Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday almost gone

Isn't life amazing-when you are tackling dirty tasks out doors -if you provide  spots of beauty -it makes your job more inspiring as your work progresses.Or, at least that is the way I find it helps me.

This is my beautiful clematis that only blooms in the Spring. I wish I had the summer clematis -so I could have blooms all summer long- but maybe "good things come to those who wait". In my opinion the wait is worth the prize.:)

No wonder I do not like to leave home- I hate to miss moments like these. This is another one of those columbine and it might be my favorite. It's little flowers have layers with the edges trimmed in white. Isn't it amazing what Mother Nature can teach us.

We had to go to town to pay some bills and now I need to get my rumpus in there and finish up with the bills that are to be mailed and then the ones that I pay online. I appreciate the ones online because I do not have to waste gas or leave the house and that tickles me to death.

I did not get to sew, but I have High hopes tomorrow because DH is suppose to be gone all day. You know how it is :"when the cat is away - the mice will play" LOL and I intend to do my share of playing! :)

Love to all


  1. Oh the little purple flowers with the white trim are just gorgeous.

    You are clever being able to pay bills on line.

    Enjoy your ME time tomorrow.

  2. Love your flowers... and i hope you do get to do some sewing one DH is away! lol
    I love it when I'm hope alone so I can sew/card make too... even though a wee Puppy is keeping me quite occupied right now!