Monday, August 27, 2012

                                           Cowboy keeping DH's computer warm for him
I want to thank each of my wonderful "blog - family" members for all of the loving and concerned  cards and emails that I have received that have helped me so very much during this most awful experience.I would like to send each of you warm hugs of deep appreciation as they have all meant so much to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart & people don't take our blog ties as serious-we sure proved them wrong.

It was such a pretty day here today , a mix of sun & clouds which made for a pleasant temperatures. I have actually got a lot accomplished today-even IF most of it is fighting with the computers. I was so grateful that I actually got one of them fixed -it is about time that I got to win ONE of the battles.

My next one to take on will be the one in the sewing room as It decided to just up and die on me too. But I have new parts that I HOPE will fix that -hope-hope-hope! It is amazing how many hours you can put into one of these mean old machines-but they are so nice when they work.

I had a funny surprise when I went to the critter house this morning for chores. I had set one of those live traps to catch a rat . I baited it with chocolate as they cannot resist that  and I peeked in and saw the chocolate was gone so I ever so gently picked the cage up-thinking that must be a big fat rat!!!!!!!!!! To my shock -it was a young opossum who hissed at me for my intrusion!!!! I am waiting for my daughter to pass by so she can help me take him off to the big old woods ,hopefully far away from my critters. I have a sneaky feeling that he is the one who was able to get in the pigeon cage and kill those last two pigeons. Time will tell .

I got to do a little writing this morning as a friend asked me to write a review about my favorite fabric place -and I was pleased to flex my fingers and some brain. This is what I came up with?
love to all- linda

     The Fabric.Com Experienc is an online fabric store that sells a variety of quality fabrics of three catagories: 
Quilting fabrics
Apparel fabrics 
Home Decor 
Yarns of a wide variety

They were founded in 1993 by Mr. Stephen Friedman to TEST selling fabrics online. Today that business is known as 
They reside in Kennesaw, Georgia.

They not only sell fabrics and yarns but they have several nice features that make your purchases even more enjoyable.
They offer a Frequent Shopper Program, which you redeem points for discount coupons. Only registured customers can accumulate these points . For every $2.00m purchase you earn one point which is automatically added to your account.  Points are not given for the shipping charges nor the taxes. Just log into your account and click Profile to see your points.
They offer a 30 day Money back guarantee - no questions asked
They have wonderful Customer Service and Speedy Shipping which is available free with a $35.00 purchase, and I usually receive my purchase in about 3 days
  Scroll through their online Blog at Blog to help offer you some inspiration.
Another perk is that their website is easy to navigate and to make your check out very pleasant.

I Really love because of the ease of shopping, the time it saves me and the fun I have just wishing. I also appreciate that free shipping with a $35.00 purchase because it is easy to burn that much gas when you have to travel different distances to hunt for your fabrics. So, it is like saving that gas money to save for another fabric purchase. All of the fabrics that I have purchased have been excellent qualities and to receive these wonderful boxes in the mail make it like gifts coming my way. Plus , it saves me all of that "carrying it from the store to your car and then from your car to the house " with these heavy purchases. I just open my door and they are right there waiting to be transformed into many Christmas presents for my family and friends.