Monday, October 24, 2016

Yea. another shirt - ho, ho, ho

I was awakened this morning at 3Am -so I got an early start to my day. I worked on a crochet project for about an hour and then deleted a bunch of junk emails before I  went outdoors to do the chores. I was very disappointed as I found one of my weakest baby chicks squashed to death where the bigger ones had all mashed it . Then I noticed that the little rooster  - Daniel - that I had finally developed a wonderful relationship with was not singing his usual good morning song? I turned around to look and it looked like he was sleeping on the floor with his head under his wing. I KNEW that could not be right so I went over and he was dead??? I could not find a mark on him , his craw was full and all of their food and water bowels were ok- he did not seem sick - no runny stool??????? He was just gone- and I miss him.

I came in the house and did the fish and birds and cats and pups their medicine and took my shower and grabbed a bit to eat then headed into the sewing room . Maybe I will have Tim a shirt for Christmas after all. The design tried to give me some trouble but I was able to hand stitch the two boo-boos so they do not show. I Hate taking twice the size seams with the serger to make it down down to the right size. I even took the pattern out of the packet and measured it to see if maybe I had cut out the large instead of the medium, but Nope ? I think these pattern sizes must be for the Jolly Green Giant???? Come to think of it I even had to cut down the small I used for DH????  O well, live and learn and hope for the best.

it is still SO WINDY here it is about to blow us away. But it is lovely and No frost yet - nor do I spot any for the next week! Yea!!!!!! This weather is a treat.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

New Week Coming On

I get so miffed at my silly camera - I tried all of the settings and could not get this shirt to come out black with red trim????????  POOH! This is the first men's shirt I have made in four years now and probably will be in the last running considering the trouble I am having with my eyes. Black was always hard for me to see but it was a challenge for sure today .

I was pretty disgusted as I used a size medium men's pattern and I kept thinking , Boy that looks big as I put the pieces together?????  I even took very large seams for me and it still turned out much bigger than a medium. I was wanting it as a Christmas gift for Tim -Crystal's partner ????? But I think it is going to be too large ??? So, I have asked him to come down for a favor ???? that way I can get him to try it on and if it is too large and he does not know anybody it will fit I will send it to the Goodwill or Thrift shop,

Good News as I was typing he showed up and tried it on and he said it fit that he did not like his clothes to fit so tight. It looked good on him - YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All that work was not wasted .

I fixed another pot of that bean soup but this time I followed the recipe and added the tomatoes and baking soda. Crystal and I ate them and we both liked the other version yesterday where I did not put in the tomatoes. I had caught a can of peaches on sale for one dollar when I went to town with them yesterday so I made us a peach cobbler - one of those that makes it own crust and it was very good.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturday Going Down

I have a friend who is so gifted at making the cutest cards. I was looking for a crochet hook  the other day and ran across the one on the left that she had made me many years ago of Dear Sweet Cowboy. It almost brought me to tears so I took it and am starting to "line" one of my shelves because I enjoy her "art" . Why not have them "out" where I can enjoy them instead of tucked away out of sight?

Then I went and got my last piece of the ruffled fabric I had bought and thought I was now making my last two scarfs?????????? WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The ruffles are running the WRONG direction so I do not know IF it was rolled on the bolt wrong -or IF someone cut it wrong OR IF I just did not pay close enough attention to ruffles going in another direction????????????????????? Any hoots I cannot use it as I would Never sew all of those little sections together to make 60 inches???????????????????????????????? GRRRRRR~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My next project was another "weird one" - lol Since I had lost a lot of weight my bras do not fit-much too big. They had a little too much "wear" for me to give them away or sell them so I decided to "try" to make them usefull. The beige one I took the serger to and cut straight across the cup . It left some holes in it so I had to take it back to the sewing machine to fix the holes and cut the scrapes .

