Sunday, March 26, 2017

Celebrating a wonderful night out with my daughter

I have just been so swamped and then Crystal had dental surgery and was all swollen up on her face and then she just up and took me on  a Dream Date last night  to see the Celtic Women at a nearby town event. I had always wanted to see them but never thought I would ever get to in my life time.  We had such a wonderful time and everybody that worked to pull the event off was so extremely nice.

They had a intermission and I followed Crystal out to smoke and got a little scared when men pushing in the crowd tried to separate us so I hung  onto her sweater because I was afraid if I lost her I would not be able to See her. She reached back and took my hand and got me through though. She bought me a tea and a soft pretzel and she showed me how to put mustard on it and it was really good-of course we were starving as we had worked hard all day long.

It seemed like the time just flew by and I wished it did not have to end so quickly! This was my first and only concert I have ever been to so I am still buzzing with excitement.

Then after the event I asked Crystal to go see the water feature and a kind gentleman from the eent offered to snap this picture of us. How sweet was that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

End of the week

I managed to get another pair of the Cloud booties completed for my Christmas list. This was a slightly different color than the first four pair I had completed. I am still thinking about putting pom-poms on them but will wait and see if I have any yarn left over ???

Crystal came in from work with some hair coloring and pulled me into partnership with her with putting different colors in her hair.

We put pink up under the base for what she calls a "Peek-A-Boo" effect.

She put the blonde on top with the black around her ears so she can wear them separately .

And then we turned her Mother's Hands pink too!!!!!!!! As she died laughing????? ~smile~

Then she told me that last night about 3AM that her coonhound Dan went crazy! He started screaming at the top of his lungs , while in his crate and she thought something was wrong with him so she jumped up and went to the door and he busted through the crate door and then lunged at her front door knocking it wide open -still screaming and dragging her out the door into the yard. She said he was frantic and trembling all over and still raising cain. So we pondered -could it have been some wildlife??? Deer-bear????  

Then we had some weird time? She went to walk her coonhound before dark and I went to gather eggs. I found one of my little hens in a cage she did not belong in??? She was frantic to get back in Her cage so I put her back and looked high and low to see how that could have happened and there just was No explanation?????

Then Crystal came back down and I could tell she looked shaken??? She had taken Dan for his walk and found this across from the front door of her Tiny House.

We had both thought it was a compact until we discovered that it had a hidden message which confirmed it was a condom case?

You can tell it has not been out in the weather because it is too shiny and clean looking????

My daughter has an X husband who was Very Violent and a drug addict. They divorced 3 years ago and he had remarried and lived in another state. But about a month ago he and his wife had moved back to Va. - about 20 miles from us???? He would know our propery lines easily because he hunted and rode four wheelers all over the land????

He might not have anything at all to do with this but I decided to call the police and have it documented . So a very nice officer came and took our report and said they can have a vehicle drive by for a month and shine a light around. We told him we would appreciate that. But if it should be some person they would not be at the front of the property they would be on the back country  roads that drive to the sides of our property -out of sight of the house. So , things just have me scratching my hen and saying my prayers for Crystal's safety. At least she has Dan-who really does love his Mom . My small ones love her too and might chew someone off at the ankles since that is about as high as chihuahuas can reach. ~smile~

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Another cold miserable day

But critters had to be tended to so I put a couple of the bunnies that I am baby-sitting out in little runs to get some exercise and fresh air. Indy just wanted to know how you play with these critters???

 Daisy thought they looked like the perfect toy but at least they kept them amused while I throwed out ice and everybody got fresh water and gathered the eggs before they could freeze.

But I know Spring is coming. I did manage to take a tumble while outdoors and I was so grateful not to break my leg as I bent it all the way backwards-then got covered in mud as I attempted to get myself up off the cold ground. BRRRR.  I HATE cold weather.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

BRRR - Zippered pouch

This was what I woke up to this morning and it turned out I was very smart because I took off with the pups and fed Yukon and all the chickens.

Then all day long it just got colder and colder and the wind was whipping and it turned miserable.

So I put on my thinking cap and went to work on making the two little zippered change purses I wanted to make for Crystal for her birthday with the Coke fabric I had found.

I even put little bead pulls on each of them.

Then I tromped back outdoors and collected my eggs before they turned into egg popsicles.  Brrrr!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Crazy Monday

It did not take long for Indy to learn how to get the treats from his toy. Matter of fact it is Too easy for him. I think I might need to tape up a couple of the holes?

They were calling for the chance of bad weather tonight and tomorrow so I headed to town to get the hinges I needed for the chicken door that fell off the hinges on me. The old hinges had just broke right half in to. I tried to put the new hinges on and did get them there but they are not right. I couldn't hold the door in the position it needed to be and hold the screws in the position they needed to be and operate the drill all at the same time. I got it temporarily on-but will need so find some blocks of something so I can prop the door and redo it????

I got home and dug all the chickens fresh greens. It always tickles me to see them tear into them. We humans need more of their style as greens are so good for us. I can't plant mine yet until I finish blocking those deer out of the garden as they have mowed my greens to the ground. I did get the plastic fencing and metal posts today and hope to work on that project AFTER this weather passes.

Today was my lovely daughter's birthday and she treated herself to getting her hair done. She got a little streak of pink put in her hair for fun. It is hard to believe that 44 years has flown by since I birthed her into this world. It is amazing how time flies by and the events that you will live through??????? I did not give her the life that I wanted to give her , but I gave her the best that I knew at the time. But, I still wish it could have been different .

It was 40 degrees here this afternoon and it was snowing????? Especially since I knew it could not stick at that temperature - it was very pretty. I do not know what we will end up with tonight as the weather people cannot make up their minds???? Rain ???? Snow????? I guess I will know when my eyeballs open in the morning? ~smile~

Saturday, March 11, 2017

End of the Week

And I do not know what is going on but I have No LIFE at all. I am just totally whipped. Crystal has been sick this past week so I don't know if this is something from that or just ?????????????????????

 All I know is that I got only the basics done today and that is it.  I Hate this cold and they are calling for another storm this coming week. It is suppose to be bad in the states up above us?????  I went to check for eggs tonight and one of the doors to one of the runs just fell off in my hands????????? Now I need some new hinges????

Crystal did bring home her son's Dakota's graduation picture and he is the BOMB! It was so hard to choose only one picture. lol

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sewing Guild Night

It has been a truly beautiful day here and Indy said he enjoyed it as he was not looking forward to the next week wearing sweaters again.

Cocoa and Daisy enjoyed the beautiful weather as I gathered the eggs and fed Yukon this afternoon.

Daisy and Indy tried to sneak in a nap in the flower bed as I was attempting to snap pictures of this beautiful day.

Tonight at the Sewing Guild meeting we are having a guest speaker talk about Knitting so I get to take my two knitting projects for show and tell. Of course I Muffed my last two rows on my scarf last night as I scurried to complete it in time to take it. I dropped all the stitches and it fell off of my hook - so with my poor eyesight I was not able to place them back on the way they should have gone - only enough to save me from tearing it all off and starting all over again! No way! lol