Friday, January 8, 2016

Blondie Sick Friday

I told Blondie last night when she would not eat or take her meds that if she was no better in the morning she would have to do to the doctor. She did not even get up to go potty through the night so I knew something was wrong and IF she would not eat I could not get her heart medicine down her and we would both be in trouble.

I could tell by looking at her in bed that she would have to do. I checked the weather forecast and it was calling for a cold rain after lunch so I decided to run out and feed Yukon and give fresh water to replace the frozen water first. Then I came by the car and started it to warm up for her and me.

By the time I had put on warm clothes and added Blondie to a carrier the car was warm and we were off. I always stop at the creek to say a prayer and ask God to let his angles go with me to keep us safe with my eyes.

We were very lucky as there were only two people ahead of us and they went fast. I told Dr. Young how worried I was and that she would not eat or drink. He took her temperature and said she had probably caught a cold and was running a temperature so he gave her shots and pills to go home with us. He said if she was not eating by in the morning to bring her back early as they close at 12.

On the way home she got sick. I was glad she is a little dog and it was a little mess. ~smile~ We were close to home . I sat her out of the carrier and remembered I had forgot to let Yukon out of his stall -so I ran up and did that real quick . He was not pleased with my forgetfulness. lol

When I got in the house Blondie had got her a drink and of course immediately threw it back up? So I took the water away and put down ice crystals. That worked much better and no more throwing up -but I now had some laundry to do.

You never know where you will find Rosie-today after her morning exercise she is "catnapping" on the towels in the bathroom. I always think she looks so "innocent" like this. Then I took a while to work on another bootie and still work on the laundry. I also fixed me a pot of lentil soup for my  lunch.


I let Zigzag out of her kennel . I am not for sure if I like that name or not. They gave it to her because she is a little cross eyed but she does not respond to it so I do not think that was her original name. She has a Very Soft feminine voice - very sweet and lady like . She has wonderful manners - wish I could get a good picture of her. She does not even bother the birds. She likes for me to do my yoga -she comes and lays on the mat and moves all over the place with the different moves like she has done it all her life?  Still we have this problem to gap about her not liking the pups. I am still Hoping.

The pups have just been so sick , what since before Christmas with this stuff they have had . It has been awful? But there is one thing I am noticing about getting this fresh , homemade food into them is that their coats are All getting slick and shiny and they have Quit SHEDDING! I am ecstatic about that. Also - they had No body odor at all and have not had a bath in probably two months now -since they have been sick. I did not want to risk chilling them.

I have almost finished a green pair of booties   Still
have to weave in the tails and do something for the front.
Have to wait to see IF I can get another pair out
of this bundle of yarn?? Since these are a size
Large - I do not think I will be able to pull that off.

But, I need to know because I do not want to use
the yarn to make pom-poms IF there Might be enough
to make the second pair -size medium.                

I hope you all have had a beautiful day - with
NO SICK PETS or Humans.

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