Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday Whizs By

I truly do not know how the days can pass by so fast-so fleeting - just slipping through our hands?

I awoke feeling lousy and checked online to see if my symptoms could relate to my thyroid. It did list extreme fatigue and sensitivity to the cold -both of which I am dealing with and also Pain?

I tried to contact my friend to check on him - only to find him back in the hospital? The nurse had come to change the dressing and said the wound was coming loose so they called an ambulance . At the hospital they deemed it was just where the surgeon had left a place open to drain. But then they decided something was bad wrong with his sugar so they admitted him. I found him to be very low in spirit.


I went out to do the chores and locked Yukon up so he could eat and these trouble makers bedded down around the kennel to wait for him. If the door were open they would burst in on him and try to knock his feet out from under him and steal his food. So, that is why they are locked out.
The day was beautiful though. We are suppose to get high winds tonight and snow showers in the morning.


I was able to get a little creative , found a pattern online for a slouch cap and my curiosity got the best of me. The size is suppose to be for a child -but it fit my head perfectly. It did take half a skein of 8 ounces of yarn. I like it and don't like it all at the same time? A very strange way to feel about a project?

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  1. Are those sheep your sheep??? I'm not familiar with them! Good for you to keep Yukon safe while he eats~ That would be horrible to happen just because you have food. Kind of like bears attack for food they smell~ My son had that happen once. Bear tore his tent and stuff up and came after him, but Thank The LORD he was in a cement block building until the bear got tired!

    Your friend sounds like he needs some special care right now~

    I like the hat. It isn't the prettiest design but looks like it does the job! You did a good job!!! I would make that pattern for kids!