Saturday, March 31, 2012

Short & sweet

Just had to let you know I was alive & kicking.  I have spent all day (almost) in the sewing room rooting through my stash looking for suitable pieces to work with.

Then all afternoon I have been online searching for the right designs & I think I have found a few-so tomorrow I hope to have a new project to show for my efforts.

It has been a lovely, lovely day -perfect weather. DH spent his afternoon outdoors working on a car . While he was "rooting around in his stash" (which is old used car parts-not nearly as exciting as OUR stashes-  he happened to spot some baby cherry trees sprouted . Normally the sheep would graze on them -but he spotted them first so he told me and I took the bucket and madic  & we dug them up. I carried them back to the house & went on the front porch & dug out my bigger flower pots & I carefully planted them there -hoping I can Guard them for a while!

And it is after midnight and I have laundry calling to me from the dryer - plus, I had to make up my concoction
that I make up for my laundry detergent , as I was out & that was holding me up from the laundry. Now I will be good to go for about two months and not have to worry about detergent.

I also made DH brownies for a treat tonight . So, I have been busy-but  hopefully I will have something to show for it tomorrow. Another quote I liked :

My mom used to say, "If everyone put their troubles in the same bag, you'd be happy to grab your own back out".
and I have found that to be so true!
Good night all

Friday, March 30, 2012

Break A Few Eggs

I have always heard that in order to make an omelet -you have to break a few eggs! So, this design is one of my broken eggs. Drats! After taking the time to cut out an entire outfit - I was smart enough to start with the embroidery part & that was what killed this outfit. I had just enough fabric to cut out this one set & no more to spare for Boo-Boos.

It started out great as it sewed the basic foundation -but then it went crazy and started making Big Loops back & forth and then all of a sudden jerking the entire project up in the air -there was no way to fix it , but I had to let you see that I did TRY to complete a new outfit.

I am beginning to think that there was something in the air today. We had to go to town & company showed up,but I kept watching the clock because we had to get to the mill before it closed. We were almost out of the driveway before our guests were . Making good time , But - DH  had not watched the gas hand the other night and we were running on fumes-so that was another unplanned stop and the gas station was swamped ?? Once again we got going and - a tractor had pulled out in the traffic and 30 mph we traveled??? Still watching the clock- so I asked DH what about heading to the mill first instead of the other way around So, we did make it to the mill and get critter feed for the week.

I was so tired when we arrived home - just too tired to unload the car-we will see how tomorrow goes??LOL
I changed clothes and took in the laundry and went to lock up the chickens -But - the guinea was there & she jumped into the chicken house and ran all of the hens OUT ! The guinea was fussing up a storm and I was fussing at the guinea. So, I went back to the house and read some information to DH about a car he is working on-then checked the woodstove and Then went back to lock up the chickens , AGAIN-but this time I was successful.

That  left me free to put up the laundry and run the vacuum before we had a bite to eat. Then  I headed to the sewing room and checked out my fabrics. My stash is starting to get low-  I am ending up with bits and pieces from other projects and also some odds and ends -not what I am looking for.

I was looking for something to do with PINK because I have pink thread on the serger and the sewing machine and I did not want to change out the thread IF I could avoid it. This was the only pink I could find and now it is a "flop" - so I guess it is time to change the thread & hopefully start a bright new chapter! I need to trash that design - I do not want to make that mistake again.

O, I read another cutie:
The secret of success is to start from scratch and then keep on scratching!
Deb, South Dakota

Love to all!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pink Keeper Set

 This might be my favorite child's set so far & it is so neat that I did not waste the two little pieces of fabric that was left over from making shirts for some of the adults. That pink shirt is just SO Soft and flexible .

It was a perfect day here (because I worked in the sewing room most of the day) But, a majority of the time was spent Fighting with that serger, but I came out the winner of this scuffle!  It was really pretty outside -the sun was so beautiful and it was short-sleeve weather & the world just smelled so alive.

DH was in a lot of pain so he took one of his pain pills but from lack of sleep last night - it just knocked his lights out most of the day! LOL I like to watch him sleep because I know he needs his rest to fight that dumb cancer .

I read a cute quote by Georgia Carol - Love is like a lizard- it goes all around your heart and straight to your gizzard.
Bye for now

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cheers Outfit

Another one of those lightening fast days. This morning when I was getting ready to do morning chores I heard the loudest noise -it sounded like a thrashing machine out in the yard - so I scurried to peek outdoors and it was a REALLY large airplane . It was so close down to the earth I worried that it might crash. I stood and listened  -but there was no horrific sounds and I was so grateful. I have only seen that happen one time in my life .  Who knows - ???? - maybe it was a "STUDENT DRIVER" ! LOL

Chores were done and I hit the shower . While I was in there our daughter-in-law & granddaughter and great grandson arrived. DH had taken his truck over there to have our dear son work on it for him. Poor Cory - he certainly has too much on his plate. Maybe he should not be so talented ?

As soon as they left we got ready for my counseling session. It was such a pretty drive and the weather was perfect. . We got back home  before dark now that the days are getting longer . DH spotted one of his friends and they pulled over to yack for a while.

When we arrived home I made DH a pot of oyster stew & when I discovered we did not have any oyster crackers I fixed me a serving of a broccoli something . LOL  It was good and I knew it was good for me and we both have enough for our meal tomorrow.

 I locked up the chickens & DH tilled a little on a new garden space he is thinking about . He used our neighbor's tractor tiller. We are so lucky to have such a sweet neighbor who would give you the shirt off of his back.

By then it was dark and I hit the sewing room . I am intrigued with this new idea of sewing the toddler clothes to sell. That would certainly be the answer to being able to support myself -plus be able to work at home . And all of those wonderful opportunities to play with the fabrics.!

Well, at least this time I will not be able to just wonder- I am sticking my neck out there just to see what happens? I think I might be able to be proud of myself just for trying -no matter what happens & I am sure I will learn a lot-as I always do. LOL

Like tonight -after I completed the next little outfit and went to iron it to set the stitches - yep - my iron decided to just up and die ! Wasn't that VERY RUDE of it???? I have only had it two or three years- I was expecting it to last at least ten-guess I was wrong. I was very lucky that I had a small little iron that I had kept for emergencies- so it was pulled out and put to good use. It does not seem to have much heat or steam -but  we accomplished the goal.

I hope you have had a lovely day !
Cheers - Linda

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Boys Black Camo Set

Finally , I feel like I accomplished something. This is my first boys shorts and shirt , size 4 -from the camo fabric I had leftover from the other two adult shirts.Of Course I made my boo-boos. My first attempt at the neckband I cut it out too narrow & when I sewed it on I hated it-so I tossed that one -ripped the other one off & cut a wider  one.

