Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lovely Rainy Day

I am so very grateful that we are being blessed with rain instead of snow! It has 50 degrees and I am                                                                                    HAPPY!
If it would be this way all Winter long I would be thrilled!

I worked indoors this morning and then had a lovely visit from a dear friend for the afternoon. She had been shopping at a place she called World Market and shared her treasures with me including some Jasmine Rice, which she had shared last month and when I cooked it - it smelled divine! This time she had brought a little container with something called Rice Seasoning - so I am very curious to see what it is like????
She had been terribly sick with the flu at Christmas and I was so tickled to get to see her. I teased her about the fact she had told me one time years ago that she would not mind to get the flu and get to spend a few days in bed reading! She said she sure did get to "eat those words",as she was too sick to read at all!!!!!!!!!!

After our lovely visit I headed to the sewing room to start to work on those caps for next year. I sorted through the pieces of fleece I had bought and then went looking for the piece of pink fleece that I knew I already had. I unrolled it and cut some strips the size to match the new for the caps and ????? What did my eyes behold?????????? Would you believe that is Stinkbug Poop!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Turns your stomach, doesn't it??????????? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I laid out my next piece of fleece and started cutting! I had intended this piece to be for the guys in the group and then I came up with the idea it would be good for the two young Dads with their young son they each have???. You have to cut out enough for the front and a liner and then it is reversible.

I was amazed that after an hour and a half of cutting my back was screaming at me to stop. Human bodies sure do complain a lot and Miss Callie was upside down by then anyway. I thought it would be nice for you to see that she sure did heal from being impaled and is enjoying the life of a kitty with a home now - instead of being throwed out like trash by somebody.

She is so darn hard to get a picture of because of her coloring. Even on this white she does not stand out?

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Rainy Saturday

I started off my morning by darning up my poor work jacket that I wear outdoors. I think I had snagged it on everything possible and it was just hanging off of me. But it is warm when I wear a thinner jacket under it . Then I was ready to truck outdoors and do all of my critter chores.

I came in the house and grabbed a shower as Crystal and I have an afternoon date with one of her girlfriends and her hubby and I knew she would need a shower as she is working in her Tiny house.  This is a small bookcase that my hubby  built for me several years ago and all of a sudden it took a notion to Lean . So, I took all the books off and cut a piece of the paneling from the fire and forced the case back up as right as I could muster and hold it there while I screwed the paneling on to the back to secure it. It took me a few trys but it is a lot better. Now  have to refill it with all the books.

Then I had to take a break and fall over laughing at Rosie as she attacked her favorite rug and balled it up and turned into Miss Monster of the rug.

After the show Crystal and I went to meet her friends.

It had been years since I had seen her girlfriend and it was such a treasure to get to spend time with her.

There was this neat restaurant that they had eaten at and they wanted us to go with them so off we went.

We drove 35 minutes to town to meet them and then 40 minutes through the country to the place -ONLY - to be disappointed because it was CLOSED for vacation!!!!!!!!! LOL

We did find something to eat anyway - I had spaghetti that was really good and it was such a nice treat not to be cooking or washing dishes. ~smile~

Then I drug Crystal shopping around the corner where I snagged two new water bowls for my chickens because the freezing weather had busted mine and Crystal got some new curtains for her tiny house. It was such a treat to get to spend some quality time with my daughter.

Friday, January 13, 2017

My little visitor

It was such a beautiful day here today. I had been outdoors working on the wood and one piece of wood gave me such a fit. I fought and wrestled with that booger for a good half hour and gave up and came in and got some lunch. While I was in the kitchen there was this little squirrel that kept peeking in the door but every time I tried to snap a picture he would be gone before I could pull it off. So, this was the best I could do to prove his existence.

Then I went back out to the pile of wood that has these monstrous slabs that I have been trying to figure out what to do with? I took my little chainsaw and cut one of the pieces down the middle and my saw asked me what in the world was I trying to do to it???? There really is a difference in cutting wood through the tree as compared to cutting Down through the center??? It was amazing. I drug Crystal's new saw out and filled it up with gas and oil and tried to start it -but it yanked me to the ground and laughed at me! How very Rude of it! So I went back to busting what I had cut. Then Crystal pulled in and started her monster for me. She cut one piece and then turned it over to me while she went to work on her tiny house that Tim had messed up so bad. So she shampooed carpet and I got a few more pieces cut down the center to where I could carry them back up the hill to the little buster and split them into manageable pieces. Yea. I would have been happy if it had just let me cut the last two pieces I had set up to where I would not hit the chain to the ground and it ran out of gas!GRRRR!  Heap Big Saw uses Heap Big Fuel!!!!!!!!! By then it was dark anyway so I carried all the saws back to the building and finished carrying my wood to the house. Then I used the broom rake and raked up the shavings and put them in a bag so I can use them in the chicken runs , so that was a win win for me! Yea!

By then it was dark so I came in and found some pain pills for Mr. Fibromyalgia and time to settle in and count my blessings. I did cut a section of paneling that was left over from the fire. I need it to put on the back of a little bookcase that my DH had made me years ago and now for some odd reason it has decided to LEAN sideways and is very toddly. LOL

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Not Good Weds.

The weather is warming up and the snow and ice are melting and it is calling for rain. Things should be looking good but my daughter and her partner are fighting like cats and dogs so I know this will not last long. His truck is broke down and we are waiting for parts to get it fixed so maybe then he will have his freedom. She has moved back into her old bedroom and he is standing outside the window accusing her of every man in town . Even through she went straight to work and then home?? I am so very disappointed after I risked my neck driving after dark last night to go pick him up after he started walking out of the country???  I was hoping the calm could stay until the truck was fixed. Guess not????

