Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Wensday that flew by

Hello, My Dear Blogging Family,

I was unable to do any sewing today . But that does not mean that Sewing was not on my brain. I was in the process of thinking about  more of the ornaments . After seeing my stash was very thin I have been visualize how to customize each one for the people I hope to create for. I need to go on a search for the perfect fabric that is waiting for me to discover them. Kind of like the movie-star waiting to be discovered. :)

Then this afternoon I attended my counseling session. I have heard many of you speak about seeing a counselor? I can tell you that when you get sick you will seek out a doctor  for help. But when you become wore out from the stresses of life that a great counselor will change your life for the better as they know how to guide you  in  considering  options that you might over-look from your side of the picture. Of course you can always talk to your family or friends -but after a while they can get tired of listening as they have their own lessons in life that they are attempting to tackle.  I think that the world of blogging has opened up a whole different channel for people as we can reach across the world to touch  our fellow brothers and sisters and change people's life also.

But I am just so thankful that I found my beautiful counselor . After an hours time I always feel like I have taken a shower of crystal clear essences - like our world smells so pure and fresh after a nice rain. I could never pay her the money that she deserves for the good that she does.  This afternoon I felt like I had been on a trip and had traveled along the roads of my life. It left me feeling kind of exhilarated .

If  only I did not have this tooth pain to deal with ?

I love you all-take care and see you soon. Thank you for visiting. :) 

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