Thursday, May 13, 2010

Studying a Sewing Lesson

Good morning - I think DH and I are coming back to life somewhat. :) I came in the sewing room with high hopes of attempting a different pants pattern and I am still learning - am not for sure IF I am under-standing-so maybe I am at least "stretching my brain".:)

I have laid out a new pattern that I have not used before by NEW LOOKS and I got the smart idea to lay the tried and too large McCall's pattern on top of the first one and discovered that they are both too large. I did a lot of studying the two and I discovered that the first McCall's has a marked section to fold over and make the top part shorter .:) The New Looks pattern is still too large when I moved down to the size medium.  So, I do believe that I might as well do some customizing on the McCall's pattern - since I am getting closer to getting it right for me . I wore one of the blue too large pairs yesterday and the crotch part hung down almost to my knees. Very uncomfortable! Maybe I will get it right one of these days. Wonder if that was part of what put me in a "flunk" ??? Humm???? Well,  I better go fold it over and see before I forget what I am attempting to accomplish! This is the "soil control" that makes it so easy to copy a pattern because you can see right through it  , yet it is very durable. I am hoping to keep the brown original and draw onto the soil control the way I hope it will fit me.

Another lesson learned - when I fold the body part of the pants - that makes them too short for the legs? I must have a very weird body to attempt a pair of pants. That might also have something to do with never being able to find a pair in town to fit me?That is why when I shortened the body part of the pants - I then had to redraw my pattern and make the legs just a tad longer. :)

I have heard it said that pants can be a difficult project to make fit you- I think I believe it! :)

I have spent the most part of the day -redesigning the size for me  . I left them sewed together at the waist and then drawed out on the inside how much I thought they were too large .   I finally fudged and let the serger cut from the bottom of the legs up one side -to the crotch (which I did draw smaller)  and then down the second leg. I did make the serger mad at me and she refused to cut the cuff on the second pair - she just jammed everything tight and made a mess.I got really upset at her and I ended up cutting the pants leg off of the machine and fixing the threads it had broken and ready to clean the mess and try once again. :) I thought that was VERY rude of her to act like that today. :)

I have also learned that when working with DOUBLE KNIT- that the little rows of the fabric are called ribs ? also GIVES you more room for the fabric to stretch.

I had often wondered why you should not use knit fabric for patterns that called for non-knit materials. I have decided that reason  is the double knit will stretch because of the ribs , while the other fabrics do not have that stretch ability and thus must have a wee bit more of fabric to cover the body. That is why my pants pattern was just too big for me. Live and Learn!

I surely did not have the most professional job - but - I still have 3 pair of pants I can wear around the house and I really needed that.

So another beautiful day and some time to explore my passion. Those pants had me crying "UNCLE" there for a while and after I got them all trimmed I trotted myself outside and planted some flowers until I was just too hot to do anymore. Sweat was just pouring off of me and I came in the house and got a cold drink and sat to work under the fan which is where the "puter" is and that is how I ended up here.

Thank each of you for having patience with me - and I hope each and everyone has had a lovely day.
hugs - Linda


  1. You are a machine when it comes to sewing pants/tops... etc!
    Nice to know you are getting out in the garden... woo hoo.

  2. As a rule, if I'm sewing something made out of knit, I will make it one or two sizes smaller than my regular size because of the stretch factor. Also, to prevent the added stretching of the seams I add a seam tape into the stitched seam as it gives the seam stability. There are other techniques you can try to add stability, but this one is quick and effective.