Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Feb. 12, 2019

Boy, the days just absolutely Fly by. Maybe when you spend sweet time with these lovely furbabies live is just so enticing that you lose tract of time? My little Daisy was having big ideas. I had looked for her a Small bone and could only find this size but she still loved it to pieces. LOL

I don't know which she enjoys the most , chewing them or guarding them and threatening Emmett as he teases her about her bone. Either way she has a grand time with her treasures.

The last time I had posted it was pouring down Snow. Then we had a lovely week that was like Spring time? Tonight it is pouring down rain? Lots of mud but that is fine with me.

I had planted two of my milk jug gardens today. Yes, it is winter time but I take my milkjugs and cut them halfway open , add dirt and place the seeds that I plan to use in my garden or for flowers in them. I place them outside in the weather and when Mother Nature is right for them they decide to wake up and come to life-giving me plants. "Hopefully" One year I had raccoons raid me and play basketball with them -now I place them inside one of my wire cages to protect them .

I was hoping to complete a sewing project today but only got my fabric ironed and the pattern located -only to discover I need more different fabric. 

I made a really nice skillet omelet this morning for my crew. It had the eggs and sour cream and cheddar chesse, dab of milk , sliced mushrooms, sliced asparagus and bits of spinach in it poured over a wee butter in a pie pan and backed on 350 for 25 minutes. It turned out perfect with toast and jelly.

I have had a rough week being sick with my tummy-pain and cramps and diarrhea. I went to the doctor to be checked for H-pylori only to have the test come back negative. They want me to go be scoped but I am not ready for that invasive test. I told the doc I have ordered a new herb and he said he understood as my records show I like to use home remedies instead of big-pharma when I can . So it is due within the week and I will see if it has any success. I sure do hope so.

Emmett and Sandra cut Joyce a nice load of wood , which she came and got this morning.  She loved it and rewarded him , so they both were happy and that made me happy. She had been kind enough to come last night and bring us our complete supper , consisting of the best spaghetti I had indulged in  with the best salad I had ever put in my mouth and a jello dessert , which is my favorite dessert. I love jello.

I am also counting my blessings because one of my granddaughters (Dainelle) was in a car wreck last week which totaled her car, but she and her boyfriend walked away with only bruises and scrapes. 
Life is good, my kids are all happy and healthy and that makes me so happy and grateful. I have great friends and great neighbors and my furbabies are all healthy and happy. My chickens are ramping back up and starting to lay so I am looking forward to Springtime. I just wish I could pull off this sewing project. I procrastinate because my eyes are giving me so much trouble, but I need to not be discouraged and do what I can , while I can! Being human can be hard.  

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Jan. 29,2019

I knew they were calling for bad weather coming in so I ran to town bright and early this morning and got my feed for the month for all of my critters. This was what I came home to? At least the snowflakes were big enough they really showed up this time.

This was my job to tackle as the car was loaded to the brim. I got lucky and Sandra and Crystal came to my aid and it did not take long at all. I was so grateful.

I got a lot accomplished today . Emmett and Sandra helped me empty all the water dishes out for the critters tonight as the temperatures are dropping down to 17. I really Hate the cold.

Joyce popped in and brought us a big bag of potatoes that she caught on sale today. Boy! They are Big potatoes!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, grapes, pineapple and some ginger. I am so very grateful to have them.  I made a cranberry pie for dessert tonight and have fixed blueberry muffins for the kids for breakfast in the morning as they have to leave early as Sandra has a dentist appointment.

I have got to figure out how to get a better picture of the booties as they are not showing up their true colors.

Tommy Turkey was looking very handsome in the snow.  I even managed to lose my camera after I took this picture. I was SO Distressed and could not find it anywhere!

Eventually Sandra found it where it had fallen out of my jacket pocket and into a barrel of feed as I emptied the bag of feed into the barrel. I was so thrilled to have it back as Joyce gave it to me for Christmas and I am so very proud of it. I am beginning to think I would lose my head if it were not tied onto me.I am getting to be as bad as when I was a kid.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Jan. 24,2019

Some of us in the family seem to have enjoyed the blue blazing cold and ice?????  I try to pick up on their ideas but have been very careful.

Miss Daisy is more to my opinion of staying in the house near the warm heat and enjoying the treats of life.

In the spirit of compromise I have done a little of everything and in the process managed to pull off a sweet pair of the blanket booties.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Jan. 15, 2019 Eye Doctor

They called for 6 inches of snow this weekend and we got approximately an inch and half of solid ice. This is the driveway and I cannot stand up on it at all. I got SO Lucky as I had crawled my way up to the main building and I KNEW I had something you put on your shoes to be able to walk on ice. I had looked for it last month but could not find it and I Knew I had to find it . So, I took everything off the shelf and found where the mice had chewed the box up and the little wire frame was covered up in the shredded cardboard. After some hard thinking I finally figured out how to get them on my shoes and walked down this driveway to where I had to feed the donkey . Even he was not trying to get out on this stuff and was glad to see me with his pellets and hay.

Indy has been my constant side kick and it has been 3 nights now and not much has left because the temperatures have not come up much-staying around freezing.

My best friend came and picked me up today . We were so amazed at how her little all wheel drive Subaru came up the driveway.  She took me to the doctor's office to fill out some papers so I could see the dentist on Friday and then took me to eat  before she took me to the eye doctor. Having a friend  is the greatest gift you can have in this life.

She took me to a little Mexican restaurant and that was some of the best food I have ever had and it did not hurt my tummy at all. It has kept me full all day long . I have been having an upset tummy all week long so this was such a relief.

Then we went to the eye doctor and she got a call from her mother about the serious condition of her cousin who was burnt and in critical condition in another state. While they talked I got checked in and tests started.

