Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Flew By

You know how it is when you want to start one project but you need some supplies ??? Well, that was me this morning. I Need to work on my aquariums for placement of my wood stove between them -BUT - I need to reroute the electrical wires AWAY from the stove-which is exactly were they are located at right now-that is where the plug in is located???

But, I needed this One Little Part that I knew I needed but could not locate so I tore my silverware drawer out and vacuumed it out good  and relocated some stuff to give me more room-but still no little switch I was looking for??

While I was cleaning out the drawer I ran across this one little spoon. This spoon and I have a history so I know it is 63 years old at least. Mama got it from a peanut company some how and I remember being a little girl and one of m favorite treats was this spoon loaded with peanut butter and chocolate. lol

I kept running in and out of the bedroom to check on Callie - the kitty who impaled herself on a stake of rebar. It went in her tummy and came out the top of her back there. It just breaks my heart. I coaxed her onto a soft mat on the floor and tried to tempt her with some tuna ???? She is drinking some water and taking her pain med. Can you even image having a bar run through your whole body?

I had a dear friend come by to visit and she brought me a serving of couscous salad. After she left I got busy on that aquarium project and managed to get one of the aquariums cleaned out -inside and on top where I keep some flowers and re-routed those electric cords and then I was pooped. I also cleaned up under it where there is storage but it was storing Spiders more than anything. With the cold weather coming in -they are too-but i gave them a rude eviction notice with that homemade vinegar and lemon cleaner I had made. They did not like it at all and they headed to the hills.

Hopefully tomorrow I can work on the aquarium to the left of that one and move those cords to the left wall and that white box is covering the pipe hole for the chimney . That is the double insulated pipe that will come in from the chimney . They say it never gets hot and you can lay your hand on it. I Sure Do Hope they are telling the truth about that.

I am Pooped tonight. Need to get some rest tonight so after I do chores in the  morning I can tackle the second aquarium and then move some furniture to make room for the mat that will be cut to fit on the floor for the stove to sit on.???? Still have more work to do on the woodstove too. I raised the canvas on top of it today and noticed that it is wet. I thought the canvas was protecting it , but it has wore thin in the years it has been sitting outdoors. ?????

Thursday, September 22, 2016

9/22/16 Thursday Ramblings

I started off my morning with chores. These youngsters have come from a line of mixed chickens that I have had for approximately 20 years. They were a mix of colored egg layers and some a little lady way back in the country shared with me. I really like their colors and think they are pretty.

I had put these sticks up to mark my flowers and keep people from driving over them -but you can see we have boo-boos along the way.

I had to go hunt for a hammer and could not find the one we used  on the chimney but I managed to get them pounded back into the ground. I just wish I had some bright paint to mark them with?

I stopped off at the odd couple. She had lost her mate this summer and Rowdy had got too Rowdy and started flying up in my face so they got paired off together and they both seem happy.

I stopped off to visit with the "Working Girls" - they are taking a break at the moment .

Next stop was Daddy Turkey and the baby . That baby is growing and funny to watch.

Next up was the colored egg layers that my friend shared with me . They are suppose to start laying any time and are suppose to lay blue eggs. We will just have to wait and see????

More baby chicks hatched so now I have 8 speckled Sussex . I am so excited. The last one that I found in the incubator this morning was in bad shape. I had seen it start pipping last night and expected it to be out of the egg this morning and dry-but instead it was trapped in the egg and the egg was as hard as concrete. I tried cracking it but it was too hard so I soaked the baby in a small bowl of warm water until I could get it free? I was scared I would hurt it but so far tonight it is still hanging out with the others. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

The older babies beside the new babies have been jealous and keeping an eye on the newcomers. I had to laugh when one of the new babies some how caught a stink bug and was running all over the place with it and these teenagers were really drooling as they wished they could steal it from them.

My little "Angel- Halo's" were looking good this morning  - I just love their pretty colors so much.

The black mottled d'uccles looked happy . This is Danielle the rooster who was so mean to me this Spring until I penned him to the ground with a net . Since then he has not attacked me one time and I know love to hear him sing.

This is the traditional color of the d'uccles that most people prefer. I think they are all lovely - just like having different colors of flowers in your garden.

I had to laugh as I went through my rounds of the chores as I thought of my DH. When we would make plans to go to the flea market on weekend -He would volunteer to do the chicken chores and HE would do it SOOOO FAST. I asked him one day , how come he was so much faster than I was??? He replied that he did not stop to "Hug and kiss' each one like I always did!!! LOL - He might have been on to something . But, they are my friends and we have to take care of our freinds-Right?

