Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Middle of week already??

One of my pet peeves has always been to hear someone say, "I'm so bored"???? How in the world can you be Bored? There is never enough time in my days and they just fly by.

I was up at 5 this morning-not my usual time, but I wish it was . Maybe then I could get caught up? I worked on the computer until daylight so I could be quiet and let the granddaughter and great granddaughter sleep in. 

Then I was out the door. I caught my daughter leaving and tossed two bags of trash on her truck so she could toss it off at the road for pick up. Then I headed up to the building and carried all the chickens out. Then I worked on cleaning out their runs and feeding and giving clean water.

I went to the garden and picked my 3 rows of peas and found my very first Yellow Zucchini was ripe. There were 3 of them so I carried them to the house in triumph! Yea - I had outfoxed the squash bugs long enough to at least harvest 3. I was tickled.

I carried the peas out on the porch and started to shell them and the granddaughter came out and started helping me when a wild rain came up. I knew it would Because I had put the chickens out. If I had kept them locked up then it would not have rained and I would have been mad. 

The rain doubled back on us and started to pour in on us on the porch so we came in and Chantal worked on the peas in the house while I ran out and got the 4 hens that I had tied out in the rain. They were soaking wet and very disgusted with me.

I came back in and got on the computer looking for a good recipe for the zucchini while Chantal still worked on the peas. I finally found a recipe that I had some of the ingredients for so I helped finish up the peas and got the spiralizer down and worked on the zucchini. It always amazes me to see them turn into zoodles! lol  

The recipe I found was for Zucchini Alfredo and it was pretty good . I fixed a Big bowl of macaroni salad to go with it and then had a bowl of homemade ice milk to top it all off. It was a nice supper.

I carried the little chickens up from the garden and took 3 more bags of trash down to the road since the trash did not run today. I guess the holiday throwed it off and it should run tomorrow. 

When I carried the little chickens up to the building one of the runs was very wet. I was very mad because I just cannot figure out how rain is getting in there???? It is a metal building???????????

Now I am almost ready to fall over and the grands are just up from their nap????
Help? ~smile~

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Saturday Raining

I had picked up the little munchkin a set of jewelry with the earrings and bangles and she was so cute -for a minute , before she demolished them. lol  Actually I had thought about stealing them because they were so light weight and comfortable. ~smile!

She got to go spend a couple of days with her Nanny this weekend and I got to take off and spend a day with my best friend.

We both felt a little under the weather for some reason so if misery loves company - we were in good company. There is nothing like a good friend to share your misery with. ~smile~ This one I have been blessed with for approximately 40 years. I always said when God picks them for you - He picks the Best.

Hope you guys are having a lovely weekend -and holiday over here in the USA.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hump Day

Wow - life just keeps on  rocking and rolling. We went back this morning to the local little nursery and I finally got those yellow pepper plants. The gentleman is just so kind . I would rather eck out my little pennies to him than some big company.

I had also trapped another big coon - aka - chicken eater and took him with us and turned him loose in the mountains at a river where there was plenty of water and crayfish for him to eat.

We came home and I planted all of the little pepper plants and transplanted some of my flowers in front of an ugly old propane tank -hoping the flowers will grow tall enough to kinda hide that tank.

I fed us some peas and potato goulash and then took the girls to the playground to try to burn off some of the two year old's Endless energy.

It was another perfect day for the playground - nice and cloudy and breezy. No sunburns in this weather. lol

We came home and I fixed a big pot of a simple stir fry and then I collapsed. My energy was gone. I managed to see my grandson pop in and then I hit the bed. Of course my fibromyalgia was hurting any way I lay but I was so tired I went to sleep only to have the stray cat wake me up at 3AM attempting to break into my bird cage. At least I will get an early start on my chores. lol

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday Rain

It was an absolutely lovely day -the temperature was perfect and there was no sun to burn you. The wind was a perfect breeze. I had done all my chores but could not put the chickens out because they were calling for a thunderstorm.  We ran out the road to the local nursery -hoping to grab a handful of the yellow pepper plants he had reduced but he was closed. I was so disappointed.

We came back to the house and I heated up the left over spaghetti with garlic bread. It was very yummy. I tried to crochet the ear I need for the little cap but the little  "french-fry" was getting pretty wound up so I decided to take them to the school house playground to burn off some steam.

The breeze felt sooooooooooooo good -it was perfect outdoor weather.

The little "french-fry" loves to swing so that kept her busy for a while.

After she got out of the swings she was still wired so I decided to walk on the track.

It takes 5 times around the little track to make a mile and this little one ran most of the way around it and was still going strong? lol

Monday, June 20, 2016

We took my pups back to the doctor this morning. He checked their weight for their new heart meds. Coco (the brown one) got a worm pill . Mocha's heart was a little bit worse so he increased her fluid pill just a tad. They all got flea meds too.. It was a chewable pill and none of them would take it just as a treat. We had to sneak them in some cheese to get them down them.

Blondie is the Mom of everybody else and she will be 13 come August. Her children turned 10 in March. Time sure does fly.

Wish I could have got a picture of Mocha -but she is in hiding.

I fixed the trap today and have it ready just in case Mr. Coon tried his stuff again tonight.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Start of a New Week

A lovely view as I carried my little chickens down to the garden so they would do bug duty for me . (I put them in the little corrals so they work only where I want them to and nothing gets destroyed that way.)

I know this does not look like much - but this is where I hand dug this piece of land and planted my anasazi beans this morning. I actually remembered to soak them overnight to speed them along a little . They are not real common in my neck of the woods so I have to go out of my way to find the beans. I decided I would plant them and leave them on the plants until they were dry for this Winter. I make a pretty good tiller! lol

My little double impatient is growing and very pretty.

I know this does not look like much but it is a project I am very proud of . That trim had come loose on my car and was flapping in the wind. Plus when you opened the door it would poke the front of the car. Crystal got me some double sided tape and I had installed that - but it did not hold and made a big sticky mess.

Then I went to the Riley's Auto Parts and picked up a product called JB Weld . I remembered my DH had used it many years ago for metal . Now I had picked it up to use on a Big Fan that had broken the supports on it in the building but then I thought of this??? The trim is not metal - some kind of plastic. But I figured it would not hurt to try??? And low and behold it is holding good  so far. I am so tickled.

I know this does not look like much either - BUT- this is my Big sewing project - LOL. This is a little cat collar that I had cut down to fit one of my big chicken's leg. But the entire thing had come loose so I took it to the sewing machine and zigzagged it back together ??? lol  I will put it back on her and tie her out in the yard with me while I am working there . The four of them really do help more than you would think . They eat a lot of the grass -fertilize some and even do a good job weeding the walk way. I am grateful for the help they give and enjoy their antics.

Well, the sun is going down so it is time to go load up my little chickens from their corrals and carry them back up to the building for the night. Hope all is well with you.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Another Day In Paradise

My stupid computer would not let me post anything last night. Stubborn little things when they want to be.

I worked hard in the garden this morning and Callie got quiet a work out of her own today too.
I took my madic and dug up a nice big section for my beans that I have been so anxious to plant. Now I have them soaking and will plant then in the morning.

The last two days we got some lovely rain and it looked like things had grown 6 inches over night.

I am bone tired. I think there has been too much life crammed into my day. ~smile~ But my lovely girls are taking it all in stride.