Monday, May 31, 2010

Disney Ornament

Hello Gang - hope everybody is enjoying this beautiful day! I had told DH about my bee adventure and he took some spray out and hoped he had moved all of them away except for the  bees on the front porch. I told him the sad story about how I almost lost a tomato plant that I wanted to plant on the front porch and how the bees would not allow me on the porch to water them. So, he joined forces with me today ! I wish you could have seen us! We were definitely action figure heroes! I would go out and start to do something with my plants and then - here the  bee calvery would show up! And I mean -FAST - like super sonic attack mode, and with their trumpets going full blast ! BZBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!  That meant attack at full force and drive these humans off our 'airstrip ". I would take off running behind DH while he maned the water- hose! :) But I did manage to get two tomato plants inserted in my home-made upside down tomato set-up. LOL - I had been doing that long before the media came up with the topsy-turvy tomato kits. But - I used two plastic 5 gallon buckets and cut a Small hole in the bottom of them -then insert tomato plant and cover with dirt.  With DH's help I got both of the buckets cleaned out from last year and inserted the two new plants -one is a cherry tomato (we used to call them tommy toes ) and the second one is a Brandy-Wine . I am so anxious to see what they do????  As I enjoy our beautiful sunny weather with my plants -my heart goes out to all of my dear friends -who live so far away and are now Enjoying their almost Winter-time! Many - Happy Snowballs to each of you! :) I still have about 4 more pots to plant -but I let DH take a break for all of his manning of the water hose! :)

So, while it is the hottest part of the day -now 81- I have fed DH beans and cornbread and tomatoes in vinegar and sugar and I have retreated to the sewing room.

I had cut out those little squares from the Disney themed fabric and a red piece of fabric that I don't even remember where it came from.I pulled out the ironing board and iron and started folding them all in half  from a square to a rectangle-and from a rectangle to a triangle and Here too I learn lessons -after all I am a child of the universe and need to learn all I can??? :)

I have learned that when you fold the little squared into a rectangle -you need to pay attention to where your fingers are located because if you don't - that fearsome iron will have no pity on you!
I have also learned that when you fold the rectangle into a triangle that not only do you have to pay close attention to making your fold nice and neat - but you must discover a way to keep the folded areas down until you can get an iron on it - and also when you move places on the ironing board -that ironing board remains hot also! :)

It did not take much time for me to get my next lesson-that beautiful red fabric has a finish that makes sticking my pins into the red triangles ALMOST impossible! :( But , I did persevere even though it was a fight to the finish!)

I have also learned that a NEW ironing board cover does not stay new looking very long at all - only about a week!  And I have learned that the cover will start having little folds all over the board and when I stuck my hand under it to see what was going on - that the cloth top and the heat fiber glue themselves together and they will burn you also! So, I guess the only way you can keep your ironing board cover looking nice would be to NEVER USE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then I treated myself to a strawberry-rhubarb pie. I have a friend in Tenn. and she got my curiosity up last year when we spoke about them. I had never tasted one- heck , I had never been able to have strawberry plants or even the rhubarb plants  and then when I saw I had both of them growing this year - I decided to take the plunge and see what she was talking about. DH did not like it and that was great because it left an extra piece for me! :) And that was the best crust I had even remember making! So, as June says - YUMMY! :)


  1. I WAS going to comment on the bees.
    And the tomatoe plants.
    AND the ornaments.

    but stuff that... OMG that pie looks delicious.. I can almost smell it... and taste it... my mouth is WATERING. So. Not. Fair.

    Want my address? *sniff, sniff*

  2. Hi Linda...I see you use the ads on your blog. Can you tell me something about them?