So you can see as long as it took me to post the pictures that it takes a great deal of time to feed and water and clean runs  and I do get my morning exercise. Plus, if I put everybody outdoors in their corrals -it takes an extra 45 minutes twice a day and lots of exercise going up and down the hill. So, the old woman gets her exercise. lol

I had to go to town to pick up Callie from the vet so I stopped at the store and got my pups food and a pack of chicken breasts that I sliced up and filled the dehydrator to make snacks for them. This way it is way cheaper and also I do not have to worry about what is in these -knowing they are safe for my furbabies.

Poor little Callie is in rough shape after being impaled on that rebar. It just breaks my heart. I got her home and let her out of the carrier and she cried and went up under the bed. I went to get a bed to put on the floor for her and she up-chucked all over the floor and it smelled terrible. By the time I ran to get towels and rags it had run all across the room. It was a terrible mess and she was soo sick . It just kills me to see her like this? It really worried me to see her throw up ???? I am scared for her. The vet said to let her rest and see how she is in the morning?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A HORRIBLE Animal Morning.

I was awakened this morning by a sound so I took my flashlight and went out on the porch to investigate. I almost got clobbered by the kitty that had been dropped on me back in the Springtime. She had been up to no good and was attempting to climb down the apple tree but ran out of luck. I reached to grab her and missed. I heard her cry and peeked down and could see her dangling in mid-air. I thought she might have got hung on some vine - so I ran to get my shoes and a big towel to grab her in in case we had a fight. But to my horror I found her IMPALED on top of a bar of rebar. I almost fainted from the sheer horror . I quickly wrapped the towel around her and lifted her up and off. I carried her in the house and tried to peek at her tummy but with her long hair I could only see a little wet spot??? She tried to hide and she walked crouched up in pain. Since I could not determine if that was just from the pain of being bruised or if it was more serious I took her to the vet. They called and said that they could see the puncture hole and it was oozing from the fat inside of her but they needed to open her up to see if it had punctured her gut or liver???  I told them money was an issue and they quoted me 436.00. My heart sank - darn Money!  Always an issue-but I knew this had to be done as I could not risk her suffering a horrible death from not  knowing so I told them to go ahead. This for a cat that someone dumped on me -who was starved and matted to the bone-who hates my other two cats and makes life miserable for them(Rosie hides in the sewing room and Gabby ran off to my daughter's tiny house behind me in the pasture) She has killed birds - I put a bell and collar on her- she killed the ground squirrels I love and she brought in a baby squirrel the other night that I took away from her and locked the doggie door for the night - to which she tried every way she could think of to get that door open!! Now this. It is not her fault- I just wish people would be more responsible with animals. She is very lovely and soft and full of herself. She talks all the time and is a real people cat - just not another cat-cat! I have been waiting to hear from the vets what they find????

Meantime I went out to do the morning chores. Yukon got his belly full and he decided to watch the going ons.

One of my teenage chickens is not doing good. She is the one in the back. I have even been force feeding her and keeping her under a light at night. I carried them out to a corral in the sunshine and put 3 kinds of food and fresh water in with them hoping it will inspire her to eat. I really want her to live.

After all Summer of trying I am finally having some chicks hatch from eggs i ordered on E-bay. These brown ones are Speckled Sussex's and I am holding my breath as I heard more in the incubator!  This time it is an incubator that a friend loaned me . They are suppose to be really good layers and turn very speckled as they age. It will be fun to watch them transform if they survive and I can keep them away from predators, as EVERYTHING likes to eat a chicken!   

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

9/20/2016 - I can hardly believe we are this far into our present year?

I spent the first part of my day outdoors working . You know how it is -one thing leads to another-put the chickies out - fed and watered everybody . Cleaned out some runs and carried that to the garden to mulch some of the new plants. Dusted the new cabbage plants, they are growing but the bugs have found them. I meant to replant the kale and the turnips since it had rained but I got carried away weeding and forgot.

By then it was around 2 and I was tired so I decided I better bring the chicks back in and call it a day as my energy was waning. I got them all put up in their clean runs and then hastled back down to the garden I picked these banana peppers that I had found hiding in some tall weeds. It was a good thing I had mulched them early on -or I might never have found them. I carried them to the house and bathed them and me and did two loads of laundry and fixed a bit to eat as I sat down and started seeding and slicing the peppers. It took me 3 hours to get them all cut up small. Seems the small things can be the most tedious?

I sure hope these turn out alright. It is my bedtime and my eyeballs are rolling across the floor they are so sleepy.  Night - night to all.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Tired Monday - lol

Yea, it rained last night. The tomatoes are dwindling down and I made tomato soup -

Coco did not know what to think of me showing up in the Sewing Room today! LOL Matter of fact -neither did I. We lost our electricity for a while so I decided to go look for some special fabric. Now this is special fabric because a friend sent it to me /

When it arrived I took one look at it and laughed and said, Yep - she wants shirts for Christmas. lol

The only problem was - I Could Not Find it this morning! Of course with no electricity I was looking with a flashlight. I ended up tearing up the entire sewing room - and cleaning as I went. I used that new vinegar over orange peelings spray I made. I found LOTS of spiders and they did not like this spray!

