Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pincushion Tuesday

Miss Rosie went out on the front porch with me this morning to fill the bird feeders. She is always quiet curious about the comings and goings of her domain. She tests everything and you can gauge her interpretations by the dept of the color in her beautiful blue eyes and the way she flicks her tail when she gets upset.

I fed the birds and the fish inside the house and fixed a simple morning green smoothie and then  got ready to  leave for my acupuncture treatment. I carried out my purse and drink and put in the car and then came back and got the "magic shovel" and shoveled my way around the car to where it would connect to the path my neighbor had cleared for me . Then I shoveled off the snow from the car -hopped in and carefully eased my way down the hill , through the creek and stopped and got the shovel out and this time shoveled the snow that the snow plow had throwned into the driveway where my neighbor had pushed.  I did not want to risk tearing anything up on the car - I love my little car. Then I locked her in four wheel drive and we eased up onto the highway where I quickly disengaged the four wheel unit , just in time as a car came up behind me.

The roads weren't bad but I still took my time. I kept hearing this racket and I had finally decided it was my water pump thinking about going out so I called my older son and asked him if he would look it up for me online so I can order one and when his back eases up maybe he will be able to install it when he installs the new radiator because mine is leaking and was cheaper to just buy a new one instead of fixing this one???

Of course the shoveling made my back start to hurt on the way out so I was quiet glad to get to see Marcie today and let her work her magic. Seems like growing older we are meant to learn to live with quiet a bit of pain??That was not in my plans.

Afterwards I stopped off by a grocery store and picked up a few groceries for me and the pups. It seems strange to me that a vegetarian would be shopping for meat -but that is what they seem to need and the only way I can keep them going.

I got home and unloaded the groceries and went out and locked Yukon up so he could eat his pellets and a small bat of hay while in the protection of the kennel so those pesky rams would not try to hurt him over the food. Then at dark I went back and released him and gave him a good petting. He is still wearing his yellow jacket and looking decent for an old man -so I am really hoping he makes it through this Winter and gets to enjoy another Summer.

I spotted the kitty that I think someone dumped and her bowl I had set out was empty so I filled it back up for her. I am still mad that someone would do something like that to one so innocent. These animals do not ask for this kind of treatment- it is so unfair - and unfair to the people whose lives it adds a burden to .

I was very grateful that the car made it back up our driveway and I slid back into my original parking place. I should have taken the trash down but I just did not want to risk losing my parking space. lol I am Not a Risk Taker like my DH was . He was a fireball who could pull off miracles  - not me . But, I am home safe and sound and grateful for all of my wonderful blessings and I hope you are too.

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  1. What a day! But you made it, and were blessed along the way with a nice massage~ I agree about people that drop off animals out in the country. Hopefully this little one just got lost and wasn't dumped. Sorry your car needs some real work. I know your son's back isn't up to that work very often~ Hugs`