Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ornaments and Rain :)

Hello, hello!

Today is a beautiful 71 degrees and lots of rain to make things grow.Maybe -even - my brain ? Have you ever thought about how important our brains are? I don't think I really had -until we had that car wreck two years ago. Aside from the painful headaches - the avoidance of loud noises which seem to explode in my head and the confusion which makes it very tough to learn new things or to even take new things and then transform them as you grow -into creations of your very own? I would like to thank each of you for your patience and support. Aside from learning new things I have learned that a virtual family is one of the greatest blessings you can have and I would love to "thank you" so very much! So, let's see what we can get into today. :)

 Starting a new ornament -take your first square and pin it in place.

When adding the second one the idea is to get all four corners to match and have approximately the same distance from each other -top to bottom.

See how the top and bottom squares match up pretty good. I took my tape measure and got the distance approximately the same on all four corners. If these squares match up - you have laid a nice foundation to build on.

Next fold from the top folded edge Down to the raw edge as evenly as you can.

Next fold from the opposite side top folded edge coming down to meet the raw edges to form a triangle.

Haha - here are my little triangles and they look like a fleet of flying sauces. LOL

This is the position for the first triangle -on top of the square-it will go from corner to corner.

This is two rows completed -one on top and one on bottom. They make me think of a row of "duck tails" holding hands all the way around.

You can see the yellow square shining through on this end and it looks like this on the opposite end.

This is the band that runs around the middle to hide where your top and bottom intersect at and make it look tidy.

This is the two sides with their little star showing. You can change your rows of colors and change the design.

Here are the two different colors Switched .

This is one of the previous ones with a wide band around the center , but I decided that I liked the more narrow band -so I tore it apart and now it looks like this!

I had a lovely day and got a few things accomplished. Then my kids and one grandkid and two great grand kids showed up! That was a nice surprise. :)

I hope each of you has had a blessed day. Love to all!

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  1. I love these little ornament balls! You are good at them. A friend made me a couple about 30 years ago and I always appreciated it. Do you remember that folding technique use to be used on making a circular pattern for wall hangings and baby quilts? I made a few of them.

    Glad you enjoyed your family today! They are precious!