I decided I would try to distract my broken heart by working on one of my new Christmas presents but Miss Gabby is having a hard time understanding the rules of being the new "Sewing Cat"?

She has decided that the rule is for me to Cut AROUND her during the project????? I think this little cross-eyed cat is a little confused - as am I ????? lol

Monday, January 9, 2017

My First Real Sewing Projects of 2017

This is the pair of jogging pants made from the sweat shirt fleece I found at JoAnn's and had the coupon for 50% off for. It is nice and soft and feels warm to the touch?

This is the other piece of sweat shirt fleece I found and had a 40% coupon off  that I used. Yet, it is entirely different. It feels a little more like sweater fabric and is a little bit scratchy.

After I completed both of them and tried them on I thought , well, they are a little big on me I could take them in a bit? BUT then I REMEMBERED I had Not Prewashed my fabric -so IF they shrink up to the size of doll clothes I will be really miffed as I have had lots of problems with the fabric at JoAnn's before??? So, as usual, I will just have to learn everything the hard way and see what happens??????? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

All of this cold has been wearing me down so I peeked in on the birds to lighten my mood.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Another Brrrrrr Day

As temperatures were Definitely in the single digits -Rosie had the right idea! I wished I could have followed in her foot prints-but I donned my triple layers of clothing -drew up two gallon jugs of hot water and headed out into the wild blue yonder to greet the day.

It was so cold it was taking my breath-but I scurried on out and feed Yukon -then scattered all of the water to everybody so they would have some fresh warm water for their systems. They all got a double dose of feed today too-as I knew their bodies were working over time to keep warm. Most of the gals did not even lay as they needed to just keep their bodies going, but I did bring in 5 eggs -two of which were the pretty blue eggs. I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to get back in the house and head to the hot shower . My flesh was cold and it was the coldest where I had a couple layers of fat around those "love handles" and my thighs????

Finally all dry and in fresh clothes Crystal, Tim and I got into a container of shrimp she had bought -then they headed back to the Tiny House  and I headed to the sewing room. I managed to work on my two pair of jogging pants  and boy were they full of lessons.

The one piece of sweat shirt fleece is just pink and a heavy weight so other than dealing with double layers it is coming along good. But this other piece is giving me challenges. I don't know what it's qualities are?? I got it because it seems heavier and warmer than the regular piece- BUT- it wants to pop the stitches from my serger and when it does it wants to fray and unravel-!

I have been going back over the ripped out parts because they want to ravel and this time I used the zigzag stitch-but the stretch of the fabric and the speed of my stitch did not want to play right and made a mess! I just shook my head and said I was Glad it is a project just for me! This will actually be on the seam where I am hemming the leg????GOL-DARN-IT!

Then my next thought was : O NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - I plum Forgot to pre-Wash this fabric!!!!!!!!!! If I wash and dry it and it shrinks up to the moon and back I will be so disappointed???? But, what can I say - that seems to be the life of learning the sewing lessons. IF it is not in the techniques - then always things to learn about the fabrics and they do not give you much information on the bolts of fabrics. So, I see it as either Swim or Drown. lol

I even caught my precious Coco sleeping in. Smart girl!

I do have a funny story for you! Last night at almost midnight I was reading a really good book. My eyes kept giving me problems fading in and out and I was really into the story and fussing with the eyeballs when all of a sudden there was a Big bang at the front door-which I had my back to . I FROZE- I was SOOOOO SCARED. The front door was vibrating a little bit and I could not breath. I remembered Crystal saying she could look through the front window into the living room and my eyes were wondering IF I WAS OUT OF SIGHT. I rolled my eyes to see how far away the phone was, knowing with this phone it would take 10 minutes to make it operate. (It is so Smart - it does not like to make it easy to work) Finally I started to get my breath back and this was a Mystery I was reading. Quiet ensued and I went back to my story. A little later I got the flash light and went and peeked out the front door from the glass and could see the front Storm door standing wide open! WHEW!!!! I opened the door and grabbed it and pulled it back in and checked the lock but it was till locked. I pulled it tight and released it and the wind grabbed it again and jerked it wide open. I like to never got it back shut. Every time I would close it the wind would yank it wide open and almost blow me out the door trying to hang onto it! That DARN Wind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Snow Day

Yukon looking for his dinner tonight. It snowed 6 inches and that was enough for me , but I know we are very lucky as others got much more and with these below freezing temperatures it will stay around a few days. BRRRRRR1

I kept working on the snow from midnight -then 1 AM - then 2 AM when I got so pooped ! Up again at 5AM and back at 10 AM so it was not as hard as it would have been doing it all at one time.

Crystal had an ergonomic shovel that I thought looked like something crazy, but I tried it out and Fell in love with it!

It kept me busy shoveling paths so I could get out and do my chores. I have just found it is easier when I have paths to follow instead of trudging through snow?

It will be a while before this stuff leaves as it is suppose to be in the single digits and the wind is already whipping my doggie door open.

This is going up the hill to Yukon. It is so cold that his food is frozen and I keep hacking away at it with a funny looking hammer.  Now to run down to the house and feed that wood-stove!!!  After Crystal and Tim throwed bricks down the chimney -where it was stopped up -it is acting like a champ now - it you keep its tummy full! ~smile~