Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Absolutely Beautiful Tuesday

I worked inside this morning until it warmed up near lunchtime. Then I headed outdoors for chores. I even carried the two lady hens out and put in a metal run one way and the other direction I carried out the 3 Brahmas that Charlie let me have in another little doggie fence. They enjoyed the beautiful sunshine we had today and had lots of fun playing in the dirt.

I cleaned out the chicken house and carried the littler down to the garden -then got the black plastic and finally got it put down on the half of the garden that has the bad weeds to it - so maybe when Spring comes it will not be such a battle.

I headed back in the house  and worked on some more projects - like these cute ( I hope people think they are cute) little butterflies...

My back is complaining today and I have done my exercises - I guess it just wants attention. ~smile

Monday, November 20, 2017

Monday Drupes

I think even the pups have the drupes today as they discuss who should have the pillow? I am absolutely plum wore out. We worked really hard yesterday cutting and busting the firewood and I think it just got to all 3 of us. Crystal is hobbling around with something in her leg and Dakota , who is 19 now says he can barely move. When he asked me what was wrong with me and I told him it was a combination of the arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue , the house , the outdoor chores and Definitely the COLD WEATHER - he looked at me and say, " O- Old AGE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I have not "Exerted" myself too much today - only doing the outdoor chores, carrying in the firewood , feeding those two helpers , washing the dishes , right now making the cornbread to go with the beans for our meal and completing this baby cap to go in the charity collection. Even my fingers are sore- lol ~

Saturday, November 18, 2017


Just fly by like the rest of the days. I had to run to town this morning to pick up my littlest chihuahua's heart medicine . I took Indy and Dais with me because they enjoy riding. On the way home we passed a little walk trail so I stopped and we went around one turn. They had a ball smelling everything and by the time we arrived home you can see how they felt. A little like me-" There's No Place Like Home". But the rest did not last long , then we ate and off to do the outdoor chores. The weather was still very nice and I appreciate that so very much.

I even got a couple of my chicken runs cleaned out and carried the litter down to my garden. I uncovered my baby kale plants because it is calling for heavy rains tonight and they will enjoy a good drink.Then tomorrow night down below freezing so I will Have to remember to cover them back up .

Crystal shot home and dropped Dakota off so he can keep the fire tonight and bring her dog in the Tiny house. I thought I would be smart and run down and cut some on the tree again but my eyes went plum bad and I did not see the limb close up on my bar and I could not get it free. I tried prying with a log but could not budge it so I will have to wait until Crystal comes home tomorrow to take her saw and cut me free.

For some reason my TMJ is showing up again and starting to hurt? The only thing that stops it is a trip to the acupuncturist, but with my undependable eyesight I do not want to even think about the hour drive????

Managed   to get another baby cap completed. My bag is starting to hold quiet a collection.

Friday, November 17, 2017

It was another beautiful day for this time of the year. I was just so tired from being sick with that stomach flu since Saturday??? It has sure taken the "stuffings" out of me. I wish I could just sleep all day long but was expecting Charlie to come by and pick up some chickens to take to the chicken sale tomorrow. He said 10:30am so I rolled out of bed and got all the chores finished . Then I went about catching the chickens up and that took about an hour. I moved 5 little hens out into the coop with the run so now they can get fresh air and dirt to scratch around in. Maybe now I will not have to trim their toenails???

10:30 came and went so I sharpened the chainsaw and climbed the hill and went to work. I try to be very careful as sometimes the branches are hidden by other branches and can let you have it. So far I have only had two close calls this go round. Rolling them down the hill is a job too. My back really complains about all the lifting and twisting, but it is good exercise. I cut until the light was getting dimmer and then came down and fed the chickens in their transport cages and gave them all water.

Two of my little hens were complaining that I had put them in the lot with the others so I went over and opened the gate and scooped them up in my arms. You should have heard them talking to me telling me how bad I was to them, so I guess they will spend the winter in the building and I will carry them out on pretty days . I really am attached to these two gals-they are very pretty and so loving.

I fed the donkey and then took all the fed bowels from the transport cages and carried them down to the driveway so Charlie would not have so far to back up in the dark. He finally arrived very late and I was glad he now had the birds to take to the sale.

I got a hot shower and ate a bite and now I am absolutely BEAT - Bushed - Compoot!  lol

But I have finished another baby cap - Yea!  See how time just flies off and another day is gone.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Beautiful Thursday

It was in the fifties today with a steady wind blowing. It would have been perfect to work outdoors but Crystal and I are still fighting with this stomach flue that hit us last Saturday. It has been miserable . I just wish it would "GO AWAY". It makes you feel so darn bad that it saps all of your energy.

I did get a late start and do the morning chores. Then Crystal and I got together and loaded her truck down with a load of bigger wood that I cannot lift by myself. We ganged up on it and got it up to the room where the little wood buster is stored. That way I can cut on the ones that are too long and see how far I can get when she is working.

She had to go the her doctor because her hands are giving her a fit. She is dropping things all the time and has pain . They suspect carpel tunnel but could not set up the tests because her boss had not sent the insurance information ???

While she was gone I filled up my chainsaw and went up higher on the hill to the top tree that Cory had laid down for us. I work on all the branches and then rolling them way down the hill to where we can get them. Looks like I have half a truck load started but dark caught up with me. I am so tired. I am trying to work on this wood while the weather is nice and my hands do not freeze......

I did get this baby cap made for the charity for next month. Yea!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A Neighborhood Sewing Group of the Sewing Guild

Our Sewing Guild meets once a month, but within that group are smaller neighborhood groups and the Mad Hatters are one such group. They meet to have fun -make a quick project in one session and have fun doing it. I have wanted to see them in action for 6 years now.

So, today Lynne took me to one of their meetings. It was a treat to spend time with a smaller number of the ladies . When you get to meet them on a one to one it is just extra special.

This was their project for the month. It is called a Kitchen Scarf- you cut your kitchen towel in half and sew it onto a fabric "scarf" that is in the center that you wear around your Neck/shoulders so that your towel is always close at hand as you work.

Our leader said her daughter got her the first one for 18.00 and she observed it to make her own pattern , which was much nicer than the store bought one. But I just cannot decide which I prefer -this type or the towels with the crochet tabs at the top that you hang on the doors??????

But it was a fun project and gave you an "excuse" to look at Fabrics! lol

Sunday, November 12, 2017

I Was So Mad At my Phone

Because I went to the Sewing Guild and took pictures of our wonderful program and then could not get the phone to add them to the blog.Darn it . I will have to remember to take the camera but it is a heavy little dude and I wanted to keep my purse as light as my shoulder could stand it. It was a wonderful presentation of a lady born in the late 1800's when men were designing women's clothing and how she came onto the scene and changed the styles from being so boxy. She took rectangles and changed how they were sewn together to make beautiful drapes that accentuated the female form.  Instead of using darts and zippers she added fabric pieces sewn into the style of the garmet to make it hug the body . She was the first designer I had ever been drawn to her lovely works.

Crystal and I both got some kind of stomach flu today and it ruined the day for both of us. I did manage to do all my chores and cut on some more firewood, as my son had laid down two trees for us to work on.  I was so tired when I came dragging in the house and took a shower. My grandson Dakota was here with us and I fixed him the catfish that Ashley had given me. He is the only person I have met that loves fish like his PawPaw did.

I managed to make another baby cap for the charity next month. I wish I had more time to pour into the event.