My second boo-boo was when I cut out the pants - I had two small left over pieces & they would not let me just fold them & cut them out because something was left sticking out somewhere with no fabric. So , my great idea was to cut the strip into two separate pieces of fabric & that way I could lay them out easily . So, I cut them out and went to sew them together & just could not figure out what in the world I had done wrong- yea- that was when the light-bulb went off in my noggin- I had lain both pieces with the fronts facing up -when I should have laid them facing each other!  But I had already embroidered on the bottom of the leg & did not want to lose that little touch -so I found a piece of grey & stitched the camo over top of the grey  to bring the set together.

Then I had the fight with my iron -with it turning itself on and off-on and off- & when I snapped this picture which was the best one - the iron had dribbled drops of water on the shorts & darn it -those drops show up!  Ding Dang it!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a nice day - it started out chilly this morning with a frost & I was so glad I remembered to get my flowers back in. Yea!

I hope you have had a lovely day too!

Monday, March 26, 2012

It Feels Like A Wasted Day

Why you ask???
Because I have spent All day long online looking for the perfect embroidery design to put on that little boys shirt.  When I wasn't there I was in my personal design library & I could not find anything anywhere that caught my attention. I guess that magic word - Perfect - can make it rather difficult.

Well, it's not perfect-but I did find two usable designs - or at least I hope they are usable when I wake tomorrow.

The weather was cooler here today & they are calling for a frost in the morning. I just remembered I forgot to bring in some more of my flowers-oops- I better run and do that!

Hope you guys have had a wonderful day!
Hugs, Linda

Sunday, March 25, 2012

DH's V-neck tee

Did I not say that my camera is going nuts on me? I guess I work everything to death?????
This day was dark & dreary outside -but I got to spend an afternoon in my sewing room where the "Happy Seamstress " plays .

This is the one shirt I will not even think of parting with because it will be for DH- for Christmas unless his cancer seems to be out of hand & then I would give it to him while he still feels good enough to enjoy it. Even though you cannot tell it , this one has the V-neck because he cannot stand anything to touch his neck lately . I wish the picture had not turned out so flunky( I tried twice) because I like the black & white camo color.

I have even worked on making a pattern in size 4 for the toddlers . I am hoping to use the left-over fabric from these two t-shirts  for the little boys. I remember when all 3 of mine were little I had a  hard time finding clothes for my little boys and for some reason you could find little girls clothes everywhere -all nice and cute.

I hope you have had a lovely day to start off your new week.
Love, Linda

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bk & Wh camo men

Another day - another lesson. I Really love this color camo and this medium size was what I had been using for my brother-in-law & DH. But I am wanting to maybe make & sell some shirts to pay for my machine. So, when I completed this one tonight I hung it up to take the picture & I took a long hard look at it & decided that it had faults. It's a shame too because my stitching seems to be excellent. The more I studied the more I thought I should call my brother-in-law & get feedback -straight from the horse's mouth - o ! I meant straight from the fellow's mouth!

And -low & behold -what I had been thinking was exactly what he said :
1. Shoulders wee bit too wide
2. Long sleeves are too tight at wrist
3 Neck band is too loose!

So, now I need to redraw my pattern! Not my favorite job at all!

I like the design but Mr. Janome "hiccuped" on that K. Plus, my dear little camera doesn't want to play nice with me-the pictures are not turning out clear . O, while I am whining - my iron - is being ugly too. Sometimes it will turn on & light up & sometimes it will not.  What is it with me and machines??????????????

Well, love to all - gotta go have a fight with some patterns.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Hi Gang

It was another one of those "lightening days". Seems like I just got up and here it is time to go fall down. We had some rain off and on today and everything is green and growing. I had to laugh when I went into my pictures -there was a picture last year on the 27th & it was snowing here. I sure hope we do not get any snow to coming visiting now - it is much lovelier just like it is now.

It is hard to see-but that little black speck is a little tiny bee come looking for his groceries. He would not appreciate snow either!

I have done a little more researching all of these crazy sizes . Our son brought our car home where he had put in new transmission bearings & a new clutch & throw out bearing.  I am so honored to have a son who is so talented & appreciative of his hard work. It seems like the tables have turned from where we were the ones taking care of him & now it is he-taking care of us.

But his wife & our granddaughter were with him to bring their vehicle so he could get back home. I showed the little outfit to them and also the little shirts I had bought to show me the sizes and I was already confused enough -but Tracy spotted another difference right off the bat- the one shirt said 4 -5 - but what I had not noticed it says xs /xch (4-5) . They told me that stood for EXTRA SMALL??????

Then they throwed in another detail- Ashley said that size 24 months LOOKS like a size 2T -the difference is the length of the shirt? She said that a size 2 fits her baby Zane who is short and chubby -and that a size 24 months will fit him width wise - but it leaves his tummy sticking out ????

And to think I used to think the most important part of babies was food & love & clean diapers??????
Love to all
Confused Grandmaw!!!!!!!! LOL

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Me Green Shirt

Well, I'm pooped! Why do the days have to go by so fast? I feel more like I live at a race track rather than a home in the country?

After accomplishing my outdoor chores & feeding DH  I headed to the sewing room. I was determined to finish my green shirt. Today was also my day to learn how to put designs from the computer to the flash drive to the Janome. And- would you believe it - I actually pulled it off! Yipeee!

But I did run into challenges. Shortly into the design it broke the thread! O Gosh - I think my heart must have stopped -to think that 3 years of misery was coming back to haunt me? But, I tried to calm myself down & figure out what was going on?

About that time it broke the thread & I could not dislodge it from inside the machine-this really scared the bajebbies out of me as I discovered that there was a little cap on the front of the machine which you insert a tiny screwdriver under & pop it off & then the front piece comes off. It did not take me long to hunt down that misbehaving thread & with a little luck I got it out & the machine back together.

So I started troubling shooting like I had learned with the Brother. That royal blue thread was giving me a fit - so I tossed it & went with a different blue & after it broke one more time it must have got it out of its system and it started to behave itself. Now it was the "threads turn to tremble in fear" because IF they were the trouble makers they were certainly going to be demoted to another job along the way.

The nice thing about this design was that it was Very forgiving of such a variety of colors - I could easily substitute a trouble maker for a good thread and the design never showed it.

I was getting leery after those designs in the machine had worked so well? Maybe I would not be able to use designs purchased online? That would really disappoint me? But, you know how stubborn I am -so I finished that design-and chalked it up to a learning experience-but not one that I enjoy.

I love this fabric , it is so Soft and comfortable . I know the sleeves look really long -but I like to either push them up and have what the kids used to call slouchy - or I can roll them up  and have a little more warmth in the winter-time.

