Monday, January 18, 2016

Still puny Monday and Took Kitty To Vet

My poor kitty , Cowboy. This was his third trip to the vet -third shot-and third set of antibiotics , although this set is stronger. I just want him to get healed up and better.

It was a brutal cold trip to town and I prayed before and during the trip . It would not be a good time to have car trouble and one of my belts on the car was making a racket. I don't think it should because I had new belts put on last Summer - so I don't know what the problem could be??? But I would push the clutch in and idle the motor to let it calm down and then go on.

There was no crowd at the vet's either -that is unusual -so no long wait . Yea -quick in and quick out and quick stop at a grocery for fresh meat for the pups and some different food to temp Cowboy as he would not eat. The vet said if he did not eat by in the morning to bring him back -but by late this afternoon he was ready to try a bit. Yea.

When I pulled in at home I ran out and fed Yukon and locked him in while I went to the house to eat , since it takes us both about the same amount of time to eat -only he had his pellets and I had fresh cauliflower soup and peach green tea.

My friend's daughter called to tell me that her Dad was out of surgery from having his colostomy  bag removed and the hernia repaired and everything put back together. He is in a lot of pain and would call me tomorrow if he feels better. So far , so good.  The last time -3 years ago when they put that thing in he ended up in rehab for a year-so I am holding my breath for him. He has a long way to go.

Then one of my girlfriends called me to tell me she was suffering through this crud and she sounded awful congested. She had misplaced the foot pedal to her sewing machine and wanted to know how to find another.

So finally I headed out the door with hot water for all the critters and turned Mr. Yukon out of his kennel. At least he had cleaned up all of his food this time. About an hour later a much colder me arrived back in the house finally. Yea!

I was so whipped I just surrendered  to the tv program once again. At this rate maybe I will get caught up from not watching it for the past year. lol It lets your brain just "idle" and not worry about anything but curling up under a blanket and healing. Although I am worrying about the possibility of a bad storm this Friday . This would be our first of the Winter and I live in a rural area that loses its electricity a lot. That with low temperatures and Snow to wade around in does not sound tempting to me at all.

Tomorrow is my acupuncturist day treatment for my macular degeneration ????  I am torn because I would not be out in this vile weather -but I have these eggs I like to share with her , plus the place beside her will have local honey and fresh ginger which I cannot find in town ????

Now, I am getting hungry so I think I will rustle up a green smoothie and then dispense doggie meds. Yes, I really do want to work on a project but just cannot summon up enough energy to carry through.

yes, I am Jealous of my bloggie buddies who are not having this blasted weather!
love to all -

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  1. Yes....poor Cowboy! He is so much smaller than I thought he would be~ No wonder you were so worried about him taking care of himself outside~
    I have gotten behind on comments...but today you are getting the winter storm. PLEASE TAKE CARE!!!