So instead of worry about cutting holes in the fabric I took the sewing machine to the white one and then took scissors and trimmed off the excess taking the cups from size C to size A. Yea, disappointed to lose my boobs , but I keep telling myself that I now had the body of a young teen. LOL  Why do we always lose weight in our boos first????????????????????????????????

Then I throwed caution to the wind and decided to start another shirt project. The fabric is thermal and soft so I decided to attempt to pull off a man's shirt for my daughter's partner, Tim who is always helping me . I really love this young man and hope he is a keeper. ~smile~   I picked a design that only used ONE THREAD. But when I started it up - of course the machine broke the thread and decided it did not want to play - so I said HECK , I am going to find a Name brand thread . It  was a Mettler Brand that I picked and the machine took right off and sewed perfectly UNTILL it broke a needle????? But , I cleaned that up and it completed the simple design. But I just ran out of time  because I had fixed a bean soup and after some other chores Crystal and Tim and I ate bean soup and cornbread. I got a good laugh because I told the kids that the potatoes in the soup were sweet potatoes. Time laughed and said that I sure did hav a way of getting him to eat foods that he hated - so he ate two bowels of the soup. LOL 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Doesn't pay to get too confident

I started on another shirt project today as the weather turned colder -from 60 to 49 with the winds whipping. Brrr. So I headed to the sewing room again to tackle another shirt project. I got my fabric in my hoop and was trying to decide on the One color that it needed. I do not know how the threads manage to tangle themselves up in a plastic container but they sure did so as I pulled each one out and checked it against the fabric I decided I Had to contain them someway?

This was one way - it is that sticky stuff that the doctors wrap on you to hold on a piece of gauze-except mine was for one of my dogs that has the no chew stuff on it. Bitter -yes! But it is so old that you cannot even smell it now . Plus, I know it will not last very long.

This is an Excellent choice - you take long rubber tubes or hoses that you get from the home supply store and cut them to size to go around your threads . These Last a LONG time and since these are clear you can see the color of threads that you have . I really like these but I ran out of money -of course. lol

I put down my test piece of fabric and picked a color and let it go - well it took off just great and did about 1/3 of the design so I thought -it will be fine!!!!!!!! Famous last words I believe.

I put the shirt fabric on the hoop with the same stabilizer and topper and same thread and let it go. It went JUST beyond where I had gone and throwed a fit. GRRRRRR! Even tore a hole - the harder I tried to sweet talk it -the bigger mess it made. I was SO miffed at it-remembering that was why I had put the embroidery machine up to start with. I got tired of it ruining projects.

I had taken the machine apart several times and could  not figure out Why in the world it would mess up so far in with the same thread, stabilizer, topper, new needle ???? So I got desperate and since I was using a variegated thread I took it off and substituted a solid color and skipped a few stitches and it took right off . I let it run a while before I switched back to the variegated so it could complete it and still flow . It worked ! I was so darn grateful but that took All day long after the fight and the sewing and then having to remove that topper. I did sneak in a brief period of time to search for another design for another project - I guess I am just a glutton for punishment??????

I know all of you can remember Miss Rosie the sewing cat who has been my sewing room guardian for all these years . She still loves her sewing room -but all of my sewing gift precipitants take it for granted that there will always be white cat hair included - compliments of Rosie.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thurs, Oct. 20-16

Amazing how fast time just flies by -here another week has almost disappeared from sight and use. It has been a difficult week dealing with lots of pain but also a productive week as I have managed a few more Christmas gifts along the way and learned a few more lessons while attempting to do these things. I believe each new day we tackle we learn something new -if not about our projects -then about ourselves as we attempt to put the pieces of the puzzle we call Life in order. Some days they just do not seem to want to fit , no matter how we twist or rearrange them-so we move on to another day and hope to gain more insight ???

Little Miss Cocoa did not quiet know what to think when I captured a almost cute picture with one of her expressions while we were outdoors enjoying this BEAUTIUL day. What I could not see- I surely could smell and hear . There are a few birds still hanging out and the remnant of tired flowers still add colors that I love...