DH borrowed our most wonderful neighbor's tiller that fits on the back of a tractor today & he till our little gardens. It was pretty damp since it had rained this morning , but he says he will let it lay a while & then re-till it to kill out some of the weed seeds.

He was also determined to get to close to my raspberry plants!  Last year he tilled them up & I had NO berries!  I also had to run him out of our artichoke bed. He is a danger to some of our plants!

He made me think of Mama one time . We were young & DH had a garden tiller & Mama asked him to teach her how to run one. So, the two of them got out in her garden & he turned her loose & down through the row she went tilling under all of her plants she had planted. Her remark was " they were my plants - I can till them under if I want to" !  But-Mama never ran the till again - she went back to the hoe !

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Educational Day

It was a busy day , but I was on the search for Knowledge. That shorts set I posted last night was really bugging me. I had to find out more about sizes??????? The measurements of the sizes on the packet were not lining up right - so I wanted to see what sizes in town did?

 So, I took them with me today & compared them in a Kmart  to size 3 through 6 . The shirt looked like it measured up to a 6 and the pants looked like a 4. I was disgusted so  we left & went to our local Goodwill . There I took an educational trip through two rows of children's shirts. It made me wonder if I was on the right planet? How in the world do young mothers even figure out how to buy for their children?  I found that sizes were no help- - size 4 to 5 , size 5 to 6 , size 6 to 7 and when you over laid some of them the the 4 was the same as some 5's and the 3's were the same as some 5's and some 5's were the same as some 7's?? To add to my confusion - some where small , medium and large -which combined a number of sizes -usually at least two sizes , like small being 4 through 6 ,medium 6 through 8 and large being 10 through 12???? 

I ended up bringing home 3 shirts of all different sizes so I could have something to gauge them by? Talk about live & learn?

The one thing that I did learn was that when I have a yard left over from some project - now I do know I can make something from it for children.??????

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pink Girls outfit

My visit to the sewing room today began with figuring out what to do with a yard of left over fabric from the pink size 46 shorts from last night? I knew there would be nothing I could think of to make for adults that would only take a yard - so what could I do?????

Well, I happened to run across some children's patterns that I had been scrounging up on when ever I was at the thrift stores & the were sizes 3,4 & 5. To preserve the original patterns I started to copy them onto my soil control -which can take a beating much better than the pattern tissue papers.

Then all of a sudden a white packet fell out into my lap - AND- low & behold Somebody else had already done it! I was tickled to death. If I knew who they were I would have hugged their neck. I liked this white stuff they had used too. So , now I had my tools & I started measuring to see what I could get out of it.

Well, I worked very hard all afternoon trying to do my very best I put a lettuce edge on the shirt sleeves and waiste & on the legs of the shorts.

I added embroidery to the little shirt to spiff it up. When I had started I was aiming at size 4 because their is one great grand daughter & my daughter-in-law told me that she was in size 3 so by Christmas maybe size 4?Wellllllllllll - it turned out that the fabric is so stretchy that I was now betting a size 4 even though I had cut out size 3.  So, I started to remeasure everything.

And , much to my puzzlement  -the sizes did not agree -SOOOOO - I have an outfit that is anywhere from a size 4 to a size 6???????

Pooh! It seems I Always get myself in trouble. I had hoped that I might run this outfit on Ebay to see if there was any interest - but that is not possible if I cannot nail down what size it really is. It is deliciously Soft & so lightweight - almost like a feather. It has all of these nice qualities except for the real size .

This was another one of my daydreams of finding a way to eventually support myself .But ?????

Other than that my day was beautiful . I got 6 bundles of tree litter raked & put in the wood stove-3 for the morning -just to hold the fire & 3 for tonight -since it is so very warm. Plus, the ground where I have raked looks so grateful to have a clean slate. I will be glad when I get to the house . There are a lot of branches scattered all around that like to play tricks with me & try to trip me up. Good Lord willing - I will get to there soon.

I fixed us a broccoli & noodles dish for supper , but it did not fill DH up so he fixed himself some eggs & baloney & then he had me make him some brownies. Not exactly the most healthy dessert- that sweet tooth likes to get us in trouble.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Kat's Pink Shimmer Shorts

Well , here I am once again -starting out with a flat piece of fabric.I really like this piece of cotton knit mix with a tad of latex . I am hoping that the latex will help prevent wrinkles from pressing themselves in when the wearer sits.I hate it when wrinkles settle in & just make the garment look so unkept. Plus , this has a light dusting of silver sprinkles on it - so I will not have to ponder which is the front , since some knits really do trick me.

Yes, I have tackled a lot of different lessons on this project-even redrawing the pattern -after I had cut this one out. I discovered that I really Love this fabric -it is SO soft & SO light weight that you can barely feel it on your skin.

One thing I will change on the next project is I will not topstitch the pockets. Something about this fabric just did not work for the best of the shorts. Another thing Is the pockets are much too long on the sides-they almost run the length of the shorts.

I did learn that MrJanome  is such a delight - it stitched out that design on this lightweight fabric like it was nothing. While I was stitching it out - I thought maybe this would be a project that I could run on E-bay to see if it might sell. It is a size 46 & I pondered IF I might could find a "nitch" of sewing large sizes. I have noticed that there are kinda a shortage of a variety of large size clothes in the stores? I also noticed what I had seen had Strips going around the body on the large sizes - like they were "accenting" the large clothes . I did not like what I saw.

Let's face it - gals are gals no matter what size we are & we all like to look our best & "accent" our positive qualities as best we can - not point to our tummies like we are advertising them.

Well, this might not be the "perfect "project to see if it would sell? I am still looking for that way to work from home - but I need the perfect project?? ? ? ?

But , on the bright side today was a Perfectly beautiful day! I got all of my chores accomplished - I got all of those 4 loads of tree branches raked & put in the stove  & I even got my walk in this afternoon when I went to gather the eggs.

So, I can say that it truly was a Perfect day.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tweety Bird Lounge Pants

Dear little Tweety Bird. My older daughter-in-law loves anything Disney & when I spotted this fabric at The Schoolhouse Fabrics in the mountains of Floyd, VA - I thought of her right off the bat. But , with the confusion of so much going on here lately - I certainly did not have my brain working. I neglected to realize that this was a DOUBLE knit  -thus giving it more stretch???

So now the pants transformed from a size large into a very loose size XL??????Much too big for my daughter in law? Well Darn- maybe I should try to sell them ? Drats, drats -best laid plans often go astray! LOL It sure is easy for me to "go astray"!

