Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday Adventures

Guess who was hanging out with me today??? My number one inspector was on the job again.:)
What a perfectly lovely day that I was given. All other human beings were out of the house today and I was a free spirit. I started out by tackling all of the outside chores , so I wouldn't have to worry about getting them done . That always makes me feel better to know all my critters are fed , watered and nothing will stand in the way for each of them to have a great day also.

I came in and took a shower and for breakfast I had two pieces of left-over pizza. I chased the vaccumn cleaner around to capture all the wild , loose hairs and as I was heading to the sewing room I popped in a load of laundry so it could be working as I am working. :)

I just cannnot believe I have some ME time! How wonderful is that? I have discovered that one of the tasks in  a sewing project that I really do not enjoy is pinning the hems in -so I tackled that on two projects the very first thing I will be working on the part that I do not enjoy - while I am fresh this morning.

Just seeing all those pins lets me know I have accomplished something and on my way. I did use the blind hem on the sleeves and the bottom of the shirts.

Of course when I studied the projects I noticed that I still had one project I needed to embroider on -so I thought I would save some time by working on that!  I should have known when I think too long - I get myself in trouble. Once I pulled out the embroidery design and went to work on it !!!!!!!!! Well, this machine just plum Hates me.  First it poked the fabric down into the throat and tied it in knots??? Of course I had to take everything apart and clean up that big Rats nest and getting that booger apart is not the easiest task in the world. After about 4 times of that fight - I thought I would not even put the screws back in until I saw if I would have to take it apart once again.I very carefully did stitch by stitch with the handwheel and at least I got past where I keep getting in trouble .So, I decided to get a little braver and SLOWLY give her a little more space and YOU should have Heard the RACKET! Sounded like someone beating on a big bass drum! I thought for sure it was broken- but it kept on going and I was all for that. It was starting to get late and I heard DH pull in , so I asked him to come in and sit down and listen to the machine.Well, he did and would you BELIEVE that it started sewing just like a perfect little machine should do!!!!!!!!!! I was getting VERY upset with this little monster by now. I told DH I guess we would have to move the tv in here so he could "do guard duty : while I would sew!GRRRR!

I was SO grateful to manage to finish another project and not sew a big hole in it! Even the weather was perfect -80degrees and a stiff wind blowing so it still felt good.

Another one bites the dust , another one bites the dust -and another one down, and another one down! LOL See , I am so happy that I remembered the words to that very old song - I think back in the 60s.

This is a close up of the design. I am finding it very difficult to find a way to show off a size xxxl - but I think you get the picture!LOL
Hubby was hungry when he came in and I wanted something quick and easy -so we fixed scrambled eggs and Grits! I had not had grits for 35years -I had even forgot how to fix them-so I looked it up online and decided to use a recipe that had butter and cheese in them. I had been doing some reading about how grains help with our health and I am all for that. Plus , they did fill me up and I was not starving after eating. I like that!

I hope each of you have had as wonderful a day as I have . Thank you for letting me visit with you to make it a perfect End to a perfect day.  :)


  1. I enjoyed reading about your lovely day.Even though THAT machine was giving you trouble it all worked out in the end.

    I DO have a TV in my sewing room.

    What are grits?????

  2. I don't like hems either!
    Grits... I have never cooked them either.. in fact.. I have NO IDEA what they are!
    I suppose *sigh* I will now have to go and 'google' it now eh? THANKS FOR THAT!