The results were not great and I knew there was a decline in my eyesight and it was hard not to dissolve into tears in front of them. They try to be so kind but this macular degeneration is such a terrible disease and there are no solutions at all. The only thing in your arsenal is to take the vitamins. Not a cure but just with hopes of slowing it down... I do that and a lot more so it is Very Discouraging when you know you are losing the battle....   

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Jan. 13, 2019

We had a forecast of a winter storm but instead of dumping snow we have received Ice!  I waited a while to go out this morning until I realized that the temperatures were not going to warm up enough to get rid of the ice. So I carefully inched my way up the hill , hanging onto trees and branches of anything I could get my hands on.

I knew I could not get around to each of the cages or to feed the donkey without some kind of help and I did not want any broken bones. I Knew that a friend had bought me some kind of ice support system a few years back and I had looked for it last month in the building but could not find it. I knew I had to find it so I started pulling everything off the shelve in the building and Bingo I lucked up and found it. The reason I had not been able to see it was because the mice had eaten the box up that contained it and buried it in the rubble. I pulled it out and thought  O Gosh, no directions now , how do I use this creation?

Finally I figured out to stretch it out like a spider webb and slide it over my shoe like a sock, leaving this wire form under my sole. I eased out on the ice and I could walk ! I was thrilled to death . I carefully eased around the main building feeding and watering all the separate kennels and coops and finally eased down the longer , steeper hill to where the donkey was waiting for me in the falling down barn. He was glad to get his pellets and a bat of hay . I think he even knew it was dangerous to get out on that slick stuff and risk breaking a leg.

I was happy to make it back to the house and fix eggs and tators and biscuits and gravy to feed the kids. Got all of that cleaned up and went to work on this pair of blanket booties. I had messed up the correct size I was aiming for and had my best friend try them on for me to confirm it-so I readjusted my stitches and I am Hoping I have them correct to fit a size 10.  I will hopefully get to see her Tuesday when she takes me to the eye doctor and I will ask her to try this  new pair on again to see if I have pulled it off???

The ice is still here but I used the "magic ice socks" to get around and gather up the few eggs so they would not freeze. My neck and shoulder and back are giving me fits because I have not stretched much as I crocheted my day away except when I made a hamburger and potatoe and cheese one pot dish for the kids while I had a single serving pizza and popcorn.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A Dream Come True

How do you thank someone for making a dream come true? Almost break down in tears and scare them to death?

For the longest time I have wanted to have a sliding door to open into the pasture for the chickens in the main chicken house. All summer I dreamed of it and then I built the little small chicken coop beside the main house but struggled with my sight, so I was afraid to attempt cutting into the back wall of my little chicken house ??

So a new young flock was almost ready to start laying and I knew they would thrive with access to the pasture to get bugs and worms and organisms in the soil. The last few days have been very mild and I had cleaned out the inside runs and kept eyeing that house with the fenced in lot which always turns into a muddy mess with all of the rain we have had. Today would be our last warm day and then winter comes back so I decided to just buck up and try to pull it off.

Once I started I got in trouble right off the bat. I had to cut an old stock fence from the back of the building and I was not strong enough to cut through the heavy gauge wire. I had got the fencing pliers  and a busting mall and forced the pliers against a tree where I was cutting and banged it hard and got one cut-many more to go when I heard a sweet voice ask if I could use some help? Help! SUREEEEEEE I could and be so grateful for it, but I knew Crystal had kept Emmett busy helping her with her projects and I did not want to interfere. But turn down free help- my eyes might not have good eyes but I do have a good appreciator of help.

once he offered to tackle the deed and  I ran and hunted up all the tools and supplies that I thought we might need.

It would have taken me until dark to pull this off but Emmett had it accomplished in about an hour! I still want to just cry..... Help is just one of the most wonderful things in the world to have another human being give of themselves to make you happy and your life better. I am so very lucky to have my children.

Miss Sandra was the "go-fer" girl today always offering her help in any way she can and it is such a gift.

Friday, January 4, 2019

First Crochet Project of 2019

I have switched over to crochet projects for a while for several reasons. One is because of my diminishing eyesight. Two is because I crocheted a lot longer than I sewed so I am more familiar with it. Three is because I have a stash of yarn I need to use up before I kick the bucket and four just because I seem to find more projects that people will use instead of stick in a drawer or be forced to donate. So, that is my story and I am sticking to it for the time being.

I had made a pair of booties for my youngest granddaughter for Christmas -from that Bernat Blanket Yarn that we all love because it is soooo very soft.  She had thanked me and suggested if I ever wanted to make her a blanket she would love it -from the soft stuff. So, I knew it was getting time for the stores to put the yarns on sale and I checked out Jo-Ann's and low and behold it was on sale from 10.95 to 6.99 for the 10.5 oz. skeins. Her favorite colors are pink and lavender so here they are combined in the variegated colors. Yes, I mentioned I had a stash but no I do not have the blanket yarn in my stash .I sure wish I did but it disappears off of my hooks as fast as I can swing it.

I have one problem with this yarn. I can Never find the inside end to enable me to pull from the inside so I am forced to use the outside end and bounce my skein all over the place. I have looked online and asked on forums and finally I have written the Bernat Company to ask if maybe this is the only way you are suppose to use this yarn????I do not know so I am hoping they will reply and share some feedback for me.

My pups had a wonderful Christmas and my dear friend June from Tenn. sent them Christmas pup cookies. Indy is checking them out.

  Daisy picked the only solid white one from the pack.

Bandit had a hard time deciding. lol
Then Indy decided to take a nap. I love it when my pups are happy.