We had another perfectly beautiful  day  & I LOVED it!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Blender Cover

Hi Gang-
I hope that you are having as Lovely a weekend as I am having.I got up & did my chores , allowing for the hour between times when DH & I are suppose to wait from the time you take your meds until you are allowed to eat.
Then I came in & we ate breakfast & DS called about parts for my little Tracker that he  is working on.Gosh it is just like anything else that you are working on  - it always needs something that you do not know about until you get into it. It needs bearings for the transmission & he had to order them  so DH left to go pay for them.
When he left I tore the living room apart -pulling everything to one side of the room-then steam cleaning it.Next I moved that side to the other side and steam cleaned it  That was the time that DH showed back up. It turned out that DS had not called the part in on time-so we have to wait till Weds. for it to come in.
Poor DH he could not get to his easy chair so he went outdoors to work on a vehicle . It's a shame you have to "boot"" them out to get to clean.

I was so proud of the floor that I put the baby gate up for a couple of hours just to be able to enjoy a clean hardwood floor. No critters OR men OR boys tromping across it with mud all over the place. It was very enjoyable even if I was running in & out.

Then I was hanging out laundry & I fixed us Cornbread & Buttermilk & DH headed back out to work on a vehicle & I headed to the sewing room-JOY!

That flat piece of fabric was the one that I embroidered the butterflies on in preparation for birthing it into a blender cover. Amazing how you can do that , isn't it? LOL

I cut out a circle for the top like a hat to finish it off & I even had good luck attaching the hat to the body!
Boy, I was on a roll. That was when I discovered it had started to rain , but the laundry was still wet  - so I always heard that fresh rain water was like washing your clothes in softener , so we will see. The butterfly with the white on it is the front of the cover.

There are two butterflies on each side  of it to give me some "eye-candy". LOL
So, my day has been VERY successful & I am  happy with it. I do wish that I could "clone" me though & have the other me cleaning the kitchen & checking out Food & another to be doing some things I want to do outside. I did get 4 loads of litter off of the yard this morning & poked it in the wood stove. I am making progress ,even if it is " A cookie sheet full" at a time. It really works nice though because the sheet Just fits the door to the wood stove Perfectly & then I shove the whole pile right into the stove. YEA. Even the walnuts are not exploding on me when I put them in the fire -like they do in the Fall when they are fresh & full of nut.
I am getting a lot of help from the squirrels though - they chew out the nut & leave the empty hull . What consideration they offer. Sometimes they even sing songs to me if they are not dropping nuts on my head. LOL

Well, time marches on - I need to go gather the eggs & lock up a few of the chickens & watch the flowers grow!LOL
Love to all & Many happy stitches!

Friday, March 16, 2012

What happens when you stumble

with a rotary cutter in your other hand?
Yep, that is what happens & I feel very lucky that I did not do more damage. I told my DH that everytime I have Ever cut my fingers that I ALWAYS have a sink full of dishes just waiting for me.

Did you think that I have a picture of what I was working on? Welllllll, me too. I snapped it right after I did this picture of "the sewing room assistant queen". But just now when I went to download it - that picture is not in there. GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!That white piece of paper was what I was using to draw off a pattern for my blender cover to go along with that toaster cover.

It is on a blue quilted piece of fabric that comes close to matching  it. But, I cannot show it to you & now the camera keeps  telling me that the card is not initialized and it will not let me take any pictures at all. I do not know what that means -except I know it means trouble. Dumb thing. Something else to challenge you.

I called the gentleman that I purchased that Janome embroidery machine off of & told him that I was calling to purchase a usb stick that I could use with his Janome-just so I would get it right. He gave me an interesting tidbit. He said it would be a small size stick because they had found that these machines work much better with a smaller size usb stick. I am glad I took my "own" advice & checked with him first. Another thing I discovered , he is just one of the sweetest people I have  ever done business with . He took time to talk to me& he Listened to me - I could hardly believe it. Don't you wish all people were like that when you needed help!

Well, I better let you go -maybe tomorrow I can figure out the camera because I know I need it working-there are plenty more projects to have to show , thanks to Mr. Janome.
Love to all & many happy stitches!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Toaster cover

What a day - no wonder they get away from me.  I actually bumped into a wonderful day in the grocery store & she said she just did not know where days went to - then she laughed & said ,"TV".LOL  Our tv is very lonely today because DH has been gone all afternoon & I have been buzzing around. Got all of my morning chores accomplished & raked another woodstove full of tree debris . Yea-getting there!

Then I worked at loading my #2 daughter-in-law's chickens ( I had baby sat them all Winter for her -and received wonderful eggs from them in return) on DH's truck to take them home to her. I learned that I do get attached to any animal - no matter who they belong to. It really hurt to see them going down the driveway & knowing those beautiful eggs would not be there in the morning?
But, I reminded myself that DH wants to get chicks like hers(they are red sex-links). All of my life I have loved the little bantams with all of their colors & personality-) Until this past Winter when my bantams quiet laying around Thanksgiving & they are just starting to lay a few now. With the price of groceries as high as they are -the red ones laid every single day all Winter long -with no extra care.It was awesome! So, live & learn! LOL

 Girls Heading Down the Driveway-Bye Girls - you were very edcational& your eggs were so appreciated all winter long.

Once in the house I wanted to do dishes, laundry , steam the floors and more -But- I decided that since DH was gone the house could just wait because it is VERY SELDOM that the house is quiet because DH is really married to the television.

I needed the quiet to read the manual that came with Mr. Janome. I knew if I just left it sitting that I would slowly lose my courage to try to see what it would do-because I would not want to be disappointed once again since so many had said it was my fault - I was doing things wrong. SO - that was why I headed to the sewing room

It was nice & quiet & my brain was actually trying to behave itself  & let the knowledge contained in the manual soak in. I took it step by step. I had wanted a toaster cover for Forever & decided that would be my first project.

This particular cover was a gift from an Oregon friend who is a bus driver & a wonderful gal. It amazed me AFTER (you know how that hind-sight thing is) --- that it is actually a larger size cover & we actually have the  larger size toaster! Talk about things starting to look better????

 So I carefully loaded everything up-I had a problem hooping it because the binding part was right in the way of the hoop . It took ALL of my strength to finally pull that off and it did jump out of the hoop on me twice -but Mr. Janome did not fuss at me one little bit!

It actually started to " PURR' right along just singing its song as I was holding my breath! I just could not believe it- it was working !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 As you can see I managed to do the top and the sides of the cover with this design that was already in the machine. I have got to get a flashdrive to be able to use the ones from the internet -so I just wanted to see if this machine would Hate me instantly??? I certainly hope that it NEVER changes its mind about me & it will be Love forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Whooppppeeeeee!  Hey- all this was accomplished during a horrific thunder storm too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is good -counting my blessings!
happy stitches to you

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Maybe Tomorrow

Hi gang,So
It was another one of those days that just seemed to run off & leave me. The morning started off nice-getting the chores accomplished successfully & enjoying a morning too beautiful to believe. The sun was out & the weather was so warm & easy to work in.