It sure did smell good after I was finished. But still no fabric? Where did it go? I went through every room in the house but no fabric I could find. I went outdoors in the rain and checked an outside building in totes-but no fabric.

Then the electricity came back on and I went back in the sewing room and in one little cubby hole where I had cleaned out an old computer -there it was  hiding. So I went to work on it, as Christmas is right around the corner when you are sewing.

It took me all day long to cut them all out and then get this one sewed together. I was So excited that my mind remembered how to sew it together.

To top it off I repaired two pair of bloomers . The elastic had given out around the legs and they did more walking than I did. I had looked at them in the store and could not believe the price !  So, these guys are back in service.

By the end of this day my back is just screaming- is sewing that hard on your back??????????????

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Stove Saturday

Me and an old friend are getting reacquainted ? She has been buried under a canvas cover beside the house for about ten years now. We took her out the year that DH installed a hardwood floor in the living room and neither one of us wanted to put her back in and risk scaring the floor with her or carrying in the wood to burn in it. She is so rusted and the doors will not even open for me yet as they are rusted shut. Also the drafts are rusted shut. I took some rust buster that my DD had in the building and sprayed every movable part down good and have let it sit.

I still wish I did not have to bring her back in and risk scaring the floor -but finances dictate that I have to stay warm this winter and this is the only way I can afford to do it-so I am counting my blessings that I still have her to rely on.  I borrowed my daughter's boyfriend's wire brush and have been scrubbing away at all that rust-trying to get it around the back where the pipe now will fit .

I can remember this side well -when Crystal and Cory were small and we first got the stove they would wait until Mom and Dad left the room and they would touch crayons to the hot stove and let them melt down the sides so they would be rainbow colored????? lol

So course my back started to complain so I had to give it up . I did all my morning chores but did not put the chickens out because it was calling for rain. Needless to say - it did not rain ! So I went to the garden and pulled up two monster Tommy Toe tomato plants in a raised bed and drug them up to the outside chickens run . Then headed back and hoed the bed good adding some compost and raking everything level and planted some Colored beet seeds. I sure do hope they do something as I would love to see all different colors of beets. Since we have not had rain in a while the turnip seeds I planted have not come up so I might should replant them although it is getting late??? Hum?????

I carried all the inside chickens some tomatoes and chard and they liked that. I weeded a little in a flower bed until my back complained again and I had to quit and go in. I fixed some fresh green beans and a salad and my daughter stopped and ate with me after she got off of work.

After they left I bathed the 3 furbabies and made them all mad at me and now I am working on figuring out how to re-run the wires that go to the two aquariums on the wall that the stove is going to be on??? I am temporarily stumped but I am tired and in pain ? Plus I need to move some furniture so I am taking a break. Tomorrow the telephone man is suppose to come fix the phone -after waiting two weeks. We will see how that goes. ~smile~ There are certainly plenty of spider webbs that have moved in with my upside down Summer.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Moping With My Back

My back is just so painful that I did not even put the chickies out this morning. I ambled down to the garden and brought them back some fresh chard and little tomatoes.

I worked aon their little taxie carrier and made it more study - I hope.

I had finally got a little stapler so I went to work on the last run that I built but was needing the fencing put up around it.

I needed it completed because this coming Tuesday is when the eggs in the incubator are due to hatch. This time it looks like I might have some success.

If none of them hatch then that's it for this year. I will not try anymore with the incubator.

It does not look like much since I have recycled all of the wood framing in the runs. There are two of them and each one has a window for light. If the babies hatch I will put a lamp or maybe two in there for warmth as it is getting very chilly at night now. I do not like it when it gets down in the 50's. Br.

I went to the garden and picked a small basket of tomatoes and some peppers. I worked on chopping the peppers up and in the freezer. Then Tim helped me cut open a baby coconut so I could get the water from it. I have read that it is so good as eye drops for your eyes so I am going to throw that at my "dudding" eyes.

I sanded a tiny bit on my wood stove that has been covered up beside the house for about ten years now. The cover was getting very thin and it has rusted up. I finally had to give it up and go feed Yukon the donkey and close the chicken building up for the night.

When your back hurts you just hurt all over. I wish I could have got more accomplished but that is just how some days are. Tomorrow it is calling for rain and then the next day the phone man is suppose to come work on the phone that has been out of order for two weeks now. It is hard to get them to fix things . They have just got too big.