I went back to work on the shirts with the fabric that I had almost given up on? It is a two way stretch and every time I attempted to embroidery something on it -the machine would eat the fabric. I had finally put the machine up and given up. But Lynne reminded me to try a topper and I did and it worked , Better -but not perfect - so I then changed out for a new needle . Things went better so I came up with a plan. As I tested a design - IF a thread broke - I would not use that thread anymore - I ONLY would use a thread that did not break. I decided to Only do one simple design and not press my luck, as I did not not to be tossing another shirt in the trash?

The fabric is also very challenging for me to work with , since it has SO much stretch I had to be very careful not to tug at it as I sewed or it would put more stitches or even puckers in one tiny spot than it would in the next ??? Also putting a hem in it was a matter of being very careful because even if I breathed too hard and pulled on a space of hem it would change the number of stitches along the way and you could tell it. It is a size 4X and I wanted all of the seams to look as evenly spaced as possible for the best look possible .

But on the pro side it is very soft fabric and I am hoping that makes it very comfortable to wear.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Weds. Scarf lesson for me

No matter how much I seem to hustle it always takes me two hours to do the outside chores. I was hurrying and as I was almost finished -still complaining with my back -then my hip went out???? GRRRR!  Pain, Pain, Pain - but I will not be deterred. This was another piece of that ruffled fabric that I had found in Jo-Ann's when the girl had told me they did not have any.

I was anxious to see how these would turn out so I divided the piece right down the center , knowing I would have to trim off each side where the girls do all of that crocked cutting from the bolt -thus costing you a good inch on each scarf's width. As I had laid the ruffles apart to cut between them I noticed these ruffles were almost melted flat to the fabric instead of being ruffly.I was disgusted so I gave up and carried them into the living room to the tv where I could get off my feet and painstakingly run my fingers down each row and fight to free them up - all 60 inches of them.

Finally , it took a while but I managed to pull off another scarf. These are almost some kind of silver.

I really do like them because they are so nice and lightweight and soft around your neck-no scratchy-scratchy with these guys!

Then I got sick at my tummy and my sewing adventures came to a close -but it was a sweet treat to get two more Christmas presents made. Yea!

Right now our weather is so BEAUTIFUL and due to be so tomorrow also -but Friday changes it with rain and colder temps. YUCK!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Yesterday I was just soo busy - did chores and then Crystal and Tim came down and completed the plumbing job in the bathroom. Now I have water to the sink and no leaks.

A friend gave me this pumpkin so I sliced , peeled and dices enough of it to make a big pot of pumpkin soup. After they left at dark it took me two more hours to complete the job. Pumpkins are just so darn hard for me to cut with not much strength in my hands. But I got 3 bags full to put in the freezer.

But then today I was finally Gifted some time to work on my Christmas sewing. I had seen this scarf project back in the Summer and I actually kept up with the idea until now. I had gone to Jo-Ann's to purchase some of this ruffled fabric and they told me they did not have any.  But in my snooping around I found two pieces and this blue is one of them. I discovered that when they cut it they just fly through it not watching what they are doing and when you try to cut a level strip of a certain width - they see-sawing costs you width of fabric. ?????

You cut a width of fabric 10 inches and cut between the layers of ruffles. Then fold right sides together -making sure to not catch your ruffles in this side seam.

I had my pincushion that a friend had made me to help hold the ends of the two pieces together as I attempted to sew them in the little circle they created. It was kinda challenging . But I got lucky.

They said you could wear these scarves a variety of ways . This is one.

You can double it around your neck. I think I like these infinity scarves as I do not have to worry about they blowing off or hanging loose and getting hung in something.

If you loop it three times around your neck I do not think any wind will get down your neck.

This was my very first "selfie" - lol -  I had enough fabric to make one more but it ended up being 12 inches as I did not want to waste any of the fabric.

Now I have another piece a different color- I am anxious to see how that one turns out??????