I even got the broom rake & worked on another small area -then raking it all up & putting it in the woodstove until I had it full. All of these scraps of tree branches & walnut  twigs kept the stove all day long. DH came & hollered for me to come get ready to go. We were leaving an hour early to stop at the Humane Society store (place where volunteers sell donated items to help the animals in need)

DH found a used laptop fan for this nice used laptop I am learning how to use. Of course it plugs into the USB port - and I need that space for the flashdrive thingy(like my technical jargon)So that is something new to figure out.

We did find a nice used answering machine -so will hope to see if that works. We were very pleased. Then it was time for my counseling session- boy did I need that. My angel was there to help me decipher the events of my life these last two weeks.To gain insight & learn from it all.Some people just give from themselves to help others along the way & isn't that the job of an angel.

Then we stopped & got gas & cat food & shavings to clean cages with on Friday. I did get my laundry hung out this morning & then carried it in at dark,when we arrived home. It was a blessing to have a full moon
to see by. I locked the chickens up  & then my daughter in law #1 called & said she had heard that DH was coming to her house tomorrow to work on our vehicles & wondered if he would  bring them to her. I told her that we always had to wait to see how he would feel  first -then if he could not make it she would come get them. When I locked them up & told them good night I realized that I had got too attached to them & this would hurt.  We did look at some baby chicks today but they were not the same breeds as hers . I would normally not pick that breed because I have always loved the small -brightly colored bantams - but mine always quit laying during the winter-time & I have to wait till Spring for eggs once again. Also bantams make wonderful mothers-but along the way they like to sit on Any egg during the summer & they quit laying to hatch their babies. These sweet red sex-link chickens have laid all Winter long & they do not sit on eggs -so your eggs do not get ruined.Plus, if I am going to get too attached to them -they might as well be mine.LOL

So , tomorrow if DH gets to go to our son's house to work on the vehicles I have high hopes thata I can do chores , clean our floors because they are crudy -then my desire is to head to the sewing room & get introduced to Mr. Janome the embroidery machine.Hope,hope, hope!
Love to all

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'm coming back???? LOL

Yep those little pills sure do save my sanity easing the pain & fog until I almost feel like a normal person, and I don't break down bawling if someone looks at me crooked.

That made it nice as DH had that doctor appointment this morning. Turned out it was a "treatment -visit" instead of a doctor visit - that will be next month.They gave him his shot that he hates & then loaded him up with his meds & we were out the door.

Our brother-in-law had sent us 72.00 so we stopped going home & grabbed some groceries & some gas & that was it. DH said that he was tired of looking in the  fridge & seeing nothing. LOL  Our youngest son is getting us some groceries also & they are coming for a visit when they do. It will be so nice to see them & the grandson. He is almost walking now & soon there will be no stopping him. lol

Once we were home & changed clothes I went out & raked some more on the yard. It is a disaster & now that it is so warm this week and not freezing ANY this week but it does chill the house by morning I rake up all of the litter & fill the stove with that & then lay a couple logs on that & I am killing two birds with one stone. Having our fire & cleaning the yard at the same time-that sounds like a win-win for me. It is that time of year when the more you look - the more you see to do. I cleaned up my smallest flower bed because I wanted to try an experiment . The chooks love to get in there looking for worms & tear my flowers all to pieces. So, I had a piece of soft netting that you use to cover your fruit trees to protect them from the birds eating your fruits. I laid it down in the bed & weighed it down with a few rocks. I want to see how they react to that ????? I am really hoping that I win the battle of the flower bed.

While I was working DH came & hollered at me to come fix his treat. We had splurged & got a container of oysters because He LOVES oyster stew & since all the food has been tasting terrible to him I wanted to see how that would go. Turned out he loved it - I had not heard him say that in Months now.I ate a bowl of the broth with crackers.

After we ate & even took a walk as I went up to lock in the chooks. That was nice.Once in the house I managed to get to the sewing room & complete my house shirt. You can hardly even tell that there are birds in that design -so that is why it will be a "house-shirt". I love the color & the knit is so nice & soft so it will be so comfortable. I usually like to use the new ones for go to town so it will feel strange wearing one looking so new. LOL  I am so tickled that this will be my last battle with the Brother embroidery machine. Yea!

The serger still "bucked " and acted up a little -but still I pulled it off. I even used the "lettuce trim" around the sleeves and bottom. Looks like I am back in the creative progress! Yea! Had me worried there for a while!

What a wonderful - beautiful day!
Happy stitches to you!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Meltdown

Have you ever had one of those days that you just got overwhelmed & caught off guard? Well, today was that day for me. The weather was sooooo beautiful & I had got all of my morning chores accomplished & a bath & hair clean -just to have an appointment with the doctor. I have a lovely young lady doctor that I am nuts about. She is kind & sensitive to your feelings- But- I think my "unraveling" came once we arrived at the clinic & signed in. I had been off of my meds for two weeks. I had called & told them that I would run out of my meds Before my doctor visit & I did not know what to do. The young pharmacist had called & said that she would have someone call me . But nobody called & I ran out  &  Mr. Fibromyalgia jumped on me with a vengeance. The pain moved back in & my body was consumed with fire & the brain fog settled back in & I was lost. It was horrible -but I think I bluffed my way through as I did not want my DH to have anything else on him as he fights with his cancer.

Once we arrived at the clinic I could feel that depression settle on me -just the thought that I have finally been diagnosed with this monster & the right medicine which locks it away in its cage , but had been denied it for two weeks just seemed more than I could bear on the inside. It is hard to fight extreme pain because it leads to exhaustion . But, when I gave the girl my papers she handed me my prescription- and was dated two weeks ago-it had been here all that time & I had not been notified. I told her I had a doctor appointment & did not know about my meds. She asked if I wanted them & I said a definite YES . But while I sat there waiting something inside of me began to crumble & when that sweet little nurse called me as I approached her & she asked those fateful words -how are you? That did it - I dissolved in tears -of course -mortifying myself.Once the tears started -there was no stopping them.

I made an absolute idiot of myself - but they definitely found out that I needed those meds . Same story with my sweet doctor. We had a sweet chat -in between tears. It turned out that my thyroid was messed up too. I showed her my gums -how I seemed to have a bony area sticking out on one side which made me 'whoppy-jawed". She too thought that when he had pulled my teeth he had broken that one side off uneven leaving me really whoppy-jawed. I asked if she thought it might interfer with getting dentures to fit & she said probably not since they would make a mold. But, I just hate that EVERYTHING on me is always Quirky.

