Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saturday Ruined

These are my funny fantail pigeons and you can see why they are called fantails. My day started off to be a nice normal rainy day. I got all my chores completed early so I could just stay in out of the rain.

Then after lunch I called a friend to thank her for my Christmas gift and she was coming to the phone to call me to thank me for hers and her daughters. It was very nice. Then she invited me to go with her to our local college for a free ( I saw her make a donation !) music event that was blue grass. It was really   nice . It was a real "family event" as there were all ages there -the older folks were up front dancing to the music- lots of two steps and a few waltzes and some line dancing from the pretty widows.

There were families with children , but all the children were well mannered and cute.  They had a couple of raffles . There were two groups that played -but the last group was a group of teenagers. They were Wonderful and the one beautiful young lady on the fiddle was 13 - the singer was 14, the young man on guitar was 15 and the young man on the bass drum was 13. I was AMAZED at how kids SO young - were so GOOD and they lived Miles apart so how they ever get together to practice is beyond me???? I had never seen anything like it.

When we left it was raining and the college even had little vans out front that took us to our vehicles , which I deeply appreciated . That would have been a long walk in a cold rain.

After I got home I realized I needed to go out in the dark - in the rain to lock up those 3 chickens?? Hum?? My "chicken side" was saying -nooooo - maybe they will be alright till in the morning??? But my other side said now that is not right -get your act together and GO. So, I bundled up and reluctantly trudged up through the rain and the mud - only to SPOT feathers around the coop. I KNEW that was bad news. Sure enough something had already beat me there and the old rooster and one hen were GONE. One hen remained. O, I was Mad. That was the second time that I had been gone in the afternoon and something had snatched some of my chickens. 72 acres of land and every time I try to let some of them out to have some fun and it ends in heart ache? I will go collect the survivor tomorrow and bring her down to the building. She will not be happy , but she will be alive. No more green grass or scratching for bugs or what ever treasures they love to find.  I know the wildlife need to eat too but it seems there is more wildlife than you can have domesticated animals. I am betting raccoons or coyotes - bad news because the big water tub was dumped too so it was something good sized. I think my main building is strong enough to be a solid protection although raccoons can get in places you would never dream? Coyotes could be a danger to my cat or even my pups even though I watch every time I let them out so I try to keep them in my sight but even going around the house might be a danger?  So, yes, my day ends on a sour note. Pooh.

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