Turning back around going back to the kennels and up around the main building -then over to the dove house and back to the driveway where the donkey hollered at me. I turned to go up his way and there was more of an accumulation there. It took me longer to shovel a path back out and it was heavier so my side and back started to complain. I fed Yukon and plowed back down with the Super - Shovel to the kennels when I turned and went to the turkeys and the little hen house. By now my hands were hurting from the cold and I realized what a dummy - I had No Gloves on and only a little sweather. LOL But, my paths were now clear! lol So, I zoomed happily down the hill to the warm house. AS I bundled up my oldest Chihuahua popped in through the doggie door and she was shivering to beat the band. I had a snuggie laying in the computer chair so I grabbed it up and bundled her up in it and sat and loved on her until she shivering eased up. I have a big pillow for her under the computer desk and it is right on the vent so I felt it and it was nice and toasty - so I placed her there to snuggle in. I decided to check the emails and such and then did put on a jacket this time as I took everybody outdoors fresh water. They were all in good spirits. The little hens in the main house were actually singing at the top of their little lungs and it always makes me stop to count my blessings.


I peeked out the front door and the black clan all go to the trees when they see me so I decide to put on the pot of beans to heat and bundle up to get warm and settle down to watch a tv program I have just got hooked on?? Plus, the pain is pretty bad so I rub some arnica cream on my back, side and as far as I can reach shoulder blades -where it hurts to breath. Soon the warmth and the cream start to ease the pain -plus probably being distracted by the plot of the program doesn't hurt. There are other things I want to accomplish but for now they will just have to wait.

               Now the winds are howling and I am just hoping that the white stuff does not drift too much. My Magic Shovel is kinda tired and likes to cause this old woman pain when used too much. So, I can hope. I think I should take a tip from the new kitty - Miss Gabby???  Each day is a gift .Maybe tomorrow I can work on those "other things"- right now I am grateful for the health of my animals and myself and the warmth of a dry home and food to eat and interesting things to do. Every day there is something new to learn and enjoy.

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  1. Oh Linda you need to have less animals to care for. They are sew much work for you... The pretty birds are easier.