So it ended up she raised  my thyroid meds & I have to have bloodwork in April . I apologized to her and told her that I guess once I was behind doors where DH could not see me I just let all of my pain & fears loose . I try to be so brave for him as I do not want to add any extra burden on him at this time when he needs all of his strength to fight this disease. I will be fine once I get my meds ( or as Chris on DietCokeRocks  - calls them- happy pills) back in my system . Plus, I get to see my counselor on Weds & they are calling for such beautiful weather here -with all of that sunshine - I will be on top of the world  & a new woman.  LOL

So, with high hopes I came home -did evening chores  & fed us -then started on that serger once again. I pulled the manual out & read & re-read taking it one sentence at a time -like Lynne had taught me to use for patterns & construction.

After another hour we had come to some kind of a compromise-not perfect -but usable for a shirt for me -hopefully to work out the kinks as we go along. So, I managed to get the shoulders re-sewn & the neckband attached. Making progress -but I need to lock the chickens up & feed the woodstove & get ready for bed as DH has a doctor appointment in the morning.

I hope you guys have had a lovely day - the weather here is going to be "unbelieveably too beautiful " here for the rest of the week. Everybody both here & in other countries are talking about the "global warming affect" & wondering if this is why all of our weather is so different?

So, love to all & Happy stitches to you until I see you again. :-)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A new week

Not much sewing going on as the serger is still mad at me , so it was a pleasant break when our oldest son & his family came up to pick up my car to take it back to his house to work on it next weekend. Cory works such long hard hours Sunday is about the only day that he gets a break .

Of course we made a swing by the sewing room to visit with the new member of the team-But - Miss Rosie had to give everybody a through inspection & verify them eligible to enter her domain.  She can be so funny - But - one thing you can say about Rosie is that she has taught everybody & everything the meaning of the word RESPECT.

You don't catch Rosie in a mood this "mellow" very often at all-maybe she just wanted to start the week off differently.
I still have not got the serger to co-operate at all - so my shirt is still in limbo! Dog gone thing!
As soon as I ever get it back in whack - I will finish my shirt - I just hope not too many more grey hairs take over my head before that happens. LOL

Plus, I need to get a flashdrive before I can test the Janome.Time will tell. Tomorrow is my day for a doctor visit & I am dreading it. I have been out of my meds for the fibromyalgia for the last week  & the pain is getting bad. Maybe that has something to do with me & the serger?It's hard to accomplish anything good when you have physical problems. They tell you to NEVER stop your meds -but - then they won't let me get them anywhere else & they will not return your phone calls - so I don't know what to do?I wish I could just afford my own doctor.

Well, loves - I hope you have had a lovely day!
hugs -linda

Saturday, March 10, 2012

TA DAAAAAAA! Let me introduce!

My new "Main-Squeeze" - Janome 350E. Bless its little heart - this week has been one of TOO MUCH LIFE crammed into one week. It just does not seem fair -to have an over load of life in one week. I am longing for a nice quiet week where I could make my head quit spinning-but it does not look like this week has much hope of that. I was very disheartened that it seemed that I just fell into bed & turned around & fell into bed once again. Gone , my beautiful week before I even knew what happened.

So much so that even though my new baby arrived I could not find time to even take it out of the box. The man I bought it from must have a really good sense of humor! He actually had TWO machines for sale on E-bay. Now you guys know about the Demon Machine that I have battled with for the last three years & it was a Brother PE-700II. Well when this baby arrived it was shipped inside the Brother PE-700II BOX!  I think I almost had a heart-attack -except I did not have time to have one. I saw that name Brother & my heart sank - just at the thought that Maybe he had got the machines mixed up????????????????? Maybe that was another reason I was not so anxious to open that box.?????

But, my DH took matters into his own hands & took me to the sewing room & cut the tape on the box & Lifted out another box inside of that box  that said Janome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost passed out from joy!  But , I was still a little afraid to actually attempt to use it - don't want those HOPES smashed one more time.

So, I had a good excuse - I had a lot of reading to do? But DH is secretly married to his tv - and -for some reason I have Never been able to read & absorb anything while a tv is playing. Then I decided I would come to the sewing room & FINALLY sew together that shirt I had started on -when the Brother broke bad on me & thought it had ruined that bird design entirely. I give him credit for almost succeeding. But, I decided that it would still make a very useful house shirt - kinda a celebration of the divorce of "Brother - PE700II  & Webb". Over with - Done - Finished - well you get the picture. I am still tempted to tie a rope around its little neck & drag it through the community!!!!!!!!!!!

SO I gathered up my parts to the shirt & changed the thread on the serger & the sewing machine & placed the shoulder of the shirt to the serger & *^%&%^$^$&T&()*_() - now the SERGER broke bad on me. It yanked and pulled & jerked & stretched & knifed my poor shoulder all across that seam!

Do you think it makes any difference that its name is BROTHER 103D??????????????????????????? Surely -fate would not be that cruel?
We had a serious discussion for about an hour & a half before I called it quits & took a break. Maybe - just maybe tomorrow will bring much different results!!!!!!!!!!!
So, love to all !  And many Happy Trails to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Highlight of my Week

You know that old saying about when trouble comes - it comes in bunches?Well that is what has happened to me & I am just starting to fight my way to the surface.Last Wensday our car broke down & I had to order almost 300.00 in parts & put that on the credit card that I have been FIGHTING so hard to bring down. My heart broke.

Then on Friday the truck broke down Then on Sat., Sun. & Monday  the grandkids helped DH work on the truck in the really bad COLD. To  make a long story short -DH ended up having to repull the motor & fix what had got over looked after all that work  & we are hoping it will be able to go back to work this afternoon?

O Sat. & Sun. the house was full of kids & me cooking & doing dishes & playing with that cute baby. I was bushed . I think I punished myself on Mon. by working  outdoors in the cold just like DH was doing & I accomplished a LOT! I was pleased -but I paid for it that night. I ended up taking sinus medicine where the dust had blocked me up. I collasped in bed early -8 pm I think. But, my guardian angels woke me at 1:30 AM so I went back out & filled the wood stove back up & came back & went to bed again & the howling of the winds rocked me to sleep.

Since I had broke my heart with that dumb credit card I went nuts & got an embroidery machine on E-bay & a Used laptop computer & a used desktop computer to get the house back in order. I needed the desktop where I had the kitchen tore all to pieces from working on the main computer that had died. It took me two days to get the next one installed & get it in shape to do some work.

Then it turned out that the laptop & the new used embroidery machine were suppose to be delivered , but our mail people don't blow or come to the house so we received one of those notes that we could come pick them up! Yea- right -with no working vehicles ???? So, I called the post office & scheduled it to be re-delivered. It ended up the the person called DH & agreed to meet him at the road -with his tractor. I couldn't help but think what a pain this had turned into. IF it had been delivered by FedX or UPS there would have been no problem at all - delivered right to the door & now that I am getting older - that is a life-saver!

