Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lose my Mind

I would like to losing my mind on Sewing! Surely that would work???? For instance today I decided to  raid the sewing room looking for some more fabric that I could use on these ornaments and I thought I knew where to look. For small projects like the ornaments I have two plastic boxes that I have kept on the sewing table -in plain sight - where hopefully I would not lose them. :)

Nice plan! Here is the first box-humm??? nice little treasures like the bookmarkers I have been playing with(I still really do love them-they are just so cute and special in my eyes) A whole lot like Chris's ducks in Diet Coke Rocks. But as I move things around to check on the fabric I run across a black piece of fabric -knit-hum??

already cut out??? Now what have I done? I check it out and it is a lightweight tee shirt -of course not with the pattern-but I did get smart enough to write the pattern number on the white pattern that I had copied from the master pattern. After some good head-scratching I discover it is a Burda men's tee shirt pattern -but it is a xl???? More head -scratching -wonder who I intended it to be for?I had started using the size large for my two sons? and medium for my DH and my brother-in-law??? By trying to keep ahead of the game - I have lost my mind and have no idea who I intended this one to be for???????? OOOPPPS! That's me.

This was where I had found the main pattern and laid the one I had drawed out off of the main pattern. Yep-no matter what it is the size XL. I need to think about this one?lol

This little joy was tucked away in the box for safety. It was a gift from a friend 35 years ago - she was a whiz at cross stitch and she taught me to crochet. She was a very talented gal and I have always appreciated every stitch she put into it. I wish I would have known more about taking care of cross stitch projects. I had it under glass on a picture frame but over time it yellowed with age.

Here is some of the collection and I am not happy at all with it.

This is the rest of them? No, most of them will not work at all. I have discovered that if you use a print is needs to be a very busy design with small prints because when you cut out those little 2.5 squares and then fold them in half -and then fold each top corner down to the bottom middle of the raw edge -that it leaves very little of the design showing.

I might try this combination though-because the Disney fabric was a piece left over from making my daughter-in-law a check book cover and she loves anything Disney.

Boy, have we had some real pouring down rainfall today -water running down the gullies on each side of the house. Then I had a fight with the computer in here. I could see dust hanging out of it and I was worried about it getting too hot and over heating. So, I tried opening the case -but had forgot how to do it-so I asked DH to do it for me - it took him a few "choise words" and then it was open ! But ,  abracadabra - was not the magic word  he used! LOL

I pulled out the vacuum cleaner and tried sucking up all that dust . If only I could just sell this dust I would be so rich. LOL

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