I had just completed work on the main computer & was happy with it -especially for 19.99 -so now I moved onto the lapto- yep that took me all of that day to figure out.Gosh that was "trying" but I finally accomplished my goal & left it in DH's lap playing his card game-which is what I mainly wanted it for . Next I headed into the sewing room to take down that dumb BrotherPE-700II- - -BUT'----I just could not help myself- I had to put it back together where DS2 had left it after he had pulled those jammed threads out. Then I could not contain myself to try ONE LAST time to complete that shirt I had started when all of this Misery had started! It was an hours worth of work -but I finally got it all lined up & pushed that dumb button. OF course the machine fussed at me & broke threads about every 5 stitches. I was so MAD at it I had steam coming from my ears. Three years & three dealers & still fighting the same battle. IT took me a couple of hours but I did get it semi-finished -enough that I called it QUITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the LAST design that this dumb machine will EVER sew out for me. I yanked that panel out & loaded that demon machine up in one of the boxes with all kind of stuffing & packing!  Good riddance to bad rubbish is how I feel about it.!It is banished to the couch until such a time that I can find A Different Dealer to take this thing to to get it fixed & sell the darn thing? I feel horrible just thinking that because I would never unload this thing on any other person  - if it is not fixed? So far all of the dealers have wanted to blame it on me - the customer.

But by that time - the sewing computer was screaming at me that it was stopped up with dust , since it had been a year since I had cleaned the fans. I just turned the thing off intending to work on that today.I went to bed at 2AM -but was awakened at 4:30 AM with a horrible pain in my right side up high. It was excruciating. I tried to just sleep through it ,but that would not be the case. It was a gallbladder attach & it was rough. I finally got up & went outdoors .

One of the nice things about doing that was that I got to see some of the solar  flare they had been talking about on the news. I cannot find words to describe it but it was awesome. I fought through the pain & did all of the outdoor chores & fed the stove.

I have been at it all morning & am about to fall out of my chair from lack of sleep. I did take the sewing computer apart & clean it out so now it is a happy-puter-no noise! So, that is the reasons that I just fell off the face of the earth - what have you guys been doing for FUN?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Life -but cute life this time

After what seemed like life just tripped up & fell right on top of us -this cute little bundle of "LIFE" just popped in today. His name is Cory Jacob-he is almost 3 months old & he is "bundle " that belongs to our grandson & his partner , Jade. His Daddy , Ronnie came today to help his Grandpaw work on the truck that died yesterday. He brought our young friend, James & they all worked to put a head gasket on the truck. I guess the truck was just sicker than they thought because it blowed the head gasket again - only worse this time. So while the "guys " were out working themselves to death in the Cold / snow flurries - Jade & CoryJacob were in a warm house with me. ( or it would remain warm as long as I remembered to feed that stove~)

I did not manage to get even one Good picture because this camera is showing a black screen now too - so I just point & shoot & hope for the best. I loved his little dinosaur outfit with the little "shoes"built into the set.

 Father & son as Father attempts to eat his bowl of beans before Pawpaw drags him back out into the cold to work on that truck.

This is a new outfit -after he burped all over himself & his Mama. He still does not know what to think of that old woman following him around with that thing that shoots lights at him.

I did not manage to get even one good picture of this little guy when he was at his absolute cutest. He is only 3 months old -yet pulls himself up in your lap to look all around & then talks a mile a minute in baby talk . I know it does not sound like much- but I had never heard a baby have an hour long conversation with you continually. You know how they screw their little faces up while they are concentrating so hard. Sometimes it was just a "happy conversation" & sometimes it was like he did not think you were paying attention so he would really let you have it then.

He was totally cute & funny & full of himself the whole day. His Mom is having back problems & has an appointment with a back doctor tomorrow. I sure hope they can offer some help -because you know how hard it is to have a baby & a bad back at the same time. I know that Jade did most of the work all day long-but by the end of  the day I was a whipped pup-even if he does only weight 12 pounds-but Grannies have a way of forgetting how hard it is for young Mothers.

So, needless to say I did not get my sewing attended to. They are calling for 4 inches of snow tonight- I hope it misses us . They are coming back tomorrow to work on the truck again if it does not snow.. I fed them beans & cornbread & cranberry scones today . Then I had cornbread & buttermilk for my supper tonight & here it is after midnight AGAIN- another day Gone . I just noticed that next Sunday Daylight Savings starts & I HATE it! I despise it - I loath it - do you get the idea that I wish they would just leave our time ALONE!

I ran across this interesting article this after noon & it caught my attention:

Finger length
Comparative finger length can tell you a surprising amount about your likelihood of having certain conditions. Typically, men’s ring fingers tend to be longer than their index fingers, while in women it’s the opposite. Women who have a “masculinized” pattern, with ring fingers longer than their index fingers, are twice as likely to suffer from osteoarthritis, according to a 2008 study published inArthritis and Rheumatism. The study found osteoarthritis of the knees to be more common in both men and women with longer ring fingers, but the effect was most pronounced in women. Longer index fingers, on the other hand, are associated with a higher risk of breast cancer in women and with a lower risk of prostate cancer in men. A 2010 study found that men whose index fingers were noticeably longer than their ring fingers were 33 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer.
Why? Scientists aren’t sure yet, but they believe finger length is affected by exposure to varying amounts of the hormones testosterone and estrogen in the womb. Longer ring fingers indicate greater prenatal exposure to testosterone, while longer index fingers suggest higher estrogen exposure. Since breast cancer is estrogen-fueled, longer index fingers correlate with higher breast cancer. In men, more testosterone is linked to a higher incidence of prostate cancer, since one fuels the other. As for the osteoarthritis connection, scientists don’t have a clear explanation yet but think it may have something to do with the way hormones affect early bone growth.
What to do: Women who have longer ring fingers may want to be on the alert for weak or sore joints, particularly knees, and get injuries or soreness evaluated. Men who may be at higher risk for prostate cancer should be proactive about PSA testing and talk to their doctors about additional testing as well. All women should have regular mammograms for breast cancer screening; if you think you may be at higher risk, talk to your doctor about increasing the frequency of mammograms or scheduling an MRI in addition.
Some researchers believe that finger length should be used as a criterion for more comprehensive cancer screening, but this is controversial. In the meantime, follow suggested guidelines, and be proactive about getting all approved tests.

Read more:

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Life Gets In The Way

It started as a really nice , quiet morning. I woke early & went out & did all the chores-came back in quietly because DH was still sleeping . He had a rough night last night so I knew he needed the rest. I did not even stop in the kitchen to get a drink because I was afraid the noise would awaken him as he was asleep on the couch.

I made it to the sewing room & got on the computer to clear out emails & such. He came by shortly after & said that he had been out to the stove , but he saw that I had already filled it so he knew I was somewhere. LOL We fixed breakfast & I went to do the dishes-yep- that was my mistake for ruining a quiet morning.

The silverware drawer has been broken for approximately the last month. The support under neath of it gave way & it would either hang way out & thus you would bump it -or - if you pushed it in -then you could not get into the second drawer for the potholders???? It was a mess-but I had hopefully hoped that DH would feel like fixing it. But this morning it was the last straw for me - I got his drill & a screw & I was attempting to put a screw in to hold the broken support -just so it looked better & would be out of the way . But- NO- DH did not want that & he said we would go to town to get one & do it right?????? MISTAKE!

I did not want to go to town-but there was no derailing him. We made it to the little town where the hardware was located & IT WAS OUT OF BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!  But he found some cheaper gas so we did get gas. Then we went to the next little town at Lowes building supplies & he found the support-yea!

We pulled out of the parking lot & the truck made the most aweful sound so we coasted into another parking lot. DH went in & got some oil -but it was too late to save the day. The motor was going -but we made it out of town & to a little country store a few miles from our  house. DH used their phone as we had Both left ours at home today????

He called a neighbor who was kind enough to come pick us up. He is such a sweet neighbor who was working at a local tire shop & was helping a co-worker when a piece of steel flew into his right eye. It was horrible - so much pain , but they thought he would be alright -wrong-now they don't think he will have but maybe 5 %sight-so he has been learning to drive with one eye & you would never know he had a problem. We also have another neighbor who only has one eye & he works for the local pop company fixing their pop machines.

We made it home & I was so thrilled - changed clothes & went out & did evening chores while DH called our oldest son who has a trailer and he & his wife came & picked up our truck & brought it home. The grandson & a friend are suppose to come in the morning to help DH pull the motor & work on it. Needless to say - time marches on. I went to lock up the chickens & was actually glad to take that walk up the hill - just to have a quiet moment to destress.

Even Yukon came over for a visit- always ready for a good "ear-scratching".

I ran across a nice tip today for clutter -  you just never know who it might help. As for me - I am still looking for that magic lamp with the genie! LOL

Hello and welcome back to your Declutter Fast newsletter!

Your home truly is your castle. And you deserve
to make your home a place that brings you serenity
and good feelings, 24 hours a day.

A long time ago, I figured out the "Doll House"
method of making a place into what you really
want it to be.

This is because I had a playhouse built in my
back yard. It started as a bare wood playhouse
with a bare floor. I had the playhouse painted,
and then I tiled the floor myself (about 64
squares of stick-on tile - it made all the
difference in the place).

If I'd had that place as a kid, I probably would
have spent all my time there, but my own kids
spent very little time in it. But I love the
playhouse because it's like a "perfect" little

Even when my own home had too much clutter, I
refused to let the playhouse have ANY clutter.
I put cozy kid-sized armchairs in it, plus
some colorful kid-sized tables from Ikea. I
added lamps, a bookcase, a cute rug, a fold-out
chair-bed, a tiny TV set, and a mailbox.

This playhouse was always the no-clutter-zone
and it made me feel happy to look at it! It
still does!

It helped me to realize that at heart, I was
a spartan soul who liked ORDER and no clutter
whatsoever! And I know you like order too!

Later I decided to try this "doll house"
technique in my own home. I would take one
room at a time and make sure it only had what
was needed or pleasing to the eye - and not
one bit of clutter in sight. It works wonders!

How can you do this? You take away the things
which are making ANY sort of clutter - and put
them somewhere else for the time being.

Putting your clutter out of your sight is very
important - because every time you look at it,
this has a draining effect on you.

This way, your home can be your beautiful
"doll house" right away. You've moved and
contained the clutter for the time being.

Then, when you have time, you can systematically
go through your clutter. It WILL eventually be

For more fast ways to declutter your world,
check out my book "Declutter Fast."


Every effort we make adds up.

Here's to order in our lives!

With love,
Mimi Tanner
Author of Declutter Fast - How to Get Your Home In
Order Almost Immediately!

Sorry - kids - I just ran across this recipe:

Blackberry Scones
(Makes 6-8 scones)
    For the scones:
    1 – 1 1/2 c blackberries 2 c flour 1 Tbs baking powder 4 Tbs sugar 4 Tbs butter 2 eggs, beaten 1/3 c milk 1/4 c sour cream
    For the crust:
    1 egg white 1/4 c sugar

If you are using fresh berries, wash them and then stick them in the freezer for at least a half hour. This will help the berries maintain their structural integrity when you work them into the dough.
Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.
Combine the flour, baking flour, and the 4 Tbs of sugar in a bowl. Cut the butter into chunks and work it into the dough until the mixture resembles coarse crumbs.
Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients. Stir in the milk, eggs, and sour cream and form a soft dough.
Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured board. Fold the berries into the dough. Be careful not to overwork or smash the fruit.
Pat the dough into an 8 inch circle. Now it’s time to make the sugary crust. Beat the egg white until it is frothy and then spread over the top of the dough. This will seem soupy and strange, but go with it. Sprinkle 1/4 cup sugar over the egg whites so that the top is covered and the sugar is absorbed by the egg whites.
With a floured knife, cut the dough into wedges. The scones will expand a bit in the oven, so keep this in mind when you cut them. Carefully transfer the scones onto a greased cookie sheet. Bake 18-20 minutes until they are lightly browned. Wait until cooled and then enjoy.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Furbabies like new things to

If any of you have a furbaby like my Miss Blondie (on the right) She has always loved to sleep under the covers when cold weather arrives. So, I accidentally hit upon an idea I like & she really enjoys. I sewed two pillowcases for her favorite pillow -then put each one on the pillow on opposite sides. That way the first pillowcase covers the pillow & the second one she uses like a little tent& pulls the covers over top of herself.

I think that Miss Blondie had fallen off to sleep & Miss Honeybear decided to try out the new covers. LOL  Funny how they "spot" new things just like humans do? LOL

It was a perfectly lovely , sunny day today & I got 3 laundries all hung out in the pretty sunshine to dry.
Then I got online & ordered the parts for my little sick Tracker vehicle. Yes, she is sick - her clutch, pressure plate & throw out bearing have had it. So, we will see how it goes.

I have just taken a small carrot cake from the oven & am letting it cool for me to put the cream cheese icing on it  & now I have to tackle those bills once again. Can you believe how fast this past month has gone? It just seems like the other day when I did the bills for February . I hate for time to fly by so fast -just making me older quicker-but in this case it gets the weather closer to what my beautiful flowers & fruit trees need. If it turns back into a deadly cold I am worried about their survival. ????

Well, work to be done - have a wonderful , blessed day!